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The electric reclining loveseat can be dismantled and transported in smaller pieces if you need to do so. In order to unwind and appreciate your new home after the move, it’s important to get all the pieces in place. However, how do you connect an electric recliner loveseat to the wall?

When it comes to understanding how electric loveseat recliners function, there is a lot to learn. You will learn how to connect an electric reclining loveseat in this article. As a bonus, it will equip you with a plethora of knowledge.

In addition to being comfy, a reclining loveseat has numerous health benefits! Both your physical and mental health benefit from relaxing in a well-designed reclining chair. As a bonus, today’s recliners are sleeker than ever, so you won’t have to pick between style and comfort.

How to Install a Battery Pack for a Recliner

Installing a recliner battery pack necessitates attaching the battery pack to the base of the chair. In these video tutorials, you’ll learn how to do it.
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Recline Cord-Free with FreeMotion

Recliner chairs should be unplugged. The FreeMotion Battery Pack can be used in the following ways.

What Is the FreeMotion Battery Pack?

Are you ready to get rid of your recliners? FreeMotion Battery Pack lets you place your motion furniture without the hassle of cords, giving you the ability to:

  • Are you ready to get rid of your recliners? FreeMotion Battery Pack lets you place your motion furniture without the hassle of cords, giving you the ability to:
  • Is it time to do rid of your recliner’s power cord? Place your motion furniture without the inconvenience of cords thanks to the FreeMotion Battery Pack.
  • Front porch is the perfect place for your power recliner.
  • There are no strings attached to your reclining chair, so you may take it wherever.

What’s Included With the FreeMotion Battery Pack

Your reclining chair may be enjoyed without the need for an electrical outlet with our FreeMotion Battery Pack. FreeMotion has the following features:

  • A 20-minute low battery warning signal is provided by the smart power display.
  • The market’s most powerful generator
  • To meet all of your power recliner requirements, there are three different battery sizes to choose from.
  • Buyers can feel secure with a 5-year limited warranty.

How to Install the FreeMotion Battery Pack – No Bracket

  1. The recliner’s motor may be accessed by flipping it over.
  2. Use a voltmeter to locate the power motor and transformer. To remove the connector, simply pull it apart. The transformer on a sofa or loveseat is normally found on the back or the outer left or right border of the frame. Pulling apart the connector reveals a flat, circular pin-style connection.
  3. Battery Pack FreeMotion and Motor Connected Ensure that the motor is plugged into both the battery pack and the pin connection.
  4. Set the furniture back in its proper position. In an upright position, the battery cable should be tucked behind the recliner.
  5. Underneath, hide the battery. The FreeMotion battery needs a place to rest.

Please note that this procedure is only applicable to furniture that does not have a bracket, and when the motor connection is positioned under the recliner. Brackets are also included with FreeMotion Battery Packs, which have their own set of instructions below.

How to Install the FreeMotion Battery Pack – With Bracket

  1. Your recliner’s backflap should be raised at this point.
  2. Glue the battery to the bracket and secure it.
  3. To get to the motor, flip your recliners over.
  4. Locate the motor’s connection to the existing transformer, and then disconnect it. To remove the connector, simply pull it apart. The transformer on a sofa or loveseat is normally found on the back or the outer left or right border of the frame. Pulling apart the connector reveals a flat, circular pin-style connection.
  5. Connect the motor to the battery pack of the FreeMotion. Ensure that the motor is plugged into both the battery pack and the pin connection.
  6. Secure the backflap by returning it to its original location.
  7. Make sure your battery cord is tucked behind your furniture before putting it back upright.

Three Types of Power Recline Functions Available in Today’s Reclining Furniture

Reclining furniture comes in three flavors, all of which are described by furniture vendors as “power,” “duo,” or “triple” reclined.

Power Recline

The reclining feature of these recliners is activated by a single motor. The head and feet recline at the same time, creating one of the most comfortable seats in your home. They require a source of power and are often operated by pressing a button. Power recliners are easier to use than manual recliners, and they can add a little bit of technology to your relaxation routines. While you’re unwinding, you can charge your gadgets with the convenience of USB connections on several of these designs.

Dual Power Recline

Dual-powered sofas and chairs are a great option for individuals who wish to relax to the fullest extent possible. Dual power furniture has two motors: one for the headrest and one for the footrest. This ensures the best possible level of comfort. This allows you to choose the best place to watch a movie or see a sporting event from. Push-button operation and a power source are both required for these types of recliners.

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Triple Power Recline

With triple power reclining, you can’t go wrong in your search for the best recliner on the market. The headrest, footrest, and lumbar support are all powered by separate motors in this style of furniture. When you’re in the greatest seat in the house, you have complete control over your level of comfort. These designs may come with a built-in remote control. They, too, need a power source, much like other sorts of recliners.

Additional Features Available in Reclining Furniture

When looking for a reclining sofa, loveseat, or chair, knowing the differences between different types of reclining furniture might be helpful. Hold on a second, there’s more. Additional features, such as these, can be found on several models.

  • Cupholders
  • Organizing consoles and compartments on the side
  • Drop-down menus
  • Lights to help you read.
  • At the bottom are lights that create a “ambient theater” atmosphere.
  • Wireless or USB charging
  • Thermostatic and massaging properties
  • Fabric, genuine leather, and high-performance imitation leather are all available for seat covers.

How much energy does a power recliner use?

The voltage range is 100V to 240V,

29 volts are generated at the device output.

Duty cycle: 2 minutes of on time, with a maximum of 18 minutes.

Sixth-level effectiveness

Of course, how much electricity the recliner uses depends on how frequently you use it. We’re looking at a price range of a few cents to a few dollars per month.

Do power recliners have to be plugged in?

Yes, unless you update to a wireless lithium-ion battery pack, you will need to plug in your power chair.

Allows you to float power without obtrusive wires and allows you to put power into regions without power outlets. Algonquin Park is a great place to sit back and relax if you’d like!” J.S.*

When completely charged, the battery pack provides around five days of cordless use. A user’s weight, model, and frequency of use all influence how long it takes to recharge. Consider how long you plan to keep the USB charger plugged in.)

You’ll hear a beep when the battery needs to be re-charged.

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How to hide power cords?

Wires coming from the chair’s base can easily be tucked away under a rug or in a wire concealment box. Make sure to include a floor outlet where you can install your power furniture if you’re building or renovating your home!

A battery pack that is tucked under the chair is an option for those who have tried everything else.

Are La-Z-Boy power recliners guaranteed for life?

Metal mechanisms and a proprietary four-sided frame construction of kiln-dried hardwoods are used in La-Z-Boy recliners. The frame is more secure because of its structure, compared to other models with only two or three sides. Power components will be protected by the four-sided frame, which provides a more secure base. The mechanism of a two- or three-sided frame can become looser over time due to the side-to-to-side movement.

One of the best warranties in the furniture industry, La-Z-limited Boy’s warranty covers many mechanical aspects of their items for the rest of their lives. Swivel bases and wood frame parts are all included, as are the reclining mechanics.

You can learn more about the warranty, including a breakdown of the parts covered and how long they are covered, by reading the article. Does the lifetime warranty on La-Z-Boy recliners apply?

What is the best (power) La-Z-Boy recliner?

Choosing the greatest power recliner for you or your family is a difficult task because of the wide variety of models, fabrics, leathers, and functions available. There are also a variety of ways to manage power.

Methods for managing electrical power include:

  • Wireless remote control for a handheld device
  • Remote control with a cord that can be attached to a chair, loveseat, or couch.
  • USB port on each of the four side buttons (independent back and leg recline, independent back and leg upright position)
  • A USB port is located between the two side buttons (one button that reclines both your back and feet simultaneously and one that brings you back to an upright sitting position)
  • NEW The power switch is located on the right side of the seat. Toggle switches are used to control all of the system’s power settings. There is a home button, two memory settings, and a USB charging connector included in this redesigned control panel


It’s considerably easier to hook up an electric reclining loveseat if you follow the steps above. As a result, reading the instruction manual ensures suitable upkeep for distinct types of recliners. Additionally, the manual may offer advice for repairing typical issues with electric recliners.