How to Fix Uneven Swivel Chair? Step-by-Step Tutorial

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Do you want to know how to make a swivel chair level again? This is the correct spot for you! How to fix an unstable chair has been solved.

What appears simple isn’t, and we’re here for your benefit so that your back doesn’t hurt from viewing your favorite show in an uncomfortably awkward position.


5 Reasons Why We Love A Chair That Swivels

Improve Productivity

The ability to easily turn around in a swivel chair will help you get things done quickly. There are filing cabinets, cupboards, and drawers available, as well as a nearby printer if you’re working from home. The TV remote, a drink, or a snack are all within reach if you have a swivel chair in your living room.


These chairs need to be portable, so they’re usually made of lightweight materials. You don’t need to be a weightlifter to transfer your chair around the house, or from one office to another! A swivel chair’s adaptability means that it can be utilized in nearly any room.

How to Fix Uneven Swivel Chair: Comprehensive Guide - Krostrade


A swivel chair is a great option for those who don’t like having to twist awkwardly when they’re sitting down. In the event that you have lower back problems, this type of chair will help alleviate any discomfort you may feel when sitting. It is possible to move your kid around gently even if you are a nursing mother.

Different Designs

Swivel chairs can come in a variety of styles, despite what you may believe. Gaming chairs are available at Furniture Online, and each one comes with a 360-degree swivel capability. We offer a variety of options for you to pick from.

If you want to compare our top three picks for a living room or a study, here they are:

  • Sophisticated and practical, this recliner chair is the perfect addition to any living room or bedroom. With a variety of neutral colors, the Berkeley may effortlessly fit into any decor. The footstool comes in handy when you’re done swiveling and want to rest your feet after a long day at work.
  • Stylish and sophisticated, the Tilbury Leather Swivel Recliner Chair with Foot Stool features plush black leather upholstery and a secret… In addition to its excellent back support, the Tilbury chair features an 8-point massage function. This chair also has a footstool for added comfort.
  • With so many features, it’s hard to know where to begin with the Rockingham Leather Swivel Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat! The Rockingham includes an 8-point massage function in addition to its swivel and recline capabilities, making it ideal for those with back or joint pain. With a cupholder and two side pockets, you’ll never have to leave your chair again…


Our swivel chairs start at just £149.99, in case you didn’t know.

All of our chairs are developed with our consumers in mind because we feel that quality should not come at a premium price. Our chairs are made from only the finest materials.

Our best wishes for a long and happy use of your new swivel chair, no matter which model you choose.

Steps on Fixing Uneven Swivel Chair

Unplug the chair from any power source before proceeding. When plugging it into a wall outlet, make sure it isn’t connected to a live wire before moving on to the next step.

Hold on to your swivel chair, and then flip it around so that it’s facing you. Turning the chair on its side requires both hands, or at least one hand with assistance from another person if you are having trouble holding it up.

Remember that if you let it fall back too quickly something could break!

Grab both ends of the seat cushion after it has been turned over so that it is facing away from us. Pull the seat cushion outwards until a straight line can be drawn between the two ends.

To ensure that everything is as tight as possible, let’s do one more thing before you declare your task complete!

The third step is to bend over and look at where the right armrest is attached to the seat with a screw that goes from one side to the other.

Take a small hex key or Allen wrench and spin the screw clockwise until the chair no longer wobbles as you rock back and forth on it.

The final step is as simple as putting everything back where it belongs, including standing up and gripping both arms again. Finally, we have a rocking chair that is perfectly balanced!

How do you fix a Tilted Chair?

There are several reasons why a chair may be tilted. The most common explanation is that it was installed incorrectly to begin with, or the armrests became loose and were pulled down on one side, leading the person sitting in the seat to lean over more than was necessary..

You don’t need much to fix your problem in any situation! To resurrect this chair, all you’ll need is an Allen wrench or other small hex key and steady hands.

In order to begin, stoop to one side and examine the right armrest, which is held in place by a screw that runs from one side to the other on either side. Unscrew the two screws holding the armrests together with an all-en wrench.

Look at how far apart the two screws are from each other and loosen them until they are equal distances apart. Tighten them up afterwards. You don’t want them to be too tight, or we’ll have a hard time adjusting them afterwards.

Step 3: Repeat steps 3 and 4 for the left screw (again making sure everything is equal). After you’ve finished tightening the last few screws, use some wood glue to stabilize the chair. Seat yourself in a swivel chair with a fixed base.

What is Swivel Tilt on a Chair?

As the name suggests, this style of chair can swivel and tilt in one motion. The base of the chair rotates, allowing the seat to recline if needed. With the use of levers under the armrests closest to the user, a person sitting in this chair can spin 360 degrees on its own axis or lean back at an angle.

How does a Swivel Tilt Mechanism Work?

Two axles on each side are linked by gears and springs, and sliding bearings are housed in a housing near the wheelbase hub. The entire system is made up of these three primary components. How hard do you have to pull to get your chair moving when you get up from your desk?

How do you fix a Lopsided Swivel Chair?

Loosening the fasteners that link the right armrest to the chair’s frame can correct a swivel chair that is leaning to one side. A loosening of both may be necessary, but tightening and retightening in an anti-clockwise direction until there is no more wobbling when swaying back and forth while seated is usually sufficient.

In order to finish, simply return everything to its original position, including grasping both arms once more while standing up, and we’ll be done. Our chair has been repaired at long last!

How do I Adjust or fix an Uneven Swivel Office Chair?

The legs of your chair may need to be adjusted if your desk or table doesn’t sit level on the ground (or another surface). The right armrest of most chairs is attached with screws on either side.

A loosening of both may be necessary, but tightening and retightening in an anti-clockwise direction until there is no more wobbling when swaying back and forth while seated is usually sufficient.

In order to finish, simply return everything to its original position, including grasping both arms once more while standing up, and we’ll be done. Our chair has been repaired at long last!

How to Fix a Living Room Swivel Chair that Leans Forward - Krostrade

10 Swivel Chairs We’re Loving Right Now

Miles lounge chair by Sebastian Herkner for Avenue Road

Attractively proportioned and well-designed for contemporary environments, the Swivel Chair adds a refined and refined look to an otherwise utilitarian piece. Piping detail can be added to custom leather or fabric upholstery.

Marion chair by Arteriors

This chair’s swivel action may go unnoticed at first glance. Designed to hug the human form, this barrel-back chair has a characteristic curve. With splayed dark-walnut legs and brass crowns, this table’s base is unique.

Claud II upholstered chair by Theodore Alexander

With its skirted base and tight-back upholstery, this item is suited for any traditional setting. It has a fabric from the brand’s in-house collection.

Thea armchair by Fendi Casa for Luxury Living Group

With stylish leather cording stitched vertically across a steel frame, this piece pays homage to the brand’s fashion beginnings at Salone del Mobile this spring. The swivel base is composed of matte-black lacquered wood, while the circular design extends to the lumbar pillow.

Botero swivel chair by India Mahdavi for Ralph Pucci

With its flowing lines and vibrant emerald mohair upholstery, this fitted piece is a stylish addition to any room.

Avondale Robertson swivel chair by Lexington Home Brands

Accented by a decorative contrast stitching, the High Point Market debut has an impression of custom tailoring. The trendy repetition is available in leather or cloth and extends around the back.

Gibson II swivel cuddler by Nate Berkus and Jeremiah Brent for Living Spaces

63 different upholstery colors are available for this enormous example, which is ideal for two. In a home theater or screening room, this would be a highly sought-after seat.

Ether chair by Jonathan Adler

This cocoon-inspired design features a distinctively curved back. This chair, which is upholstered in snow velvet and has a sunken metal base, is also a rocker.

Margeaux armchair by Baccarat La Maison for Luxury Living Group

On the new swivel chair, the upholstery is embellished with a diagonal pattern of matelassé quilting. Each chair has a polished stainless steel base and a single octagonal rouge gemstone on the outside back.

Garrett swivel chair by Michael Berman for Kravet Furniture

This piece, which comes in a variety of Kravet fabric selections and an oak base, is excellent for cuddling up in. The piece’s angular outline maintains it looking contemporary and sculptural.


What does a swivel chair do?

Swivel chairs can also be referred to as revolving or spinning chairs, depending on the terminology used. A fixed seat can be swiveled around in a circle to face either left or right with this device. a single central axis is all that it possesses.

What’s the difference between a glider and a rocking chair?

A chair is referred to as a rocker or a glider based on its motion. Glider chairs, as the name suggests, glide back and forth on a mechanism with relative ease. A rocker, on the other hand, has straight legs and oscillates or swings over them.

Does a swivel glider chair rock?

Moving back and forth on a fixed track distinguishes glider chairs from rockers. Swivel rocker chairs refer to swivel chairs that rock in addition to swivel. Make a rocking chair out of your standard one by adding a swivel to it. Take a look at the video down below.

Should I get a swivel chair?

Swivel chairs are a common sight in the world of business. While they are the dominant force, there are a variety of other swivel chairs available that would be equally at home in your living room or den. Here are a few benefits of purchasing a swivel chair that take advantage of its dual purpose.

They can make your work easier.

Swivel chairs differ from other types of chairs in that they can be moved. facilitating your mobility. Moving about while seated in a chair is possible with this chair. You may simply move your seat while sitting on it, whether you’re in an office or your own home. If you need to pick something up or move your position, it makes your work easier.

There are several situations in which you can amuse your clients while sitting in a chair, and a slight push can transfer you from one location to another. Using this feature is a breeze.

Swivel Chairs are ergonomic.

An office work requires a lot of sitting, which means a lot of sitting time. Your productivity can suffer, and your health can be jeopardized, if you sit on a chair that is too uncomfortable or in the improper position. It is possible to sit for a lengthy period of time in a swivel chair and not have any negative effects on your health and physical well-being.

The Perfect Relaxing Seating

Swivel chairs may provide a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere in the workplace. Make your living area, study, or bedroom more comfortable by incorporating a swivel chair. You’ll be able to kick back and enjoy a relaxing sitting experience.

How much space does a swivel chair need?

Swivel chairs typically take up about 25 inches of floor area. There are a few things to keep in mind when it comes to choosing the right chair for you and your home.

Is it worth buying a swivel chair if I suffer from bad back or neck and shoulder pain?

The neck, shoulder, and backbone can all be affected by poor posture while sitting. Fatigue and impaired blood circulation are two other side effects that may result. In this case, a swivel chair is a wonderful choice because it aids in better posture and a better quality of life.

How does the swivel mechanism on the swivel chair work?

Manufacturers employ a variety of mechanisms. One type of mechanism may be simpler than another. These chairs can be made with a variety of height, tilt, and movement-adjustable components. Some of the seats may have a lever attached to them.

Parts such as the swivel chair’s swivel armrest and backrest and the gas lift chair base are all essential components.

How do swivel chairs go up and down?

The gas cylinder is responsible for the chair’s swiveling motion. In order to get the piston to the proper location, compressed gas pressure is used to guide it.

How to adjust the swivel chair?

Align yourself with the back of your chair and sit down. While you’re waiting, put your feet flat on the floor and use the lever to raise or lower the chair. It’s now time to secure it in the desired location.

Can I make a swivel chair stationary?

When it comes to swivel chairs, this feature is usually absent, but there’s a workaround if you follow these procedures.

How to Get a Swivel Chair to Stop Turning?

First and foremost, check to see whether there are any screws in the chair’s foundation. There could also be a swivel lock.

Desk chairs - Computer chairs - IKEA

Make sure any screws are tightened if they are visible. Your chair may no longer be able to turn. However, this is not a need for all chairs.

The third option is to use a rubber wedge to keep your chair from turning. The chair’s base and pole will be held in place by the wedge’s friction, preventing it from spinning.

As a last step, secure the wedge in place with tape. This is merely for the purpose of securing it. Add a second wedge in the other direction if the first isn’t strong enough.

Another option is available if this does not work. Find the swivel plate, which serves as a pivot point for the swiveling mechanism. There must be a few of these plates left.. Adding a screw between these two plates and drilling a hole in each of them will keep your chair in place.

Do Swivel Chairs Break?

More than 400 occurrences of breakage have been reported to a service company, according to a survey. Injuries were a factor in a few of these situations. The base of swivel chairs can squeak, posing a fall hazard, according to their reports.

How to stay safe from swivel chair injuries at your office?

Swivel chairs might lead to injuries if you don’t utilize them correctly. You can reduce your chance of injury or falling by following a few simple precautions.

  1. You should immediately cease using your chair if you notice any defects or odd noises. If a wheel breaks or your chair becomes stuck or won’t turn, you’ll need to get it repaired or replaced.
  2. Tipping back on these seats is not recommended. Because it isn’t made to prevent it from dropping while you’re teetering on it, you run the risk of slipping.

Do swivel chairs work on carpet?

Swivel chairs and carpeted flooring don’t mix well. As a result of the carpet’s resistance to the chair wheel. Use of chair casters intended for carpet can address this problem. A chair mat is an alternative that may be suitable.

Why is my swivel chair wobbly?

Your chair may be unsteady due to an issue with the mechanism. Because of this, you should inspect your chair’s wheels if there is a problem or if a wheel is missing. Examine the swivel plate to see if there are any missing screws or broken parts. In other words, the plate could be defective. This could cause your chair to wobble.

How do you lubricate a swivel chair?

Regularly oil the swivel bearings. For this purpose, Moly EP type wheel bearing lubricant should be used. Do not use any other lubricants. Using a brush, apply the grease.



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