How to Fold Evenflo Baby Bassinet? Step-By-Step Process

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Looking for a stroller but feeling overwhelmed by the options? Is it possible that you’re seeking to zero in on a specific brand or manufacturer?

The featured company evaluation for today is a comprehensive analysis of Evenflo. Since its founding in the early 20th century, Evenflo has been around longer than many other companies. But does it mean you should go ahead and spend your money on it?

Seven of the finest Evenflo strollers, covering a wide range of preferences, are discussed here. After reading this, you’ll have a much better idea of whether or not an Evenflo stroller is right for your family.

When not in use, the Evenflo Baby Bassinet may be folded up and put away for later. The whole thing can be done in under 10 minutes!

Who Is Evenflo?

Evenflo was first produced in 1920. The company’s origins can be traced back to its time as a supplier of novel infant feeding nipples. The company quickly grew, and in its early days it merged with the Ravenna, Ohio-based Pyramid Rubber Company.

Evenflo feeding nipples were eventually the company’s mainstay. Prior to WWII, it was available with a rubber nipple that screwed onto the bottle’s neck. The previous technique, which required parents to pull it over the mouth of the container, was quickly phased out in favor of the novel solution.

For Evenflo, the inspiration to provide parents with safe and cutting-edge options came right here. After 1947, the company bought Oil City Glass Co. and began expanding. In light of the recent acquisition, Evenflo has begun selling a variety of glass baby bottles.

Evenflo Recalls Pillo Portable Napper Inclined Sleepers to Prevent Risk of Suffocation |

A pioneer in the industry, Evenflo introduced the first of many series of comprehensive nursing kits to consumers in 1960. Sterilizers, nipples, bottles, and other essentials were all part of the packages sold as part of these kits.

Evenflo changed hands several times throughout the ensuing years. Thus, the business was able to develop and expand into other areas. In 1995, the company changed its name to Evenflo Company Inc., and it began selling car seats, strollers, and other baby and family products.

Evenflo Today

Evenflo is still headquartered and produces products in Ohio today. Current parent company is Goodbaby International Holdings Limited, hence it is a subsidiary as well.

Goodbaby is a reputable manufacturer of high-quality infant and toddler products that is also publicly traded on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange.

Evenflo remains committed to its mission of making premium products accessible to low-income families. Moreover, the brand helps Goodbaby International launch new initiatives and increase its presence in international markets.

What Parents Say About Evenflo

The reviews of Evenflo strollers are divided. A lot of positive feedback can be found on major shopping platforms like Amazon. Most parents are pleased by the strollers’ reasonable price and long lifespan.

Nearly all of the strollers are offered in complete travel system configurations, which is a feature that has been well received by reviewers. As a result, expectant parents won’t have to go through the hassle of figuring out which car seats and strollers are suitable.

Evenflo offers a large variety of stroller types. It produces doubles, convertibles, umbrella, and joggers — so there’s one for every need.

The range of strollers available from Evenflo is extensive. It makes a wide variety of bikes, including tandems, convertibles, umbrellas, and joggers.

Some reviewers, however, are less than thrilled on sites like Some parents have voiced concerns about how easily the front wheels become jammed while strolling. Most people claim that a gentle prod would get them moving again, however this is obviously not feasible.

Evenflo’s customer service is met with similar criticism. There are also upbeat reports from parents about how quickly lost things were replaced. However, several users complained that they got nowhere with the service and called it useless.

The Advantages of Bassinets for Baby Sleep

Space Saver Bassinet

The bassinet is convenient for transporting from room to room as it is both compact and lightweight. Place it next to your bed so you can check on the baby and soothe him or her as needed throughout the night. Some bassinets have vibrating pads that may be attached to assist calm a fussy infant.

Bassinets save Lives

Premature infants need special bassinets. Bassinets are the best option for infants because they are portable and easy to transport. They can be set up close to the parents’ bed so the infant can be watched and comforted as needed during the night. Bassinets are also safer for babies from sudden infant death syndrome. Unexpected infant death syndrome (SIDS) is a cause of death in infants younger than one year of age. In infants younger than a year, it is the main cause of death. Over the years, many infants have slept soundly in bassinets. Each and every newborn should be able to go home in a car seat, in our opinion.

Bassinets as the best baby crib for parents and child

It is common practice for new parents to keep a baby monitor close to their bed so that they can keep an eye on their infant all through the night. Some may see this as necessary for the kids’ protection, while others may see it as nothing more than a means for parents to reassure their kids that they’re okay. Having a baby monitor next to the parents’ bed is helpful for a number of reasons.

Having a baby monitor close to the bed is helpful so that parents can see and hear their child if they wake up crying in the middle of the night. Parents who are having trouble sleeping because of a new baby may find this useful. Parents who are concerned about sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS) or their child’s general health can rest easy knowing that many baby monitors now include cameras that allow them to observe their child as they sleep.

Having a baby monitor close to the parents’ bed can ease tension for everyone involved. If a child wakes up in the middle of the night sobbing, for instance, having instantaneous access to their parent’s voice and image can assist soothe the child and facilitate a speedy return to sleep.

Sleep Vibes with bassinets

Although bassinets can be found in a wide range of styles and sizes, all of them include a vibration attachment as a standard feature. Newborns who are still adjusting to life outside the womb may benefit greatly from the use of this vibration machine, which can help lull the infant to sleep.

Attachable vibration devices come in a variety of styles and are suitable for use with bassinets. The motors in some of these devices provide a subtle shaking action, while in others, the balls oscillate gently back and forth. Regardless of the specific model, most vibration units provide multiple speed and intensity settings so that parents can find the optimal combination for their child.

The use of a vibration unit has been found to be effective in helping babies go asleep and remain asleep for extended periods of time, which is appreciated by many parents. Babies who have trouble sleeping or who tend to be cranky at night may benefit from this. If your infant is suffering from gas pains or colic, you may find that a vibration device helps to relax and comfort him or her.

When it comes to helping your newborn get the sleep she needs in those first few months, a bassinet with a vibrating unit is a terrific option. You should get certain things to make your baby’s sleep more pleasant.

Newborn Baby Bassinet European Baby Sleeping Bed Metal Folding Baby Swing Bedding Oem Wholesale - Buy Design Infant Playpen Wooden & Iron Cool Beside High Quality Nest Premium Swinging,Hot Beds Multifunction A

Steps on How to fold Evenflo Baby Bassinet

Put the bassinet on a flat surface as the first step.

Step 2: Take off the mattress pad and put it somewhere else.

Third, fold in both sidebars to reduce the size for easier transport or storage. Ensure there’s enough space so your baby doesn’t get caught when closing it down!

Step 4: Before putting it away, be sure it is strapped down well with the included strap.

How to Attach a Britax B-Agile stroller to an infant carrier?

Then, when you’re ready to attach it to your stroller frame, make sure the harness straps are properly adjusted and the buckle is locked and ready to use, replace the seat pad, and make sure the canopy flap is snug on the top of the stroller’s handlebar.

Assuming you have completed all required modifications, you can now kick back and enjoy yourself.

Reclining the seat of a Britax B Agile stroller is as simple as lifting the levers on either side of the pushchair’s rear portion.

You can fold the Britax B Agile stroller by pulling up on the handlebar and lifting the levers on either side of the stroller’s lower frame.

To ensure the baby’s safety, it’s important to read the handbook before constructing or using any new device.

Since little parts can easily come off and provide choking dangers and other problems, it goes without saying that parents shouldn’t leave their kids alone with their new toys, whether they’re being used indoors or out.

To avoid this, it’s crucial that parents keep an eye on their children while they play to make sure no harm comes to them. For more information on how to properly care for your baby’s skin and hair, be sure to read up on our What is the Best Baby Bath guide.

How can I make my stroller seat more upright?

The seat of a stroller can be raised or lowered to provide a more upright position.

For instance, the product’s weight restriction can be adjusted by pressing inward on both sides and pulling up as needed to vary the height.

Once you’ve done that, you can let both sides fall back to their starting positions to find the ideal height for you. The simplicity with which even minor tweaks were implemented should now be obvious to you.

How to close a Britax Chaperone stroller

Make sure your infant is buckled in and protected before closing the door. If you want to know how many storage pockets an object has, the next step is to remove everything that might be attached to it.

If you’ve taken everything off the top of your stroller and closed the wheel lock mechanism, it shouldn’t open on its own anymore.

Once you’ve got it right, you can test how much weight it can hold by pushing down on it until it collapses back into an upright posture. Be careful not to exceed the limit of how much weight it can support by pressing in any other direction.

How to Clean a Britax Bassinet

Keeping a Britax bassinet clean is as simple as wiping it down with a moist towel and a solution of mild soap and warm water.

Gentle dish soap and lukewarm water is ideal for cleaning the bassinet’s outside cloth. Don’t forget to give it a good scrub and a good rinsing before reassembling it for baby’s nap time!

Next, use the same soapy mixture to wash down the inner liner, taking care not to get any on the mattress pad. Additionally, the base will be irreparably damaged if it is washed in water or put in a washing machine. Instead, softly dab the dirty area with a moist cloth and let it air-dry in the shade.

Steps on How to assemble Chicco next to me forever bassinet

First, ensure that the surface upon which the bassinet rests is level.

Step 2: Open the bottom of the Chicco Next to Me bedside sleeper and secure it in place with the strap provided.

Step 3: Remove the mattress pad from its package and place it in your bed. Make sure the infant can’t get caught in the space between the mattress and the bumpers when you close the mattress. To avoid any potential accidents, put away any and all components immediately following usage.

Steps on how to unfold Chicco next to me forever bassinet

The first step is to make sure the bassinet is stable by setting it on a flat surface with the open base facing up and pressing down forcefully until it is locked into place securely.

Step 2. Use your left hand to hold onto the side of the bassinet while using your other free right hand to lift the back panel.

Second, while keeping your left hand on the bassinet’s side, use your right hand to lift the back panel.

The Best Evenflo Stroller Reviews of 2022

The top seven Evenflo strollers are listed below.

1. Evenflo Gold SensorSafe Verge3 Travel System

Best Evenflo Stroller for Newborns

There is a lot to do in advance of the baby’s arrival, and a stroller that will work with their needs is one of them. An infant car seat is usually necessary to use a stroller securely. The Evenflo Verge3 comes fully loaded.

The Verge3 travel system has everything you need. You’ll get an infant car seat and its corresponding base.

Simply attaching the base to your vehicle is all that is required. The seat can then be removed and reinstalled at your convenience.

The Verge3 stroller is our favorite because of how easily it folds and how well it handles on walks in the park or through the mall.

The seat may be adjusted to multiple recline angles, and the canopy offers shade for your child. There is a sizable basket available on board for stowing baby gear.


  • Available in a rainbow of hues.
  • The car seat is a breeze to install and remove, as it simply snaps into place.
  • It’s convenient to pack up and transport, and the stroller isn’t heavy.
  • There’s a ton of room for your belongings on board.


  • Only suitable for infants weighing less than 35 pounds.

2. Evenflo Folio3 Stroll & Jog

Best Evenflo Stroller for Jogging

Even better than being active is being active with your baby. It’s possible that the Folio3 jogging stroller is just what you’re looking for.

It may be used for both vigorous exercise and leisurely strolls, as described by Evenflo, which calls it a “crossover stroller.” To sum up, it’s an ideal compromise, as it’s both a compact and lightweight option for daily use.

The wide, air-filled tires and locking front wheel make it great on the track. The big cover will keep your infant safe while you run.

When you’re done jogging, you can fold it up using a handle on the seat. With a single pull, the stroller may be folded in half and stored in a car trunk. It’s self-supporting when folded up.

The separate adult and kid controls are also a nice touch. Snacks and drinks for both parties are acceptable.

Included in the purchase of the stroller is the LiteMax 35 baby car seat and its matching base, making it a complete travel solution. To guarantee the highest level of safety, it has undergone extensive testing.


  • Jogging stroller that may be used for errands and workouts alike.
  • Rich in functions; fully loaded.
  • The ability to fold up and stand on its own without any effort.
  • Assembled as a portable, all-in-one system.


  • It’s a bit of a challenge to open up because you need to hear a click, and not all reviewers have heard this.

3. Evenflo Pivot Modular

Best Evenflo Travel System

When you become a parent, you will appreciate the convenience of a travel system. The process of leaving the residence is simplified.

The Pivot Modular comes as a chic three-in-one option. Evenflo has provided the SafeMax infant car seat for the transportation of your newborn. This product has passed rigorous testing, which is a major plus.

The safety of the car seat has been thoroughly tested, even at twice the energy levels of conventional tests. To guarantee the safety of your child, it has been tested with simulated side impacts and rollovers. It is portable and simple to install and remove from your car because of the included base.

When your child no longer has to be transported in a car seat, you can still use the stroller. You can turn your child’s head to face you or the world.

It has big, all-terrain tires and a comfortable, easy-to-grip handle to make getting around a snap. Evenflo included a three-panel sun cover for your child’s protection and comfort.


  • There is a wide range of colors available in this fashionable combination.
  • It’s an all-inclusive bundle, featuring the SafeMax infant car seat and base.
  • The SafeMax infant car seat and base are included in this complete package.
  • It has a spacious cover and a convenient grip.


  • It’s not easy to attach the car seat to the stroller.

4. Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular

Best Single-to-Double Evenflo Stroller

To accommodate two children of varying ages, the Pivot Xpand may be transformed into a double stroller. Sliding the seat up and locking it into place on the built-in mounts makes the changeover a breeze.

To accommodate a toddler and an infant, the stroller is designed so that the infant sits on top of the stroller. It’s possible to flip the toddler seat around so that your little one may either face you or the road ahead. For privacy and shade, it features a removable canopy.

If you need a lot of space, go no further than the Pivot Xpand. The length of the basket, at two feet, is another distinguishing trait. It’s convenient for both front and back door entry.

Even with the toddler seat attached, the stroller can be folded easily into a little package when you’re done with your walk. The stroller can be folded up and put away without taking up much space because it stands on its own when collapsed.

There are three settings of reclining available on the toddler seat. The footrest can also be adjusted in five different ways.

It has big cruiser tires, suspension in the back, and a swiveling front wheel. It’s easy to set up and will provide your infants a comfortable ride.


  • Easy to change to a pair.
  • Huge wicker basket for stowing things.
  • The toddler seat has a large sunshade.
  • Simple to roll up.


  • There isn’t enough room for a tall child in the toddler seat.

5. Evenflo Sibby Travel System

Best Evenflo Sit and Stand Stroller

Evenflo’s Sibby stroller is a great option for taking a load off of young children’s legs while out and about. A seat and a detachable stand-on platform are included in this convenient package.

My eldest son, unlike yours, insists on piggybacking on his younger brother or sister’s stroller at all times. The stand-on platform provides an accessible option for families with a youngster who is learning to walk. They are welcome to join us on our longer strolls and stop for a rest whenever they feel the need.

The ride-along board is simple to attach and can be folded up along with the stroller for storage. There isn’t much room needed to store the board and stroller when they’re folded together.

The big back wheels and stylish front cruiser tires make this unit stand out. It can be turned on a dime and is simple to operate.

A travel system is something Evenflo offers. The LiteMax infant car seat and its matching base are provided.


  • That’s a brilliant idea for a kid who’s just learning to walk.
  • The stroller’s stand-on platform collapses when not in use.
  • Cruiser tires have been installed.
  • The Lite Max infant car seat is a part of the included travel kit.


  • The supplied cup holders are flimsy and frequently dislodge themselves.

6. Evenflo Minno Twin Double Stroller

Best Evenflo Double Stroller

Check this one out if you need a lightweight twin stroller for your two infants. One can say that the Evenflo Minno is actually a twin to another creature. The double version of the lightweight umbrella buggy.

The stroller has two seats that are both upholstered and equipped with five-point harnesses. To facilitate portability, it can be folded up quickly and has a built-in carrying handle.

Even though it can hold two children at once, the stroller’s seats can be adjusted independently to accommodate each child’s comfort. Both infants may enjoy the outdoors in comfort thanks to the individual canopies on each chair.

The controls are smooth and pleasant to use. The slanted design of the grips improves handling. Moreover, there is a place to put your drink.

The front wheels may swivel and be locked for further security. The cloth lasts a long time and is simple to maintain.


  • Seat cushions and safety belt padding.
  • Ultra-portable and foldable design.
  • Easy to maneuver because to the slanted grips.
  • Fabric that lasts and is easy to care for.


  • One of the seat’s main flaws is that it doesn’t go all the way back.

Evenflo Stroller Related Accessories

In addition to its line of strollers, Evenflo also offers a handful of accessories designed to enhance your outings with your little one. These include:

  • If you already own an Evenflo Pivot Xpand Modular Stroller, you can turn it into a double by purchasing a second seat separately from the company. It has secure snaps and coordinates with the rest of the outfit. The maximum weight allowed in the seat is 55 pounds.
  • When traveling with a toddler who is mobile but not yet walking, Evenflo recommends utilizing their rider board. Easily connects to the rear of an Evenflo stroller and is built to last. For children up to 50 pounds in weight, it is suitable.
  • Compatible with Graco, Chicco, and Peg Perego car seats, this infant car seat adapter allows you to easily attach your stroller to one of these popular brands.
  • Protect your child from wind and rain with the Evenflo universal weather shield for strollers. It’s transparent, so you can see through it, and it will shield your child from the elements.
  • Not all Evenflo strollers have padded shoulder straps, but you may purchase replacement covers for those straps that are reversible. These coverings are manufactured by the manufacturer for those who don’t. They add a cushioning layer, putting your baby more at ease.
  • You can use the bug net that Evenflo sells to attach to your stroller if you’re going for a walk in an area where mosquitoes are prevalent. Ultrafine mesh is both permeable and protective, making this a great choice. It can be used with virtually any Evenflo single stroller.

Where to Buy Evenflo Strollers

Aside from the official Evenflo online store, you may find its wares at a number of other retail locations in the United States. Amazon, Toys R’ Us, Baby R’ Us, and BuyBuyBaby are just few of the places you may find them.

Baby Bassinet Furniture : Target

Website and Contact

The Evenflo website is straightforward and simple to use. Strollers, car seats, household furnishings, and baby bottles are just few of the items included. You can reach its customer care at 1-800-233-5921.

Keep It Strolling

Evenflo has been around for almost to a century, making it one of the most well-established names in the industry. This company is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Goodbaby International.

Evenflo makes all kinds of strollers at low cost. High-quality features and convenient extras like cup holders and storage pockets are to be expected.

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