How To Make A Bassinet Diaper Cake? Step-by-Step Tutorial

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A diaper cake styled after a bassinet is known as a “bassiet diaper cake.” You may tailor these diaper cakes to the gender of the baby shower guests, making them appropriate for either a boy or a girl, or leaving the gender out entirely.

Although it may seem daunting at first, putting together this diaper cake is actually rather simple. Diaper cakes can be assembled in an hour or less, but the process can take up to two hours if you have never done it before.

This article will provide detailed instructions for making a diaper cake in the shape of a baby bassinet. To help you prepare for this baby bassinet diaper cake craft, we’ll also go through the tools and supplies you’ll need.

This guide will help you make a bassinet diaper cake that will be the envy of everyone at the baby shower. Giving a bassinet cake to a new mother will undoubtedly be one of the most thoughtful presents she receives.

Keep reading to learn the ins and outs of constructing a diaper cake fit for a bassinet.

What Exactly Is a Diaper Cake?

Basically, a diaper cake is a gift cake made entirely out of baby diapers. Ribbons, miniature baby items, paper cutouts, and sometimes even a tiny sign reading “Oh, baby!” are common embellishments. The host of a baby shower may choose to make a diaper cake as a showpiece for the food table or have one of the attendees present it to the expecting mother as a gift. The diaper cake can be adorned to match the baby shower’s theme, or it can be designed more generally to evoke thoughts of babies and parenting. The mother’s diaper cake can be tailored to reflect her interests and personality in a number of ways. For instance, if the mother is a sports fan, the diaper cake can be decorated in her favorite team’s colors. Making a diaper cake for the new mom is a lovely gesture, and you need not be present at the baby shower to do so.

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Create one to show off at a sip and see after the baby is born, or give to a coworker before she goes on maternity leave. The expectant mother will be amazed and delighted by the diaper cake no matter when or how you deliver it to her, and you will have a great time creating it.

Materials and Equipment Needed For Your Baby Bassinet Diaper Cake

  • Diapers for newborns, size 48
  • Towels: 3, Baby: 1
  • One baby blanket.
  • 2 bibs
  • Bathing basket for infants
  • Ribbons
  • Tape
  • Scissors
  • Bound together with rubber


First, tightly roll 18 of the disposable diapers you will be using. Put a rubber band around each one to keep them together.

Second, secure the bath basket with a rubber band.

Roll each diaper, place it in the bath basket, and secure the rubber band around the basket. When you’re done, the diapers should surround the outside of the basket.

Fourth, lay a layer of flat diapers on top of the rolled diapers before you secure them with the rubber band.

5. Place the larger crib blanket over the finished bassinet base and fasten it with a rubber band.

Step 6: Reverse the diaper and tuck the receiving blanket’s ends inside. Make whatever changes are necessary to get the blanket to lie flat.

Fold 10 diapers in half and stack them; then, using a rubber band, keep them together.

Put another rubber band around the stacked diapers, then place two flat diapers on either side.

The ninth step is to cover this section of the diaper cake with the first receiving blanket. Use ribbons to hold it in place, and then tape the ribbons’ ends together.

Tenth, set the bib atop the foundation.

Place the top cushion section on top of the base at the bib’s neck.

Put the second bib on the diaper cake so that it hangs off the rear.

Thirteen, make a large rectangle out of the second receiving blanket and use it to cover the bassinet’s pillow and bottom.

14Tuck the ends of the top receiving blanket into the third blanket as you wrap it around the bassinet’s bottom.

Bows made from ribbons should be wrapped around the diaper cake’s base and pillow.

Use any extra baby toys or decorations you like to spruce up the bassinet diaper cake, number 16. For example, you may put a plush animal inside the bassinet or set up a selection of baby toys for bath time or nap time.

For the bassinet’s bottom, you can use a stack of rolled diapers secured with rubber bands and ribbons. This stand can be used to showcase the diaper cake for a bassinet in a variety of ways, from formal to casual.

Remember that putting tape on diapers will destroy them, so don’t do it!

Plan Your Baby Bassinet Diaper Cake Today

Can you confidently construct a diaper cake for a bassinet now? To make a lasting impression on the expecting mother, bring one of these adorable diaper cakes to the baby shower. This baby bassinet diaper cake is a fun and easy DIY that can be finished in a few of hours if you have the time and the DIY spirit. The aforementioned procedures are merely suggestions; feel free to add your own flair to them.

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But how do you go if you have no idea what aesthetic you wish to create? For a diaper cake fit for a bassinet, where might one look for ideas? Here are some ideas for diaper cake designs that would work well for a baby’s bassinet:

Baby Bassinet Diaper Cake #1 Polka-dot diaper cake

This adorable diaper cake is ideal for a newborn girl, but it can easily be adapted for a baby boy or a gender-neutral baby shower by just switching out the ribbon for a different shade. Choose this option with a roomy box in the middle of the bassinet and a soft, lacy blanket on top. Large, colorful bows on the bassinet’s top and front serve to tie the whole thing together. With this alternative, you may tailor your message to the individual’s tastes with relative ease.

Baby Bassinet Diaper Cake #2 Shoebox bassinet cake

A shoebox stands in for the typical baby bath basket in this unique take on the traditional bassinet diaper cake. You have a lot more leeway in terms of what you can offer the expecting mother because to this shoebox. Pink and yellow accents complement the princess rubber ducky shown in this rendition. Craft flowers and paper butterfly embellishments give this diaper cake bassinet a sweetly girly look. If you get bored with the current decor, feel free to switch things up.

Baby Bassinet Diaper Cake #3 Jungle animals bassinet cake

This diaper cake with a bassinet full of jungle animals is perfect for either a boy or a girl baby shower. This deal comes with a wide variety of useful items, including blankets, a pacifier, and more, all stored in a roomy inside box. Additionally, a beautiful receiving blanket is stretched over the top, and a row of diapers is arranged neatly around the outside. Two bows, one large and one small, decorate the top of this diaper cake for a bassinet. The jungle animal ribbon that encircles the bassinet is a perfect fit for any of these color schemes, and the hues are neutral enough to be used for a baby of either gender.

You may now confidently prepare a diaper cake in the shape of a bassinet for a baby shower using the aforementioned guidelines. A diaper cake like this is perfect for a baby shower, but it can also be given on the baby’s first birthday. Remember to stock the bassinet with as many baby-friendly necessities as you can fit in there, so the new parents will be well-equipped for their new arrival.

How many diapers do you need to make a diaper cake?

To make a diaper cake, how many diapers do you need? The exact number of diapers required to make a three-tier diaper cake will vary depending on its size and design.

Can I make my own diaper cake?

In the middle of the cake foundation, place a bottle of baby lotion or shampoo. Wrapping paper or paper towel tubes can also be used. Diapers should be rolled up and placed in a layer around the bottle. Wrap a thick rubber band around the outer edge of the diapers to keep them all together.

What kind of diapers do you use for a diaper cake?

Diaper cakes are typically made with disposable diapers, and if there is no specific brand preference, a safe option like Huggies or Pampers is fine. Diaper sizes should be chosen with care, with larger sizes being preferable.

How do you secure a diaper cake to the base?

Take out the diaper cake and cut the bottom off with box cutters. Make a big loop on the cardboard bottom using wide painters’ tape or masking tape. Please reapply the diaper cake. It’s fastened to the bottom now.

How do you make a giraffe diaper cake?

  1. It is best to begin rolling the diaper from the open end, working your way toward the closed end.
  2. Wrap each diaper with a white rubber band.
  3. Three rolled-up diapers should be stacked on top of each other.
  4. You can use four diapers to join the legs together.
  5. To depict the giraffe’s feet, place booties at the bottom of each leg.

How many diapers do you need for a size 2 diaper cake?

You’ll need 28 diapers for a two-tiered cake, 62 for a three-tiered cake, and 118 for a four-tiered cake.

How do you make a diaper cake without rolling diapers?

Tie or rubber band the middle of the diaper “cake” together. You can use this as a glue for your diaper cake. Use of tape or glue will destroy the diapers and make them unsuitable for the new mother. For the remaining pie dishes, simply repeat the steps above. Put in more layers using the same method.

How many diapers does a newborn use a day?

The average infant requires between 8 and 10 diaper changes each day for the first month of life. In addition, kids go through around 700 diapers in the first three months (the newborn stage).

How to make a diaper cake the easy way?

  • Place a stack of diapers in the large pan and curl around the dish to let them form a circle to produce the largest of the swirled layers.
  • A tube of diaper cream is one of my favorite hidden extras to tuck into the centre of the bottom layer.
  • Put it together in layers, and then put a dowel through the centre to keep it from collapsing.

How many diapers do you need for a diaper cake?

You’ll need anywhere from 38 to 64 diapers for a three-tier diaper cake, but the exact number may vary based on the size and design of your cake. What other kinds of diapers can be used to make a diaper cake? About 50–75 newborn or size 1 diapers are used in most diaper cakes. Here is a list of what you’ll require: Rubber bands Disposable or reusable diapers

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How to attach things to a diaper cake?

  • Choose the width of the ribbon. The breadth should be determined by your preferred aesthetic and the overall height of the cake.
  • Do the math before you sever the cake’s bow. If you want to wrap the cake in a single piece of fabric, leave a few inches of extra length.
  • Add a few dots of frosting or icing to the back of the ribbon.

What to do with leftover diapers from a diaper cake?

  • It’s recommended that you do this while watching your favorite TV show: lay out all the diapers in the size you’ve chosen, roll them up, and attach the middle with a rubber band. *see
  • Cardboard discs (about 11.5 inches and 8.5 inches in diameter; a base is optional for the upper tier) should be cut out.
  • Stick the cardboard bottom of the paper towel roll with hot glue.

The bottom line

There is no one correct technique to make a diaper cake. It’s the thought that counts, therefore no matter how big or small, extravagant or subtle, your gesture will be noticed and appreciated. Have a good time with it and see the look of delight on the special someone’s face as you present your masterpiece. We offer 25 baby shower presents for the mom-to-be, in addition to 16 practical baby shower gift ideas, and a page with 42 baby shower gift ideas you’ll enjoy.

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