How To Keep Air Mattress From Sliding? Comprehensive Guide

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Helen Skeates
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Count the number of times you’ve woken up in the middle of the night because your mattress has shifted to one side of the bed.

Has your air mattress ever made you feel like your bed was moving as you slept? Your mattress is sagging, which is why you’re seeing this.

A common problem with air mattresses is that when a person shifts their posture, the mattress begins to move out of place.

When the bed is moving or sliding, this can be really aggravating.

Keeping this in mind, let’s talk about how to prevent an air mattress from slipping.

What’s causing your mattress to move? Because of the leakage from the ripped seam, and because there are several ways to keep your mattress from sliding.

If you want to keep your air mattress from sliding, here are 5 tips.

What is an Air Mattress Made of?

A typical air mattress is built of polyvinyl chloride (PVC), which is better known as vinyl chloride. Make no fear; it’s far more comfy than a typical PVC pipe. Rubber or a specific type of urethane plastic, which is more elastic and less brittle than conventional plastic, have recently been used to produce air mattresses.

What Goes into an Air Mattress?

Air is the straightforward solution to this question. Air mattresses are filled in a variety of ways.

Thankfully, you won’t have to buy an air pump and spend the entire evening pumping air into an air mattress before you go to sleep. To be honest, there are quicker and easier ways to prepare an air mattress for usage.

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How to Inflate an Air Mattress:

  • An air compressor can be used. Wait for the air mattress to fill up by putting the air compressor hose in the hole and turning the switch on. The procedure of attaching airbeds to a mattress can be made simpler by using attachments.
  • Using an electric pump is the best option. An electric pump can be used to inflate your air mattress if you are not camping and have access to energy. It is self-filling. The noise produced by electric pumps, on the other hand, can be bothersome for some people.
  • Use a pump to inflate an air mattress. Pumps that are incorporated into the mattress are available. Inflating these is as simple as unscrewing a cap and pressing a “inflate” button.
  • Try making your own cure. There are cheaper alternatives if you don’t want to buy a pump. Many YouTube tutorials show how to blow up a mattress using a hair dryer or even a garbage bag. These, on the other hand, will require more effort and time. Because your friends will be amazed when you show them how to do it using a waste bag.

What Types of Air Mattresses Are Available?

Air mattresses come in a variety of sizes, including twin, full, queen, and king, just like real beds.

When it comes to air mattresses, there are a variety of options to choose from. As much as 25 inches high, some mattresses are double-height, making them excellent for those terrified of spiders and other creepy-crawlies on the floor.

Other mattresses use technology to enhance the comfort of the mattress.. Some mattresses, for example, allow you to adjust the firmness or softness of the bed with the push of a button. Pillows are integrated into certain mattresses.

Camping Air Mattresses

It’s easy to set up an air mattress on a camping trip because they’re lightweight and portable. A sleeping bag is far more comfortable than sleeping on the ground when you can get one in a variety of different tent sizes.

Some air mattresses may even fit within truck beds, making them ideal for camping under the stars or avoiding pesky bugs.

Pros Air Mattress

Custom Firmness

Owning an air mattress, especially if it’s utilized as a primary or permanent bed in the home, is a major perk of having one. You have complete control over the firmness or softness of the setting. Firmness can be achieved by increasing the amount of air while softness can be achieved by decreasing the amount of air. This is ideal for guests, as each person has a little different preference for their sleeping surface.

Back Pain

Despite the fact that an inflatable mattress isn’t usually the best option for persons with back or joint pain, the fact that you can vary the firmness is a significant benefit. A firmer surface can provide greater pain relief and body contouring because the bed may be overly soft on some nights. By just pressing a button, you can quickly add air to firm up the surface. To soften a very firm mattress on other nights, simply deflate it slightly with a touch.

Sharing a Bed

However, if you’re looking for a mattress that can be firmer or softer on one side based on your desire or your partner’s, practically every full size and up has two independent inner chambers. It doesn’t matter if it’s too stiff or soft; you can fix it to your preference.


They do not have the unpleasant off-gassing smells associated with memory foam mattresses because of the PVC material used in their production.

No Sagging

Sagging occurs when the surface gradually degrades over time, resulting in a crater-like depression where the individual sleeps. Generally speaking, when sagging develops, it’s time to start looking for a new mattress. In comparison to a traditional full-size memory foam mattress or some innerspring versions, an air bed will not droop after years of use because you can simply fill it with more air, eliminating the sag altogether.

Increased Durability

In comparison to innerspring, latex, or foam, PVC has a far longer lifespan because of its durability and ability to counter drooping. An air bed, on the other hand, can easily last 15 years longer than a typical conventional latex or spring bed, depending on quality. Air mattresses with built-in pumps are more likely to fail before the bed itself, but these may be simply replaced for a relatively modest price.

Rapid Inflation

With a high-quality air mattress pump, an air bed may be inflated to its full size within minutes. For example, a raised twin size can be inflated in around 5 minutes. Inflating a non-raised camping mattress takes roughly three minutes.

Low Price

Companies like Coleman and Intex have successfully lowered their cost. On the other hand, a twin memory foam bed can easily set you back $300 or even more, while an air bed costs as low as $30 online.

Many Uses

Inflatable mattresses can be used indoors or outdoors, depending on their size. There are a variety of ways to use a low-profile twin-sized alternative. For example, it can be transported on camping vacations or used as a guest bed in the living room for occasional visitors. Similarly, some people choose to sleep on the backseat of their vehicles rather than in the car seat.

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Cons Air Mattress

Lengthy Assembly

Between 30 and 60 minutes and two people may be needed to put together a larger permanent/fixed-use inflatable mattress. Once it’s put together, the only decision you’ll have to make is how much air to add or remove.

Noisy Pump

There have been some reports of noisy pumps, however these tend to be found in lower-end models. Even though pumps are used only to inflate or deflate, it’s unlikely that you’ll use one very often.

Replacing Pumps

Due to its mechanical design and dependence on a built-in pump, if it fails, you’ll need to get it serviced. If your mattress requires an external pump, you may purchase a new one from Amazon for no more than $15.

How Much Does an Air Mattress Cost?

Variables affecting the price of an air mattress include its size and brand as well as any additional features or pumps it may come with. There are a wide range of prices, from under $50 to more than $450.

Pumps are not standard on all air mattresses. In general, separate pumps cost between $10 and $20, however the complexity and type of pump affect the price. Electric pumps are typically more expensive than hand pumps.

Reasons why your mattress slides off

Numerous factors could explain why your mattress is slipping off the bed frame on a regular basis.

The remedy to a slipping mattress may be as simple as identifying the source of the issue.

Lack of Friction

A lack of friction between the mattress and the bed surface might result in a mattress that slides.

And the absence of frictions might be caused by a variety of factors.

Wrong Bed Frame

To prevent your mattress from falling out of its place, make sure your mattress is the right size for your bed frame.

Your mattress may become unstable if there is even one inch of space between the bed frame and it.

However, anytime you get a new mattress or bed frame, be sure that there is no room between the mattress’s borders.

Bed Legs & Mattress cover

The legs of your air mattress are another common cause of your mattress to fall off.

You won’t get much support from them if you don’t have them attached properly to your bed frame.

Legs of a mattress can shift if they don’t have enough traction on the floor.

allowing the bed to sag.

Mattress protectors/covers are the second possible reason of sagging in your mattress.

Memory foam and latex mattresses, for example, are susceptible to this problem since polyester and cotton-lined mattresses tend to move if they aren’t fastened down.

Dirt on Mattress

As a mattress ages, dirt and bacteria gather on the surface, making the bottom of the mattress surface slightly more difficult to clean.

As a result, it’s critical to wash your mattress on a regular basis and to use a mattress cover or protector.

How to keep air mattress from sliding

1. Rubber Pad or Non Slip Pads

The most obvious and easy way to prevent your mattress, using a rubber pad or nonslip pads to stop from sliding.

The most obvious and easy way to prevent your mattress, using a rubber pad or nonslip pads to stop from sliding.

You may easily keep your mattress from sliding around by covering it in rubber or nonslip pads.

Rubber or non-slip pads made to fit specific air mattress sizes are readily available.

Simply lift your airbed and place the pads underneath to make it more comfy. These pads cost between $10 and $15.

As a result, your air bed is now ready to use.

2. Sheet straps

Another product that will keep your airbed from sliding off is sheet straps. Sheet straps are another tool that can protect your airbed from slipping off.

Air mattresses and other types of mattresses need to have sheets on them at all times to keep them clean and safe.

3. Anti Slip Tape

Anti-Slip Tapes are another inexpensive and clever way to keep an air mattress from slipped.

You can witness the magic happen if you apply a high-quality anti-slip tape on the surface of the bed frame.

Because they are specifically designed to address sliding difficulties, these anti-slip tapes outperform normal duct tape.

After using the tapes, you may easily remove them without damaging the surface of your air bed. However, inexpensive anti-slip tape can leave marks after removal.

On Amazon, you can simply discover the best in anti-slip tapes for your vehicle.

4. Clean Your Mattress

Cleansing your mattress on a regular basis can increase its performance as well as its ability to promote a healthy night’s sleep.

Keep your air mattress clean by vacuuming it on all sides.

Using a bed frame and box spring leads to a reduction in friction and the subsequent occurrence of sliding.

Even while it doesn’t completely stop the mattress from sliding, vacuuming your air bed does improve the comfort level.

5. Buy New Mattress

Using any or all of the procedures outlined above will protect your air mattress from sliding.

If you’ve tried everything and utilized all the tactics, then it’s time to replace your mattress. The most important aspect that impacts everything is your age.

When a mattress’s base loses its capacity to stick to the ground, it may not be able to support the weight of a person effectively.

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The greatest solution is to swap out a new mattress with an older one. A new mattress can be purchased while your old one is stored away.

A new mattress is an excellent long-term investment because of its long lifespan.


If you’re waking up in the night because your bed is moving too much, you need to fix it right now.

Because we’ve worked hard all day and deserve a good night’s rest.

Thank you for reading about how to protect air mattresses from slipping, I hope you like it! The comment section is a great place to ask questions about this topic.

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