How to Install Swivel Chair Feet Glides? Step-By-Step Process

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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We all know how vital it is to keep our chairs in top condition.. We must keep them clean and dust them on a regular basis. Although the swivel chair foot glides may wear down or break altogether with time, this is something that can happen.

Squeaking sounds may be heard when you swivel in your chair if this is the case.

The glides on the bottom of your chair’s legs avoid scratches on the floor and protect the wood from heavy furniture moving around in a room, which can cause damage to the floor. This blog post will show you how to swap out your old glides for some that are better!

5 Reasons Why We Love A Chair That Swivels

Improve Productivity

The ability to easily turn around in a swivel chair will help you get things done quickly. It’s possible to access filing cabinets, cupboards, drawers, or a printer if you’re working in an office or studying at home. While sitting in your living room, you may simply turn around and get the TV remote, a drink, or some food.


For mobility reasons, these chairs are often lightweight in design. You don’t need to be a weightlifter to transfer your chair around the house, or from one office to another! A swivel chair’s versatility means it can be used in almost any room setting by anyone.

Traditional Chair Glide with Ferrule Installation - YouTube


In order to avoid twisting awkwardly when sitting, swivel chairs are a great option. If you have lower back pain, this chair will help alleviate any discomfort you may have when sitting. And if you’re a breastfeeding mother, you can move your baby about gently without disturbing him.

Different Designs

It’s a common misconception that swivel chairs can only be found in a single design. Gaming chairs are available at Furniture Online, and each one comes with a 360-degree swivel capability. We have a wide variety of alternatives for you to pick from.

  • Sophisticated and functional, the Berkeley Swivel Recliner Chair with Foot Stool is made of fabric and features metal legs. With a variety of neutral colors, the Berkeley may effortlessly fit into any decor. Make sure you don’t forget the handy footstool when you’re done wending your way around the room.
  • Recliner Chair with Foot Stool: Tilbury Leather Swivel Recliner Chair with Foot Stool– this sophisticated, attractive recliner has comfortable black leather upholstery and a hidden mystery… The built-in 8-point massage function and excellent back support are two of the many features of the Tilbury chair. A plush footstool completes this set.
  • With so many features, it’s hard to know where to begin with the Rockingham Leather Swivel Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat! The Rockingham includes a heated, 8-point massage function in addition to its swivel and recline capabilities, making it ideal for people with back pain or stiff joints. With a cupholder and two side pockets, you’ll never have to leave your chair again…


You may not have known, but our swivel chairs start at just £149.99.

Quality should not be prohibitively expensive, which is why all of our chairs have been created with the budget-conscious consumer in mind. Our chairs are made from only the best materials.

We hope you enjoy your new swivel chair for many years to come, whichever model you choose!

Steps on Installing Swivel Chair Feet Glides

Using a clean rag, wipe down the chair’s feet. If you plan to undertake a thorough cleaning of your chair, having paper towels and furniture polish or wax on hand will be a great assistance during this phase. In addition, you can use one of these items to clean up any spills on your flooring.

The next step is to attach your new glides to the chair’s feet. Place one foot firmly on top of both sections and lay it down so that one end covers the other. This works best. They won’t be able to fall off later if they do this now!

The final step is to drive in at least two nails into each side of the glide before using screws to attach them properly, so you can be sure they’re secure.

When it comes to this task, if you have a power drill, utilize it! Hammering with a force that could harm your floors will take considerably longer than using a power drill.

Keep in mind that putting more weight on furniture may necessitate more support.

MF Studio Outdoor Dining Chairs Patio Swivel Chairs Breathable Textilene Fabric Modern Patio Furniture Suitable for Patio Garden Backyard Dining Room, Black | Walmart Canada

How do you Remove a Glide From a Chair?

To remove a glide from your chair, there are two ways to do so.

You can begin by carefully prying up the front of the glide and then slowly removing it. Depending on how much glue or old caulk residue there is on the slides, this could take some time to complete.

You don’t want to ruin this process by pushing it too hard. Pulling for the duration of the process would be better than using an ice pick or screwdriver.

If you installed these well, they’ll eventually need to be replaced after a few years (usually about five). If you hear squeaking emanating from your chair, it’s time to swap out the feet and refinish the base.

If you’ve owned your chair for a long time, it could be an indication of how old it is and how many times it has been replaced.

You may want to consider a less dramatic solution if you can’t afford to buy new chairs. It’s best to use glides because they may be used on any sort of floor or surface.

There are so many varieties on the market right now that many individuals don’t know which one to buy! The most popular ones happen to be made from metal and rubber materials but we’re going to show you how easy it can be if you head over here.

What are the Best Chair Glides for Hardwood Floors?

Due to the wide variety of options currently on the market, many individuals have difficulty deciding which one to purchase. It’s easy to see why metal and rubber are the most popular materials, but we’ll teach you how to make your own by clicking here.

Depending on the breadth of your floor and the amount of space you need between the legs of your furniture and the ground underneath it, they are also available in various widths.

Look at the length of each one as well; if they are longer than necessary, there will be extra rubber on either side, which could make noise when people walk by or move chairs around.

What Size do I Need?

Here’s a simple method for determining what size you need: measure how far away from where the legs touch down to where the last section of wood stops before the floor. If you have carpet, measure how low the chair will get to that point and add two inches or so.

How do you know what size you should get? Count the distance from the bottom of the legs to the end of the final piece of wood before the floor. Make a measurement of the chair’s height and add two or three inches.

Step 1: Let’s assume you’re at 12 inches, and you want a 14-inch glide with no padding in between because there are only four inches of difference between those two measurements.

Step 2: A larger distance, such as 16 inches, 18 inches, or 20 inches, would be preferable. By then the rubber has begun to curve up again, keeping dirt and debris away from where people walk about normally, thus getting an 18″ glide without any padding is preferable.”

How to Care for Glides

You may extend the life of your chair’s glide by following a few simple steps.

The screws and washers included in the package should always be used when installing them on new or old chairs, no matter how old they are. The glide will not be subjected to any more torque, which would increase the rate at which it wears down.

PHI VILLA Black Swivel Padded Textilene Metal Outdoor Dining Chair with Curve Arms (2-Pack) THD-E02GF115 - The Home Depot

It’s also possible to use an old wooden spoon or something similar with a round end if your chair doesn’t have a threaded hole in the glide where you can screw it in place.

As a result, your glides will have more resistance and be less likely to wear through or crack as time passes.


How to install and maintain swivel chair legs was covered in the preceding article. What are your thoughts after reading it?

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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