How To Make A Candle Holder? Comprehensive Guide

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We live in a time when everyone is competing with one other to be the best at everything they do, and as a result, our days are filled with nonstop work schedules that can be exhausting. We need to take some time out of our hectic schedules to recharge our batteries and restore our mental and physical well-being. There’s no need to arrange holidays abroad or in the great outdoors. You can do it every day or at the very least on the weekends by spending time with your loved ones. And romantic dinners are the best way to accomplish this. You can’t help but feel at ease when you’re surrounded by your loved ones at a beautiful dining table that’s filled with delicious food. But don’t go overboard with your imagination just yet. The centerpiece of candles is an essential part of any significant décor, so let me tell you.

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In order to create a pleasant, relaxing, and serene atmosphere, candles are a must-have accessory. That’s why we’ve put together our 20 Best DIY Candle Holders for you to make your own candles at home. Candle holders can be made from a wide variety of household objects, including tea cups, mason jars (which can be repurposed), glass jars, eggshells, and more. Citrus peel candles, pumpkin candle holders, hardwood candles, and birch log candles would form the most beautiful luminaries for a traditional holiday feast. In this section, you’ll find even more imaginative and adorned candles for your birthday parties and other special events. If you’re looking for a simple way to add some flickering and cozy glow pieces to your dining tables, you’ve come to the right place!


20 Simple DIY Candle Holders To Craft Your Own

1. Ombre Taper Candle Holder

Decorate your home for the upcoming season of autumn? In order to keep you warm and cozy on those chilly autumn nights, candles are a must-have for your fall home decor. Using these ombre tappers candle holders will give your dining table an old-fashioned feel. To match your decor, you can choose from a variety of tapper colors and tones. Polymer clay and copper pipes may be used to quickly and easily make these ombre tapper holders. Create a set of balls and glue them to the rods. Paint the pipe’s end corners gold for an additional touch of glamor.

2. Concrete Pillar Candle Holders

The pillar candle holders made of concrete are extremely long-lasting and sturdy. With some leftover concrete and gravel, you can easily create these holders at home. A molder and some gravel are all that’s required to make a pillar. The most important step is to build these pillars after determining the size of the candle.

3. DIY Wood House Candle Holders

It’s a lot of fun to make wooden home candle holders. You’ll have a lot of fun with this DIY project. Make these candle holders from scrap wood and hardware store items. Making a hut-shaped candle holder is all you need to do. Place this copper holder inside the house you’ve just built. To spruce up this house, paint it in the hue of the paint’s interior.

4. Painted Mason Jar Candle Holders

Even after they’ve been rejected or thrown away, mason jars can be put to good use. These jars can be used in a variety of ways to decorate your home and make candle holders. Use an old jar to create this lovely bohemian-style candle holder. Multiple heart shapes on this jar will give it a more eye-catching appearance. Except for the heart shapes, cover the entire pot in pink paint. This handcrafted candle holder is perfect for admiring the process of blowing out candles.

5. Wooden Tea Light Candle Holders

Make these lovely wooden candle holders for your room or living space to create an amazing mood. If you’re a woodworker, this DIY candle holder concept will be easy for you to complete. But even if you’re a novice maker, you’ll have no problem working on this project. Notches can be made from leftover wood scraps. Drilling holes for candles is necessary to complete this DIY after you have marked the notches.

6. Hanging Glass Candle Holder

A glass bowl and unused macrame strips can be used to build this beautiful hanging candle holder. It’s as simple as tying a macrame strip around the glass bowl. Using a nail, attach the hanging bowl to the roof seal and let it dangle. Put some fake flowers or herbs in this candle holder to spruce it up a bit.

7. Moroccan Candle Holders

These Moroccan candle holders will give your home a beautiful and stylish look. These holders are simple enough to make on your own. Make your home feel like a Middle Eastern bazaar with these enigmatic and elegant holders. Moroccan craved wood can be purchased at the market to build these holders. In addition to purchasing, a circuit maker can be used to create these desired layouts.

8. DIY Wedding Candle Holders

Many couples cannot afford the high cost of wedding candle holders purchased from a store. Don’t be concerned. Make these fascinating and charming holders by yourself even within your budget. These incredible holders can be made from sleeping or hobby sheets. Placing LED candle lights in these sheets allows you to create and format them however you choose.

9. Dollar Store Halloween Candle Holders

When decorating your home for Halloween, candles are the most important item to keep in mind. Decorate your home with modern and stylish candle holders instead of the usual and drab ones. Simple resources and components allow you to make your own. Candle holders made out of empty wine bottles can be scary and tasteful. They should be painted fully metallic black to match the black and white theme of Halloween’s decorations.

10. Mid Century Candlestick Holders

Candlestick holders from the 1950s and ’60s add a dash of style and flair to your party decor. You may use these white-colored candle holders to match any theme or color scheme in your home. You may make these eye-catching holders out of crates and barrels on your own. Working on this do-it-yourself project is much simpler. It’s important to begin with precise measurements of the final result in mind.

11. How to Make Candle Holder

To construct this yarn DIY candle holder, you only need a few supplies and some patience. This candle holder can be made from a variety of different-sized glass vases or holders. Hot glue the string around the glass vase and you’re done. It’s up to you how you choose to divide up the holders for painting. Your outdoor table will look fantastic with this as a centerpiece!

12. Colourful Candle Holders

For a Spring-inspired tablescape, consider using colorful candle holders. These holders will add a burst of color and liveliness to your tabletop. This is the kind of table where your family would enjoy getting together for a meal. Spray-paint old candlesticks in bright colors or use stencils to decorate them. You’re all set for a night of fun!

13. Snowflake Votives Candle Holders

Snowflake designs are a perennial favorite for home decor. For the winter and Christmas seasons, these votive candle holders are enchanting decor options. Using empty jars, you can create these lovely holders at home. Glass paint spray in frosted color will look great on these jars! On decorate the jars, print out snowflake patterns from the Internet and adhere them to them. Make the top area of this jar more interesting by sprinkling a little silhouette on it.

14. Tall Candle Stick Holders

These tall candlestick holders can be made from rustic wood remaining from your store. With their rustic and natural appearance, these candle holders will add a charming touch to your home’s decor. You can stain the wood of these candles in any color you like to make them more appealing. Using hemp oil to polish the rustic wood candle holders can give your home a rich appeal.

15. Personalized Glitter Candle Holder

Decorate candlesticks with a unique touch by decorating a glass jar or mug. Decorate your home for a celebration with these holders. You don’t need to spend a lot of money to make these holders. Make it your own with the use of craft materials and other DIY methods. Apply gold glitter to this holder to give it a glistening finish.

16. Pallet Wall Candle Holders

Renovated your home recently? In that case, build a stunning concrete candle holder out of the remaining materials. These concrete candle holders are simple to make and don’t require a lot of time or work. Create notches in the concrete slab by molding it in the molder. Before putting the candles in, let it dry completely..

Pallet Wall Mounted Candle Holders | Ahşap palet, Dekorasyon fikirleri, Dekor

18. Vintage Stained Glass Votive Candle Holder

These trendy and vintage-style candle holders for your space can be made from a basic beer glass. Instead of using paper flowers, you can use manufactured or fake flowers to build these holders. If you’d want to transform your home into a party hotspot, try your hand at making this retro candle holder. Stick the flowers on the personalized candle holders with mod podge.

19. DIY Crystal Candle Holder

Using crystal candle holders in your home creates a magical and enchanting atmosphere. In keeping with the season, these candleholders are a lovely accent to any outdoor space. A basic concrete block can be used to build these holders. Glass crystals in the colors of your choice can be added to the holders. You may also use these candle holders in your garden to create a calming atmosphere for you and your family to enjoy.

20. Acrylic Perspex Candle Holders

Perspex is an easy-to-work-with plastic that can be molded into a variety of shapes and sizes. A glue gun, Perspex, acrylic and a wooden dowel complete this DIY candle idea. You’ll need a ruler to accurately measure the dimensions and features of these candle holders before you start making them. To maintain a better sense of equilibrium, place the candles on a glass tray. fallfordiy

What Can I Use Instead Of A Candle Holder? (10 Best Alternatives)

It’s unlikely that decorative candles will disappear anytime soon, so you’ll need an attractive candle holder to display them.

However, a candle holder isn’t actually necessary. Candle holders aren’t the only item you may use if you’re short on space or want something a little more unusual.

A candlestick can be replaced with anything from a glass bowl or saucer to a concrete candle holder or even a wine glass. You may also make a stunning lotus flower holder out of plastic spoons.

Like me, you’re constantly on the lookout for new and exciting ways to express yourself, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy this one.

Listed here are all the new things you can use to hold candles:

1. Wooden Blocks

To begin with, a candle holder made of wooden blocks springs to mind.

These are not only eye-catching, but they also work nicely with a variety of different types of candles.

A drill or a chisel can be all you need to make a hole big enough for your candle, or you can buy a set of six wooden candle holders:

This is a great way to dress up any tea light or tapered candlestick.

2. Glass Cups

Now, you don’t have to go out and buy any additional accessories or goods with this notion.

A glass cup, container, or votive is all you need to create a beautiful centerpiece.

In terms of appearance, clear glass is the preferred choice, but you are free to use any color, shape, or size you desire.

If you’d like to go the extra mile, try adding some beading or lace trimmings to the glass’s outside.

3. Saucers

Alternatively, you can just grab a saucer or any small dish to use as a candle holder.

Just grab a saucer or any other small dish and use it to hold your candles instead.

Do keep in mind that using a saucer that has a design on it, such as this, will make them appear simply stunning.

4. Concrete Holder

It’s a simple and entertaining DIY project that can be completed in a matter of hours.

Concrete candle holders look fantastic, and you can construct your own molds to create any design you choose. You don’t have to make one yourself, of course.

Pre-made concrete candle holders are available in a wide range of styles.

You can’t go wrong with any concrete addition to your home’s decor. That much is certain!

5. Sculptured Clay Pots

You may also use sculpted clay pots instead of a candle holder in your home decor.

With the help of clay, these are typically molded into a precise shape before being baked.

Even little bowls made of clay could be decorated.

You’ll adore the final result whether you add a little tealight candle or a long tapered candle.

Iron and resin are used to make this candleholder; yet, it serves as an example of what kind of clay sculpture you can make.

This one above is also a good option if you prefer the design and want to save time, effort, and materials.

6. Wire

If you are looking for something a little more imaginative than the standard candle holder, you’ve come to the right place.

You may create a candle holder out of whatever shape or style you choose if you use a strong and flexible wire.

Bend the wire to construct a support so that it can rest on any surface, and then shape the wire to create any design you choose for the top.

Wrap the wire around the candle and you’re ready to go.

Isn’t that the case? Even if you only use one tapered candlestick, I recommend you give this a shot to see how it looks in your space.

7. Wooden Logs

To make a candle holder that is both long-lasting and eye-catching, I recommend using wood logs.

Alternatively, if you’re making your own, you’ll need to carve a hole in the center of the log to accommodate the candles.

Even if you don’t already have a rustic farmhouse design in your home, this wooden log idea is a terrific way to incorporate rustic elements into your décor.

Using them as a centerpiece or over the mantle in the living room is a great way to incorporate this idea into your decor.

Getting a handful of these in various lengths will result in an eye-catching presentation.

8. Spoons

When I came across this idea recently, I couldn’t wait to give it a whirl.

Imagine my delight when I discovered this DIY lotus flower craft!

A candle can be placed in the center once the project is finished.

If you want to learn how to make this lotus flower candle holder, here is a detailed tutorial:

This is a stunning idea that you should absolutely try out for yourself.

9. Wine glasses

It is possible to use this concept in two ways.

Place a little candle in the wine glass, and you’re ready to go!

Hi lovelies!😘 Just wanted to share. Christmas candle holders I made a year ago for a ver… | Wine glass crafts, Christmas wine glass candle holder, Glass crafts diy

Another option is to flip the glass over so that the bottom is facing up and you may set the candle there.

Decorate the wine glass by placing little trinkets and trinket holders within.

Candle holders can be used in a variety of ways, and both are excellent options. It’s a win-win situation.

10. Water Bottles

Finally, you can use a glass bottom and fill it with leaves and flowers, then add water.

After that, you’ll need a tapered candlestick to fit within the water bottle’s aperture.

Glass or plastic bottles can be used, as long as they’re clear enough to see what’s within.

If you’re hosting a special event, you can utilize this concept to decorate the table with various bottle candle holders.

3 Easy Ways To Burn a Candle Without a Jar

1. Trim candlewicks to be 1⁄8th to 1⁄4th tall before each use

There are a few things you need to do before you begin. If you want to light your candle, you must first trim the wick to a height of 1/8th or 1/4th of an inch before lighting it. Many various instruments can be used to trim the candlewick, such as a pair of scissors or even a nail cutter.

You can also utilize specialist candlewick trimmers that are sold on the market. In the long run, a cleaner, brighter burn is what you’ll get when you cut the candlewick. Because of the mushrooming effect of an untrimmed candlewick, the fire’s flame will become dull over time.

In addition, untrimmed candle wicks will leave behind those dreadful smoke streaks surrounding the candles themselves. It is possible to keep the candle’s flame under control and avoid stains from forming by trimming the candlewick.

2. Burn candles for a maximum of 3 to 4 hours

Use a lighter to get the job done. You must let a pillar candle to burn for at least an hour for every inch of diameter in the early stages. At least three to four hours should be allowed for a three to four-inch pillar candle in the early stages of burning.

Keep the candle burning in a consistent fashion and avoid the candlewick from getting submerged in the wax during future burns by using this method

Do You Throw Food Scraps in the Disposal? (Also, Is It Secure?

During the burning process, check to see if the top layer of candle wax has completely melted. Unless you have the luxury of a lot of free time, avoid lighting a candle in case it needs to burn for an extended period of time. A process known as tunnelling is all that’s left if you can’t get the melt to fully melt.

In theory, the candlestick could continue to penetrate the wax, producing some type of tunnel. The tube will eventually sink to the point that lighting the candle will be impossible. Burning a candle properly will ensure that it lasts longer and is easy to relight at any time, even if patience is required.

3. Use a tray to keep the candle burning smoothly

Use the pillar candle only until it reaches a height of one inch. There is a risk of fire if the candle is burning for less than an inch. Using a tray to keep the candle burning evenly is recommended for best results. The tray will collect all of the melted candle wax.

When you burn a pillar candle in the correct manner, the center of the candle will melt while the rest of the candle remains solid. In order to get the most out of your candle wax, you should squeeze it a bit more while it’s still a little warm so that you may get the most out of the wax.

During the time the candle is burning, this folding effect will help transfer the edges toward the center and embrace the edges as well. It’s crucial to keep in mind a few important safety precautions to ensure that the candle burns properly and safely.

As an example, while using matches to light a candle, you must ensure that the used wicks are retained on the edge. Discarded matchsticks and burnt candlewicks should be maintained at least 30 feet apart. You must also remain in the same room as the candle while it burns. Keep a close eye on a burning candle at all times, as it could easily catch fire if left unattended.


What can I use as a candle holder?

As an alternative to the traditional candlestick, consider using anything from a glass bowl to a concrete candlestick. You could even use wine glasses. You may also make a stunning lotus flower holder out of plastic spoons.

Do candles put themselves out?

Only self-extinguishing candles have a metal bottom and come in jars or containers with a wick. It’s a safety issue if you let other types of candles (pillar candles or taper candles) burn out.

Can you burn a candle if the glass is broken?

If the jar is cracked, do not use the candle. If your candle jar is cracked due to dropping, chipping, or any other reason, do not use it. It’s extremely risky to light a candle in a cracked jar since wax can melt through the tiniest chip.

Why should you not burn a candle for more than 4 hours?

A “mushroomed” wick is the result of burning your candle for longer than 4 hours at a time. Because of this, your candle may smoke, the wick may become unsteady, and soot may sputter out of the container and into the air.

Can I sleep with candles lit?

As a general rule, most candles recommend that they only be used for three to four hours at a time. A candle burning in a container will get hotter and hotter as it burns, making it dangerous to sleep with a lit candle nearby. The system will get hotter as the fire burns longer.

When should I stop burning a candle

When your candle has about a half-inch of wax remaining, it’s time to put it out. In order to avoid damaging the surface on which the candle is lying and the jar itself, you should not burn your candle past the half-inch mark.

Do taper candles make a mess?

Though high-quality taper candles can not completely avoid dripping altogether, any liquid wax product always has a small chance of dripping. In order to avoid candle drip completely, be sure to select the best available candles. Then, take some additional precautions, as outlined below.

Do people still use taper candles?

Despite the fact that high-quality taper candles cannot entirely avoid dripping, any liquid wax product will always have a slight probability of dripping. Make sure you choose the best candles you can find if you want to avoid dripping candles. Then, take the following additional measures.

Do Jar Candles Burn Themselves Out?

For the most part, a metal wicked candle, like a glass jar candle or a tea light candle, will burn out on its own. Because the wick on other types of candles, such as pillars and tapers, does not have a bottom section, the candle is more likely than not to go out on its own.

In any case, the National Candle Association stated that the main reason for not burning down the candle wax is for safety. This can cause a fire hazard and harm to life and property if the jar or container is heated to an unsafe level.

Are Candles in Glass Jars Safe?

Candle-safe glass is heat-resistant, so it won’t shatter and isn’t prone to become puddles of melted wax. Pressure canning jars are an excellent example of a heat-resistant, glass container that may be used to make candles.

Is it Safe To Burn a Candle in a Closed Room?

Carbon atoms are released into the air when a candle is lit. The amount of oxygen in a closed space may be reduced if you sleep with a candle burning. The carbon dioxide and carbon monoxide gas produced by a burning candle is hazardous to your health.

Can You Put a Candle on a Plate?

YES, this is a valid question. A plate with a heat-resistant surface can be used to hold or burn a candle. This means that any surface that is easily combustible is not heat proof. A coaster, ceramic or glass plate, or any other heat-resistant or heat-dispersing surface can be used to safely light a candle.

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Keep your candles out of reach of children, pets, and drafts at all times. Do not light a candle near a curtain, under a shelf or cabinet, or on the floor with the light on. Using a plate or other heat-resistant surface is recommended when using candles.

There are only three things to keep in mind while selecting a dinner plate:

  • It will not burn.
  • It’s watertight.
  • It won’t crack or break

It will not break or split.

  • It’s Not Going to Burn

This appears to be a simple guideline to follow, but it is almost often ignored. Any object that can’t contain an open flame is out of the question for use as a candle plate, including birch bark bowls, coconut shells and plastic margarita glasses.

Candle plates have also been reported to be used in flower pots and other porous ceramic containers. Terra cotta, a porous material, is able to absorb the wax. A massive flame should be able to ascend up the side of the flower pot if this acts as a giant wick.

Again, never use a container or dish that can burn to burn a candle. Never set candles on plates that are too thin, no matter how beautiful they are or how confident you are that the flame won’t reach close to the container’s edge.

  • Won’t Leak

Isn’t going to leak

  • Will Not Break

That’s probably the most prevalent container or plate issue to come up with. It’s the one that has the potential to cause the most damage.

If you set a cracked container on top of hot wax, it will drip and drip all over the surface. Also, the candle’s wax-soaked wick will be left with no pool surprise, so the flame can even grow to be many inches tall. In a matter of seconds, the flame can soar high enough to reach draperies, a cabinet, or even a desk.

Should You Burn Candles in Your Bedroom?

It is possible, but you should be aware that when these candles are lit, hazardous carcinogenic pollutants are released into the air, including the most well-known of all: soot. Many of the toxic chemicals created by burning diesel fuel can be found in the exhaust from these paraffin candles.

The Little Fashion Bug: DIY Wine Glass Candle Holders

Are Scented Candles Toxic?

Toxic chemicals like formaldehyde can be released when scented candles are burned, which may raise the risk of cancer.

While these hazardous substances may be released by scented candles, it isn’t known if they have an effect on your well-being.

Candles may also cause an allergic reaction if they have a strong aroma. including, but not limited to

  • Sneezing
  • An itchy nose
  • Blockage of the nasal and sinus passages

Which Candles Are Best For Your Health?

Burning anything can emit toxic compounds into the air, which can be harmful to your health.

To put it another way, the smoke from burning candles in a well-ventilated room is unlikely to have an adverse effect on your health.

Sticking to natural-source candles may be your best bet if you want to reduce the amount of particulate matter in your lungs.

According to one study, palm stearin candles only emit half the amount of black soot that paraffin-based candles do. Natural candles appear to emit the lowest amount of possibly harmful compounds into the atmosphere, according to the researchers.

If you have a stainless steel refrigerator, see if magnets can damage it.

Some examples of natural candles are:

  • Cocoa butter
  • Beeswax
  • Wax derived from soy
  • Wax from the palm
  • Wax made from the sap of plants

How Do You Get Candle Wax Out of a Broken Jar?

A cracked jar of candle wax can be extremely difficult and stressful to remove the wax from. However, the hot candlewax pouring out of the damaged container makes it unsafe to use, and a fire may result as a result.

To remove candle wax from a cracked jar, try one of the following four methods.

1. Use Boiling Water

Candle wax can be removed with a warm water wipe. Using a cloth or newspaper as a cover, place the wax on the hard surface. Remove as much candle wax as possible with a table knife or spoon.

Open the container’s lid and pour in the hot water. In the case of soy wax candles, warm (but not boiling) water may be used instead. The candle wax will be melted and float to the top of the jar when the water comes to a boil.

Remove the wax after the water has cooled off. Remove any little wax fragments from the water with a strainer. (Avoid flushing candle wax down the toilet.) If you plan to reuse the jar in the future, scrape off any remaining candle wax and wash it well with soap and water.

2. Freeze the Candle Wax

The classic tip of using ice cubes to get wax out of carpets works because the cold hardens and shrinks the wax, making it easier to remove. If the jar has a tiny opening, break any large chunks of wax that remain in the container with a table knife (or a spoon if your candle wax is soft).

A few hours or until the candle is completely frozen is all that is needed. If the wax does not come out easily, use a table knife to loosen it a bit further. Clean the jar with soap and water to remove any leftover candle wax residue.

3. Create a Double Boiler

Using a table knife or spoon, try to remove as much wax from the candle as possible. Heat-resistant surfaces should be used to place the candle in the pot or bowl. It is possible to keep the candle from moving by placing a folded tea towel under it.)

Pour hot, scalding water around the candle in the saucepan, taking care not to let any of it spill into the jar. Let the jar sit in the hot water for as long as it takes for the candle wax to melt completely. Use a table knife to remove the wax from the jar.

4. Use the Oven

If you have a lot of containers to wash at once, this is a great option to use. Use a table knife or spoon to remove as much candle wax as possible. It is best to use tin foil or one to two sheets of parchment paper to line an 8-inch by 8-inch baking pan in the oven at 180 degrees Celsius.

Set the pan inside the oven with the candles facing the opposite direction. Melting time for the wax is between 10 and 15 minutes. Take out the pan, place it on a heat-resistant surface, and then cook. Paper towels and a kitchen towel are all you need to clean the interior of your jar.

What Can You Do With a Broken Jar?

You should never throw away a shattered jar because there are so many creative ways to use damaged goods.

Because of this it is possible to transform the broken fragments of jar glasses into stunning lawn displays. Get garden rocks and glue the broken bits onto them. Broken jars and other types of glass that you want to save after they’ve been broken can be used for this simple do-it-yourself project.

Final Thoughts

This was a fascinating subject, and I had a great deal of pleasure looking for different candle holders.

The good news is that even though there are many options to choose, nearly all of them are excellent, so picking the best one will only be a minor effort.

This is wonderful since you can always come back and test out different ideas later.

I hope you found what you were searching for, but please let me know if you come across anything else.

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