How To Get Candle Wax Off Floor? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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It’s therapeutic to light a candle. As long as you don’t end up with candle wax on another surface in the house, that is. But if it gets on your hardwood floor, don’t turn the lid. Do-it-yourself methods for removing wax from floors are available.

It’s All About Heat

Since the candle wax melted, it ran down your wall and onto your carpet. Even if you’re careful, candles can still tip or be knocked over. Fortunately, removing candle wax from wood floors is a snap.

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Getting the Right Supplies

There are a few items you’ll need in order to use the heating removal method:

  • Iron
  • Use a paper towel or an old towel/rag that you don’t mind throwing away to soak off the wax.
  • Some kind of plastic scraper/spatula

Step 1: Scrape Off Wax

Lightly scrape the wax from the surface with the plastic spatula.

  • You don’t want to damage your floor by picking at the wax. As an alternative, you should try to scrape off as much of the top wax as possible in order to get to what is stuck to the floor.

Step 2: Cover

Place a bag or towel on top of the wax and let it dry.

Step 3: Apply Heat

Using an iron, heat up the region that needs heating (use a low to medium setting with no steam). You don’t want to let the iron sit in one place for too long, so you’ll want to make a few delicate passes over the area. As though you were ironing the towel or bag that you had placed over the waxy region, this is how you should approach it.

  • It’s critical to keep the hammer turning. To avoid scorching your floor, do not leave it sitting in one place for too long.
  • The wax can also be melted with a hair dryer if you don’t have access to an iron. In order to soak up the wax, you need to turn it into a liquid first.

Step 4: Remove Towel

The bag or towel should be removed once all or most of the wax is removed. Step 3 must be repeated if any wax remains on the floor.

Step 5: Remove Any Remaining Residue

Furniture wax can be used to remove any remaining traces of residue.

  • Candles with oils in the wax can benefit from the heat approach since it will assist the cloth or bag absorb those oils.
  • A polyurethane floor finish may be damaged if you use Goo Gone or a similar solution to remove extra residue. However, some people advise against using this product.
  • You can also use olive oil or baby oil to remove any remaining residue from a polyurethane-coated floor. If you’re unsure, however, use furniture wax instead.

Chill Out

Even if you don’t have access to a hair dryer or an iron, all is not always lost. Candle wax comes in two varieties. Make it solid if you can’t get it to flow.

What You Need

Chilling is required if you want to preserve your food.

  • An ice pack or a small bag of ice is a convenient option.
  • A disposable plastic spatula or scraper (make sure this is plastic because metal will scratch the floor)
  • Wax for furniture

Step 1: Place Ice

Place the ice cubes on the waxed paper. Allow it to rest for about 15 minutes before serving. Ideally, you want the wax to harden up.

Step 2: Scrape Wax

Take a scraper or spatula and gently remove the wax from the floor once it has hardened. This is the time to be soft and smooth. Scrape the wax until it is completely gone.

Step 3: Remove Residue or Stains

The wax can be used to remove any leftover residue from the furniture.

  • The towel and iron procedure may be used to remove any candle wax stains caused by scented oils.

Clean a Waxy Mess With Ease

If you’re not prepared for the pouring wax, candles can be an eyesore as well as a source of discomfort. It’s alright, however, if you spill some on your lovely hardwood floors. These simple ways require only a small amount of heat or ice to get the job done.

How to Get Wax Off Any Surface

While the flickering light of burning candles creates a festive ambiance, the drips and puddles of wax they might leave behind are anything but.

In order to remove candle wax from any surface without damaging your furniture or causing a stain on your walls, here’s how to do it.


Using an old credit card or a plastic ruler, solidify the wax on the surface of the wood before scraping it off. Apply a coat of cream furniture wax to remove any residue.

Vinyl Flooring

To remove the wax, wet a dry cloth and blot the area. Using a multipurpose remover like Goof Off (about $5, Home Depot), apply a little amount of Goof Off to remove any remaining wax.

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The wax should be scraped off. Apply medium heat with an iron to a white cloth dampened with lint-free water to adhere the wax to the cloth. Remaining residue can be removed with a little rubbing alcohol. Alternatively, you can use an ice pack to cool the wax, then use a blunt instrument, such as the handle of a kitchen utensil, to break up the frozen clump. Before the bits soften, vacuum them up.


Wax can be scraped off of glass with a razor blade, then heated with a blow dryer set on MEDIUM to remove it. To eliminate any residue, use hot, soapy water to wash the area.

Painted Wall

To remove extra wax, use a blow dryer to apply medium heat, and then wipe it away as it softens up. A solution of 1 part vinegar to 3 parts water can be used to remove residue.

Linens and Fabric Furniture

Use a butter knife to scrape away as much wax as you can. If you’re working on a piece of furniture, simply place a bag over the part you’ll be ironing, and then use a medium heat to heat the bag until the wax is transferred to the bag.

Repeat the process with additional bags as required. Denatured alcohol can be used to remove any remaining color stains.

Leather Furniture

To reheat the wax but not burn the leather, use a blow dryer fast. Wipe away the wax with a moist cloth and a mild washing solution to remove any remaining residue and prevent the leather from drying out.


How do you clean up spilled candle wax?

If the sides of the candle have melted wax or soot on them, use warm water to soften the wax, then use a paper towel or rag with some glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol to restore a

How do you get spilled candle wax off hardwood floors?

If the sides of the candle have melted wax or soot on them, use warm water to soften the wax, then use a paper towel or rag with some glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol to restore a

  1. Using warm water and a paper towel or rag soaked in glass cleaner or rubbing alcohol can be used to remove melted wax or soot from the sides of a candle that has been dripped on.
  2. To remove the last traces of wax, use a hair dryer to warm the area and a paper towel to clean it up. To remove the wax, keep repeating this procedure until it is completely gone.

What removes candle wax easily?

If required, use boiling water to loosen the wax. When removing candle wax from little items like candle holders, freezing them is the most effective method. Remove the object from the freezer once it’s cooled down and tap off the wax.

How do you remove wax from surfaces?

You can use any kind of oil, such as olive oil, to soak a cotton pad in. Cold oil is less effective than warm oil. Soak the moistened pad for two minutes on the wax residue before removing. Use a clean cotton pad to remove any wax buildup.

Does vinegar dissolve wax?

Vinegar should not be used to clean waxed surfaces, as it degrades the wax. When it comes to getting rid of old wax, vinegar is an excellent choice. Rather than using soap and water, a wax-cleaning solution should be used to remove wax from surfaces.

How do you get wax off of laminate flooring?

Gently scratch away the wax or resin with a dull implement. You can use hot water or a hair drier to remove any wax that has spread or penetrated the surface structure. After that, use a paper towel or blotting paper to remove the excess liquid wax from the laminate.

How do you get hair removal wax off tile floor?

If any wax remains that cannot be removed, such as in a grout groove, use a paper bag or an old towel to cover it. Gently rub the bag or towel with an iron heated to low (no steam). You can use a hair dryer instead of an iron if you don’t have one.

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What dissolves floor wax?

Remove wax off the floor by mixing 2 gallons hot water, 2 gallons household ammonia, and 1 liters powdered dishwasher soap (with no bleach).

Does candle wax stain carpet?

When it comes to cleaning up candle wax stains, most people have no idea what to do. Even while it may appear hopeless at first, candle wax is actually a lot easier to remove from a carpet than you may imagine!

Conclusion on How to Get Candle Wax Off Floor

Is your floor made of wood? There’s vinyl flooring? It’s all good! Candle wax can be removed off the floor in a variety of methods. The wax stains on the floor can be eliminated using these ways!

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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