How To Install Chair Rail Without A Nail Gun? Instructions

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Helen Skeates
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Chair rail can be installed without a nail gun by using wall adhesive or caulk and finishing nails. In order to get the work done, you may assume you need expensive tools, but you’ll be astonished at how much more efficient and effective it is to hunt for alternatives.

This molding will help bring your living space together and protect your walls from damage. Adding this to your home is a fantastic DIY project.

What Is Chair Rail Molding?

This molding will help bring your living space together and protect your walls from damage. Adding this to your home is a fantastic DIY project.

You can use this molding to bring your home together and protect your walls from damage. I think it’s an excellent DIY project that you may do at home.

This wall decor isn’t only for decoration; it also serves a number of useful purposes!

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History Of Chair Rail Molding

Repeatedly, the history of chair rail molding is repeated. Every time, a new genesis myth and a new rationale for its emergence are offered. The phrase “chair rail” is often attributed to the rails that Shakers used to hang their chairs on.

Chairs would be hung up on hooks in wood to dry and to clean the floor beneath. Another suggestion is that they were there to keep the walls from being scratched by the chairs’ leg rests. Neither of these is implausible.

Chair rail molding, also known as dado rails, was most likely installed for the purpose of enhancing the symmetry and attractiveness of the interior walls. The origins of this molding are uncertain, however it has been discovered in Egyptian and Greek structures.

Crown Molding Vs. Chair Rail Molding

Crown molding and chair rail molding are quite similar, but very distinct. On the one hand, they’re both mostly decorative, but crown molding can also be utilized to fill in spaces. But dado rails are a different story.

At the center or at the height of the waist, a chair rail molding can be found. When installing a crown molding, make sure to start at the top and work your way down. Once in a while it is possible to discover a complete match, including footing or baseboards that match.

Other Ways To Make Your Room Look Bigger

If you’re interested in making your room appear larger, you may want to look into other techniques to make your area appear larger, such as a decent chair railing height. This is a desire shared by most people.

To want a larger place, you don’t need a little one either. Even a 5000-square-foot house should be able to trick the eye into thinking that its rooms are much larger than they actually are. Make your room appear larger and more stunning by implementing the strategies listed here.

Light Colors And Cool Colors

Rooms painted in dark colors appear smaller than they actually are. Contrary to popular belief, light hues actually make a person appear more alert and awake. Because it is lighter and more open than any other hue, white is perhaps the greatest choice because it allows the most light to enter.

But it’s not enough to have a light color. Even when they are light, warm hues like red and orange have the ability to shut in a space. To maximize the amount of space in your room, choose hues like blue, green, and white.

Multipurpose Furniture

Small spaces benefit greatly from furniture that doubles as both a desk and a chair. However, the fact that two pieces of furniture might occupy the same space makes a room appear larger. Consider, for example, the use of a bunk bed desk.

A bunk bed with a desk on the lower bunk saves a lot of room. In addition to sleeping, the lower bunk can be utilized for storage and as a computer desk because it doesn’t have a “bed.”

Exposed Legs

That’s what I mean by furniture legs. With a few simple adjustments, you can make a room appear considerably larger. An open-leg bed or table with no cloth will give the impression of a larger space.

Sofas are critical in this regard. To make the space appear larger, sofas with exposed legs appear to be higher off the ground than ones with skirting. If you’re shopping for a couch, keep this in mind:

Small Scales

Instead of purchasing enormous artworks and sculptures, consider purchasing smaller versions. If you do this, your room will appear enormous. There are many reasons for this, not the least of which is the increased amount of space in the room.

Adding little items to a room makes it appear larger than it actually is. As with a fairy garden, this might make your garden appear larger. Garden gnomes are an alternative to large-scale statuary.

How to Install Chair Rail Molding - Today's Homeowner

Use Mirrors

By reflecting light and other aspects of the environment, mirrors can help enlarge a space. Unless the mirror reflects floor space and not bulky furniture, the room will appear confined.

For a more dramatic impression, opt for larger mirrors with little framing. Having one with a large frame and a small mirror will result in the opposite impact, so it’s important to choose wisely.

Paneless Windows

In smaller rooms, windows with a lot of panes appear cluttered and overdone. You should look for windows with huge panes or none at all. For large windows, a picture window is the best option.

A clerestory window is a great option if you have a lot of room and a lot of smaller windows. Find the right windows for your room by experimenting with a variety of shapes, sizes, and styles of windows.

Long Curtains

Short curtains can make a wall appear shorter than it really is. Instead, opt for drapes or curtains that extend all the way to the floor, starting at the ceiling. Shorter curtains can be an option, but you’ll want to be careful.

The pattern on the curtains shouldn’t be too busy, and the hems should fall exactly where they should. You can either use a sheet to test the height of the curtains before purchasing them or purchase a long curtain and cut it to the desired length. If you know how to sew a hem, you can accomplish this.

Low And High

Both, yes. Artwork and shelves should not be placed in the exact middle of a wall. Instead, maintain a range of emotions. You can have low shelves with high art or the other way around. Putting them all in the center would be the worst thing you could do.

You want the eye to be drawn upwards in a smaller space, although eye height is generally good. The illusion of a higher ceiling can be created even if your ceilings are only seven feet high.

Keep Good Flow

Making a place appear larger may be the most crucial step. Assuring smooth movement. You want people to be able to easily walk across a room without stumbling or zigzagging.

As a result, it appears larger and more open. When learning about color theory, keep in mind the concept of flow to help you design a space that is harmonious rather than chaotic. Because interior design is not a place for disarray.

The Benefits Of Using Chair Rail Molding

Consider the possibility that the paint on your walls has chipped or a stain has appeared. Upon closer inspection, you discover how drab your wall is. How do you go about changing the look of your house?

Your best bet is to use chair rail moldings. It can hide flaws in your wall’s paint or even out an uneven surface.

If you want to make your house look like it belongs on the cover of a magazine, try this simple trick.

Even if you don’t plan on selling your house, chair rail moldings can raise its value. You should keep this in mind if you ever plan to sell or rent out your home.

How High Should Your Chair Rail Molding Be?

Moldings must be positioned in the correct location to provide the desired effect. It should draw attention, but it should not give the impression that the room is too small.

The lowest part of the space is the ideal location for it. Without being overpowering, it’ll add just the right amount of richness.

Your windows should be aligned with the molding as well. If done correctly, it can unify the entire room’s aesthetics.

Why You Shouldn’t Use A Nail Gun To Install Moldings

Having learned all you can about chair rail moldings, how do you put them in place? Nails will be in short supply, am I correct?

Using a nail gun to install moldings is a common method, but there are better and simpler alternatives that can produce excellent results, as well.

Molds can be stuck to walls with wall glue and caulk. But why do you feel the need to investigate these other options? What distinguishes them from nail guns?

Finishing nails and adhesives are an excellent alternative to nail guns when you’re short on time. When not handled appropriately, they might be deadly as well. Adhesives can keep you safe from terrible mishaps.

If the guns are not used correctly, they will also damage the molding and the wall. A crack in your gorgeous molding would be a shame.

In addition, nailing down the molding to your wall may be cumbersome and time-consuming. Renovating your home or removing a chair rail is an option. It’s going to be a pain to get rid of, and the markings it leaves behind will be difficult to fix.

In order to minimize the amount of damage, finishing nails only go a short distance into the wall. That’s why it’s best to do it manually! It’s quick and easy, and it allows you to adapt your home to any changes.

Step-By-Step Process On Chair Rail Installation

It’s time to get down to business! You’ve gathered your supplies and can’t wait to start beautifying your house.

Step #1. Measure your space

Remember that it should be placed in the lower part of your home, and check to see if you have enough molding. To avoid having empty spots, make sure to provide room for the corners.

Step #2. Cut the molding

A miter saw or a hardware store can be used to cut the angles.

Step #3. Drill into the studs of your wall

As soon as you detect studs, hold the mold in place while drilling through them. But be careful not to delve too much!

Step #4. Fasten your molding

Now comes the exciting part: getting to work on the most crucial aspect! After sticking the molding in place using wall glue, use finishing nails to fasten it in place.

Just enough to keep the chair rail in place, but not so much that it is in danger of collapsing. After that, you can neaten up your work with a finishing tool.

Step #5. Do the finishing touches

Caulk and wood putty should be used to seal the gaps between the boards. Use it at the top and bottom of your document. Let it air dry for at least a night.

Caulk and putty can be smoothed out the next day with some sandpaper. After that, go ahead and paint how you choose.

How to Install Chair Rail without a Nail Gun | Complete 6 Steps Guide

Cost to Install Chair Rail Molding

Receive an idea of how much it will cost to install chair rail molding in your area by using our simple calculator to get an estimate. You’ve come to the correct place if you’re trying to figure out what it will cost to install chair rail molding in 2022, both in terms of materials and labor.

An experienced certified home improvement contractor, I know exactly how much each level of service should cost. From Basic to Better to Best, I know exactly how much everything should cost. The Chair Rail Molding Cost Calculator will provide you current rates for chair rail molding installation in your location. You can get a breakdown of how much it will cost to install chair rail molding in your home by entering your zip code and square footage, then clicking the “update” button.

Please keep in mind that the cost to install Chair Rail Molding goes down as more is installed.

Chair Rail Molding – Pricing and Installation Cost Checklist

  • There will be a wide range of Chair Rail Molding pricing available, since each business has its own set of operating costs and overhead to contend with.
  • To take advantage of the contractor’s off-season reductions, try to get quotes in the late fall or early winter.
  • Using our Chair Rail Molding Cost Calculator, we’ve estimated a 7-15 percent overage.
  • A painful back is a common side effect of Chair Rail Molding installation. You might save money by hiring a General Contractor to do the work instead of doing it yourself. If you’re looking to save money on Chair Rail Molding supplies, ask your neighbors if they can recommend a general contractor who can do a better job than you can do yourself.


Adding chair rails to a room doesn’t require any special tools! Installing chair rail without the use of a nail gun will allow you to create an inviting living environment for your family and friends.

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