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It only takes three steps to hang paintings above a sofa in the nicest way possible. In order to create the most visually appealing space above the couch, the rules of placement and proportion will be examined in this essay. It is expected that we will also provide information on the ideal art sizes and how to arrange several pieces.

Please consider decorating the wall behind your sofa as well. Having this ability will help you to know what looks good on the back of the couch while still being aesthetically pleasant to the eye in your living room. Other than artwork, there’s no telling what you’ll find.

How Do You Hang Art Above A Couch?

Step 1. Imagine the placement

Before putting art on the wall above your couch, envision how it will look if you prop it up against the wall first. You should have someone assist you organize the artwork if you’re utilizing more than one piece, and then you should snap a short photo of how the final piece should look. It’s also a good idea to lay out the artwork on the floor to get a sense of how it will look when displayed together.

The space above the sofa is frequently adorned with a smattering of artwork. You must first understand that the key to grouping various artworks is to locate commonalities between them. Use similar features on the frame or art colors to organize your groupings.

Step 2. Level the art pieces

The art should be placed above the sofa at eye level so that it may be easily seen by everybody who enters the living area. The number and size of artworks, on the other hand, can have an impact on this grading scale. For a more inviting sense, art can be placed closer to the couch or higher than eye level if the wall is large.

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In addition, you don’t need to immediately put up a gallery wall above the sofa. A large piece of art can be a better option for those who can’t pick which pieces to buy. Because this style of décor covers a vast area, you don’t need to be exact with the positioning.

Step 3. Install the artwork on the wall securely

It’s time to get to work on installing the art over the sofa. Once again, choose a solution that will offer long-term stability and security. When someone sits on the couch and leans it against the wall, you don’t want the frames to swivel or tilt.

Put two D rings on the back of each piece of art before hanging it on the wall with the appropriate hooks. Decorative hooks and rods can also be used to enhance both security and beauty. After the artwork is up, take a step back and double-check its location before making any revisions.

How High Should You Hang Art Above A Sofa?

Whether or whether the art is flat, the most common rule for hanging it above the sofa is that it should be at eye level. At the same time as it draws attention to the adorned wall, it helps to maintain the room’s cohesiveness. However, avoid displaying all of your artwork in a one location.

Allow the eye to rest between the artworks and above the sofa by ensuring that there is sufficient distance between them. Artwork can also be placed 60 inches from the middle of the wall to the floor, depending on how big the room is and how big your couch is. You can also put art on the wall 6 inches above the furniture if you like.

How Large Should A Picture Be Over A Couch?

The sofa’s breadth should only account for two-thirds of the picture’s width. This is considered by designers to be the golden criterion for ensuring engagement and a proportional finish in their designs. The 23 sizing guideline still applies if you’re utilizing numerous images because you can treat them all as a single piece.

Instead of a gallery wall, it’s more common to hang a single, big work of art above a sofa these days. However, selecting only two or three pieces of art for a curated collection can be difficult because there are so many different styles of art to choose from. To avoid looking tacky, adopt the same color scheme as the rest of the room when decorating over the sofa.

Should Art Be Centered On Wall Or Over Furniture?

A focal point in the living room should always be placed above the furniture since it is more reliable in achieving balance. But if you hang it straight up, it will be off-kilter over the couch if it is in the middle of the wall. With heavy furniture like a sofa, this creates an unappealing empty area on the other side of the room.

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10 Ways to Fill the Blank Space Over Your Sofa

1. A Large, Oversized Mirror

A giant mirror is the ideal method to create a dramatic focal point in any room, as we’ve previously mentioned on the site. When it comes to the expanse of wall space above your sofa, we prefer to think of it as an opportunity. Make the most of the space available to you!

2. A Grid of Four or More Prints

Adding symmetry to your room’s design also helps to create a sense of balance and harmony in the room’s layout. For those who prefer an air of serenity and finished design, symmetry is a terrific tool. A symmetrical environment tends to be more relaxing because your eye doesn’t have to jump around as much. The back of your sofa can be adorned with a grid of patterns to fill up empty space while also creating a symmetrical focal point.

3. A Grouping of Prints in Different Sizes

It’s easy to be intimidated by a gallery wall, but if you like the way it looks, consider doing a similar grouping of paintings to what we did here. Each print in this collection is from the same artist, but they are all different sizes and arranged in a much simpler way than you would normally see in a gallery.

4. One Large Painting

Consider hanging a single large painting over your sofa instead of a smattering of smaller ones. Putting this on has the advantage of simply requiring a single piece, like putting on a dress. You can’t coordinate your outfit by wearing the same pants with the same shirt. Voilà. Having a single large element also has the advantage of making it feel more polished, less cluttered, and more refined. Think about picking one piece of art that you really like and sticking to it if you want to achieve that look!

5. A Set of Mirrors

Hanging many mirrors over your sofa might help brighten up a room that is lacking in natural light. In addition to distributing light evenly, they have a classic, understated aesthetic that complements a wide range of color schemes.

6. A Pair of Prints or Mirrors

There are numerous advantages to purchasing home decor items in sets, and a pair of prints is no exception! Why do we adore them? You have the option of keeping them together or separating them into separate rooms. For example, a pair of lamps is more convenient to put than a single one.

7. A Bookshelf

Bookshelves and cabinets are fantastic ways to fill a wall if you have the space. Two of our Ellen Cabinets have been positioned behind the sofa in this room, and we love how they provide height to the space. Decorate your shelves with books and vases to give them some height.

As frightening as it may be to create a gallery wall, there is actually no exact science to it. Take a chance. Even though arranging prints on the floor before hanging them is always a good idea, we also like the idea of continually adding to a collection as you come across new treasures.

9. A Mirror + A Pair of Sconces

Incorporating more than just a piece of art or a mirror into your space is OK! Bring in light and create an inviting atmosphere in any room with a sconce on the wall. If you want to create a grouping that stands out, consider adding a sconce to your wall decor.

10. Nothing

Trying to figure out what to put on the wall behind your couch? It’s as simple as placing your sofa in front of a window, with the exception of some curtain panels!

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If the area above the sofa is left bare, it will appear incomplete. And in this post, you’ve learned how to hang art above a sofa in accordance with the norms of decorators. A brief review reveals that D rings should be used to secure the painting and that it should be placed centered over the sofa.

Additionally, an image that is at least two-thirds the width of the furniture would be beneficial. In terms of the artwork’s height, make sure it’s at eye level. In the meantime, if you like tapestries over paintings, check out this advice to how to hang a blanket on the wall instead.