How to Install YPSI Bassinet Stroller? Best Guide

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Choosing a stroller for your baby’s first few months of life? For your newborn, why not choose a bassinet stroller? These strollers are specifically created for toddlers under the age of two, and they can help you get through the day more quickly.

It is important to know what to look for while purchasing for a bassinet stroller. We’ll give you the lowdown on our favorite products, both new and old.


What Is a Bassinet Stroller?

Bassinets are compact, safe resting chambers for newborn newborns that you may have come across while preparing for your little one’s arrival. As you go about your regular activities around the house, they’re often made to be mobile. You can keep an eye on your child while still doing some of the items on your to-do list.

On the other hand, a stroller’s purpose is to allow you to travel further with your child. A changing table is a must-have whether you have a baby who needs a nap, when you need more storage, or just when you want your hands free. They’re also useful when you’ve been carrying your kid for too long and need a respite from the strain.

Strollers with bassinets attempt to combine the best of both worlds. Flat and long, traditional bassinets can be snapped into a stroller frame. Infants should always sleep on their backs, which is the safest and healthiest position for newborns.

Convertible bassinet strollers are an excellent investment because babies outgrow bassinets so quickly. Listed here are some of the advantages and disadvantages you’ll encounter while using these devices.

Easy Instructions on How to Install YPSI Bassinet Stroller - Krostrade

How to Choose a Bassinet Stroller

To help you narrow down your options while purchasing a new bassinet stroller, here are some helpful hints:

Identify How Long You Plan on Using Your Stroller

While most bassinet strollers have a variety of settings, not all of them are appropriate for children above the age of one. If you plan to use your stroller well into your child’s youth, make sure you plan ahead of time.

Know What Features You Need

Some bassinet strollers don’t fold up or offer simple access to storage when not in use. Identify the features that you can’t live without in order to make shopping more convenient for you.

Look for Lightweight Options

Despite the fact that your sleeping infant is in it, bassinet strollers are made to be portable. You’ll want to make sure they’re not too heavy to tote around if you want to get the most use out of them.

Choose a Model That’s Easy to Maneuver

A stroller that’s fun to use is what you desire. Because of the bassinet’s odd design, it can be difficult to maneuver your stroller. Forget about models that aren’t easy to use, because you won’t be able to get the most out of them.

Know Where You Plan on Using Your Bassinet Stroller

Do you plan to take long walks from your home, or will you need to take a car somewhere else first? Despite the fact that some models are ideal for storing in a secluded area of the garage, they may be difficult to transport. Strollers come in all shapes and sizes, so it’s important to know what your needs are prior to making a purchase.

Identify Your Budget Before You Start Shopping

Strollers with bassinets can be quite costly. Decide on a budget before you start looking at other models. This will help you narrow your search to just the correct one.

Why do you use a bassinet stroller for newborns? Here are 7 reasons

Reason 01: It is the superior choice when you want babies to fall asleep on walks.

If you’re bringing the baby on a walk in the hopes that they’ll finally fall asleep, the ideal option is a bassinet stroller. It’s up to you whether you want to expose them to the sun or shield them from it.

Cars, pets, and passersby can’t take their attention away from the person pushing them, however.

It is for this reason that bassinet strollers are so effective in helping children go asleep. You have the option of letting them sleep in the stroller or putting them in their bed.

Reason 02: If your child falls asleep, they’ll be able to stay asleep.

It can be difficult to put some babies to sleep, but the worst case scenario is if they are woken up too early. Bassinet strollers have this benefit as well.

If you park the stroller near you while you’re talking to a friend and the sun shade is lowered, your youngster will almost probably be left alone.

Toddlers poking them or curious dogs sniffing them will have no effect on them.

Reason 03: It is more supportive for newborns.

Newborns and infants who lack the muscle tone to sit upright for a lengthy amount of time benefit greatly from bassinet strollers. You don’t have to use cushions to support them up or hold them in position, so you can simply lay them down and move them around.

Now they won’t inadvertently harm their necks by falling forward. They can’t even get out of the seat and into the stroller’s storage compartment.

The bassinet stroller gives your infant with the support they require as long as they need it if they have inadequate muscular tone.

Reason 04: It is more convenient for long walks.

Compared to a travel system, a bassinet stroller is significantly lighter. It’s almost as good for lengthy walks as a jogging stroller. However, you can easily walk three kilometers with it on a flat surface. There is no need to worry about how you and your child are going to feel.

Reason 05: It is simple to use.

Simple operation is a major benefit of a bassinet stroller. There are fewer straps, connectors, snaps, and levers to deal with when folding and unfolding this stroller so you may take it for a walk.

These strollers, on the other hand, fold up for easy transport in a car trunk or a closet. Bassinet strollers don’t have to be sacrificed in favor of convenience when traveling with a small child.

Even if it’s time-consuming to unhook a baby carrier from the car seat base and then attach it to a stroller, you do get rid of the complicated process.

Reason 06: You can get extended use out of it.

An eight- or 10-month-old youngster could fall asleep in a bassinet stroller, which is designed for babies who are too small to sit up in a stroller. After a year, the youngster may be allowed to use the stroller again. Strollers that can accommodate a bassinet as well as a regular seat are readily available.

The bassinet stroller can be used until your infant is old enough to ride in an upright bassinet stroller.

Reason 07: Shopping while pushing it is convenient.

In a number of films, the driver of a car hits a bassinet stroller and is later informed that the person was simply using it as a personal grocery cart. And there is some truth to this, too.

A stroller with a bassinet is a natural place to store additional items. You might leave your hands free by putting your purse in the bassinet with the infant. Most bassinet strollers have a little storage place behind the seat.

You might also use that space to transport the diaper bag. There’s no need to juggle your belongings and the stroller in any scenario.

Steps on How to Put Together a YPSI Bassinet

This guide will show you how to put together a YPSI bassinet. Installing a YPSI Bassinet Stroller is a cinch with this guide, which includes photos and step-by-step directions.

Gather the necessary tools: a Phillips screwdriver, scissors or pliers (optional), and the bassinet pieces that came with it.

First, insert the mattress support into the bottom of your mattress frame until it clicks into place.

Step 2: Next, align the holes on one side of this component with those on each leg at both ends so that you may fasten them together using four screws in total.

Re-do Steps 2 and 3 until all four sets of legs have been splayed.

How to fold a Peg Perego stroller

Please take the youngster out of the stroller. Then, with two wheels in front of you, raise the frame and tuck the other two back into the frame.

Move on to lifting the two sides that are now close together with your left hand while holding onto what was initially elevated in place with your right hand (this is just for safety).

Ideally, the fabric will be turned inside-out at this point to avoid any wrinkles. This time you’ll fold one side down over the other until it’s half as thick, and then fold it horizontally by repeating the steps backwards but this time folding everything towards where you started rather than away from it.

Now you should be able to lift and hold the front or rear half of the rectangle in your hands, depending on which is simpler for your task.

In order to prevent any loose ends from poking out, fold one piece of fabric over and over again until it’s length equals that of the attached piece on top of it (this will make sense when you do it).

Fold one section over onto another that has been unfurled to equal its original size; then gently pull both sections apart so that their edges line up together, just like those in step 12, but without the fold, so that they’re both in line and have the same length.

How to remove fabric from Peg Perego car seat

As different car seats may require different techniques of removing fabric, it is crucial to know how to remove it from a Peg Perego car seat.

Which method is ideal for you and your child will be determined by the type of material used in its construction, the child’s age, and the activities they are currently performing while in their car seat (if any).

The following are some general pointers: In order to prevent the growth of bacteria and ensure the health and safety of children, any liquid or wetness on the cloth should be removed as soon as possible. Depending on how often this occurs, it may not be required to inspect the underside of the cover for any stains before adding soap, but if spills occur frequently, it is.

How do you clean a Peg Perego Siesta?

Cleaning the Siesta after each use, rather than simply once per week, is something we strongly advise you to do. To get the best results, we recommend cleaning it with soap and water or using large capacity dishes in your dishwasher.

If your baby is nursing, we would like to remind you that it is important that you check the seat for any spots where the baby’s milk may have soiled before putting them back in their chair, as this can lead to the growth of bacteria that can have a harmful impact on your kid and yourself.

We recommend visiting a professional cleaner for help with more serious stains, such as breast milk.

Remove the infant or child’s seat to avoid a mess, place towels in your washer to keep things clean, and lather soap on all surfaces before cleaning your Siesta. To avoid damaging your Siesta, make sure there is enough room inside to turn around. Do not use bleach, since it can cause the cloth to wear out over time..

How to open the Agio stroller

Pull up on both handles and swivel them towards you to open the Agio.

Adjust one of the stroller’s sides to a 45-degree angle with respect to the ground. As soon as your baby carrier is erect, press down on each handle until they click into place, attaching it to the frame.

How to close the Agio Stroller:

Step 1: Verify that the door is completely closed; if it isn’t, remove any things that may be on the floor or dangling over the edge.

As an example, most car seat adapters hang over our handbrake, which could cause damage if we try to move or close this product by pushing too hard on the handle. Wrap your arms over the stroller’s back and hold on tight.

How to close a combi twin stroller

Turn the stroller around so you’re looking away from where you started, then shut the door.

Put your hands together in the middle, then wrap them both around the handlebars on one side (either left or right) and pull inward while pressing down with your thumbs on each side.

Hold on tight until the slack between the fabric’s edges is straightened out and you have a strong grip. Before you leave with the child, place your hand flat against a closed seat base to make sure it is locked in place (ren).

The Best Bassinet Strollers

The following are the most popular bassinet strollers available today.

1. Baby Joy Convertible Bassinet Stroller

Best Overall

A bassinet stroller and a toddler stroller can both be used with this soft linen model, which has a lightweight aluminum frame. The bassinet can be removed from the stroller for those occasions when it is inconvenient to do so. When not in use, a foot cover keeps your child’s feet warm and secure while they sleep.

Adjustable 5-point harness, detachable bar, and seat recline are included with the toddler seat. In addition to the adjustable sunshade, the fabric is lightweight and breathable, making it suitable for both modes of use. It can be taken out of the stroller for cleaning if necessary.

The Pros

Adjustable Handlebar

You may adjust the angle of the handlebars with a simple press of a button on the jointed handlebar. If you and your partner are significantly different in height, or if you need more wrist support, this option is for you.

Great Accessories

Our favorite feature of this unit is how well-stocked it is with extras. When not in use, the foot cover can be rolled up and placed on top of the bassinet. This keeps the wind and chills out of your child’s sleeping area while still allowing them to have a quiet room to relax.

If you need to store a tiny diaper bag or handbag, this is the perfect place. For older children, the stroller’s detachable handlebar adds an added layer of protection to keep things from toppling over.


The lightweight metal frame of this stroller ensures long-lasting durability. With one hand, it can be readily guided and isn’t too heavy to lift. This stroller is a great choice if you have to deal with a lot of curbs on a regular basis.

The Cons

It’s Bulky

This item does not fold down into a little package. When folded, it’s substantial despite its modest weight, making it difficult to move. A large quantity of storage space is required even when it is folded.

If you don’t have enough room in your trunk or in your storage area to accommodate this stroller, you may want to look elsewhere.

Peg Perego YPSI Stroller + Bassinet Bundle - City Grey

Folding Can Be a Challenge

Although the design is meant to be used with only one hand, there is a chance that it will get caught. To complete the fold, you may need both hands.

Additionally, you may need to adjust the seating area before folding. When folded, the bassinet is cumbersome due to its size. This bassinet may be too large for some tiny trunks when folded while being used as a bassinet.

Before folding the bassinet, it may be a good idea to remove it from the crib.

2. Cynebaby Convertible Luxury Strollers

Best for Warm Weather

The toddler seat or bassinet on this stroller is reversible so that your child can sit facing in or out of the vehicle. Wheels with an anti-shock mechanism can be used on any surface, including sand and gravel.

The bassinet is just under 34.2 inches long, making it suitable for babies who want to sleep on their backs. The basket may be removed from the stroller and carried with ease thanks to the handle’s streamlined design. A sturdy backrest ensures your child’s comfort as they sleep.

The Pros

Rubber Wheels

All-terrain traction is provided by rubber wheels with a tread. Using a shock-absorbing spring, your infant will have a more comfortable ride and less bouncing. These wheels are resistant to popping and air loss since they are durable and explosion-proof.

Easy to Maneuver

This vehicle is easy to maneuver because to its light weight and the presence of two larger wheels in the back. In order to provide greater stability, the front end of this stroller is slightly narrower than the back. In addition, the stroller’s slightly triangular design makes it more responsive to tiny modifications from the driver.

Included Mosquito Netting

This unit comes with a mosquito netting that can be put over the bassinet to keep your infant safe from mosquitoes while yet allowing air to pass through. An excellent feature for outside use in the summer, when mosquitoes are a problem. A mesh panel exposed by the bassinet’s side vents promotes air exchange, making the ride more comfortable for the baby.

Straightforward to Assemble

This stroller requires some assembly before it can be used. Even when your infant is old enough for a toddler seat, you’ll have to make some minor alterations. Assembling your new device is a breeze thanks to the included instructions.

The Cons

On the Large Side

The extra-large bassinet is ideal for newborns who are tall or who prefer their own personal space. However, the end product is larger. Strolling through confined locations with this stroller may be difficult.

3. Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System

Best Bassinet Stroller Travel System

For a stroller that can do more than just carry a baby, this might be a good option. You can utilize the stroller frame as a standard travel system if you have an easy-to-use infant car seat.

This stroller has six possible configurations thanks to its modular structure. Suitable for babies weighing at least 4 pounds and children weighing up to 50 pounds, it is safe to use Some modes have a lower weight limit, and the manufacturer’s requirements should be followed.

The Pros

Six Different Modes

If you and your child are in need of a different mode at any given time, you can select from one of six options. You have the option of putting your baby in a position where they face you or face the world. Car seats, bassinets and standard frame strollers are all options, depending on which way you decide to go.

Great Storage

The undercarriage storage basket on this model is extra large, making it easy to get to your items. Even with your toddler in the back seat, accessing the storage space is simple because to the extra height.

Infant Car Seat With Stay-In-Car Base

This bassinet stroller comes with an infant car seat, just like other travel systems. It’s a terrific alternative for families on a budget because it doesn’t require a separate car seat or travel system.

There is a foundation for the infant car seat that allows it to stay in the vehicle. Once you’ve installed the car seat base, you’ll be able to easily remove the basket from it whenever necessary. When not in use, the basket can be snapped into the stroller’s frame.

As a result, your child’s loading process will be rapid and safe because the base’s location remains constant.

Easy Fold

Offering a slim fold, this unit can be closed with just one hand. However, it’s a simple and quick procedure that requires two hands. Before putting your child in the stroller, make sure the seat has fully snapped into place and the frame is locked.

The Cons

It’s Not Compact for Car Travel

Offering a slim fold, this unit can be closed with just one hand. However, it’s a simple and quick procedure that requires two hands. Before putting your child in the stroller, make sure the seat has fully snapped into place and the frame is locked.

This device can be closed with with one hand thanks to its thin fold. Unfolding it will require two hands but is a simple and quick task. Ensure that the frame is fastened in place and the stroller is ready to go before putting your child in it.

The Infant Carrier Is Finicky to Latch

Although this can be used as a standard travel system, the car seat can be a challenge to attach to the stroller because of its size. To avoid having problems with your unit while driving, take some time to become familiar with how everything fits together.

4. Evolur Nova Reversible Seat Stroller

Best Bassinet Stroller for Daily Use

In addition to regular use, this lovely bassinet stroller is ideal for long walks or trips to the mall. Your changing family’s needs were taken into consideration while creating this plan, so it’s flexible enough to accommodate your daily routine.

To help you move from baby to toddler, the stroller can easily be converted from baby to toddler mode. Moreover, the seat may be flipped around to face either you or the outside world.

This is a high-quality stroller that may be used for a variety of purposes.

The Pros

3-in-1 Design

Your youngster can ride in their stroller any way they like. A flat bassinet is the first option, with the baby lying on their back. Toddlers will like the seat’s ability to be inclined. You have the option of facing the seat toward you or toward the world from there. Finally, the seat can be taken out and used as a cot when transporting.

Top Safety Features

Even as a newborn, your child’s safety is paramount. Don’t worry if this is your baby’s first outing; this bassinet stroller is quite secure. To ensure the protection of youngsters, it features a five-point safety harness. You can hide children from the sun’s rays or heavy rain thanks to the adjustable canopy’s height. The aluminum frame of the stroller ensures its stability. Lastly, the stroller incorporates suspension wheels with independent shocks to ensure that the ride is smooth regardless of the terrain.

Storing? No Problem

It’s a well-thought-out solution for both putting things in the stroller and putting the stroller away. In addition to your diaper bag, handbag, toys, and snacks, there is a huge basket underneath the bassinet for all of your necessities. Additionally, the entire stroller, including the seat, may be folded down to a small footprint. As soon as you’re done folding it, it’ll stay erect and be ready to go the next time you head out the door!

The Cons

Quite Small

There is a problem with the bassinet seat for older kids. In order to maximize its utility, we recommend purchasing this as soon as your infant is born. Even if your child is fine with this, you may want to store it for your next child or give it to a friend in need.

Folding Takes Two

When it comes to folding a stroller, two individuals could be needed to get the work done in an efficient manner. Keep in mind that many car trunks are too small to fit a stroller. Consequently, if you’re taking the stroller on a trip, you may need to detach the wheels and fold the bassinet seat separately.

5. Infans 2 in 1 Baby Stroller

Best Folding Bassinet Stroller

Stroll this stroller everywhere you go. This foldable form makes it easy to transport and store. The bassinet can also be folded in half to save even more space.

When it’s open, you have a few options as well as a lot of flexibility. You may adjust the canopy to provide shade for your child on sunny days.

Additionally, the bassinet’s seat may be adjusted. Your infant can lie down or sit up slightly at any one of three different angles. If your baby’s posture changes, the backrest can also be adjusted.

The Pros

Convertible Seat

This will be a hit with your child because you may play around with it to suit their mood. Alternatively, you can position them such that they are staring out the window and taking in the scenery. Another option is to have them face you, which is ideal if they’re little or you want to ensure they’re safe while they sleep.

Shock Absorbing Wheels

This stroller’s wheels were meticulously crafted. You won’t have to worry about discomfort because of the shock-absorbing feature. Because the front wheels can also swivel in all directions, steering is a cinch. There are buttons at the top of the screen if you wish to set them in a specific orientation. To ensure your safety, the back wheels can be locked so you can apply a brake.

User-Friendly Features

Additional characteristics should be included. To begin with, you or your child can keep a drink in the cup holder. While the canopy is open, you and your baby may view each other through a mesh window. It’s also convenient to open and close because of the canopy’s zipper construction.

The Cons

Some Cheap Parts

Some of the parts on this stroller are less expensive than they should be. Several consumers found the handle and other parts to be surprisingly low-cost. Pieces of the stroller have fallen off in a few situations.

Bassinet Stroller Comparison Chart

Bassinet Stroller FAQs

Can the Bassinet Be Used in the Car?

No. Despite the fact that the stroller frame can be used to keep the bassinet in the trunk, you should not put your infant in the bassinet while you’re driving. A properly installed and authorized five-point harness car seat should always be used.

What Should Be in the Bassinet Stroller?

A bassinet stroller is likely what you’re using since you want a quiet, safe area for your baby to nap while you’re on the go. Sleeping in a safe place is essential even when you’re on the run.

Does a Bassinet Stroller Work for Off-Roading?

For off-roading, some bassinet strollers feature better wheels than others. With an older child and a change in seat design, this can be a terrific option.

As a result, because newborns lack sufficient control over their heads and necks, it’s best to keep them away from rough terrain. Even though a bassinet is a secure and comfortable place for babies to sleep, it lacks support and structure for the upper body and should be avoided.

Check out an all-terrain stroller that is compatible with an infant car seat if you plan to take your newborn off-roading. Furthermore, for the sake of your baby’s safety, make sure the ride is as smooth as possible at all times.

Can I Use a Bassinet Stroller With an Older Child?

If your older child falls inside the weight limit and you’re utilizing the seat and harness, your stroller can be utilized with them. It’s time to do rid of the bassinet component once your infant is able to sit up and roll over on their own. They’ll be too big for the stroller’s weight capacity, but they’ll also be able to easily tip it over, causing it to roll.

Are Bassinet Strollers Safe?

Because they are marketed as strollers, they must meet a number of safety requirements. Make sure you follow the safety instructions on your stroller’s instruction manual, and your child will be safe. Check your weight and age limitations, and make sure you’re regularly inspecting your equipment to make sure it isn’t damaged.

Check out ASTM for additional details on stroller testing and what you can do to keep your child safe (3).

Tips for Using Your Bassinet Stroller

1. Go Ahead and Use It in Your Home

Strollers with bassinets aren’t simply for when you’re out and about. Allowing your child to relax in the comfort of your own home is a great idea. Leaving the bassinet in its stroller frame may be a good idea.

As a result, it’s critical that you keep the stroller out of the way and out of harm’s way whenever possible.

If your bassinet is in the stroller, do make sure the wheels are locked. You may also choose to remove the bassinet from the stroller and use it that way.

Make sure the stroller’s wheels are locked if your bassinet is in the stroller. If you don’t want to use the bassinet in the stroller, that’s fine, too.

2. Don’t Rely on Bassinets Outside of Naps

It’s easy to put your baby in the bassinet so you can focus on other things while they’re in there. Your baby should be able to play on their arms and stomach during supervised tummy time, though.

These exercises aid in the growth of necessary muscles and coordination abilities. Flat head syndrome can be avoided with the use of these.

Peg Perego Ypsi review - Pushchairs & prams - Pushchairs - MadeForMums

3. Mix-Up Napping Routines

As soon as you find a sleep aid that works, you may want to use it all the time. Avoid this at all costs, since your youngster may come to rely on it (or another place or calming approach) to get to sleep.

Even if your child grows out of the bassinet stroller, you’ll still want to know how to put them down for a nap properly when they’re an older child.

4. Start Slowly

The bassinet stroller isn’t going over well with your infant. It can take some time for children to get used to new things. They enjoy the familiarity of their surroundings. If you’re just starting out with a bassinet stroller, your child may be apprehensive.

It is best to introduce your stroller to your infant while they are calm and relaxed. To ensure their safety, they should not be extremely exhausted and alert.

Take them for a brief stroll in the bassinet stroller. If you’re short on time or need to get somewhere, try to end your presentation with something nice rather than something new.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Have Multiple Strollers

Even if a bassinet stroller is a fantastic choice for a newborn, it isn’t necessarily the ideal choice for your current situation. In comparison to other strollers, this one is more difficult to manoeuvre and manage in small spaces. Additionally, it does not always include a snap-in infant car seat, which many parents prefer.

Having more than one stroller will help you get the most out of your bassinet stroller and the early months of parenthood.


Strollers with bassinets offer a variety of advantages, including ease of use, convenience, and comfort for the kid and the parent who pushes the carriage.

In the event that you need to take a youngster out for a walk till they fall asleep, these strollers are the perfect solution.

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