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One of my primary responsibilities as a parent was ensuring the safety of my young sons without limiting their opportunities for enjoyment. They don’t be infants forever, after all. Because of the anxiety and tension I felt as they became more mobile and curious, a baby playpen was a godsend for us. Plus, it’s so much better for our kids’ health if we encourage them to use their imaginations and get some physical activity.

After extensive investigation, I have concluded that the Fortella Cloud Castle Foldable Playpen is the superior infant playpen currently available. Because it is convenient to set up, pack away, and transport. It can be arranged in a wide variety of configurations, making it extremely flexible. Gorgeous colors, and it may be used indoors or out.

Easy to put together, the Fortella Cloud Castle is a great addition to any backyard (no tools required). Once folded, its width is about 11 inches, making it easy to stow away. There are built-in handles on each panel for convenient transport. The door panel doubles as a whiteboard, and there are sensory objects on the activity wall. It has a height of 24.4 feet and a footprint of over 25 square feet.

The Evenflo Versatile Play Space is a great option for families on a tighter budget. The Fortella has more room, brighter panels, plus a whiteboard and sensory toys, whereas this one has fewer of each. It’s less expensive than the Fortella and can be altered to fit any setting, whether indoors or out.

Children of all ages enjoy more and more time spent playing and discovering their surroundings. Giving kids that freedom is essential to their growth as people. Like most parents, you probably worry about the well-being of your kids. It could be unnerving to give them free reign of the house at first. There is a product available that can help put your mind at ease, so don’t worry.

Playpens are a wonderful way to let your child explore their environment while keeping them safe. They have their own safe place within a larger structure where they may go about and play. As a parent, you can’t do better than this to foster your child’s development and creativity.

What is a playpen?

When parents or caregivers need to be somewhere while their child is playing, they can put the youngster in a playpen, which is a tiny, portable enclosure with bars or a net on the walls and an opening at the top.

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Most playpens are constructed out of wood furniture for portability and versatility.

In addition, wood is favored because of its light weight, adaptability in design, and security.

It’s an artificial-free zone where kids may utilize their imaginations and have fun without adult supervision.

Playpens are not the same as cribs because a crib is typically stationary in one place whereas playpens can be moved around the house as needed.

Various ages that are suitable for playpen;

  1. To ensure that the infant grows up with a positive association with the playpen’s safety, it is recommended that it be introduced to the baby between the ages of four and six months. The infant may develop anxiety if left alone in a small location before being introduced to the world.
  2. Between the ages of six and eight months, a baby is developing several important skills, and the safety and comfort of a playpen make it the perfect environment in which to do so. New toys should be introduced while in it so that the child can learn to pull themselves up to a standing or sitting position by reaching for the toys.
  3. Between the ages of eight and ten months, a youngster can begin to crawl and eventually stand. They might lose some of their sense of adventure if you lock them up. They need room to roam, so a playpen might not be the greatest idea.

Multiple Functions of a Playpen


When it’s sleep time for the little one, the playpen comes in handy.

The benefit here is that a kid can learn to sleep in any comfortable place, not just his or her crib.


When it’s time for the youngster to play alone, a parent or caregiver can leave a selection of toys in the playpen.


Having a playpen on hand might help alleviate some of the strain of transporting a young child.

The infant can play or nap in the playpen, giving the parent some time to get other things done.

When space is limited, a playpen can “double” as a bed so that parents or guardians can sleep soundly while their child is safely contained in his or her own space.

Playpens should be used in areas of the home where children are at risk, such areas with exposed electrical cables or outlets and areas where pets are kept (infections).

When shopping for or acquiring a playpen, it’s important to think about things like the baby’s size and weight.

It is important to select a playpen that won’t give way under the baby’s weight when he or she is inside.

Another factor to consider is the size of the infant.

For a child or toddler’s playpen to be effective, it needs to provide enough room for the child to move around comfortably.

The playpen needs to be built such that it can be moved around with minimal effort.

When not in use, the playpen can be folded up or hung up.

Another crucial consideration is the available space within the allotted area for the playpen.

If one’s home is already cramped, it would be impractical to buy a huge playpen that would block off even more space.

The playpen’s additional features, such as wheels for easy mobility, a place to stack diapers, and storage for baby gear, are also important to consider.

If you wish to rock a baby to sleep, a sling or carrier attachment is a great option.

Since a playpen is not meant to last forever, it is important to think about how much money you can afford to spend before making your purchase.

There are some different types of playpens

1) Standard playpen

This has an elevated floor and see-through sides for indoor use as a child’s play structure, allowing for interaction between the youngster and its supervisor.

2) Playpens Gates

Some playpens, also known as playpens gates, don’t have floors and can be placed on a lawn or in a corner of a home.

It has more room, but can’t be used for transportation.

3) Travel playpens

These may be folded up and stored easily.

Their primary function is to provide a comfortable place for babies to sleep on long car trips.

Above six months, when a baby begins to crawl, is the optimum time to introduce a playpen.

It’s best to get one before your baby starts to crawl or walk so that it doesn’t feel trapped.

Any playpen that is dirty, has holes in it, or is broken should not be utilized with your children.

To prevent injuries, do not hang anything from the ceiling that a baby could pull on, such as a rope or ribbon.

Playpen has its pros and cons;


It provides a secure environment where a young child can stay when adults are not around.

This frees up the caretaker’s schedule so that they can get everything done around the house without interruptions.

The playpen can also serve as a napping area for the youngster when it gets too weary to play.

With the playpen’s back support, it may also be used to teach the infant how to sit up straight.

Growing babies learn to walk early on by using the hand-holds to increase their balance and stability as they move.


Leaving a baby in a playpen for extended periods of time might cause parents to feel distant from their child, leading them to be less attentive and less loving.

Some worry that a child’s physical development would suffer if they are confined to a playpen for an extended period of time, although this is an issue that has yet to be proven.

Ways on How To Lock The Sides Of A Playpen

If your child is in a playpen, you probably want to make sure they can’t crawl out of it. For this purpose, you can secure the playpen’s sides using locks. They won’t be able to open the door and go exploring.

First, examine the playpen’s locking mechanism located on its side. A little metal clip that clicks into place upon closure is to be present. To release the clip and reveal the lock, press the black button next to it down.

Second, shut the playpen’s side and relock it by depressing the black button and raising the clip. Before leaving your youngster unattended, double-check that the safety lock is engaged.

Even if the locking mechanism is damaged or does not function, a safety strap can be used to keep your child secure. Wrap this around your child’s waist and secure it to the playpen’s side.

Third, ensure the strap is snug enough that they can’t unbuckle themselves. Once you learn how to secure the playpen’s sides, you may feel at ease leaving your child within. Do not ever leave them unsupervised without taking the necessary precautions.

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How can I get my baby to like the playpen?

If you put toys within the playpen, your baby will be more likely to use it as a play area. It’s also important to keep close proximity to the playpen at all times, so that you don’t miss any of your baby’s developmental milestones. Because if they hurt their head or have a fall, they may start to worry that they will be locked up again.

The addition of a mirror to one side of a play structure can be an endless source of entertainment for kids. All day long, it will be like watching a bouncing ball. They will definitely have a good time doing this.

When he or her is ready to go into the pen alone, be sure to offer lots of praise. The amount of time you spend away from her should then be increased progressively.

You’ll have a well-adjusted playpen pro on your hands in no time if you follow these instructions!

How do you unfold a playpen?

To begin, locate the panel ends and unfold them away from one other.

When you’ve found the side panels, you can start spreading them out. A big square or rectangle should now be visible to you.

Grab a corner of the playpen and pull it up off the floor. The next step is to transport it there and drop it off. Be sure to fully unfold it before placing your infant inside. And that’s how you set up a playpen or take it down!

How do you fold a Baby Trend playpen?

Fold up the playpen when you’re done using it.

First, remove the bed frame and put it to one side. Then, with a space between the two, stand the top rail upright at one end of the frame (this will be where you insert the mattress).

Bring the two ends together over the central crossbar by folding the sides down. Last but not least, pull down on all pieces until they lock into place, making an L-shaped folded unit.

As illustrated, the tent may be folded in half and set on its side for transport or storage; Velcro straps (included) or cord locks can be used to keep the sections together if needed during transit or storage. You may easily put it back to its original state once you’re done.

How do you fold a plastic playpen?

It’s important to disassemble the plastic playpen’s structure and arrange out the individual pieces before folding it up. In the middle, there should be two rod sets connecting the four bars on either side. Place these on the ground horizontally rather than standing upright.

Fold this in half to make an L, then in half again at a right angle to make it sturdy. Your folded playpens will stay neat and tidy whether they’re being stacked or stored.

How do you lock the sides of a pack and play?

You’ll need to locate the locking tabs on the side of the pack and play’s frame before you can secure the sides. Two tabs on each side make for a total of four.

Then, grab a tab in each hand and squeeze until they click into place. Your pack-and-zippers play’s should be all the way closed at this point.

Unlock the sides by performing the same procedures in reverse order. You should grab a tab in each hand and pull them apart until they click into place. Your pack and play’s side zippers have been released. Enjoy!

How do you put up a pack and play?

Baby pack and plays may be set up and broken down in a short amount of time. Although the pack-and-instructions play’s are included, this tutorial will help you better comprehend the process.

Setting up a Pack N’ Play:

The first thing to do is to attach the bottom panel and top rail to one side of the open frame. After that is done, remove the inner mattress pad lining from the pack n play and replace it with a firm mattress for your child. The pack n play has pockets along all four walls where the mattress fits (ren).

Next, you’ll slip each rod into its corresponding pocket and lock it into place so that the cloth doesn’t bunch.

After setting up the mattress pad, lay the netting over each top rail and tuck it under the bed. When finished, the closure straps should be tied snugly around each corner post. Here you get a full pack n play set!

What Should I Look For in a Baby Playpen?

There are several things to keep in mind before you buy a baby playpen for your child. If you need more information to make a decision, check out the options we’ve compiled below. Many elements that are crucial to your success will jump out at you.


A baby playpen that folds up for simple storage is an excellent option because not everyone has a spare room for a nursery. I would suggest getting one with this feature if you intend to use it in the living room. This manner, you can make room for playtime and reclaim your personal space afterward. However, a playpen designed for an expansive playroom may never require disassembly and stowage.


The process is elementary in nature. Because of its increased panel count, it can now cover a wider area. To change the dimensions of the play area, simply add or remove sections. This is something to think about before making a purchase if personalization is important to you.


Plastic, wood, mesh, and steel are just few of the materials used to construct playpens. The metal frame is what gives the mesh panel baby playpen its durability. Think about if you want something for indoors, outside, or both when you shop for these. Though plastic playpens are easier to clean than their mesh-walled counterparts, certain models do come with washable fabric panels.

Simplicity of Operation

To put it bluntly, nobody wants to spend a lot of time dismantling and reassembly a baby playpen. Pick something that can be folded up and stored easily. As a mom, I know how precious your time is and how crucial it is to find ways to save it.

Here’s How We’ve Determined the Best  Playpens

Children thrive on physical play and exploration. This may be done in a controlled environment, thanks to playpens, without the risk of their getting into trouble. I found out which ones were the greatest after doing research and reading about other parents’ experiences. I coupled the research with my own parenting experiences to come up with a selection of 6 playpens that would work well in a variety of settings.

Our Top Picks for the Best Baby Playpens

Get right down to our list!

The ease of assembly was a major factor in placing this item at the top of our list. It’s ready to use straight from the packaging. In and of itself, that’s a selling point for parents. The burden of time and effort savings can be lifted by whatever means possible. If you’re like me, you get tired of reading directions and assembling furniture that requires multiple tools and a lot of supplies. If I can help it, I’d rather not have to do anything beyond what’s already required. Find out why we think this is the best portable option in our in-depth review below.

It takes up little space while not in use.

When folded, its 11-inch width makes it convenient to store practically anywhere. The fact that you can stow it away while it’s not in use is a huge convenience. Even when folded, the product’s weight of around 36 pounds makes it manageable to carry.

To Be Used Either Indoors or Outside

The bottoms have nonslip cushions for safety both indoors and out. One of its many advantages is its portability, made possible by its foldable design. It will make sure that your child is safe no matter where you decide to set it up. Plus, the bottom won’t cause any damage to your floor.

The non-slip pads at the bottom allow for use both indoors and out. It’s a terrific feature to have because it folds up compactly and can be carried with little effort. It will keep your kid secure no matter where you put it up. In addition, the bottom is soft enough to prevent scratches.

What characteristics allow for simple portability? Handles. The Fortella Cloud Castle’s panels have convenient carry handles for parents. You may easily move it and put it away under a bed, on a shelf, or in the trunk of your car.

Where else can you find a play structure with so many features?

  • Activity wall with a whiteboard.
  • No places for infants to put their feet to gain traction and climb
  • Easily installed and reliable safety gate
  • Built with safe, BPA-free, food-grade plastic.
  • Totally rounded off corners
  • Configurable form
  • It’s a 25-square-foot playground in size.
  • Slats to prevent arms from being caught

We have cheaper options, but this one is a bit more expensive. It’s our third-most expensive option. Still, the above-mentioned flexibility and other features make it well worth the price. The shape can be altered to better suit the intended installation site. Included in this set is an activity wall and whiteboard, which will aid in stimulating your child’s imagination and fostering their motor skills. It goes without saying that this is especially important when one is young.

This convertible playpen may be used both inside and outside, making it a strong contender for second place. This playard from Evenflo can be set up indoors on a gloomy day or in the great outdoors in the sunshine. It’s not quite as roomy as the Fortella at 18.5 square feet, but it’s cheaper and more suited to tighter quarters.

The Number of Panels Can Be Increased

Extra panels are included to allow for maximum expansion. The baby playpen’s adjustable size increases its usefulness. Obviously, this can be useful if your outside space is bigger than your inside one, or if the other way around. You may adjust it so that it works in the room. Really, what else could be better?

Secure Indoor/Outdoor Setup

Safe Indoor/Outdoor Environment

Check out the many other benefits of the Evenflo Versatile Play Space.

  • a height of 28 inches
  • Ages 6 months to 24 months.
  • It folds up and has a molded grip for carrying convenience.
  • Easy, no-tool assembly
  • UV-resistance in any climate
  • Formal, hexahedral with rounded corners

This is a fantastic option for either indoor or outdoor use. Unique to this set-up is the ability to adjust the size of the play area by adding or removing panels. You’ll see that the Evenflo playpen is the only one here that can be extended, unlike the others. Assembling and disassembling it is a breeze, making it ideal for fast moves in and out of your home.

When compared to the other playpens we discuss, this one is the most spacious, covering more than 30 square feet. This is a fantastic alternative if your home features a dedicated playroom or other space where children can run around and play safely. Free play is something that youngsters yearn for, despite its apparent simplicity. Therefore, if you have the means to do so, proceed. Even while it doesn’t have as many features as the Graco Playard, it’s still a great way to keep your baby entertained. Why is this the greatest option in general? Let’s dissect that and see how it all works.

Assured Safety

Your baby or toddler’s safety should always come first, and you should never risk injury by letting them run amok in the baby playpen. In case any of the panels are accidently bumped, the enclosure will not move thanks to the nonslip cushions and place holders. The double-locking door is another safety feature that will help keep your child inside.

Large, Secure Screens

This enormous playpen has thick, extra-large panels. Your youngster will not be able to get an arm or leg caught between the slats. Of course our infants will try this, we know that much. So you can rest easy knowing they won’t get caught or gain enough traction to climb over the panels.

Some other features are discussed below.

  • You can find a gym or play mat that precisely fits your space needs.
  • Offered in a rainbow of hues
  • Produced entirely without the use of any harmful chemicals
  • Waterproof
  • Simple, tool-free construction and disassembly
  • Simply wipe it down when dirty
  • In a square configuration

This huge playpen may be the most expensive option on our list, but it is well worth it if you have the financial flexibility to justify the purchase. It has a lot of potential uses and is especially helpful if you have more than one active child at home. They will be safe and sound, and no harm will come to them.

This portable playpen for babies was designed by Babyseater to go wherever your family goes. Because of its lightweight construction, it is simple to store and move. It doesn’t take much to go somewhere else, whether it’s to see relatives or just to hang out in the backyard. Let’s have a look at the main advantages of this baby playpen.

The Floor Is Cushioned

With the exception of the Graco Pack N Play (below), this is the only playpen on our list that comes with its own floor. The bottoms of the other ones are open. The padding will act as a cushion between your infant and the floor. This is perfect for the youngest infants who are just learning to pull themselves up to a standing position. It’s a comforting peace of mind for anxious parents. In addition, it can withstand certain moisture.

Lining can be removed

The lining is an additional perk of this playpen. It can be removed without much effort, unlike the alternatives we recommend. It can also be washed in a machine. Babies spit up and have accidents; it’s normal. These items are designed for infants and toddlers who are still in the teething stage. You may rest easy knowing that their play area is always spotless and sanitary.

Here are a few of the other characteristics that make this playground stand out.

  • It’s mesh, but you can see your kid through it.
  • Two secure fasteners
  • The ability to fold with only one hand
  • Baggage for your trip is provided.
  • Weight of less than 15 pounds.

This playpen is ideal if you frequently travel with your family or just spend a lot of time away from home. The result is a dedicated space where your kid can run around in safety. Allowing them some independence wherever you go is beneficial to their development. Because of its hexagonal design, it can be stored in virtually any room. The play yard will receive plenty of usage from your baby, and you can rest easy knowing they are safe from harm.

This playpen, which is referred to as a “playard” in the lingo, is intended for infants. This is so as a result of the numerous additional functions it provides. To emphasize how much we cherished ours, I went out and purchased a second one. We had two, one that we kept at Grandma’s and one that we kept at home. They are so sturdy that they outlasted both of our children, and we were even able to pass one on to a relative. But why pick this particular playpen? Please explain why this is the best option available to us.

It’s Much More Than Just a Play Area

Our lives were drastically improved by the addition of a diaper changing station. Since it is so portable, we never had to worry about finding storage room for it. Instead of carrying the baby back to the bedroom to be changed on the table, we kept ours in the living room and it was excellent for rapid emergency diaper changes. It’s as simple as changing and disposing of the used diaper in the container provided.

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It’s simple to take out the optional extras and put your infant in there for some playtime. Moreover, there is a pad at the base, and you may even use a sheet if you like. Allow your kid to sleep there without worry. Children of that age tend to tire quickly, so we appreciated being able to leave him to nap there in peace.