How To Make A Dining Chair Slipcover? Comprehensive Guide

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Helen Skeates
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Is that dining chair from the ’80s still in use? Could you redesign it in a more fashionable way? Let your creative juices flow, because we’re going to teach you how to sew a covering for a dining room chair!

If you’ve owned your dining room chairs for a while, you might want to give them a new look. The framework of the chairs look to be in good shape, however the microfiber seat cushions may be damaged, watermarked, and difficult to clean.


Why You Need a Good Dining Chair Slipcover?

Chairs are a significant portion of the price tag associated with furnishing a home. It’s not unusual for chocolate or jam to leave a stain on a dining room chair. Installing dining chair slipcovers is one way to ensure the safety of your seats before, during, and after meals. If you’re planning a wedding banquet or fancy dinner, slipcovers are a must. It also prevents tears, stains, spills, pet hair, and dust from settling into the chairs’ upholstery.

Making Your Very Own Slipcover

Let’s be honest: dining chairs can break the bank! Moreover, it is getting increasingly challenging to find comfortable, high-quality seats that don’t break the bank.

How to Sew a Parsons Chair Slipcover for the IKEA HENRIKSDAL Bar Stool - Farmhouse on Boone

The dining room chairs can be given a new lease on visual life with the help of these simple instructions for making slipcovers.

Step #1. Measurements

The first thing you need to do when making a slipcover is to measure your seats. Be aware that if the fabric has a large pattern (called a “repeat” in the design world), you will want to match up the lines as much as possible, which may need you to purchase additional fabric to shift your pattern around.

Start your measurement at the base of the chair’s back. After that, proceed to the front by going up, around, and then down.

Then, measure each “L” section on the side. When you’re done measuring, it’ll be obvious how to get everything onto a single fabric square.

Step #2. Choose your fabric

The next step is to select a material. Though just about any fabric will do, if you want your sofa to last through the inevitable tugging and pulling of kids and pets, go with a high-quality upholstery fabric.

Once you’ve decided on a fabric, go grab a spool of thread to go with it. Choose a durable fabric for your upholstery projects.

Step #3. Prep fabric

Pre-washing and ironing the fabric is recommended. Wrap the fabric around the chair and use sharp scissors to cut out a piece for the seat and both sides of the back. Make careful to leave a few inches of excess fabric when you cut these pieces at a later time.

Step #4. Make the pattern

Developing a pattern need not involve a lot of technical know-how. The process entails nothing more than translating your body dimensions onto the cloth of your choice.

Make a mark on the reverse side of the fabric with a pencil or chalk to indicate your measurements. Make sure the seams are lined up properly with any lines or designs you intend to meet there. Don’t forget to hem the chair, so leave a few extra inches at the base.

Step #5. Cutting the fabric

It’s time to start slicing up your parts. When cutting out your pattern, remember to leave a seam allowance of about an inch all the way around. In order to keep the seams from coming undone, this is the inside edge.

Step #6. Fit & pin

Reverse the fabric and drape it over your chair’s back. Use straight pins to secure the fabric around the chair’s perimeter.

Make a lovely, snug fit by pinning it as near as possible to the chair (about every couple of inches). Following the curves of the chair, you may need to tuck the cloth in slightly.

Step #7. Sew & fit

As you stitch along the line you pinned, remove the pins one by one. After that, it would be helpful if you could flip the cover over so that the right side was facing your chair. Any areas that look too tight or too loose will need to be restitched.

For the slipcover skirt (optional)

Put on a ruffled skirt if you want to make it look finer.

Using a transparent quilting ruler, first measure and mark off strips of fabric 6 inches wide. Join the ends of two fabric strips by sewing them together right sides together. Make sure the unfinished sides are aligned.

Step 2: Hem one edge by folding it under 1/4 inch, then 1/2 inch, and sewing along the fold so you have one long strip of material.

If you want your hem to look really professional, straighten the creases and pin them down before you start stitching.

Third, with the skirt top centered over the slipcover seat, begin at the front of the chair and pin. Ensure that all of the unfinished sides are facing the same direction.

The fourth step is to pinch and pleat the skirt fabric with your fingers, following the lines of the chair seat.

Fifth, once you’ve got the skirt the way you want it, trim the excess fabric and sew up the seam.

Add piping to the skirt and chair back, as well as ribbon ties or buttons to the back, for a more customized slipcover.

10 Best Dining Chair Slipcovers Reviews and Buying Guide

1. Our Top Choice – Northern Brothers Dining Chair 6 Set Perfect Stretchy Slipcover

Are you looking for the ideal covering to safeguard your dining room chairs from the destructive claws of your pets or the sticky fingers of your children? If so, you shouldn’t procrastinate any longer and should go ahead and get them here. There are plenty of places to buy a slipcover for your dining room set, but this shop is the only one that promises a high-quality product that will both protect your investment and make it more comfortable to sit on.

They provide a variety of hues to assist you transform your plain dining chair into something special. Fabrics created from this high-grade polyester will drape beautifully and drape evenly. When this cover set is on your furniture, you won’t have to worry about anyone snooping around.

2. Best Less Expensive Dining Chair Slipcover – SeyBye Removable 4 Set Dining Chairs Polyester Protector Slipcover

There are many of shops that would be happy to sell you a set of dining room chair slipcovers at a low price, but not all of them can guarantee a perfect, relaxed fit. Because of this, you should exercise caution when choosing where to make a significant financial investment. When it comes to maximum value at a reasonable price, this company’s product is among the finest.

You can find them in a variety of colors, including dark grey, brown, beige, and the more common light grey, and they are made to last. It’s also a safe bet that it’ll make your old chairs look brand new again. Spend your money wisely so that you won’t be disappointed.

3. Best Waterproof Dining Chair Slipcover – Genina Set Of 4 Dining Room Slipcover Protector With Color Variety

Everyone should look forward to protecting their dining room chairs from everyday use and accidental spills with the perfect slipcover. This expands the range of possible applications because you won’t have to forbid your children or dogs from using the dining room.

Do not get duped by sellers who boast about having the best quality covers but deliver something else entirely. If you want to protect your dining room chairs without taking any extra steps, you should get a slipcover from this provider. Sometimes, a quick wipe down with a dry towel or some toilet paper will do the trick to remove the evidence of liquid spills.

4. Best Versatile Dining Chair Slipcover – Searchl 4 Sets Removable Parsons Dining And Kitchen Chairs Protector Cover

When considering where to get a new slipcover, the internet might not be your first thought. When a tried and true, high-quality, extensive product line is involved, however, it should be an excellent choice. These slipcover sets are ideal for hotels, restaurants, and other banquet chairs, and they can assist to extend the life of your dining room chairs.

You could use the chairs for more than just eating in the apartment if you bought several. Do not delay in getting on board with this product. The fact that they can be used in a variety of situations is a testament to their good quality and the fact that they are a great fit, making them quite comfortable to work with.

Summer dining chair slipcovers | Dining room chair slipcovers, Diy dining room, Dining room chair covers

5. Best Easy Care Dining Chair Slipcover – LIFE MAGIC Flexible Parsons Kitchen Dining Chair Protector Set

How would you like a high-quality dining chair slipcover that does what it was designed to do and is easy to clean so that you may use it again and again? Well, at least that’s one wonderful criterion to keep in mind when looking for a new pair of dining chair slipcovers. This store sells a high-quality slipcover option that works for a wide variety of chair designs.

If you’re concerned about the material’s ability to keep filth at bay and be easily cleaned, you may rest easy. Their machine-washable checkered polyester-mix fabric is convenient. Mild detergent should be used only while washing. Also, you wouldn’t have to waste time and energy bleaching or ironing them to get them looking like new again.

6. Best Soft Dining Chair Slipcover – KANGAROO 4 Set Stretchy Parsons Dining Chairs Protector Cover

Having a slipcover that is excessively stiff and uncomfortable to sit on is a deal breaker for anyone. However, the best way to ensure that your purchase goes off without a hitch is to read a thorough review of the product. If you’ve ever suffered through a less-than-comfortable dining slipcover and are looking for a solution, you may want to check out the offering from this retailer.

Their tailored covers help your chairs look as though they were always there. They’re stretchy and comfy, so you can reach peak fulfillment. Spending money on things that seem soft but turn out to be hard is a waste of time.

7. Best Value For Money Dining Chair Slipcover – Britimes 6 Set Classy Prints Machine Washable Dining Chair Cover Protector

There are many who will emphasize cost-effectiveness above all else, thus they will look for slipcovers that can be purchased for a cheap enough price to fit their budget. The proprietors of this shop work hard to ensure that customers get the most out of their money when purchasing slipcovers from them, and they provide a wide variety of products so that they can meet everyone’s needs.

You can count on experiencing complete satisfaction in every aspect of the product’s elegant design, from the feel of the cloth to the precision of the fit to the usefulness of its features. Not like those other places who say they provide high-quality goods but deliver cheap knockoffs. These slipcovers are versatile enough to fit over a variety of chair types, and their low maintenance requirements mean you may use them frequently.

8. Best Durable Dining Chair Slipcover – H.VERSAILTEX Set Of Four Velvet Fabric Design Dining Chair Slipcover

This shop specializes in providing the highest quality velvet, ultra-soft, and long-lasting dining chair covers. The fact that such durable goods can help you save both time and money in the long run is a major plus for the consumer.

Having to constantly repair or replace worn slipcovers is a hassle that nobody wants to deal with. Consequently, you should definitely shop at this establishment and indulge in the appropriate level of opulence that comes with it. This luxurious velvet, minimalistic design won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.

9. Best Simple To Install Dining Chair Slipcover – YEZEX Hotel And Ceremony Suited Dining Chair Safeguard Fabric Cover

What’s outstanding about the dining chair slipcover from this store? Its stretchy ability makes it easy to install on different chair types. You wouldn’t have to strive hard to get this fabric protector on your chair nor will there be any challenges faced while dissembling them.

To what extent does this shop’s slipcover for a dining chair stand out? Because of its elasticity, it may be quickly and easily fitted to a wide variety of chair models. It wouldn’t take much effort to apply this fabric protection to your chair, and taking it off won’t provide any difficulties either.

10. Best Stylish Dining Chair Slipcover – Lalluxy Elastic Universal Stylish Dining Chair Protector Cover

There are plenty of people who care more about having the latest and greatest version of every product than those who prefer more classic designs. At least according to the creator of this slipcover, there is no rule that says you have to settle for plain designs when you really want something fancier for the dining chair in your studio apartment.

The store’s wares are orange, beige, and old, and they all sport a lovely floral pattern design. They allow for alternate patterns for those who do not find the flowery pattern attractive. You can preserve your dining chairs from spills and wear and tear with a slipcover from this shop, and at the same time, you’ll give your home a cute, designer vibe.

Top 9 Factors to Consider When Buying Dining Chair Slipcovers

When looking for chair coverings, quality over quantity should be your guiding principle. For this reason, it’s important to take into account a wide range of factors to help you zero in on the best option.

1. Choose the Right Size and Design

Be sure to get accurate measurements of your chairs before purchasing slipcovers. You’ll want to measure the depth of the seat as well as the breadth and height of the chair. Most chair covers, including those for dining room chairs, are available in widths between 32 and 40 inches.

If you want your slipcover to fit properly, you need to get the right size. Otherwise, you risk having unattractive scraps hanging off the sides and bottom of the chair. Some chair covers are made to automatically adapt to the unique shape of each chair while still maintaining a consistent overall size. The majority of these layouts include rounded corners. Because of its contours, it may easily and smoothly slip over the back and seat of a chair.

There are, however, covers that suit simply the seat of the chair and others that totally clothe the chair in an attractive fabric. Check that the dimensions you specify will accommodate the chair’s frame, regardless of the design.

2. The Material of the Chair Cover

Chair coverings come in a wide range of styles and materials. Whatever the situation may be, you should base your decision primarily on your own preferences and requirements. Cotton, linen, and polyester are the most widely used materials.

Stretchy Chair Slipcovers

Choose models with fabrics that combine cotton, polyester, and elastane for maximum stretch and comfort.

Disposable Chair Slipcovers

Chair decorations at formal events often consist of disposable models. The wedding chair cover is a perfect illustration of this idea.

Removable Chair Covers

For models you don’t want to throw away after each use, washable, detachable cloth is your best bet. Make sure the fabric retains its size after being washed. Select a polyester or other durable fabric that can withstand the several frictions experienced by the seater.

3. Seat Cover or Leg, Seat, and Backrest Cover?

Consider your own personal preferences while deciding on the appropriate sheath length for your dining room chair slipcovers. Slipcovers for dining chairs can be divided into two broad categories. There are short versions that just go over the seat, and there are lengthy ones that go over the whole thing.

Long Chair Slipcover

Covers for the legs, seats, and backs of chairs. Selecting lengthy covers is a great way to add a touch of class and sophistication to any area. Your seats will look more substantial with these. This means they won’t fit in a snug space.

Short Chair Slipcover

These are slipcovers that only cover the seat and backrest. If you have pets at home, a long chair cover (one of those that reaches the floor) will not be efficient. The cover’s sophisticated appearance belies the fact that it will be a pain to keep clean. Cleaning under the chair will not be an easy task for long covers. It would also look terrible if your pet tore the fabric at the bottom. Therefore, if you have dogs, it’s best to choose a dining chair cover that is on the shorter side.

4. Choose Covers with the Right Fabric Combination

These are partial slipcovers, covering just the seat and back. It is not practical to use a long chair cover (one that reaches the floor) if you have dogs. It’s a shame the cover’s elegance and beauty come at the cost of such laborious upkeep. Chairs with long covers make it difficult to clean under them. Additionally, the cloth could be torn at the bottom by your pet, which would be an eyesore. You should probably choose a dining chair cover that is rather short if you have dogs.

  • 80-90 percent polyester.
  • Twenty to ten percent Spandex.

Characteristics of Spandex

Pandex is an elastic synthetic fiber. Furthermore, it can be stretched by more than 500% without breaking. In addition, it is easy on the eyes, resistant to wear, elastic, and silky smooth. It is impervious to perspiration, body oils, lotions, and detergents. Generally speaking, it lasts longer than rubber and can withstand more force.

Characteristics of Polyester

Polyester, meanwhile, is perfect for manufacturing slipcovers for dining chairs due to its many desirable qualities. Polyester is robust yet crisp and supple, among other qualities. It is tough, can be washed by hand or in the washing machine, doesn’t shrink, and dries rapidly. It also resists wrinkles and wear and tear. It resists a wide variety of chemicals and has excellent pleat retention.

How to make dining chair slipcovers (tie on with ruffle/pleated skirt) - YouTube

5. The Aesthetic Aspect of the Slipcover

The slipcover’s primary role is protection, but its aesthetic benefits are a close second. As a result, this is the next most crucial consideration after the fabric of your chair cover. Therefore, the importance of paying close attention to both the color and decorative component of your interior design cannot be overstated. Rectifying your old chairs is possible thanks to the aesthetic aspect as well. A variety of hues are available, and certain imitation leather finishes are available, from various manufacturers.

6. Color Tones and Combination

The color scheme you settle on for the dining room must work in harmony with the existing decor. It’s important that the chair covers you choose complement the color scheme and design elements of the room. Thankfully, there is a wide variety of hues to choose from. On Amazon, for instance, you may get multiple color options for each slipcover.

The covers should go with the color scheme of the room, so consider matching them to the drapes or the tablecloth. The designs on the covers can add a unique and interesting touch to your space, especially if the basic colors are simple to coordinate with.

In some situations, white chair covers are the most chic option. However, there is a vast selection of flowery chair coverings if you’d rather have a pattern than go with solid hues. For instance, the color white goes well with the colors purple and red, as well as many others. Themes are another option for embellishing your home’s décor.

7. The Ergonomics of the Chair Cover

When we talk about the ergonomics of the cover, we’re referring about how easily it slides on and off. In the end, this will make the process of installation, removal, and even maintenance feel more manageable. To accomplish this, select a model with stretchy fabric. In addition, you should select a cover that is neither too smooth nor too grippy. You should therefore look for the following characteristics in a chair cover:

  • Fabricated from polyester and spandex
  • A custom-fitted cover for the chair
  • An ornamental and vibrant cover to brighten your space.
  • Covering that won’t slip and won’t get wet

8. Waterproofness/The level of Tightness

A slipcover for your dining room chairs serves the obvious aim of protecting those chairs from accidental spills and scuffs. Because of this, you should make sure to get a chair cover that is resistant to water. In this way, the chair will be protected from liquids that may otherwise penetrate and taint it. If you want to buy a slipcover to safeguard your dining room set, you should go for one made of synthetic or faux leather. This provides excellent resistance against liquids. You can prevent liquids from seeping inside by using a blend of polyester and spandex that has the correct thickness and resilience.

9. The Ease of Cleaning: Hand-Washable or Machine-Washable?

Some chair slipcovers can be cleaned or washed in the washing machine, while others require more attention when being laundered. Similarly, there are slipcovers that may be washed in a machine or by hand. Cold water and a gentle detergent might be all that’s needed to clean some things. There are many who disagree with the usage of bleach and ironing. Read the care label carefully to determine how the cover should be washed. Additionally, this helps keep the fabric in good shape.


It’s simple to sew your own slipcovers for your dining room chairs. It requires some meticulous planning, measuring, and stitching, but the end result is stunning.

If you have an older set of dining chairs but are short on funds, consider getting creative with slipcovers instead of buying new ones. In all likelihood, this is a perfect opportunity to demonstrate your handyman prowess.

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