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Do the stains on your chair or the fact that it doesn’t fit the decor get under your skin? Read on to learn the 8 simple steps required to sew your very own custom chair cover.

A nice chair cover does more than just keep our expensive chairs clean; it also gives them a dash of class. Let’s put our creative energies to use and make something that is both functional and aesthetically pleasing for our homes.

The Many Benefits Of Using Chair Covers

1). Protecting Expensive Upholstery: No Fear of Spills and Stains

Wrap your Grandma’s antique chairs in our stain-resistant chair covers to keep them looking like new and to shield your own pricey seats from dirt and spills. When you put a slipcover over your upholstery, you can relax knowing that it will be safe from stains, scratches, and other markings that could be created by curious pets or messy kids.

Easy DIY Chair Back Covers

2). Cover Those Boring Or Unattractive Chairs Up!

Do not plan on forcing your visitors sit on uncomfortable, outdated seats for the duration of the event. Chair seat covers are useful since they not only give a decent drape to old, drab chairs, but also assist conceal damage to exposed places like scratches on the legs. Having new chair covers for your party chairs is a great way to update the look of old, worn out chairs.

Stretch chair coverings are perfect for giving old, boring chairs a facelift and changing them into a showpiece of elegance and class. Slipcovering existing folding or banquet chairs with premade ones is a simple and inexpensive method to update the aesthetic of your space.

3). Easy To Launder and Care!

When it comes to maintenance, most chair coverings may be washed in the washing machine. If you follow the maintenance directions, you can use these chair coverings year after year and they’ll look as good as new. Why always shell out for banquet chair cover rentals or brand new folding chair covers when you can make do with the ones you already have?! These wholesale chair covers can be used over and over again after a quick wash to maintain their pristine appearance.

Our chair seat covers are inexpensive enough to be considered one-time usage if the thought of doing laundry gives you the willies. A simple search on efavormart.com will reveal a plethora of unique, low-priced chair covers perfect for your next event’s cleanup.

4). Enormous Selection of Colors and Patterns: Go Bold with Gold or Keep it Light with White!

Each milestone in your life deserves a unique color and design scheme to match the joyous occasion you’re celebrating. Since the scope of party decorations vary widely from occasion to occasion, you should spice up your party’s look with some of the latest and greatest in decorations and accents. Since chairs play a pivotal role in establishing the ambiance of any celebratory occasion, one way to accomplish it is by enhancing your plain chairs with the coverings in your theme color and design.

Covering your tired old seats with something that matches the style of your party will give them a whole new lease on life. These Banquet Chair Covers will not break the bank while helping you create a stylish, coordinated tablescape for your special occasion.

If you don’t have the funds to buy brand new chairs to fit your theme, or if you simply want to improve the look of the chairs you already have, then go no further than our selection of wholesale chair coverings.

For a Baby Shower or a Gender Reveal Party, for instance, a coordinated blush and rose gold color scheme would be perfect. Our Rose Gold Spandex Chair Covers or Satin Chair Covers will make your foldable or banquet chairs look more elegant than any other seating option in town. Or Our Red Rosette Satin Chair Covers will add a touch of romance to your Valentine’s Day celebration by covering the chairs in your plain, boring chairs and giving the room the look and feel of a fairytale rose garden.

5). Coordinate Mismatched Furniture and Décor Perfectly: Harmonizing the Décor from Ceiling to Floor!

Using chair covers is a cheap and easy method to coordinate the look of your party chairs with the rest of your table settings, backdrop, drapes, and other accessories. Give that boring old furniture a stylish new look! You don’t have to break the bank to have everything in your home complement each other in style.

How to Make Your Own Simple Chair Covers - The Palette Muse

Linens should be coordinated with the rest of the party’s decorations for a polished, unified effect. Coordinating white polyester table linens with colored table runners, napkins, balloons, and backdrop elements will make for an eye-catching presentation.

Our long-lasting wedding chair covers are just as beautiful as they are practical, and they can be used with new looks and trimmings for each of your special occasions.

To assist you spruce up your chairs for your big day, efavormart.com offers a plethora of options for Chair Accents and decorations. These plain chair coverings for sale can be dressed up with the addition of a stunning belt, a trendy pin, a jeweled brooch, or a matching bloom and greenery spray.

We trust that these main arguments and clear advantages of covering those plain chairs have convinced you to stock up on trendy, low-priced chair covers. Party like it’s 1999 and arrange events like a pro! Give those boring chairs a tantalizing makeover and your guests won’t be able to wait to “have a seat” in their newly minted comfort and beauty.

What You Need To Prepare

To make a cover for a chair, you need only a few simple materials and some imagination.

  1. Naturally, the first step is to find the perfect cloth in the style you’ve always wanted. Be well-prepared so that you won’t have to rush out to the store when you run out of supplies.
  2. The next step is to prepare a sewing machine. Even if you don’t have a sewing machine, you can always stitch by hand.
  3. You can cut through fabric like butter with a pair of sharp scissors. Find anything that isn’t rusted and sharp enough to cut the stuff you need to cut.
  4. You can never have enough straight pins for keeping your fabric in place, so stock up.
  5. Finally, go out and get a variety of quality thread colors. If you don’t want your chair cover to look sloppy, remember to use colors that complement the cloth.

Making The Chair Cover

Now that we have all of the materials, we can begin sewing our chair cover.

First, take the necessary measurements of your chair. You can do this before heading out to the fabric store to get an accurate estimate of how much cloth you’ll need. But if you have the money, you can buy in bulk and utilize the leftovers for decorative pillows.

Take a measurement that includes the depth of the chair’s back, the height of the back, and the width of the seat in the front. Take side measures as well.

Second, gather up some textiles. If you have kids or pets and want to protect your furniture from tears, you can use heavy-duty upholstery and thick thread.

Get your material and pattern ready. To make good use of the motif, you’ll need to plan exactly how you’ll sew it.

Method 3: Design a Format. Don’t feel rushed; this doesn’t involve any sort of engineering. The only challenge is deciding how to transfer your measurements to the fabric.

Using a fabric pencil or chalk, mark the back of your cloth with the proportions once you’ve figured out how to accomplish it. Make sure they fit in with the overall aesthetic. Leave a few inches at the bottom so you can sew the fabric together.

Fourth, tear the fabric. Cut out the pieces using fabric shears and the measurements you drew. Allowance of one inch all the way around is recommended (the ones that end up inside when you sew)

Five, pin the pattern on the fabric. Fabric should be positioned on the chair and pinned as closely as possible to ensure a snug fit. As many straight pins as you like.

The sixth step is to sew the components together. Follow the pinned line with your sewing machine’s stitches to secure the seam. Do not worry about the bottom edge just yet; we will get to that in a minute.

Adjust the fit of the cover in Step 7. Adjust the chair’s parts as needed before stitching. Restitching is required if you discover any gaps or sags in the stitching.

It’s frustrating, for sure, but it’s never wasted time. If it is too tight, it could be pulled off, and if it is too loose, it could slip off.

The eighth and last step is to hem. Once the garment is a suitable fit, you can finally hem the bottom edge. Fold it in half lengthwise and stitch the folds together.

This neatens up the edge of your chair cover, making it look more finished. You can now put on your cover, straighten it out, and you’re done!

What material is suited for a chair cover?

Look closely at the fabric you plan to use in sewing your chair cover. Although silk may seem fitting for a cover due to its refined appearance, you and I both know that it is far too smooth to be practical.

Leather is another high-quality material, but it is difficult to sew and therefore more expensive. Obviously, no one can stop you from achieving your goals, but we thought you might need a hand.

Cotton cloth is commonly used for chair covers since it is sturdy and does not fade easily. However, if you have young children or pets at home, this may not be the best option.

In any case, you can pick from a wide variety of materials. This disguise is available for your use, if you so choose.

How To Take Off, Wash, Dry, and Put On Our Upholstered Chair Covers

Taking off the Chair Cover

If you have any major stains, you should wash them away as soon as possible. Turning the Classic Dining Chair on its side makes it much easier to deal with spills of spaghetti sauce, wine, or any other type. Once you’ve flipped the chair over, you may remove the bottom cover by unzipping it.

It’s time to unhook the Smart-Cinch bungees now. Each of the four corners of the chair’s base features a notch that serves as a release point for the bungee cords. To take off the Chair Cover, just lift the fabric tab called the “Magic Seam” from its hiding place under the chair’s legs.

The seat of a Scandinavian dining chair can be easily removed using the “Snap-on, Snap-off System.” It’s important to wash chair seats with their corresponding chairs and to ensure a proper fit. Once the chair’s seat and back have been unzipped, the Chair Covers can be removed in the same way that fitted sheets are removed from a bed.

To remove the cushion from a Classic Lounge Chair, unzip its cover. Then, remove the cover for the zipper at the back of the chair’s foundation. Take off the chair’s cover by removing the four smart cinch bungees from the notches on the base.

Scandinavian Lounge Chairs follow the same procedure as Classic Lounge Chairs, with the exception that there is no need to remove a Chair Cover from the bottom of these chairs. Only two of the cushions in the Scandinavian Lounge are protected by slipcovers.

Washing the Chair Cover

The Chair Covers should be washed in cold water on the gentle cycle with the colored or design side facing out. Regular detergent can be used, but it should be on the gentle side and free of bleach.

When washing stubborn stains, use a stain remover that doesn’t include bleach. Add half a cup of white vinegar to your detergent to help remove pet scents. Fabric softeners can cause the cover’s texture to become flattened, so avoid using them.

Drying the Chair Cover

Chair Covers shouldn’t shrink, however tumble drying them on low heat will help them keep their rich color and structure. Try to stay away from really hot environments. If you’d rather not use a dryer, you can hang your Chair Cover to dry in around 24 hours, give or take, depending on the weather and how big it is.

One of the many fantastic features of Levity chairs is that we provide removable and reusable chair covers. It’s a good idea to stock up on extra Chair Covers so that you can quickly change into a fresh set while you wait for the first set to dry. You may easily transform the atmosphere of the space by simply washing the Chair Covers.

Putting the Chair Cover Back On

Classic Dining Chairs can be made to look as nice as new (what spaghetti?) by just replacing the worn out cover. Force the Magic Seam all the way through the seat and out the other side, then snug it up to the underside of the chair’s base. Before reattaching the Smart-Cinch bungees to the right notches, you may need to pull the Magic Seam through a little to help it along.

To secure the chair, zip up the fabric and reattach the extra bungees to the underside of the chair outside of the fabric. Once you’ve reattached the Chair Cover properly, you may make the chair look if it was never covered up by a cover at all by just smoothing out the corners of the cover.

No Sew Chair Back Cover Using a Pillow Case - In My Own Style

Put the clean Chair Covers back on the Scandinavian Dining Chairs by re-draping them over the removable seat and back, exactly like you would with a fitted sheet when making a bed. The “Top” and “Front” labels on the Chair Covers correspond with the labels on the chair back and seat, making it easy to align the center peg on the chair back and seat as well as the Snap-on, Snap-off buttons with their proper receivers. Put the chair’s back and seat together and snap them into position.

Chair Covers for Classic Lounge Chairs include a secret zipper in the back that must be faced toward the back of the chair when reassembling the chair. Smart-Cinch bungees should be reattached to the chair’s base. You may easily reattach the upholstered Chair Covers by snapping them into the four chair corners.

Close the cover’s invisible zipper before proceeding to reassemble the cushion. When replacing the Chair Cover, be sure the top of the seat cushion is facing up (this is where the memory foam is located). You can finish reassembling the chair by zipping up the cover for the seat cushions and replacing them.


The outdated furniture in your home is no longer a cause for concern. Now that you know how to sew a chair cover, the sky’s the limit for what you may accomplish. Finding a chair with a sophisticated appearance doesn’t have to break the bank.