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Add a swivel chair to your workplace or office and you’ll be much more comfortable there. It looks great, feels great, and most importantly, supports your back. What happens, though, if the tension locks on your chair become too slack?

If you don’t have the right tool, you’ll never be able to get it locked again. To put it simply: don’t fret! If your swivel chair doesn’t automatically lock, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered with this detailed instructions.

All You Need To Know About Swivel Chairs

Have you ever heard of a swivel chair? Discover the finest solution to your problem and read this article to find out everything there is to know about swivel chairs!


Without having to reposition your legs, a swivel chair allows you to change your body’s orientation while sitting in the same chair. Wheels attached to the base of swivel chairs make it easy to move the chair around the desk without having to get up.

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This design is ubiquitous in today’s workplaces and goes by the name “office chair.” The seat height of most office swivel chairs can be adjusted with a gas lift, just like most computer seats.

Where to use it?

Living room

The living room is without a doubt one of the best areas to install a swivel chair. A swivel chair is an excellent option for a living room chair since it can transform the space into several comfortable conversation areas.

Traditional living rooms with a casual, rustic vibe are perfect settings for linen-skirted swivel chairs. Men’s man caves benefit greatly from leather swivel armchairs. Swivel chairs are convenient in open floor plans since you can easily pivot to face the action.


Bedrooms benefit from having a swivel chair as well. The space next to the window can be transformed into a cozy reading nook.

Create the perfect late-night reading nook for him and her by placing two swivel chairs in a larger bedroom suite. Bedroom vanities and desks might benefit from having swivel slipper chairs placed in front of them for added style.


Since they allow you to easily switch from one task to another, swivel chairs have become standard in most workplaces.


Previously reserved for indoor use only, swivel chairs are now frequently seen in outdoor settings. It would be unfair of us to omit the beautiful swivels we’ve encountered in outdoor settings. Picture yourself relaxing on a cushioned rattan swivel on your front porch with a cup of coffee in the morning (or a bottle of wine in the evening).

Benefits Of Using Swivel Chairs

Work is easier with swivel chairs

When meeting with customers or working at a desk all day, swivel chairs are a great solution. The convenience of being able to easily pivot from left to right is a major selling point for swivel chairs.

Professionals such as doctors and salespeople can remain sitting while interacting with clients and customers. A swivel chair is convenient because it allows you to easily turn around and face other people without having to get out of your seat.

If you work in an office with a file cabinet, you can easily get the files you need by standing up and walking over to the cabinet, then swiveling back to your desk. You don’t even have to leave the room to get things done.

Swivel chairs are a practical addition to any office since they encourage constant movement and interaction.

Casual seating at its finest

Accent chairs are a great way to spruce up a room, but a swivel chair instantly makes it feel more comfortable and casual. Instead of using a stationary accent chair in the living room, try a swivel chair.

These comfy seats are perfect for marathon sessions of your favorite shows or movies. Because of their effortless motion and full range of motion in all directions, these chairs are ideal for lounging in comfort and luxury.

You’ll like the many options available to you in swivel chair design, including numerous sizes and types of fabric. These one-of-a-kind seats will complement any home’s decor, whether modern or traditional, with their sleek lines and simple elegance.

Ergonomic and efficient

When it comes to sitting for lengthy periods of time in the office, swivel chairs are the most comfortable and supportive option.

While swivel chairs may initially cost more than other office chair options, they actually end up saving you money in the long run by reducing the likelihood of health issues including cervical spondylosis, back pain, poor posture, and inadequate blood flow.

Steps on Locking a Non-Locking Swivel Chair

In the first place, you’ll need to acquire a sizable ballpoint pen. The kind that produces enormous loops when used to write. You can pick these up for less than a half dollar each in the office supply aisle of most major retailers.

As a second step, unscrew the chair’s seat from its frame.

Remove the seat’s four screws, then place it on a flat surface (a desk, for example) out of harm’s way. In this way, you won’t have to worry about banging your head on something too high or too narrow if you need to lean over. If you are having trouble doing this for any reason (poor knees, for example), remember that there is always someone who can assist you.

Fourth, once you’ve exposed the metal baseplates, remove the fabric from the chair’s underside by removing the remaining screws. If the fabric was already loose when it was removed, you shouldn’t have any trouble removing it; just be careful not to prick your fingers on the metal screws protruding from the chair’s base.

Fifth, if your chair swivels and locks, proceed to the next section. If not, then go to this step to ensure that the seat and back are completely free of any fasteners.

Step 6: Using two flathead screwdrivers or something similar, remove the screws that hold the baseplates together. These screws are longer than the ones at the chair’s base and can be fastened on by hand. One bolt on each side is all that’s needed, as having two would make it too difficult to remove them simultaneously.

After you’ve taken out the screws, you should be able to separate the chair’s seat and back by lifting them up and away from one another. Be careful not to yank on any cables or wires as you do this.

Step 8: There should be a wire running from either side of where the seat meets the baseplate (it will pass through an opening); this is what keeps everything locked together so that you can rock back and forth while seated; if the wire still has tension, you’ve done well; otherwise, separate the two metal pieces. If the wire has lost all tension, proceed to Step 5 below.

Carefully remove the bolts holding these two parts together, as this will be the only time you’ll need to do so.

Remove the screws from both of these sections (don’t worry, you won’t lose any of them) and keep removing metal pieces until you’re holding a single long piece in each hand.

A rod with a bolt-on at either end should still protrude from these two longer rods. Also, on the baseplate side, you need to start by taking out the end bolts before you do anything else.

The goal is to remove any obstruction between the two rods, and assuming you didn’t get confused before, you can tell which rod is which by counting the number of holes in the base plate and the point where the seat connects to the back: four for the base plate and five for this area.

How do you lock wheels on a rolling chair?

First, connect the two longer rods by threading a bolt through both holes in the baseplate and the seat back.

Second, tighten a nut onto a bolt protruding from either hole until it presses against the metal’s underside; this should create a mechanical lock.

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What can you do if you don’t have any screws or nuts for attaching bolts?

You probably already have a number of items lying around the house that could serve as a makeshift solution.

1. Anything with a “O” ring or screw thread can be used as a lock between two objects; if using threads, make sure they are not the same size to prevent them from slipping past one another and coming undone; if possible, use bolts instead of screws for this task because there is less chance that they will shift when tightened.

Second, you can use something from your desk, such as a plastic container, to form a makeshift bolt with handles (again, keep the diameters distinct so it doesn’t slip).

What Types Of Caster Locks Are Available?

Floor Lock vs. Locking Caster

Whether you need a floor lock or locking casters is the first thing to consider. Just what is the dissimilarity, exactly? To prevent your casters from rolling away, you can use a floor lock. When the lock is activated, it protrudes above the threshold between the floor and the base of the unit. By doing so, the item can be effectively “locked” until the floor lock is released. Floor locks are frequently utilized in the healthcare industry, in warehouses, and when balancing a cart on an unlevel surface. A locking caster looks like a standard one, except that the wheel is secured in place. Caster locks prevent the wheel from turning when the caster is engaged. Locking casters are ideal when the lock is required to hold the unit fixed, but there is not a great deal of force acting against the lock (like you might get when loading and unloading).

Floor Locks

There are a variety of floor locks to choose from if you value safety and peace of mind. Weight capacity, size, locking mechanism, and other customizations can distinguish floor locks from one another. Floor locks can be found in a variety of configurations and features nowadays.

The most common type of floor lock provides a maximum locked height of 9 23/32 inches. Wheels between 4″ and 8″ in diameter can be used, and it works best on flat ground.

Floor locks with a double pedal are nearly identical to normal floor locks in terms of both height and the diameter of wheels that are compatible with both types of locks. The two pedals there are the ones you need to press to unlock the door. Moreover, the rubber footpad that sits beneath locks of this design is not replaceable.

Do you need heavy duty floor locks because your business involves the transportation of unusually large or heavy items? You can find strong locks on the market. They are a foot-activated lock that can withstand weights of up to one thousand pounds. Wheels between 4 and 8 inches in diameter can be safely secured by these cast iron locks.

Locking Caster

Locking casters are a great option if you want the mobility of casters but also the ability to keep them in one place when necessary. In addition to being able to be locked with a key, these wheels can be secured with a foot lock. Locking casters come in a number of styles.

Casters of the plate mount locking variety can be used both indoors and out. When the locking mechanism is activated, it exerts force directly on the wheel to halt movement.

Casters of the locking stem mount variety are the norm for restaurant and commercial kitchen appliances. When used, the side locking brake places the lock directly on the wheel.

Dolly casters, including locking ones, are among the most customizable wheels on the market. Their locks are operated slightly differently; they lock the wheel well shut to halt movement. That’s not like the other locks we’ve seen, which just attach to the rim.

Furniture casters, the smallest type of caster, are utilized in a wide variety of household and commercial items. These casters are similar to others in that they lock by pressing down on a pad attached to the wheel.

How do I know the new Caster Wheels will fit my Office Chair?

Regardless of whether you’re looking for casters with brakes or without, the chair’s size is one of the most important considerations. Regarding size, two factors should be taken into account:

  • Wheel Diameter (diameter)
  • Stem diameter (diameter)

Size of the Wheels

The typical diameter of the wheels on an office chair is 2 to 2.5 inches. It’s fine to replace worn out casters with new ones of the same size, but don’t be scared to upgrade to larger wheels (even if it’s just 3 inches).

Larger wheels have more rolling surface area, which means they encounter less resistance and can traverse rougher terrain with more ease (important on high-pile carpets). They are also more adaptable and long-lasting than other options.

Stem Type and Size

The metal portion of the wheel that connects to the chair leg is called the stem. There are several distinct types of stems, including:

  • When inserted into the leg socket, the grip ring’s split steel ring (a C-shaped metal clip) contracts to provide a firmer hold on the stem.
  • Grip neck stems have a wider base and a thinner top, making them easier to hold onto. The head slides into the socket, and the larger bottom provides a firm grasp to keep the stem in place during installation.
  • Threaded stem – essentially a screw that may be screwed into the chair leg socket.

Wheels for office chairs typically have a grip ring on the base to secure the wheel to the chair.

The diameter of the stem of your new locking caster wheels is the most crucial dimension to verify compatibility with your chair.

The 11 mm (7/16 inch) diameter of the stem fitting is the industry standard for office chairs.

The 3/8-inch diameter stem is the second most popular size. This is a feature of certain Ikea desk chairs.

Measuring Stem Diameter Yourself

Most office chair wheels have a 7/16″ diameter stem, as was previously noted. Your office chair should be compatible with new caster wheels that have a stem diameter of this size.

However, if you want to be absolutely sure that your office chair is a good fit, you may check the size by measuring the diameter of the stems that hold the wheels.

Take out one of the wheels on your chair and wrap a narrow strip of paper around the base of the one remaining leg. Make a mark with a pencil at the precise location where the two sheets of paper will overlap. The distance from the paper’s beginning to the placed marker is the length to be measured. The stem’s circumference is thus long.

Remember that the formula for a circle’s diameter is:

Integer diameter = (circumference / PI) (3.14)

You can do the reverse calculation to see what this means for the circumference you determined:

  • If your caster diameter is 1 3/8 inches, it is the industry norm of 7/16 inches.
  • If your caster diameter is 1 3/16 inches, it is the less common 3/8 inch size.

Best Locking Caster Wheels for Office Chairs (Prevent Unwanted Movements)

Let’s take a look at the top caster wheels for hardwood and tile floors that also have brakes, so you can lock them and keep them from rolling around.

MySit Office Chair Caster Wheels

When it comes to locking casters for your office chair, we recommend the MySit Caster Wheels. In contrast to some rival devices, which get away with simply locking some of the wheels, these are inexpensive, simple to install, and secure on all fours.

MySit casters may be locked in place and are sold in sets of five, with their own individual braking mechanisms. One Amazon buyer said they are unnecessary because locking just two of the wheels is sufficient to keep the chair in place. That said, it’s not as if the other options are unnecessary.

If your office chair has a grip ring measuring 7/16″ x 7/8″, you can use these casters (diameter x length).

These casters’ 2-inch wheels are a major drawback. It’s true that wheels under 3 inches in diameter can roll, but they don’t offer the same level of smoothness that larger ones can.

MySit Office Chair Caster Wheels, however, offer exceptional value for the money.

DGQ Office Chair Caster Wheels

The DGQ Office Chair Caster Wheels are the best option if you want lockable, large 3″ casters for smooth, long-lasting mobility. These are compatible with the vast majority of chairs available today.

The DGQ casters, which come with a stem size that works with “99 percent of all regular office chairs marketed in the US” (7/16′′ x 7/8′′), are incredibly versatile. The wheels themselves are 3 inches in diameter, and there are five of them in a set. You can also purchase a single unit, albeit this will increase your final price.

In addition to being lockable, the smooth, noiseless rolling of these casters is another perk. This is because the wheels are fitted with precision ball bearings and the tires are made of polyurethane, both of which dampen vibrations significantly. High-quality and “the smoothest rolling [they’ve] used to date,” as one Amazon customer put it, this set of casters is highly recommended.

The high-quality rollerblade wheels on the DGQ casters allow them to travel effortlessly over both hard and soft surfaces.

Two customers have complained that the wheel brake detached after use, suggesting that durability is a concern with these DGQ casters. If you are unsatisfied with your purchase, you can return it and receive a full refund from the manufacturer.

If you’re in the market for lockable, 3″ caster wheels in the rollerblade design, then look no farther than these.

STEALTHO Office Chair Caster Wheels

When the Stealtho caster wheels received a whopping 920 percent funding interest on Kickstarter, they became an instant phenomenon. While they are the industry’s strongest locking caster wheels, they are currently only available for office chairs with a 3/8″ stem diameter, which is not the norm.

The 660-pound weight capacity of these caster wheels is impressive. The heavy-duty steel construction of the wheel body and the incorporated support skirt, a clever little feature found on very few caster designs, make this possible.

Abec-9 bearings, the highest grade bearings available, are used in the wheels. Indeed, the wheels themselves, made of elastic polyurethane, look like inline skate wheels. This means you can rest assured that your hardwood floors will be protected by casters that roll along them with no effort. One Amazon buyer was so impressed by their smooth rolling and low noise level that he bought a second set to use under his wife’s chair.

  • Casters with non-locking 7/16-inch wheels (available)
  • Casters with 7/16-inch-diameter locks (not available at time of checking).

In conclusion, the Stealtho locking caster wheels are an excellent choice for office chairs that have the 3/8′′ non standard sized caster wheel stems.

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Dr.Luck 3″ Office Chair Caster Wheels w/Metal Brake

If you need big, 3 inch lockable caster wheels, go no further than Dr.Luck Caster Wheels.

Large wheels on an office chair have the advantage of rolling more smoothly across various floor types than their smaller equivalents. Office chairs equipped with Dr. Luck 3″ Caster Wheels are advertised as being suitable for usage on any surface. They are wonderful on carpets and can be used safely on hardwood floors thanks to the polyurethane wheel covering.

These lockable casters are designed to work with nearly all office chairs on the market today. Just make sure the diameter of the chair’s wheel stem is 7/16 inches and the length is 7/8 inches.

A pleased owner gushes about how the “smooth, silent and operate well” polyurethane tires and precision ball bearings make rolling his chair a breeze.

These casters are designed to look like rollerblades, and they come with a variety of advantages, including a brake on each wheel and a straightforward, tool-free assembly process. Furthermore, the Dr. Luck 3′′ Office Chair Caster Wheels are backed by a lifetime warranty from the manufacturer, which is unmatched among the other options below.

Until now, we haven’t been able to find any issues with this product that would warrant reporting them as negatives. These casters are brand new, having debuted in May of this year, yet their lifetime warranty attests to their reliability and longevity. Steel is used throughout, including in the support bracket and interior components.

These have a lot going for them, including an appealing price point, and are likely to become instant best-sellers. They are, without a doubt, among the finest lockable casters available.

AGPTEK Office Chair Casters

Need a cheap set of wheels that look like rollerblades but are more durable? To that end, I recommend the AGPTEK wheels.

Locking Mechanism for the AGPTEK Office Chair Two distinct customers who use their office chairs for sim racing on hardwood floors demonstrate that the casters are designed for usage on any floor type without the risk of damage or scratches. However, another customer pointed out that the casters work really fine on carpets, including shag rugs, so that’s important to know.

AGPTEK lockable casters are purchased in a set of 5 heavy-duty pieces. The precision ball bearings in the axel and swivel, along with the 2.5-inch wheels, make for silent, smooth operation. Each wheel on the MySit casters has its own brake system, so you have complete command.


One of the most visited e-commerce sites right now is for swivel chairs, which had previously only been seen in offices and tacky retro hangouts. It seems like everyone is clamoring for one, and we can’t say we don’t want one ourselves.

Swivel chairs, which can be used in a variety of settings and provide both comfort and style, are quickly becoming a consumer favorite in the realm of interior design. After educating yourself on the topic of swivel chairs, it’s time to invest in one of your own.