How to Hem Polyester Spandex Dress or Pants? A Few Tips to Remember

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Stretching isn’t always pleasant. Stretch is a common property of many fabrics. Your sewing project may end up looking like a complete disaster if you can’t get the hems to cooperate when it’s time to use them. When working with sewing and cloth, this is referred to as the problematic side.

The typical hemming of some textiles just isn’t going to happen. Using fusible tape as a solution to hemming issues is the best option. You should be fine if you don’t strain the cloth or the tape.

Continue reading this article to discover more about hemming this type of stretchable material. As a result, it will not be as frustrating or hair-pulling as it has previously been. Take a few minutes to familiarize yourself with the guidelines.

Use fusible tape to hem flexible fabrics such as polyester and spandex. After you’ve completed this approach, you can always sew a line of stitches to close the gap.

If Wonder Tape is no longer available, a suitable hemming alternative would be to use it instead. If you stitch over it after it is in place, you can remove it when it is no longer needed.

Can You Hem Polyester Spandex?



Blends of polyester and spandex can be hemmed. The idea is to not rush and to reduce your spm by a small amount. As you sew, the primary concern is that the material may stretch. Hemming the fabric may be easier if you take your time.

Fusible tape and other tapes can spare you from a lot of frustration if you use the two solutions already mentioned. Even if you don’t like one version of the tape, you have a variety of other choices available.

You can also sew the hem by hand if you don’t want to use your sewing machine. While this method is more time consuming, you won’t have to worry as much about stretching the fabric while you work. Stitching machines can be finicky about tension and feed dog pressure.

Hemping polyester spandex can be done in numerous methods. If you’re able to overcome the difficulties that the fabric presents in your sewing endeavor, you should have excellent outcomes. Don’t believe anyone who tells you it’s impossible. If you’re willing to put up with the pain, you can hem this material.

Tip #3: Tape and ballpoint pens are your friends. These won’t harm the spandex fibers and will assist prevent any damage to the fabric. Pin and tape carefully so that the fabric doesn’t become stretched while you’re working.

Can You Sew Spandex?

In addition to sewing, this material can also be used for upholstery. The bad news is that it’s a difficult fabric to work with, and a single mistake may ruin your entire project before you’ve even started. Pre-washing the fabric to remove shrinkage is one step in the procedure.

If you have the necessary tools, needles, and thread, you can stitch any kind of fabric. The machine must also be able to accommodate the cloth. You should be able to stitch spandex like any other fabric once you’ve finished setting everything up.

Spandex, on the other hand, is not like other fabrics in that it can be slippery, stretchy, and difficult to work with. It doesn’t matter if you have the necessary machinery or equipment if you don’t manage the material correctly.

The cloth can be torn or lose some of its shape if you tug or press it too forcefully. It’s difficult to sew with spandex since it doesn’t behave like other textiles. However, if you’re cautious and patient, you should be able to get through this subject without too much difficulty.

Tip #4: When hemming this cloth, try hand sewing instead of using your machine. Picking up the threads needed to make stitches should not be a problem for you. The sewing machine doesn’t force you to work at a predetermined speed.

Does Spandex Fray When Cut?



With spandex, there’s good news and there’s bad news. When cut, the fabric normally doesn’t fray at the edges or ends. It is one of the few materials that you don’t need to finish after cutting it.

The most important thing is to maintain the edges neat and straight. That would necessitate the use of a rotary cutter or a pair of razor-sharp scissors. Even with these tools, cutting spandex can be a challenge, so be sure to weigh down the remainder of the material so that it does not slide about on you while you are working..

Taking precautions at this early stage will prevent you from any of the headaches that typically accompany dealing with spandex. A sharp pair of scissors or rotary cutter is what we’re referring to when we say “have a sharp pair.”

It’s time to change up your rotary cutter’s blade. Doing this may take a few seconds, but it will save you a great deal of time and effort later on. In addition, the fabric’s edge will be neater and straighter as a result.

Using polyester thread with spandex is always a smart idea. A wooly nylon alternative, on the other hand, is an excellent choice. Loopers are a great use for the second thread.

How to Hem Spandex Fabric

Prior to washing any cloth that is known to shrunk, you should thoroughly clean it. Even though spandex is a polyester blend, washing it might cause it to lose part of its form. Use only ice-cold water and stay away from hot water.

Aside from that, we’ve previously discussed trimming, so this is redundant. It is time to begin pinning once the straight edge has been achieved. Ballpoint pins are ideal since their rounded tips will not sever the strands.

In the needle holder of your sewing machine, place a ballpoint needle for use with your sewing machine. It’s for the same reason that pins are used. The cloth will not be damaged if this step is taken.

After that, use a polyester thread and a presser foot pressure of 1. Make sure to use a stretchy stitch design with polyester thread. To avoid having to do this, you can use a thread that is a little more flexible. However, a small zig-zag stitch pattern should be able to accomplish the job.

When sewing with spandex, avoid pulling on the fabric during stitching. Pulling on the material will cause it to stretch, resulting in a shabby appearance. Don’t let the fabric dangle over the edge of your sewing table or any other surface, either!… Additionally, stretching the fabric will be facilitated.

When working with this type of fabric, it is recommended that you use an 11 or 14-inch needle. Select the stitch that works best with elastic material after testing your stitches. It is advised to use a straight stitch needle plate

How to Hem Polyester Spandex Dress



Most of the directions we provided earlier will apply to a dress constructed of this material. The only significant adjustment would be the addition of a blind hem foot. The right side of the material should be able to see the hem.

There are a variety of fusible and tape choices available if you don’t have a blind hem foot or aren’t confident in your machine’s ability to do so. It’s possible that some of these will wash off once you finish sewing the hem.

You don’t have to worry about sewing the hem correctly using the fusible tape. In addition, once you have it in place, they iron on extremely effortlessly. You should be able to discover a fusible tape that does the task you want it to do, given the wide variety available nowadays.

The best technique to serge a spandex hem is, of course, to use a sewing machine. When compared to other sewing processes, this one cuts as it sews, which means less time spent handling the fabric.

When sewing with spandex, patience is a virtue, and you’ll need a lot of it. To sew with, it’s a bit of a challenge, and it may also be brittle. You’ll need to be careful in your selection of this cloth for your next sewing job, too.

How to Hem Nylon Pants

These methods will all work on spandex pants, as well. The simplest technique is to utilize the double-sided or fusible fabric tapes that keep the cloth in place.

No one will know that you used these tapes if they wash out. Some tapes require steam to adhere to the fabric, although that is a viable choice. The use of iron-on tapes, which don’t require a lot of time and reduce the risk of dealing with this fabric, is also a good option.

Remember to put the pants on your body and draw the material up to the desired hem length. In order to avoid losing your place, have someone pin it for you instead. In order to properly pin the hem of a pair of trousers that belong to someone else, it is imperative that the person who will be wearing them be present when the pants are being tried on.

Prior to requesting that the subject remove their underwear, be careful to double-check the size. Use your sewing abilities and patience to get the job done perfectly.

A double-needle method, which places parallel lines on the hem while also creating an uneven stitch in the center, can be used to hem spandex dresses. To ensure a clean and tidy finish, this option is for you!

Hemming Polyester Spandex Pants



This, as we have previously stated, will be your most valuable quality. You can get upset and lose your calm while sewing with this material, but if you maintain the cloth flat and don’t let it hang over the edge, you should be alright.

Try out a jersey or ballpoint pen to see which one gives you the greatest results before you get started. Performing tests is time consuming, but it is necessary if you are looking for the best outcomes possible.

You can also experiment with different threads and stitch patterns while you’re working. Trying a new thread and stitch pattern will not only save you some time, but you may also discover that it performs better than your usual selections.

The hemming process requires some trial and error, but if you’ve mastered it and avoided pulling on the fabric, your hems should look stunning. If you’re working with this type of fabric, there should be no time constraints.

Some Final Words

The reputation of spandex fabric precedes it. A lot of people are aware of just how difficult it is to deal with. Your sewing project results should be something to be proud of once you’ve overcome these difficulties.

Working with spandex might indirectly improve your sewing self-confidence. Once you’ve made something, working with different materials will seem like a breeze.



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