How To Follow Office Supply Distribution Procedures? A Few Tips to Remember

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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When given the proper tools, employees may work more effectively. Even yet, managing a large staff and an extensive supply list can be difficult. With a little guidance, it’s possible to streamline the process of distributing office supplies. Start now!

Quick Tips For Easier Office Supply Distribution

Having a cup of coffee every day has become a need for many individuals. A need that does not necessary keep the firm functioning must be classified in some way. Is coffee considered a perk or a perk expense in the workplace?

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Let’s first clarify the difference between a business expense and a business need.

Limit the access to office supplies.

  • Streamline the current set-up.
  • The supply room should have a designated point person. To obtain additional office supplies, everyone must go through the designated point person.
  • The point person’s absence will make it harder to obtain supplies.
  • Open supply rooms should be avoided at all costs.

Choose a select few to be in charge of the supply room.

  • Office supplies policy and procedures are in his charge.
  • Use a key or code to gain entry to the supply room just you.

Create a log sheet for anyone taking supplies in an open supply room.

  • In the log sheet, the items taken, their monetary value, and the date are all noted.
  • Misuse is a possibility with this honor-based system.

Organize the supplies you have to make inventory easier.

  • In the supply room, group comparable products together.
  • Maintain order in the supply room.
  • You must return any excess materials to your department’s supply room.
  • It is a good idea to keep regularly used items on shelves that are easily accessible.
  • It is best to position items that are less popular on the upper shelves.

Avoid over-ordering.

  • Instruct your staff to use up existing supplies before purchasing more.
  • Take advantage of what you have to prevent wasting an excess of resources.

Plan the reordering process.

  • Keep a running tally of which things are the most frequently reached for.
  • Track the time it takes to fulfill individual orders.
  • Compute a rough order time based on your data.
  • To avoid a supply deficit, put some of your supplies on auto-reorder.
  • Bulk purchases can save your business money. Avoiding over-ordering by placing an order when you actually need more supplies is the key to a successful reorder procedure.

Maintain an inventory log.

  • Take use of this free inventory template to keep track of your office supplies.
  • It must be updated on a frequent basis.
  • Inspect your inventory on a routine basis to ensure it is up to date.
  • Keep an eye out for low inventory levels.

A week’s worth of materials should be kept on hand in an office in order to keep things operating smoothly. There will be no shortages if we know how to distribute office supplies properly. Find out more about office supplies by clicking on this link!

Procedures for Ordering Office Supplies

Every company that has an office needs to purchase supplies on a regular basis. Your company’s efficiency, uniformity, and effectiveness can be maintained regardless of how long an individual has worked for you if you have a method for acquiring office supplies. There are additional expenditures and inconveniences if you do not have a successful technique. A four-step approach is used to establish and write a realistic procedure for acquiring office supplies.

Gather Information

When it comes to procuring office supplies, the first step is to acquire information about your company’s current practices. Find out who is involved in the process, how they decide what to get, and how they order it themselves. Examine the suppliers, their services, the quality of their products, the prices they charge, and the method by which they are compensated. Identify the selection procedure that was utilized to make them. Keep an eye on how supplies are organized and retrieved. Check to see if there is any indication of waste or theft. Investigate what other companies in your industry are doing in this area.

Create an Outline

Organize a group of employees to brainstorm suggestions for the procedure’s content. Examine the ordering, vendor selection, cost management, storage, and retrieval processes in light of the information you’ve gathered and how your business generally functions. As an example, you may determine that all supply requests are handled by supervisors, or that only one person is accountable for the entire process. Suppliers that offer the lowest prices, weekly deliveries, or a locked storage area are all options that can be used to keep goods secure and only accessible by written request.

Ordering Office Supplies Documentation

Each part you designed with the employee group will require a method, so write it down for each one of them. Smart Sheet recommends that for each step in the process, state the actions to be carried out and the people involved. Make certain that each action is clearly explained and that there are no overlapping activities. Remember that this approach will be used by both new and current employees. The prepared method should be reviewed by the employees and their supervisors to produce a final document. Re-evaluate the forms that will be used to carry out the procedure or generate new ones, if necessary. Get management’s okay before putting the plan into action.

Train and Monitor

Both those in charge of putting the office supply procedure into action as well as those who actually use the supplies should receive training. Conduct frequent reviews of the procedure, including interviews with employees, and update them so that the processes remain current.

How to Manage Office Supplies and Maintain an Inventory

Making sure that everyone has access to the tools they need is an important part of keeping a productive office Office supplies are a common resource that everyone in the office relies on, despite the difficulty in determining which tools are the most useful. But how can you keep the supply room from being exploited if everyone needs access to it?

Managing Office Supplies

Office supplies are convenient to use, but they can also be easily depleted. Every day, you’re likely to come across a variety of supplies that are necessary for your job but may also be a pain if you don’t keep an eye on them. As a result, you may end up overbuying and overspending on office supplies if your staff take too many at once.

These problems can be exacerbated by workplace flexibility. When some workers work remotely for part of the week or the entire week, how should supply usage be regulated?

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If you’re looking for new ways to organize your office supplies, we’ve got you covered. The following are some of our tactics:

Limit access to supplies

Improve your current system of organization as a place to begin your improvement process first. Are you currently using a system to keep track of inventory? In theory, open supply rooms are a terrific idea, but in fact, they can be a problem because they don’t limit the supplies that staff can take.

Three methods exist for restricting access. You can begin by appointing a gatekeeper. To receive office supplies, workers must first go via this individual, who is in charge of the supply department. There are many advantages to this system, but it may be inefficient for workplaces without a gatekeeper who can take on their duties.

In the second place, you have the option of restricting access to certain members of your staff. You can still regulate the flow of office supplies if you install a keypad or lock on the supply room door. Employees in your chosen team should be the only ones with access to the supply room keypad code. Once they get the goods, they can distribute them as needed.

An open supply room can serve as the final repository for a log that employees can utilize. Every time an employee leaves the supply room, they should write down what supplies they take, how many, and when they take them. That being said, it’s a lot less effective than the other options because it relies on trust. As a result, there may be confusion and a return to square one in the office. Depending on how frequently you use office supplies and whether or not there is already a problem with goods being misused, you should select the best choice for your office.

Organize what you already have

It’s time to organize your supply room after you’ve selected how to restrict access to office materials. Find what you need quickly and easily by grouping comparable products together (for example, put paper clips and thumbtacks on the same shelf). The most often used objects should be displayed at eye level, while the less frequently used ones should be displayed higher up. Don’t order more of something if you don’t plan on using it in the near future.

Maintain the utmost order in the supply room. Remind workers to return any surplus goods they find. One way to make sure everyone knows where to find what is in your supply room is to post an inventory of all the different items. Maintaining an inventory will be lot simpler if your supply room is organized in this manner.

Use it up first, then buy more

Encourage your employees to use up the items they already have before purchasing new ones. Paper will turn yellow, inks and toners will dry out, and pens will cease working after a certain amount of time, so use up what you already have first. Additionally, this protects the workplace from squandering money by discarding items that were never opened, but had expired. The office’s carbon footprint will be reduced and you’ll be doing your part to help the environment, too.

Strategize when to reorder supplies

Bulk orders of office supplies are frequently eligible for discounts from various suppliers. You want to acquire as many supplies as your workplace will require as soon as you run out of them in order to get the most bang for your buck. Orders that are too little will not qualify for a bulk discount; orders that are too large will not qualify for a discount at all (see the tip above).

Keep a running tally of what supplies your office needs and how long it takes to get them. In order to ensure that the office does not run out of supplies before the next shipment arrives, you should add these figures together. In the long run, it’s a worthwhile investment of time and effort.

Automating reorders with some or all of your suppliers is an option to consider. A shipment will arrive on time every time, and you’ll avoid forgetting to order again in the future.

Keep an inventory log

In order to keep track of how many goods the office has, it is essential to keep a log of all purchases. If you’re not sure where to begin, look for a free online inventory template for office supplies. This is a good place to start, and you may tweak it to meet the specific requirements of your office.

However, an inventory journal is only useful if it is updated often. Keep track of your goods by conducting inventory checks on a regular basis so that you can keep track of which ones are going low. Having a week’s worth of materials on hand is a solid rule of thumb to follow when running an office.

Use these suggestions to make the most of your supply room and avoid the dreaded shortages of office supplies. Organize your office supplies today to avoid problems later.


Do they offer a wide variety of products?

Visit their website to see what they have to offer and see if anything catches your eye. More than pens and paper should be available for purchase. For the most part, the goal should be to have a single source for all of your items. In addition, you should search for a wide range of brands, from budget-friendly options to well-known names. Don’t forget to ask whether they have your preferred brand of pen or paper.

What extra services do they provide?

Check to determine if your office supply provider provides extra services in addition to acquiring goods. Printing, marketing materials, and recycling are some of the most crucial things to keep an eye on. Investigate the company’s rewards program, as well. Is there a discount or rebate for bulk purchases?

What is their pricing for core products?

Some cost comparison can save you money, but it’s not cost-effective to shop around for every single office equipment you buy. Remember that 30% of the total products ordered account for 70% of a company’s office supply costs. Comparing your most often purchased office supplies will ensure that you are always obtaining the greatest deal.

Do they provide a good web ordering experience?

There must be a completely functional online ordering process. It is easier to compare products and pricing when you order online since you can keep all of the materials you need in your shopping basket until you’re ready to check out. Check to see if they have an organized method for tracking orders and reordering frequently used items. For those who need an approval system, make sure it’s easy to use, understand and alter if necessary.

6 Questions top procurement managers ask when looking for an office products supplier

How smooth is their onboarding process?

In many cases, a company’s ability to continue to assist a customer is a result of an efficient onboarding process. Inquire about how they may help you transition to a new vendor from your current one. Layers of support and readily available customer care are a must.

What delivery options are available?

Several delivery choices should be available to you, depending on your requirements and the size of your company. Your office supply vendor should be able to suit your needs if you need a loading dock, front door, or desktop delivery.

How is their customer service experience?

Deliveries, orders, and payments all have the potential for errors. You should always be taken care of if you make these kinds of blunders, even if they don’t happen very often. When something goes wrong, a company’s customer service often proves to be its defining characteristic. The last thing anyone wants is to waste time on the phone as someone tries to help them with a missing or wrong order. You should look for a company with a multi-leveled management structure that has experienced customer service representatives. The return policies and billing terms are important to know.

How does their reputation stack up?

Investigate their reputation by reading reviews and speaking with friends and family. If you look into their financial standing and how long they’ve been in business, you can get a sense of how effective they will be as a supplier of office supplies. A flexible and accommodating organization will help ensure that you don’t have to worry about obtaining office supplies on a regular basis.

An overwhelming number of companies are accessible to choose from while looking for office supplies. If you ask the correct questions, the process can be a lot easier. Check out their product selection, additional services, pricing, web ordering, onboarding, delivery options, customer support, and reputation. Each of these factors is essential to finding the ideal companion. Afterwards, you may concentrate on offering the best products and services for your customers.


Maintaining an inventory effectively is difficult, but following office supply distribution procedures makes it less overwhelming. Resources are necessary for a team’s success. With an effective inventory plan, you’ll be able to show your staff that you care about them.

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