How to Fix Swivel Chair Base Spindle Lock Clip? Easy Step-by-step Guide

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A spindle lock clip may have caught your eye on your swivel chair. The spindle lock clip is designed to protect your chair from moving while you’re sitting in it and to prevent the base from rotating while you’re sitting.

Swivel chair base spindle lock clips can be fixed in this article.

5 Reasons Why We Love A Chair That Swivels

Improve Productivity

The ability to easily turn around in a swivel chair will help you get things done quickly. It’s possible to access filing cabinets, cupboards, drawers, or a printer if you’re working in an office or studying at home. The TV remote, a drink, or a snack are all within reach if you have a swivel chair in your living room.


Due of their mobility requirements, these chairs are typically constructed with lightweight materials in mind. You don’t have to be a weightlifter to move a chair from one office to another or even around the house! A swivel chair’s versatility means it can be used in almost any room setting by anyone.

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Swivel chairs provide a lot more mobility than traditional chairs, which force you to twist awkwardly just to sit down. In the event that you have lower back problems, this type of chair will help alleviate any discomfort you may feel when sitting. It’s also possible to gently move your baby around while breastfeeding, if you choose.

Different Designs

Swivel chairs, contrary to popular belief, exist in a variety of designs. Gaming chairs are available at Furniture Online, and each one comes with a 360-degree swivel capability. We offer a variety of options for you to pick from.

If you want to compare our top three picks for a living room or a study, here they are:

  • Sophisticated and practical, this recliner chair is the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom. With a variety of neutral colors, the Berkeley may effortlessly fit into any decor. Make sure you don’t forget the handy footstool when you’re done wending your way around the room.
  • Recliner Chair with Foot Stool: Tilbury Leather Swivel Recliner Chair with Foot Stool– this sophisticated, attractive recliner has comfortable black leather upholstery and a hidden secret… Additionally, the Tilbury chair includes a built-in 8-point massage function. Comfortable footstool is also included in this chair’s package.
  • When it comes to the Rockingham Leather Swivel Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat, where do you even begin? The Rockingham includes an 8-point massage function in addition to its swivel and recline capabilities, making it ideal for those with back or joint pain. With a cupholder and two side pockets, you’ll never have to leave your chair again…


Our swivel chairs start at just £149.99, in case you didn’t know.

Because we don’t want our chairs to be prohibitively expensive, we design them with our clients in mind. Our chairs are made from only the finest materials.

Your new swivel chair will be the envy of the office for many years to come!

Steps on Fixing Swivel Chair Base Spindle Lock Clip

As soon as you have taken out the staple gun and removed the staples holding your chair’s upholstery in place, carefully peel back the cloth to reveal the fasteners. There is a metal spindle lock clip that looks like two metal parts with a single piece of fabric stretched over them.

Remove this piece of plastic by firmly pulling from both sides, going around the plastic to ensure that it is entirely freed.

In the second step, use a pair of needle-nose pliers to make a “L” shape out of the metal parts. You can use your hands to measure the length of this lock. After bending it to the proper length, make sure that both ends meet when bent back towards each other.

Step 3: Using the needle-nose pliers, remove the metal strip away from where it was originally attached by grasping one end and pulling outwards (this will cause tension).

Make sure you don’t go past 180 degrees with the needle-nose pliers you’re using on the other side of these two strips, or it may break.

Bend the metal back towards each other, making a “L” shape by touching both ends together so they are touching. Afterwards, attach the metal to the spindle of your chair and check to see if it’s the way you want it for how long before snipping off the excess with wire cutters.

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This is the final step, and it involves affixing one end of the strip to the top spindle of the seat. Pull the other side upwards at a 90-degree angle while bending rearward away from the attachment point (this will cause tension).

Then, using needle-nose pliers, pull another piece downwards at 90 degrees, ensuring sure not to go over 180 degrees, as this clip may break if too much pressure is applied.

A wire cutter or scissors can be used to remove any excess metal from the chair’s spindle after the clip has been attached to the opposite end of the spindle.

How do you Put Back on a Swivel Chair Base Spindle Lock Clip

When you’ve completed this step, place the tips of your fingers on the spot where you helped remove the object.

Do not apply too much pressure to this clip, as it may break if it is bent beyond 180 degrees. Put snaps back in place the way they were before they were removed by pressing down on them.

Use needle-nose pliers to rejoin the metal ends, and then use scissors or a wire cutter to cut them off as needed. When cutting, take care to ensure that the piece you’re putting back together doesn’t come apart again.

How do you take apart a piston of an office chair?

In order to secure the spindle lock clip on the base of a swivel chair, you need to remove the piston. Remove all of the screws surrounding the how do you adjust the height on your desk before dismantling an office chair.

To fix a swivel chair base spindle lock clip, you’ll need to remove a few metal clips from underneath the seat with needle-nose pliers or equivalent equipment.

Pull up on how much does napoleon cost? once all clips have been removed. The clock is ticking and I need to know where to go in-store to buy IKEA furniture that has come loose. To begin with, you should replace any parts that are broken. Office chairs: how do you reinstall them? Also, how much does Napoleon set you back? with a satisfying “click”

However, while this method is the quickest and most straightforward way to replace the swivel chair base spindle lock clip, it may not be the greatest option for your furniture if done too aggressively or without consideration, so proceed with caution!

How do you put a Clip Back on an Office Chair?

The first step is to pull up at the top of the spindle where there is no strain and remove the metal clip from your chair’s spindle. Pull upwards at a 90-degree angle while bending backwards away from where you tried to remove it with your free hand.

Tie a piece of thread, or other sort of material, between two fingers of one hand using needle nose pliers. To prevent the clip from breaking, do not apply more pressure than 180 degrees to the other end of the other piece.

Cut off the excess metal with a pair of scissors or wire cutters after attaching each end to a clip.

10 Swivel Chairs We’re Loving Right Now

Miles lounge chair by Sebastian Herkner for Avenue Road

This swivel chair adds a classy, rounded shape to a highly utilitarian chair by being beautifully proportioned and intended for contemporary environments. Piping detail can be added to custom leather or fabric upholstery.

Marion chair by Arteriors

Initially, it’s hard to tell this chair is swiveling. This barrel-back chair with a channeled back has a characteristic curve that wraps around the body comfortably. Legs in dark wood with brass crowns splay out from the base.

Claud II upholstered chair by Theodore Alexander

This item includes a skirted base and tight-back upholstery in a chinoiserie-inspired fabric from the brand’s in-house collection.

Thea armchair by Fendi Casa for Luxury Living Group

With stylish leather cording stitched vertically across a steel frame, this piece pays homage to the brand’s fashion beginnings at Salone del Mobile this spring. This chair features a circular back cushion and a matte-black lacquered wood swivel base.

Botero swivel chair by India Mahdavi for Ralph Pucci

With its flowing lines and vibrant emerald mohair upholstery, this fitted piece is a stylish addition to any room.

Avondale Robertson swivel chair by Lexington Home Brands

As seen at High Point Market in the fall, the debut has decorative contrast welting. Fabric or leather options are available for the modern repetition, which wraps around the back.

Gibson II swivel cuddler by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent for Living Spaces

63 different upholstery colors are available for this enormous example, which is ideal for two. To sit in this chair in a theater or screening room would be a true honor.

Ether chair by Jonathan Adler

This cocoon-inspired design features a significantly curved back. This chair is both a chair and a rocker, thanks to its snow velvet upholstery and sunken metal base.

Margeaux armchair by Baccarat La Maison for Luxury Living Group

On the new swivel chair, the upholstery is embellished with a diagonal pattern of matelassé quilting. One octagonal rouge gemstone is mounted on the chair’s outer back and the base is polished stainless steel on each chair.

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Garrett swivel chair by Michael Berman for Kravet Furniture

The spacious proportions of this item make it excellent for cuddling up on a cold night. It is available with a wood base and an almost limitless array of Kravet fabrics. The piece’s angular outline maintains it looking contemporary and sculptural.


Suggested top swivel chairs on the market now in an informative post on swivel chair spindle lock clamp repair. Check out the rest of this article and let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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