How To Make A Comfortable Bed Without A Mattress? Comprehensive Guide

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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There are times when you might have to know how to make a comfortable bed without a mattress. In any case, you might be asking why that might be so, and the answer is that situations can arise at any moment.

Apart from unexpected situations, sometimes I just want to have a siesta someplace else, like many others. During the sweltering months, I will feel like sleeping on an unfamiliar surface for a break in the monotony.

I honestly feel this need for a change isn’t just me but many others all over the world. Therefore we at homishguide put our experiences and research prowess to work. Consequently, we believe we have been able to make for you a complete guide on how to make a comfortable bed without a mattress.

Benefits of when you make a comfortable bed without a mattress

Since I have told you that you might want to sleep somewhere other than your bed and mattress, you won’t do so without benefits. Therefore I have collected some benefits of sleeping comfortably without a mattress bed from my experience and research.

All of them are true to some degree but might not be accurate for everyone. Through my deep research and interviews, I have found that sleeping without a mattress sometimes helped some but not others.

At first, we will look into these benefits together, and I will ask all you readers to go below with an open mind of sorts. Regardless of these benefits work for you or not, I firmly believe in knowing all that you can beforehand.

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Over the last three years, I tried sleeping on a number of surfaces as a test for my research. Given below, I have included the benefits I have enjoyed. All of which I’m excited to share my experience with you. While some of them might seem basic or familiar, they nevertheless are also included.

Here are the benefits of when you make a comfortable bed without a mattress.

Expensive mattresses doesn’t make a comfortable bed

Surprisingly as it might seem to many of you, mattresses can be pretty pricey! Especially if you are someone with a family that has kids.

Since my kids are at the edge where they need beds of their own, I need mattresses for their age. During my mattress hunt, I came across mattresses for couples, and those prices nearly gave me a heart attack.

To properly inform you of how to make a comfortable bed without a mattress, I tried sleeping without one. Overall the experience was adequate. By no means will I be telling you that I had a great night of sleep because that won’t be true.

However, I can say that I slept fine without a mattress and a simple foam padding for when I make a comfortable bed.

Well! That just goes to show your that having a $1000 bed mattress doesn’t mean you will have the best sleep. Back to the matter in hand, I got my kids a great mattress. At the same time, I and my wife are sleeping fine with our mattress less comfortable bed.

Intending to make the transition to a comfortable mattress-less bed, we even sold the mattress we kept just in case. Moreover, after sleeping in our new arrangement, I think we won’t be going back anytime soon.

Sleeping without mattress may relief back pain

As you can read from the headline sleeping without a mattress has, in some cases, been shown to relieve back pain. But Yet that might not be the case for everyone, as I have found out during my research.

From my personal experience with sleeping without a mattress, I can say that I haven’t had any back pain. But as I said, I might be one of those few that can sleep on different surfaces without experiencing such issues.

Yet a colleague of mine slept on the sofa for a day or two and complained to me endlessly. He went as far as to say that he felt like dying. So as you can see, some might feel back pains while others don’t.

According to Sleep Foundation, a nonprofit health organization, sleeping on a firm surface can possibly relieve back pains. In fact, 75% of orthopedics suggest sleeping on a firm surface to relieve back pains. Also, there are some mental health benefits as well.

Their reason for saying to sleep on a firmer surface or make a comfortable bed is because soft mattresses lead to poor sleep posture. Additionally, a soft bed can cause your body to sink if you are slightly heavy, thus restricting your mobility while you sleep.

So you can take this benefit in two ways: it either works or doesn’t work for you.

Improve posture on a comfortable without a mattress

It is likely I am sure you might have heard from someplace, posture is quite essential in every place. From playing sports like baseball to sleeping, having the proper posture will lead to fewer issues.

Therefore it shouldn’t come as a surprise that bad postures during sleep cause back pains and other such problems when you make a comfortable bed. In fact, many people sleeping in too soft a bed complain about them worldwide.

From my own experience sleeping on a soft mattress made it harder to move about. This, in turn, caused me to sleep in an odd position.

As such, I took to sleeping on a number of mediums without a mattress. I found that comfortable, but firm beds are the answer. A comfortable bed that is firm and without a mattress will help to align the spine while keeping it not too straight.

However, if you find yourself sleeping on a too firm bed, use a thin pillow underneath your back for comfort. Also, if the padding of your sleeping surface is too thin, then a drop in temperature might cause problems. Similarly, a temperature rise can also disturb your sleeping posture.

We request you to keep it in mind when sleeping on a comfortable bed without a mattress in the future.

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How To Make A Comfortable Bed Without A Mattress

1. Sew Your Available Large Pillows Jointly:

For the greatest time, people have been using pillows. There are lots of different kinds of pillows available in the market these days, however, at one point, there were only a few choices to select from.

The last technique for making small stuffed toys is among my preferred sewing projects ever before! At precisely exactly what period did we begin utilizing them? A bed without a mattress can be made very comfortable with just some large pillows and sheets that’s all you need! How To Make A Comfortable Bed Without A Mattress?

Sew Your Available Large Pillows Jointly: – Sew your various big cushions combinedly as well as use their material or patterned sides facing up.

2. Use Of Airbeds:

For people who are looking for solutions to make their bed more comfortable without spending extra money, airbeds can be one of the great options. With the help of these mattresses, they can easily create a softer and flat surface under their body while sleeping on them.

Why Suspend Your Mattress: For this type of mattress, you need either an adjustable frame or hooks to hang them up properly. If you do not have any space at your place where you could keep such equipment then there is no point in wasting time with suspending beds when there are plenty of other types available that will serve your purpose just well.

3. Using Futon mats:

Futon mats can be used to make a very comfortable and easy bed. The biggest advantage of using futon mats is that they are easily available in the market and you don’t have to pay much for them too.

You just need to roll up your mat/mats, place it on the floor, add some pillows around it, and use a sheet/blanket on top of it to get yourself covered while sleeping on such a mattress-less bed! There are many disadvantages associated with this type of bed but if done right then there will not be any discomfort at all during sleep time.

4. Using folded blankets:

Another way of making an effort-free bed without buying expensive mattresses is by folding two or more blankets and then stacking them one on top of the other. You can also add a sheet or two to make it more comfortable for yourself while sleeping.

5. Using rolled up towels:

If you have been looking for yet another mattress-less alternative, you might find this option quite useful too! All that you need is some rolls of towels which are either big enough to be placed under your body while lying down or small enough to fit between your legs when lying side by side with someone else.

By doing this method, not only does provide extra support but also adds warmth during cold weather conditions if needed!

6. Use Your Sleeping bags:

Sleeping bags are very comfortable and soft to sleep on. They can also be easily rolled up for storage when not in use. These sleeping bags should come with a built-in inflatable mattress that provides the necessary support while you sleep like this:

This is an example of how you will look like if your bed looks similar to what’s shown above:

Based on these photos, it seems as though comfort cannot only lie within having good quality beds but also knowing how to make them work well together so they provide the maximum level of comfort which everyone deserves using their creativity and imagination skills.

7. Swinging In A Hammock:

There are a lot of people who have purchased a hammock for their homes. They hang it in the backyard, on the porch, or even inside the house. Many don’t realize that they can put this piece of furniture to another use – making a sleeping bed!

Hammocks come with spreader bars that hold your mattress apart and create more space within which you sleep.

If you remove them carefully, without damaging anything important, from your favorite type of hanging bed, then you will be able to make yourself an excellent replacement for any kind of conventional mattress-based bedroom furniture set up.

8. Using Camping mats:

  • Camping mats are small in size and they can be folded easily. They do not occupy too much space; hence, they make the bed look neat.
  • They provide a comfortable base for your mattress or whatever you use as a substitute of mattress on your bed frame.
  • They absorb shock when anyone sleeps on them at night time.
  • Moreover, they prevent one from falling off the edge of the place where he/she is sleeping because most camping mats have raised edges that act like safety rails to keep people safe while sleeping.

9. Use A DIY mattress-less bed:

Make a DIY mattress-less bed by using wood to support the foundation of your bed. Then place a mattress over it. This will give you a comfortable, firm hold for your mattress and create a way to have a mattress without having one at all!

Another option is to just have cushions on the floor in its place instead of blankets or pillows. This simply gives you more cushion from hard surfaces and can feel really comfy if done correctly, especially with lots of pillows too!

You could also do this with an air mattress inside its case so that it won’t go flat when someone moves around too much! Enjoy creating a comfortable bed without a mattress!

10. Use a couch For Making A Comfortable Bed Without A Mattress:

A comfy bed without a mattress is a dream for most people. The flattened fitted sheet with the pillow at your head and you under a cozy blanket can make anyone feel like they are sleeping on air, especially those who suffer from back pain will know how valuable it is to have such an experience.

If you frequently stay over at friends’ places then odds are that some of those nights you had to sleep on their couch or floor instead of in their superior bed. A slipcover on that couch never made it look as inviting as it would on any other piece of furniture in your own home, so there’s no huge incentive to try and do anything about it if was just one night right? Wrong.

How to Keep Your Bed Clean and Cozy

Refresh your mattress

Over time, your mattress collects dust and sweat, and can trap in odors. To refresh it, try this simple trick. First, vacuum the top of the mattress with a nozzle or brush attachment of a vacuum to remove dust. Then, sprinkle the top of the mattress with a layer of baking soda, let sit 10 minutes as it works its deodorizing magic, then vacuum it up.

While you have the mattress pad off of the bed, give it a spin in the washing machine (check the care label to make sure it’s machine-washable). Bonus points for also vacuuming all of the dust bunnies lurking under your bed.

Wash your sheets

Particularly when you’re trying to avoid getting sick, and especially if you suspect someone in your house is sick, it’s more important than ever to wash your bed sheets regularly. While experts generally recommend washing your sheets once a week, you may want to bump that up to twice a week during this time if you can.

Try to stick to white sheets if you have them, because they can be bleached. Wash the sheets on the hottest water setting, using detergent with chlorine bleach.

Deep-clean duvet and pillow covers

No matter if you sleep with a top sheet or not, your duvet cover is probably dirtier than you think. Remove the cover and wash it, following the care instructions, and adding bleach to the wash cycle if you can.

If you have decorative throw pillows on your bed, check if the covers are machine-washable, and toss those in the machine as well. Also, if you’re in the habit of throwing extra pillows on the floor when it’s bedtime, consider storing them in a bin or basket instead.

Don’t forget the duvet inserts and pillows

When’s the last time you washed your pillows? And how about your duvet insert? It’s likely most of us are past due. The good news: most pillows and inserts can be machine-washed, just be sure to check the label first.

To keep pillows and inserts fluffy and help them dry faster, add a couple wool dryer balls to the dryer. To prevent mold, make sure the pillows and duvet are completely dry before removing from the machine.

Make your own linen spray

In between regular washes, use a lightly scented linen spray to give your bedding a fresh scent. If you don’t already own a linen spray, try mixing up your own. In a spray bottle, combine distilled water, 1 tablespoon vodka, and 10 to 20 drops essential oils (like soothing lavender). Gently shake the bottle before sprizing your duvet cover or blanket.


Is it good to sleep on the floor?

The answer to this question has multiple solutions depending on certain factors. For some like me case a floor bed even with a thin layer under me. In contrast, others can’t do that even for a minute.
These different reactions are due to multiple causes, such as previous back pains, etc.

How to make a comfortable bed without a mattress anywhere?

For a chance to sleep anywhere on a comfortable bed without a mattress, my choices are either the hammock or the shikibuton.
Both of these choices are at the top because setting them up requires very little time and doesn’t need anything extra. Just roll or hang it up and go to sleep.

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Do I need a mattress topper if I don’t have a mattress?

For something like the air mattress or sleeping, placing a mattress topper might seem necessary, but that it’s totally up to you. On the other hand, something like the sleeping back or shikibuton there is no need at all.

Are mattresses required on a bed?

Yes, you will need a mattress to make a comfortable bed regularly, but a mattress is entirely unnecessary for the alternatives mentioned in this article. In fact, this piece is called making a comfortable bed without a mattress.


We hope you found these 10 easy ways to make a comfortable bed without a mattress helpful! Making your own is fun and can be done with items that are easily accessible. Remember, the most important part of making any kind of bed is getting enough sleep!

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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