How To Macrame A Chair Bottom? Easy Step-by-step Guide

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Helen Skeates
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Most people are interested in finding out how to macrame a chair bottom, but there are hardly any resources available on the subject. Lucky for you, we can provide a clear and unique breakdown of the procedure.

So, have no fear! Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Hold on tight and enjoy the ride as we use your creativity to explore this topic.

Working On Your Chair Bottom

Macramé is becoming increasingly popular as a hobby among creative types. Those who are skilled in needlework spend their time weaving a pattern from a series of knots and strands of thread.

However, there is more to this than just leisure time. Many people also employ it in the establishment of new enterprises and the adornment of their homes. Products made from macrame can be utilized as wall hangings, plant stands, or even chair pads.

Macramé Chair · How To Make A Chair · Knotting & Macrame on Cut Out + Keep · How To by J0

But how does one go about creating one? Here is what you ought to do:

Step #1. Preparation

A macrame chair bottom requires a number of different supplies, so before you start weaving, make sure you have everything you need. Without all of the necessary components, you can’t ship a finished product.

You need macrame cords to make a chair seat. The size of your chair will determine how long of a rope you will need. The yarns can be any color you like.

The use of crochet hooks, chair frames, scissors, a lighter, and macramé patterns is also recommended. Now that you have these components, you can move on to the following phase.

Step #2. Remove old cover

In order to have just a frame chair, the seat and back must be bare metal. Cut or take off the fabric cover and discard it. If the base is still covered, you will not be able to use your macrame yarn.

Once you’ve finished assembling the frame, give it a good cleaning and a light sanding if you’d like a softer finish.

Step #3. Start weaving

If you’re reading this, you probably know the basics of macrame. This time, though, instead of weaving a seat, we’ll be weaving a chair’s base.

Starting the macrame bottom of your chair can begin once you have your materials and structure set up. Construct a double square knot at the chair’s vertical axis. Keep the tail of the knot six inches long.

Keep in mind that you’ll only weave the straight edges and leave the rounded corners unprotected by the weaving process. The initial vertical loop should be made by linking the two sides together. Make sure the other end of the rope is clinched tightly.

Keep forming your loop until the chair is completely encircled by the vertical cords. After you have completed your loop, the rope should be cut and locked. The final strand can be melted with a flame.

After the chair has been covered vertically, the weaving process can begin. When doing a vertical loop, the procedure is the same. Alternately, you might use yarn of a different color to make a unique design for the seat of your new chair.

How Much Time Does It Take To Weave A Chair Bottom?

This question is dependent on the length of the string being used. Weaving takes more time when the string to be used is longer.

To answer your question directly though, a novice weaver can expect to spend anywhere from 8-12 hours on their first project. Since you can weave whenever it fits into your schedule, this solution is not appropriate for everyone. Timeframes of weeks or months are possible for some.

Best Yarns For Macrame

Do not use inferior yarns if you intend to create a high-quality macramé. To the best of your ability, use only the finest tools, such as:

White macrame cord by Stillness Crafts

This particular cord is made of cotton and polyester in the ratio of 80:20. This yarn is great for a wide variety of small or large projects due to its silky texture and soft feel.

Cotton macrame rope by Crafteza

This yarn is best for your Bohemian-themed products. This string is 100% cotton and comes in its natural, undyed state.

Organic hemp strong

Due to the high quality of its natural fibers, this cable is strong enough to handle considerable weight. This yarn is also completely free of any potentially harmful substances.

Hemp cord spool

This string is available in a variety of hues, and it’s also very sturdy and reliable.

Different Macrame Patterns

Try your hand at the following weaving designs in macramé to stretch your imagination.

Macrame keychains

Easy to make and perfect for a buddy, this bit of macrame is the perfect present. Meanwhile, you can get by with a quite little yarn supply.

Dream catcher

Macrame dream catchers, available in a wide range of sizes and hues, may completely transform the aesthetic of a room when hung on the wall.


These macrame curtains can be used to partition a room, add a touch of elegance to your windows, or simply provide you with some much-needed seclusion.

Best Macrame Hanging Chairs

Best Overall: Y-Stop


Optimal compromise between usefulness and cost.

Comes with a plump pillow and hanging hardware

Includes a plush pillow and the necessary hooks for hanging it.


To my knowledge, only lighter shades are in stock.

The Y-Stop macrame chair is my favorite because it strikes the perfect mix between cost, durability, and aesthetics.

It may be used like a swing when secured to two points, or it can swivel when secured to one. It’s crafted from comfy cotton and decorated with dangling tassels in a bohemian flair. Y-stop is well-known for their reasonably priced hammocks, and this hanging chair is no exception.

The seat is a standard 80 by 60cm (approx. 32″ x 24″), making it suitable for most people. It can only support up to 150 kilograms in weight, therefore it’s only good for one person (at most).

There are no darker colors available for the Y-Stop, but it does come in grey, beige, and white. The chair is very reasonably priced considering that it comes with a plush pillow and the necessary hardware for hanging it.

Most Comfortable: Lazy Daze


Designed for extra comfort with higher back

Enhanced support and comfort thanks to a higher back design.

Suspension lines kept at a safe distance apart


One of the world’s most costly macramé chairs

You can’t hang it in a swing position.

To sum it up, the Lazy Daze macrame chair is worth the extra money if comfort is your first priority while furnishing a pleasant area in your home.

Upcycling | Macrame furniture, Macrame chairs, Lawn chairs

Its higher back (43cm/16.9″) gives more support than that of a standard chair, and its padded cushion is superior to those that come with other macramé chairs because of its custom fit to the chair’s design.

The suspension ropes are kept well apart and the chair is more stable thanks to a second ring at the chair’s top. However, this means that the chair functions best in a swing configuration when suspended from a single point.

Even though it costs more than the other chairs we looked at for this guide, this one is our top pick.

Largest Chair: Greenstell


Larger by about a third compared to standard chairs

Tolerates more weight than usual

Bet on blue, grey, purple, and other bright hues.


The larger chair needs a bigger pillow.

The Greenstell macrame hanging chair is the largest of its kind on the market, making it ideal for those who think “more is better.”

The chair is about a third larger than a standard macrame chair, measuring 102 × 83cm (about 40″ x 33″), so even larger persons will have plenty of area to find a comfortable position.

Even though its weight capacity is slightly higher than typical at 350 lbs, only one person at a time should use it.

A more standard market size, the Greenstell chair also comes in a more compact size of 81 x 61cm (32″ x 24″). The larger chair comes in three different colors (beige, blue, and grey), while the smaller chair comes in just grey.

It comes with a little plump cushion and the necessary hanging hardware to mount it to the ceiling, just like the other chairs, however I would have preferred a larger pillow to go along with the larger size of the chair.

Budget Pick: Everking


Probably the least expensive seat available

Comparable in size and design to more pricey alternatives


Neither a pillow nor the means to hang it are included.

Minimum carrying capacity

The Everking chair is perfect for those who need a more affordable option but still want a high-quality seat. The netting is still made of cotton like the others, and the measurements are the same as the Y-stop, which was my favorite.

On the downside, its lowest weight limit is just 265. Although this is still more than enough weight to comfortably seat an adult, it does make this chair the least sturdy of the bunch.

The chair is offered in either white or beige, and it features standard suspension strings that allow it to be hung from either a single point of attachment or, for a more dynamic experience, from two points of attachment in a swing configuration.

There is no pillow or hanging hardware included like there is with the other models, but there is an upgrade available if desired.

Best Black Chair: Giantex


There are other hues besides black and green.

The prices are quite low


There is no bedding or a place to hang it.

All other seats have been offered in neutral hues like white and beige up until now, but Giantex is setting itself apart by also providing chairs in black and green.

Giantex makes high-quality products at a reasonable price, which is why I’ve recommended their hammocks and other items in the past.

The Giantex product is comparable in size and strength to my top pick, the Y-Stop, with a few more color possibilities to boot. It can be used either indoors or outdoors and has a weight capacity of 330 lbs.

It’s reasonably priced because it doesn’t include a cushion or a mounting kit.

Best With Lights: Surpcos


With the added fairy lights, the mood is set.

Large carrying capacity

Cost-effective, as mounting materials are included in the asking price


This lighting is not intended for use in the outdoors.

No padding is included.

The addition of rope lights to this macrame chair takes the bohemian aesthetic to a whole new level.

You can choose between a string of lights in the shape of a star or a string of lights in the shape of a circle. These are battery-operated (they need 3 AA batteries) and can be wrapped around the chair and suspension to create a more relaxing atmosphere.

Whilst the chair is suitable for indoors or out, keep in mind that the lights are only suitable for indoors. The chair has a high weight limit compared to others reviewed here and is about average in terms of size, suitable for one person only.

Although the chair can be used either indoors or outdoors, the lights should be used within. The chair can support more weight than most of the ones we looked at, and its dimensions are standard for chairs of its type.

Best for Two People: Grassman


Large enough for two, yet not crowded

Durable, thicker cotton

Use a single anchor or set it up for swinging motion.


Despite the increased size of the chair, the 330-pound weight limit remains same.

There was neither a pillow nor any means of suspension.

Grassman makes a macrame chair that seats two people, and it’s the last option I’ll recommend. The chair has a width of 110 cm (43 inches) and is constructed with stronger macrame netting than standard chairs.

Even though it’s broader than the other chairs we looked at, it can only hold up to 330 pounds, so unless you’re both very little adults, this is a better option for a single adult to share with kids or a small animal.

It can be suspended from a single point, like the other chairs, or from two for a swing arrangement.

You’ll need to purchase a pillow and ceiling-mounting hardware separately, or get a hammock chair stand.

How Often to Clean Macrame

Macrame curtains, wall hangings, and plant hangers should be washed no more frequently than once a month. Purses, carpets, caps, and jewelry, on the other hand, should be washed at least once every two weeks to eliminate dust and marks from regular use. Macrame items can be cleaned in a variety of ways. The supplied methods were selected as the most secure options for macrame projects.

Things You’ll Need

  • Dish Soap, Mild
  • Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda
  • Cold Shower
  • Comb With Soft Bristles

How to Wash Machine Macrame

Prepare the Macrame for Washing Machine

Once the dust has been brushed away with a soft bristle brush, Dissolve the materials in lukewarm water and wash using the delicate cycle. Pretreat stains that are particularly stubborn, such as paint or blueberry juice, by following the advice given in the section on treating specific stains.

Caring for Older Macrame

If the macrame is old or fragile, it should be washed by hand in lukewarm water with a light detergent. You should squeeze the solution through the macrame carefully yet thoroughly. The best way to clean it is with cold water. Please don’t squeeze.

Drying Macrame

Letting the macrame dry in the air is recommended to reduce the risk of wear and strain. Do not use heat or direct sunshine to dry the macrame; instead, hang it up. Once the macrame is entirely dry, give it a good shake to smooth it out.

How to Clean Macrame Plant Hanger

Macrame plant hangers might be difficult to clean if you try to do so while they are in use. However, almost any problem may be fixed with some creativity and a few ingredients. It may be time for magic if the macrame plant hanger looks like it won’t wash clean.

Vintage Macramé Lawn Chair with Teal & Beige Design - Retro Patio Chair | Macrame projects, Macrame chairs, Macrame

Things You’ll Need

  • a mild detergent
  • Sodium bicarbonate, or baking soda
  • Luke’s Hot Bathwater
  • Citrus Juice
  • This set includes two spray bottles.

Using a spray bottle, prepare the cleaning solution for the macramé plant hanger. The macramé portion of the plant hanger should be sprayed with the solution. Spray the mixture from the first spray bottle with chilled water from the second spray bottle. Allow to air dry.

Use surface wipes to clean up any lingering residue on easily accessible surfaces.

Helpful Tips

Macrame can become unworkable if exposed to either extremely hot or cold water. Strong detergents should be used with caution. If you must use one, make sure to give the macrame a good washing afterward.

Related Questions

How Much Weight Can a Macrame Chair Hold?

On average, a macrame chair can support up to 330 pounds, making it suitable for a single adult. Macrame chairs are often only big enough for one person, but the weight limit means that even pets or kids can sit with you.

How Do You Hang a Macrame Chair?

Macrame chairs are versatile and may be used both indoors and out, whether strung from the ceiling, a beam, or even a tree. Most individuals, however, prefer to utilize a hanging chair stand, of which there are many varieties to suit varying preferences.


To macrame a chair bottom is only one of the many things you may accomplish with yarns. If you follow these simple instructions, you may make your home more stylish and elegant in no time. Don’t wait, get started on your macrame today!

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