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If you want to get rid of an old mattress in New York City, you’ll need to get involved in the process. The Sanitation Department of the City of New York enforces tight guidelines for disposing of mattresses (DSNY).

Mattress disposal standards can be difficult to follow, but there are valid reasons for them to be in place. To avoid the spread of bedbugs in New York City, appropriate garbage disposal is required. This is also for the sake of averting any potential dangers.

Why Is It Necessary To Throw Out a Mattress?

It’s not something you can keep forever. The mattress has seen a lot of wear and tear. It’s time to let it go. To begin, consider how much a mattress adds in weight each year due to mites and their droppings, as well as dead skin and body oil. Over the course of ten years, a mattress can gain an alarming amount of weight, according to a recent study out of Ohio State University. Yuck!

Additionally, a mattress that has lost its integrity might lead to major sleep quality difficulties. Your quality of life could suffer as a result, making it more important to get a new mattress.

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What to Look for When Disposing of an Old Mattress It can cause back, neck, and hip pain as well as difficulty sleeping and a lack of energy, irritation, lack of focus and poor performance if an old mattress is used. Getting rid of an old mattress and buying a new one:

  • Improves the quality of one’s sleep.
  • Enhances productivity and well-being.
  • Protects the general well-being

Throwing away a Mattress Has Drawbacks — While disposing of an old mattress and buying a new one may seem like an easy process for those living in cities, it’s actually more difficult than they anticipated. In addition, a new mattress is not cheap. Means removing the mattress and disposing of it.

  • Disposal that takes a long time and requires a lot of effort
  • New York City’s mattress recycling requirements and regulations
  • The cost of a new mattress is prohibitively expensive.

First Things First: Is it Really Trash?

Depending on the sort of mattress you have and how well you’ve taken care of it, the average mattress should last 8 to 10 years. Consider the following before you decide to dispose of your old mattress: You may want to consider donating your old mattress to a charity or non-profit organization in New York City instead. Craigslist, Letgo, or Facebook Marketplace are some options for selling your mattress online. Your old mattress can also be recycled rather than thrown away in a landfill to help save the environment.

How Well Preserved is Your Mattress?

The lifespan of your mattress can be extended and conserved in numerous ways. A mattress protector, regularly washed bed linens, and rotating your mattress every six to twelve months are all part of this regimen. It’s possible that your mattress is still in good condition if you’ve been following these steps.

Rather than throwing away your old mattress, consider donating it to someone who could benefit from it. If your old mattress is clean and in good shape, you can donate it to a New York City charity, such as an animal shelter.

Is Your Mattress Covered By Any Warranties?

A warranty is a guarantee from the mattress company that they will replace your mattress if it is broken within a predetermined period of time. This can range from five to ten years in most cases, but each warranty is unique. Some warranties cover the disposal of your mattress, while others don’t.

Before disposing of a mattress, New Yorkers should verify that the manufacturer’s guarantee covers the removal and replacement of the mattress. Your warranty may not cover the removal of your old mattress, so you’ll have to find a way to get rid of it on your own.

How Urgent is the Disposal Process?

The NYC Department of Sanitation (DSNY) can pick up your old mattress up to four weeks in advance if you call and make an appointment. As an alternative, if you’ve been too busy to make an appointment online, you can schedule a pickup for the following day. Don’t forget to submit your request before the previous day’s midnight if you want the collectors to come to where you want them.

On New York City holidays, you can’t get your mattress picked up. Snow operations may necessitate the cancellation of events.

How to Know If You Should Discard a Mattress

Before we get into the specifics of how to get rid of a mattress, let’s first figure out when it’s time. The most significant signal is, of course, your mattress’ level of comfort. If you wake up exhausted or experiencing pain or discomfort after a long night’s sleep, it may be time to shop for a new mattress.

We all know how essential sleep is to our general health, and the quality of our sleep may be substantially affected by our mattress. As soon as you see any of these indicators, it’s time to get a new mattress.

Torn Fabric

The presence of visible tears in your mattress indicates that it has reached the end of its useful life. Your mattress should be replaced if it has damaged fabric that can’t be fixed. Small tears can soon grow into larger ones, which can attract bedbugs and dust mites, so be careful. As the mattress absorbs microorganisms, liquids, or bodily fluids, it poses a health risk due to the contamination of its materials and interior.

Spring Issues

When your innerspring mattress begins to squeak as you move in and out of bed, it’s time to replace it. But an old mattress isn’t just a source of annoyance. It is possible to have a mattress spring prod you if it has been broken, lost its shape or the mattress’s upper comfort layers have begun to wear down. Pressure points, limited support, discomfort, and even damaged skin can result from this type of movement.

Worn Out Padding

For a good night’s sleep, you need a mattress with layers of support and relief. However, as these soft layers wear away, your mattress will no longer be able to bounce back to its former shape after being subjected to your body’s weight and pressures for an extended period of time. Because of this, you may have noticed a dip or indentation where you sleep, which might affect the quality of your sleep.

Signs of Sag

When your mattress begins to sag and deform, it’s time to get a new one. Check under and around the area where you sleep. It is possible for fibers, foams, and pillow tops to wear out over time. Spring-based mattresses are more likely to break down and droop over time. Insomnia and muscle aches are common side effects of a sagging mattress, and they worsen as the sag progresses.

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Bad Smell

If your mattress has a musty stench, mold and mildew are growing there. Without replacing it quickly away, you run the risk of developing major health issues, especially if you are allergic to mold, suffer from asthma or a weakened immune system. Mildew can cause congestion in healthy people even if they are otherwise healthy.

Bed Bugs

Any type of mattress can be infested with bed bugs, and if left untreated, the infestation can quickly grow out of control. The best way to get rid of bed bugs for good and finally sleep well is to acquire a new mattress, even if deep cleaning your mattress can help.


Mattress dust mites are a major allergen and asthma trigger for many people. Dust mites can be reduced by vacuuming, steaming, and flipping your mattress, among other things. The only alternative is to buy a new mattress if these steps fail.

NYC Mattress Disposal: Rules and Regulations

For mattress removal in New York City, the city’s Department of Sanitation (DSNY) enforces tight guidelines. You can’t just lug your old mattress to the curb and have it disappear. In New York City, it is illegal to throw of a mattress without following the proper procedure, which can result in a $100 fine. New York City’s five boroughs: Brooklyn, Manhattan, Queens, Staten Island, and the Bronx must all adhere to the city’s mattress disposal requirements.

Mattress removal in New York City is explained in the following steps.

1. Schedule an Appointment

Disposal options for a mattress in New York City Requesting a 311 mattress pickup is the initial step. For the removal of a mattress or box spring, you must make an appointment. A mattress is defined as an item that is at least 4 feet wide by 3 feet long, including futons.

Up to four weeks in advance, you can make an appointment for an appointment. You can request a next-day appointment if you’re in a hurry, but you must do so by the previous day’s midnight. Each pickup day, you’re allowed to include a maximum of 10 items.

There are no city holidays or extreme weather circumstances that necessitate the postponement or rescheduling of collections.

2. Wrap Your Mattress in a Plastic Bag

When disposing of a mattress in NYC, the next step is to place it in a plastic bag and seal it before putting it out for collection. This is to keep bed bugs from spreading.

DSNY does not include the plastic bag. Department stores, home improvement stores, and moving supply stores all carry this item for sale. Only red and orange plastic bags are banned from being used. When disposing of medical waste, use the red garbage bags; when incineration is required, use the orange garbage bags.

To properly dispose of an old mattress, you must follow the established procedures. If you fail to remove your mattress, you will be fined $100 and your mattress will not be collected.

3. Set The Mattress Outside Before the Team Arrives

The night before your scheduled pick-up date, make sure to place your old mattress on the curb or alley between 4 PM and midnight so that it can be taken away by a garbage collector the following day. A new appointment must be made if your mattress is not out at the time of collection.

Please be aware that on the day of your appointment, the DSNY team is not permitted to enter your home or ring your doorbell. Your previous mattress must be removed by you. For those who do not have their old mattress sealed, the DSNY crew will not collect this and you will still be fined $100.

Based on the Size, an Appointment Must be Made Beforehand

New York City’s Department of Sanitation and Recycling (DSNY) sets a minimum mattress size of 4 feet by 3 feet for the collection or removal of old mattresses. The following mattress sizes will necessitate an appointment for pick-up based on this guidance on how to get rid of mattresses in NYC:


• X-Large Twin

It’s completely stuffed!


The king

In general, all of the mattress sizes indicated above are at least 4 feet by 3 feet wide. Take into consideration that the dimensions of these sizes may be different..

Before requesting an appointment with the DSNY, you should measure the dimensions of your mattress. Garbage can be disposed of with anything smaller than the above-mentioned dimensions.

4. In Case of a Missed Appointment, You Can Always Reschedule

A new collection appointment must be requested if you miss the collection time for your previous mattress by a few minutes.

You have till 4 PM the day before your appointment to cancel or reschedule if necessary. Cancellation and rescheduling requests cannot be sent via the internet. You’ll need to call 311 to get help with this. Don’t forget to bring in your service ticket number.

You can submit a missed collection complaint if you leave your mattress out in the open. It is possible to file an unpaid bill complaint only if you have a Service Request number. A new appointment will be necessary if you do not have your Service Request number.

How to Dispose of a Mattress

In addition to understanding how to properly dispose of a mattress in New York City, you may want to familiarize yourself with other options. Donating or recycling your old mattress, box spring, or futon are both viable alternatives to contacting DSNY for pickup.

If your old mattress is in good condition, you may not want to throw it away in the trash. Someone else could benefit from it if it’s still in good shape.

1. Determine the Fate of Your Mattress

Before you buy a new mattress, evaluate the condition of your current one. Your mattress can be recycled, donated to a shelter or charitable organization, or disposed of in a landfill depending on its condition. It’s a good idea to look into local recycling and donation options before disposing of your old mattress.

2. Check for Your City’s Disposal Guidelines

You could be fined $100 if you don’t follow your city’s rules and regulations when it comes to getting rid of your old mattress. Mattress disposal in New York City is regulated to the letter. The DSNY will not pick up your old mattress if you don’t make an appointment to have it removed from the curb. Before bringing your old mattress to be picked up, make sure it is properly sealed.

3. Recycle

Mattress recycling is a more eco-friendly and long-term solution than landfilling. Recyclers in New York City will dismantle your old mattress and sell the materials to be used for something else. Nothing is thrown away because it can all be recycled, including the foam, coils, springs, and wood. Upholstery, bicycle seats, and carpet pads, among other things, can benefit from the foam’s properties.

Check If There are Any Recycling Programs Near You

You may easily find recycling centers in New York City that accept old mattresses by doing a simple internet search. There is also a mattress recycling program run by the New York City Housing Authority (NYCHA) as part of their efforts to keep the city clean and pest-free by the year 2025. A cooperation with Renewable Recycling, Inc. and FASTWAY CTK, LLC is now in place.

4. Donation

Consider donating your old mattress to a nonprofit or non-profit organization rather than throwing it out. Depending on the charity, you may even be able to have the mattress picked up at your house for free. Posting your old mattress on internet marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook, and Letgo is an additional option you may want to consider. People in need can offer their services on these sites for free and then come take up your old mattress.

If Possible, Always Give Your Mattress to Someone in Need

If you have an old mattress that’s still in good shape and want to give it away, all you have to do is post about it on social media. It’s possible to look for organizations on Facebook that take discarded home goods like mattresses and donate them to those in need.

Check Condition Before Donating

Check the condition of your mattress before contacting a charity or group. A clean and free of stains and odors with no bed bug infestation and no squeaking noises when you go on and off the bed is a nice thing to donate.

Find a Suitable Organization to Donate to

There are online directories specifically for donations, making it so much easier for you to find the organization nearest your location. Donation Town gives a list of certified charities in your area, as well as the ability to schedule a free mattress pick-up, making the process of donating so simple.

5. Mattress Disposal

If you’re looking for a charitable organization near you, there are online directories that can help you out. It’s so easy to donate your mattress to a local or national charity thanks to Donation Town’s list of recognized charities in your area.

The staples can be removed using a pair of pliers.

Cut the springs with a bolt cutter or wire cutters.

• Box spring frame saw to cut with

Cut and Pull the Cord From Its Edges

Use a seam ripper or a utility knife to cut the piping’s thread at the end. Pull the cord out of the mattress fabric and discard it. To flip the mattress, simply follow the same procedure. Keep or donate the fabric strands for future use.

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Remove the Sides of the Mattress

Following the removal of the binding cords from all of the sides of your old mattress, the next step is to pull the mattress’s sides away from the mattress. Wearing gloves to protect your hands is a good idea if you don’t want to injure them.

Pull the Top Layer of Fabric

The fluffy padding or foam is revealed by removing the top layer of fabric. Keep an eye out for staples that bind the outer fabric as you pull this layer. Using pliers, snip the staples until the top layer is free.

Gather the Fabric and Interior Padding

Wearing gloves is strongly recommended during this process. Toss the mattress’s fluff into a rubbish bag or cardboard box using your hands. Cotton and foam are commonly utilized in this stuffing, which can be recycled, reused, or composted.

Remove the Bottom Layer

Remove the cloth at the bottom of your mattress from the springs. Remove any more foam cushioning from your mattress. Once the foam and fabric have been removed, you can compost or recycle the top layer.

Remove the Metal Springs

The inside springs can be seen once the excess fluff and fabric have been removed. Slice it into tiny pieces with a bolt or wire cutter. Your local scrapyard or metal recycling facility may have these innersprings available, or you may use them to make a wine rack or pot holder.

Use Appropriate Safety Equipment

The raw components and sharp edges of your old mattress need that you employ safety equipment when you dismantle it. Don’t forget to put on work gloves and safety goggles at all times.

6. And Finally, Contact a Disposal Company to Take Care of the Rest

This is the quickest and most environmentally friendly way to get rid of your old mattress. You won’t have to seal your mattress and take it all the way to the curbside, or learn how to cut up a mattress for disposal, thanks to this service. Contact a junk removal service like Jiffy Junk to remove your old mattress and deliver it to a recycling or donation site of your choosing from your doorstep.

Quickly and Efficiently Removing a Mattress

DSNY does not provide mattress disposal bags, thus you will have to spend money and time figuring out how to get a bulky mattress to the curb after you’ve sorted out the logistics of getting it there in the first place. You can also engage a mattress removal service to get rid of your mattress swiftly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.

Junk removal in a large city can be challenging, as Jiffy Junk can attest to. Any type of rubbish you can think of, including mattresses, can be removed by our courteous specialists in a white-glove manner.

The five boroughs, Nassau and Suffolk Counties, and all points in between are no problem for us. We’ll haul away any of your bulky debris, from a single mattress to a whole cleanup. The space will be vacuumed and free of dust bunnies when we’re done, which is especially useful if you’re getting ready to move. You don’t want to be fined by DSNY if you’re not careful. In a heartbeat, we’ll remove your old mattress.

Does NYC Sanitation Pick Up Mattresses?

Your old mattress will be picked up by the NYC Department of Sanitation the night before your booked appointment, between the hours of 4 pm and midnight. However, you can also use a service request number or call 311 to postpone or cancel the appointment. It’s only possible to cancel or reschedule by phone or in person until 4 p.m. on the day before your scheduled appointment.

Rescheduling and cancellation

Rescheduling or canceling the pick-up could be due to any number of different causes. Once the snow has stopped, the Department should work with you to reschedule your pick-up time. Make a separate appointment if someone else requests your desired day and time slot.

What if you need to dispose of additional items? At your visit, you may simply bring them along with your mattress. However, like with mattress disposal, keep an eye out for any additional regulations that may apply to these products.

When Can I Throw Out A Mattress In NYC?

Appointment schedule

On the day of your appointment, you can throw out a bed in New York City. A missed collection complaint can be filed, and you can leave the mattress at the curb. This is why having a service request number is critical; otherwise, you will have to reschedule.

Trash collection day and recycling collection day

If you haven’t scheduled an appointment yet, place the goods out front the night before your scheduled pick-up and have someone come pick them up. But keep in mind that the Sanitation Department won’t come pick up the mattress and other items for disposal unless they’re located in a specified area, such a curb or alley.

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In this case, the mattress may be ruled “unserviceable” because it is located on a potential piece of private property. Another thing to keep in mind when planning a mattress collection in New York City is that there are sanitation holidays. If your trash collection day falls on a holiday, place the mattress outdoors after 4 p.m. that day; if your recycling collection day falls on a holiday, put the mattress outside after 4 p.m. the day before your next scheduled recycling collection day.


Can You Leave a Mattress on the Curb?

It’s not. In New York City, there are regulations in place regarding the proper disposal of old mattresses. Your mattress must be properly sealed and dropped off at the specified curb or alley between 4 p.m. and midnight on the night before your appointment. DSNY will call you to schedule an appointment.

How to Wrap a Mattress in Plastic for Disposal

A large plastic bag can be used to wrap up your old mattress or box spring and secure it with heavy-duty adhesive. The DSNY does not provide this information. Home improvement businesses and huge merchants like Target, Bed Bath & Beyond and U-Haul sell large plastic bags.

Where Can I Dispose of a Mattress Near Me?

You can leave your mattress at the curb before the scheduled pick-up date if you prefer to schedule a pickup with the DSNY. Contacting Jiffy Junk to have your mattress picked up and delivered to one of our partner facilities is the easiest way to have your mattress donated or recycled.

Where to Throw Away a Mattress

In New York City, old mattresses aren’t just thrown away. A $100 fine will be imposed if you do so. It is the responsibility of the DSNY to dispose of used mattresses. Before your scheduled pick-up time, book an appointment online, seal the mattress in a plastic bag, and drop it off on the appropriate curb or alley.


Mattress disposal is regulated in New York, as it is in other parts of the country. To avoid complaints and fines, you must know how to properly dispose of a mattress in New York City. If you seal the bed adequately and establish a timetable before putting it out on the curb, you should be able to comprehend it.

If you have any additional questions or issues, such as cancellations or the condition of your bed, please re-read this document and contact the Sanitation Department.