How to Get Smell Out of Baby Bassinet? Instructions

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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Is your newborn sleeping in a bassinet? No, I’m stumped as to how to maintain it.

When you hear the word “bassinet,” you immediately conjure up pictures of a slumbering baby in velvety cloth being swaddled. Because of this, your infant bassinet can be a breeding ground for a wide variety of bacteria, including milk, sweat, and other bodily fluids.

Is there a safe way to clean a bassinet? Fortunately for you, it isn’t too difficult. Your baby will be safe from sickness if you follow our instructions on how to keep their sleeping environment clean and sanitary.

What Is a Bassinet?

When it comes to cleaning a bassinet, you need to be familiar with its various components. Despite the fact that each bassinet is unique, they all share a common design.

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Typically, a bassinet is a small basket linked to a stand that serves as a bed for a newborn baby. To ease the burden of feeding and provide a sense of security, parents can keep their newborn near to them in a bassinet – without the dangers of bed-sharing.

There are three basic types of bassinets: cots, cribs, and swings.

  • Traditional: This type of bassinet is the most common. They are built to last and are usually made of wood or metal. The little bed has a mattress within it for your baby to rest on.
  • Portable bassinets are ideal for moms on the go. It is possible to move the entire base of some portable bassinets without having to use the wheels, however this is not always the case.
  • Swinging: A swinging bassinet is designed to sway your baby to sleep while soothing and comforting him. Moving bassinets tend to be smaller and lower to the ground in order to minimize the potential of harm to the baby.

Because all bassinets, especially those used by newborns, are prone to germs, it is critical that you clean yours on a regular basis.

The Advantages of Bassinets for Baby Sleep

Space Saver Bassinet

Small and lightweight, the bassinet is an excellent choice for a newborn’s sleeping area because it is easy to relocate. In order to keep an eye on and comfort a baby as they sleep, this crib can be positioned next to the parents’ bed. Attachable vibrating units can help calm a baby to sleep in some bassinets.

Bassinets save Lives

Bassinets are designed for premature infants to rest comfortably. As a result of their tiny size and low weight, bassinets make excellent first-time parent gifts. This allows parents to keep an eye on their infant while they sleep, making it easier for them to soothe them. This means that bassinets have a lower risk of causing Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Newborn Sudden Sudden Death Syndrome (SIDS) is a sudden, inexplicable infant death. When they’re just a few weeks to a year old, it’s the most common cause of baby death. A bassinet has provided a secure haven for countless newborns. Everyone should leave the hospital in one, we believe.

Bassinets as the best baby crib for parents and child

Many new parents prefer to have a baby monitor near their bed so that they can keep an eye on their infant as they sleep. A safety precaution may be the case, but others say that it is merely a way for parents to comfort their children and assure that they are safe and sound. It doesn’t matter what the reason for installing a baby monitor near the parents’ bed is, there are numerous advantages to doing so.

The ability to hear and see your kid if he or she wakes up in the middle of the night is a major advantage of keeping a baby monitor near your bed. Having a newborn in the house can make it difficult for parents to get a good night’s sleep. Parents who are concerned about SIDS or other health issues can gain some piece of mind by purchasing a baby monitor that has a camera so they can keep an eye on their children while they sleep.

One of the advantages of having a baby monitor near the parents’ bed is that it can assist alleviate both parents and children’s anxiousness. Children who can see and hear their parents can be more easily soothed and put back to sleep when they wake up wailing in the middle of the night.

Sleep Vibes with bassinets

All bassinets include the option of attaching a vibration unit, which is similar to all of them despite their various shapes and sizes. Babies who are still getting adjusted to life outside of the womb may benefit notably from the use of this vibrating device to aid in their sleep.

Bassinet vibration units come in a variety of configurations. It is possible to create a mild shaking motion with motors, while other systems employ oscillating balls. In most cases, the intensity and speed of the vibrations can be adjusted by parents using any form of vibration device that is employed.

The use of a vibrating device can help many parents to get their babies to sleep faster and keep them asleep for extended periods of time. If your baby is having trouble sleeping or is often fussy at night, this may be a good option. Additionally, if the infant is experiencing colic or gas problems, employing a vibrating machine might assist relax and comfort the child.

When it comes to helping your baby sleep, a bassinet with a connected vibration device can be a terrific option. It’s critical that you get something for your baby so that he can sleep soundly at night.

When To Clean Your Bassinet

If you see dirt or accumulation on your bassinet, now is the time to thoroughly clean it. However, to ensure you deal with seen and unseen dirt, there are a few rules of thumb to follow.

One to two times a week is suggested for washing baby’s linens, according to some. The cost of your bassinet’s body is significantly lower. Keep in mind that even if your baby does not come into direct touch with the frame, the bacteria on the frame may help strengthen their immune system.

Your infant may not require as regular cleaning as you think unless they have recently recovered from an illness or there is obvious soiling. Make an informed decision.

Disassembling Your Bassinet

It is necessary to disassemble a bassinet before cleaning it. To do this, you’ll need to remove the basket and stand from the bassinet’s bedding.

Depending on the material of your bassinet, you may need to clean it in a different way. It is possible to wash the mattress cover in the machine, however it is preferable to wash the mattress by hand.

Washing and assembling your bassinet should be included in the packaging you received with it. Before continuing, it’s critical that you thoroughly review them.

Reach out to the manufacturer’s customer care department if you can’t find the original instructions for your bassinet. On the internet, you may be able to get help.

How To Clean a Bassinet

To keep your baby’s sleeper in excellent condition, follow these six simple steps. If you’re unsure, see the owner’s manual for your bassinet’s specific brand and model.

1. Gather Supplies

Most of the cleaning supplies you’ll need to clean your bassinet are probably already in your house.

  • Laundry detergent that is safe to use on babies.
  • Using a new set of sponges, cloths, and dusters is essential.
  • It’s best to use warm water in a spray bottle.
  • This is a mild germicide.

Cleanup will go more smoothly if you have these supplies on hand.

2. Remove Bedding and Linens

The bedding and linens in your bassinet are most likely the most dirty aspect of the whole thing. They should be taken out and separated based on how they need to be washed.

3. Remove Hood and Linings

Bassinets with hoods or additional lining are available. You can remove the fabric and wash it, if you’d like.

4. Wash Linens

Using a mild, unscented detergent suitable for your baby’s skin is the best way to clean all your baby’s linens. If you’re not sure how to wash your clothes, you can always wash them by hand.

If the linens on the bassinet are in direct contact with the baby’s skin, they should be washed as soon as possible. You can use spot treatment pens or a cloth sprayed with warm water and a small amount of detergent to do this.

5. Disinfect the Frame

To begin disinfecting the bassinet frame, remove all of the linens. If your bassinet is constructed of wood, you’ll need a different disinfectant.

Clean the entire frame with a soft, dry cloth. Then, use a second cloth to make sure the frame is completely dry so that it doesn’t rust.

6. Reassemble the Bassinet

Reassemble your bassinet when it has been thoroughly cleaned and dried. If this is your first time dismantling it, you’ll need to take your time. The most important thing is to make sure it’s solid.

Putting together a bassinet can be as easy or as complex as you want it to be. You want to make sure the bassinet is safe and ready for your baby because it is where he or she spends the majority of their time.

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The 7 Best Bassinets

Best Overall: HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series


  • Stability is ensured with a four-point foundation.
  • Swiveling 360-degree swivel chair
  • Convenient for mothers who are breastfeeding.


  • Heavy
  • It’s difficult to get around.
  • Bulky

The HALO BassiNest Swivel Sleeper Premiere Series is our top option for a baby bassinet since it has several features that parents and caregivers will appreciate as well as the little one who will be using it. To assist soothe your baby, this bassinet comes equipped with a nightlight and floor light, a sound machine that can be turned up or down, and two vibration settings. To avoid upsetting your infant, the bassinet bed rotates 360 degrees.

A fitted sheet is included, and there are two storage compartments for any other essentials. Safe for a newborn to sleep in shortly after birth, it has a weight limit of 20 pounds. If you’re looking for a peaceful way to get out of bed, this bassinet might not be the best option.

This item weighs 30 pounds and measures 36 inches by 45 inches by 20 pounds.

Best Budget: Dream On Me Karley Bassinet


  • Lightweight and easy to move
  • Bugs are kept at bay by an adjustable double canopy.
  • Compact folding makes it simple to store in confined areas.


  • The height cannot be altered.
  • Mattresses come with their own covers.
  • The canopy’s zipper is prone to becoming snagged.

This bassinet is lightweight, folds down, and includes a double sleeping canopy with mesh panels so that parents can keep check on their baby while also providing their child with a little extra shade and protection while they are resting. Baby will be safe and comfortable in this bassinet, which can hold up to 25 pounds. It has a sturdy metal frame and a luxurious resting mattress.

Product Weight: 12.4 lbs. | Product Dimensions: 33 x 19.5 x 37 in. | Weight Limit: 25 lbs.

Best Splurge: Happiest Baby SNOO Smart Sleeper Baby Bassinet


  • An easy-to-use mobile app for tracking and restraining children from a distance
  • Soothing your baby has never been easier with responsive technology.
  • Mid-century modern design in a sleek package


  • The bassinet’s speed can only be adjusted via an app.
  • The height cannot be altered.
  • Occasionally, the app may not be able to connect.

The SNOO bassinet is the best of the best when it comes to bassinet innovation, and it has an appealing mid-century modern style to boot. This bassinet can tell if your baby is grunting or crying by listening for these sounds. After that, the bassinet gently swings and rocked the infant while playing white noise for even more comfort.

A smartphone or tablet app allows parents to remotely regulate the SNOO’s motion, sound, and cry sensitivity. Parental alerts can also be set up to notify parents if their child is having trouble sleeping. SNOO’s hefty price is due in part to all of its innovative features, although it also offer a leasing option to make it more reasonable for parents.

38-pound product | 30-inch x 16-inch x 32-inch product dimensions | 25-pound weight restriction

Best Compact: Fisher-Price Soothing View Bassinet


  • Folds down to a remarkably small size.
  • Frame made of light materials
  • Locked or rocked might be used.


  • There is no place to keep your things.
  • It must be rocked by hand.
  • There is no background music or sound.

Fisher-tiny Price’s bassinet is the best in the business. The Soothing View Bassinet folds down to a four-inch width when not in use. It doesn’t take up much room when it’s not collapsed either.

The bassinet can be gently moved to comfort the infant with a simple turn of a button. You can turn the bassinet to stationary mode if you don’t want to use the rocking mode.

13-pound shipping weight Size: 22.44 x 33.07 x 24.41 inches | Weight: 6.6 pounds a maximum of twenty pounds

Best for Soothing: 4moms mamaRoo Sleep Bassinet


  • The height can be altered.
  • Remote motion and sound control through smartphone app
  • Assembling takes no tools


  • Costly
  • Heavy
  • Occasionally, the app may not be able to connect.

While providing a safe sleeping space for your infant until they reach the weight of 25 pounds, the 4moms mamaRoo is engineered to relax and comfort them as well. Among the features of the bassinet is a sound machine that may be used to soothe a crying infant to sleep. As an added bonus, it has a built-in timer that parents can use to establish a nighttime routine for their infants.

It has a weight limit of 25 pounds, yet it weighs 30 pounds and measures 24 by 34 by 39 inches.

Best Stroller-Compatible: UPPAbaby Stroller Bassinet


  • Sunshade canopy with an extendable UPF 50+ rating
  • A insect shield is included.
  • A mattress with perforations and a ventilated foundation promotes proper airflow.


  • Stand for bassinet is available for purchase separately.
  • Only UPPAbaby strollers are compatible.
  • The bassinet stand is an expensive purchase.

Lightweight and compatible with the Uppababy Cruz stroller (and also sold with the Uppababy Vista stroller), this bassinet can be used both at home and when traveling. In addition to a UPF 50+ sunshade and canopy that unzip for enhanced airflow, this bassinet’s ventilated base and mattress make it suitable for infants up to 25 pounds. With the Uppababy Bassinet Stand (available separately), the bassinet can be elevated on a flat, steady surface, or it can simply be attached to the stroller for naps while on the go.

8.5 pounds; 30.25 x 16.6 x 24.5 inches; weight limit of 25 pounds; a total weight of 8.8 pounds;

Best Play Yard: Graco Pack ‘n Play On the Go Playard


  • Design for portability that is easy to pack and store
  • The base is equipped with wheels for easy movement.
  • Visual stimulation with a toy bar that can be removed.


  • The height cannot be altered.
  • Hard to put together for some people.
  • Is not equipped with a carry handle.

Because it is so easy to set up, take down, and carry, Graco’s Pack ‘n Play is one of the most popular collapsible play yards on the market. When your baby is just a few weeks old and weighs less than 15 pounds, you can use this bassinet insert to keep your baby secure and comfortable while they sleep. Your infant will benefit from additional visual stimulation thanks to the retractable toy bar.

Size and Weight: 40×28.5x29in; Weight Capacity: 15lb

What to Look for in a Baby Bassinet


You should still consider the bassinet’s size before buying it, even if it’s smaller than a regular crib. Consider where you’ll put the bassinet before you buy it, whether you’re buying it now or after the baby is born. To avoid having to return a bassinet because it didn’t fit, be careful to take measurements of the available area.

The Graco Pack n Play On the Go Playard is a foldable, portable bassinet that collapses when not in use (view on Amazon). The Pack n Play or another bassinet might be set up in a designated area for naps and nightly sleep, and then stored away when not in use. This is because if your bed falls apart in the middle of the night, any pillows or blankets in the bassinet could accidentally hit the baby.

How to Get Your Baby to Sleep in a Bassinet

Added Features

As a result of their sophisticated designs and added amenities, many bassinets are more than just sleep spaces for infants. A canopy, play yard, stroller attachments, and music are all optional extras. You’ll want to think about whether or not you can go without these additional features, but if you absolutely need them, you’ll need to make a decision.

If you’re looking for a baby stroller bassinet, the UPPAbaby Stroller Bassinet (see on Amazon) is an excellent option. If you and your family spend a lot of time outside, this bassinet’s mosquito shield and sunshade are a must-have for your little one. There are several ways to use this product, such as during naps and bedtime at home.


You might think that a baby should sleep in a bassinet, but many parents and caregivers don’t aware that examining the bassinet’s purpose will ensure that you receive the most value for your money. It’s important to know which bassinets are most suited for travel, while some include characteristics that simulate co-sleeping, but in a safer way than bedsharing, which the American Academy of Pediatrics strongly discourages for all babies. 2

You can zip down one side of the bassinets designed to keep you close to your baby for diaper changes, feedings, or even playing. Make sure the baby’s head and shoulders are level while he or she is napping. Bassinets with rocking or vibrating motions are also available to assist in putting a baby to sleep.

Consider your lifestyle and whether or not the bassinet can be utilized for other purposes outside of the home before making a decision. Consider travel-friendly bassinets if you and your family frequently go on vacation.


How long can my baby sleep in a bassinet?

When it comes to how long your baby can sleep in a bassinet, there are a number of variables that come into play. It’s critical to adhere to any age or weight restrictions listed on the bassinet. If your child is over the weight and age limit and has reached specific milestones, exceeding the manufacturer’s recommendations could result in damage.

The greatest course of action is to read the bassinet’s instruction manual from cover to cover to ensure that you comprehend all of the suggestions. In other cases, parents and caregivers are advised to stop using a bassinet once their infant begins to roll, which can happen quite fast for some newborns.

Can my baby just skip the bassinet and go straight to a crib?

Yes, in a nutshell. If you don’t want to use a bassinet, there is no need for you to. Parents and caregivers who travel frequently may appreciate the space-saving features as well as the additional conveniences. However, it is possible for newborns to begin sleeping in a crib as soon as they are born. You’ll want to consider your family’s needs as well as your own. In the meanwhile, a bassinet is an excellent alternative to the crib for a safe sleep environment.

When should my baby go from the bassinet to a crib?

Make sure your baby is within the weight and age restrictions on their bassinet, but keep in mind that they may start rolling or sitting up before they are ready. You should keep an eye on them and see whether they’re ready to move into a crib sooner than the manufacturer recommends.


The following paragraphs describe how to clean a baby’s cot, as well as the best supplements on the market. Take a look at the story and share your thoughts!

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