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It’s possible to construct a loveseat in a variety of methods. A large number of people have transformed various pieces of furniture into new designs. Making a flexsteel reclining sofa into a loveseat is the topic at hand.

First, let’s determine what these furniture items are before diving into the process at large.

What is Flexsteel?

Flexsteel is an American manufacturer that has been making affordable tractor seats for more than a century. The company operates multiple factories in different states.

What is a Reclining Sofa?

To understand what a reclining sofa is, it helps to first understand what a recliner is. When the back of the chair is lowered and the front is raised, the chair reclines. There’s a chance the seat’s back will collapse. If you push the chair’s back far enough, the footrest may extend out to the side through a lever or expand automatically.

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What is a Loveseat?

The term “loveseat” refers to a compact double-seater couch that was first developed as a larger armchair. For optimal seating in a living room or family room, a loveseat should be placed next to a full-size sofa (also known as a double chair).

The question then becomes, how to convert a flexsteel reclining sofa into a loveseat?

Benefits Of Recliner Chairs And Sofas

Stress Relievers:

Nowadays, most people accept stress as an everyday occurrence. It is safe to say that worry is the primary culprit behind back discomfort. Migraines, tension headaches, memory problems, and weariness are all caused by mental stress. Back and neck pain can be the result of sitting upright for too long, thus it’s not advisable to do so for more than an hour at a time. Recliners are ideal and practical for this function. Recliners were originally designed to help people relax and unwind. The recliner allows you to lie back whenever you want and provides extra back support. There’s also a massage chair and heated pad included. Do you have aching bones in your back? In this article, we take a look at the 8 top recliners for back pain in 2020.

Pain Relievers:

Furthermore, recliners can alleviate back discomfort. Constant muscle strain is the typical cause of injuries and pain in the cervical spine, upper back, and shoulders. Pregnancy, prolonged computer use, and the routine lifting and carrying of large goods are all potential contributors. Whatever the root of your discomfort, a recliner can be a welcome relief. There is a vast range of recliners on the market, and each one offers a unique amount of relaxation. Here’s an updated list of the best recliner for back pain, and please check the reviews before buying.

Improves Blood Circulation:

If you constantly moan about your achy joints and tired feet after a long day at work, a one-stop solution is in order. Chairs by Bradington Young are very useful in this regard. Prolonged periods of sitting or standing are the primary culprits in this condition. Since blood flow is impacted by gravity, the problem only gets worse with time. The simplest way to avoid these kinds of problems is to use a recliner.

Help In Aching Joints:

Many of the symptoms of arthritis include joint stiffness and swelling. Arthritis is a painful condition, thus it causes them anguish. Because of this, no one can fully appreciate the impact these issues have on an individual’s quality of life. Recliners realign the body’s joints and muscles so that they’re pointing downward. Recliners have been reclassified as a type of medical equipment because of the relief they provide from chronic pain and other discomforts. There is also a wide selection of chairs that may be rapidly folded away to facilitate standing or sitting up.

Building A Comfort Zone Around You:

Recliners provide a high level of relaxation and release from stress. They’re flexible enough to accommodate a variety of sitting styles and lengths of time spent seated. The position of a recliner can be changed to suit the user, who can choose to sit up, put their feet up, or lie completely flat. It can change to suit your preferences.

Recliners With Accessories:

Many different types of recliners are on the market, each with its own unique features. Magazines, books, and even snacks can be stashed away for easy access.

While these are features found on the vast majority of recliners, the most modern versions also provide perks that you might not have considered. When you bring in the optional extras, your individualized reclining chair becomes much more accommodating and useful than a standard model.

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Step#1: Disassembling the Reclining Sofa

Initially, a reclining sofa needs to be taken apart. After doing so, the reclining sofa will function as if it were a standard sofa. This will facilitate its transformation into a couch. So, if you want to take apart your reclining couch, use these steps:

Method #1: Unlocking Locked Levers

First, move the couch forward until its back is vertical. Many upholstered sofas include a removable back cover that may be lifted to expose the frame.

Before you try to lift the upholstered panel, you should find the velcro strips or snaps that attach the fabric to the bottom of the frame and undo them. It’s possible to secure the sofa’s seats in place by using the levers on the frames on either side of the seats.

An upward-pointing metal lever should be visible on either side of the main body of the drink, near the top of the arm and back. If your sofa has a console in the middle, you’ll want to locate the levers on the frames that run between the seats.

If the back of the couch doesn’t have any removable fabric panels that expose the frame, you can still get a feel for it by putting your hands into the left and right back seams. Check for seams in the center console and the seats. Find the down-facing locking lever between the seams.

To remove the seatbacks, unscrew each lever with a flat head screwdriver or, in a pinch, your fingertips. After the levers have been released, the couch must be put back into its original position before the back may be removed.

If your sofa includes a console that separates the two seats, you’ll need to remove both of those seats from the couch.

Method#2: Removing Bolted Bars

Put the sofa face down and raise it to the ceiling so that its back is to you. Find out if the couch has sturdy support bars by looking under it. You should take note of any two or three bars running perpendicular to the sofa’s base, either twisted or fastened.

Ensure the stability of the baselines by inspecting the screw or bolt heads. Drill each screw or bolt in the support bars to loosen it, then remove it. You will very probably need Robertson drive bits to remove the base bars, which are fastened with square Robertson screws.

Assisting a person in removing the sofa’s basic bars is recommended, especially when it comes to the final bar. The numerous seats and consoles can be simply uncoupled from one another after the last bar is removed.

If the couch is stabilized, its parts will reduce the likelihood that it will roll out of place, hit other objects, or do any other damage.

Step#2: Making it into a Loveseat

Removing Old Fabric

Remove the existing staples from the upholstery fabric with a staple remover or a flat head screwdriver. Get rid of the worn out material. It is necessary to remove and replace the existing batting and foam if it is in poor condition.

Measure the length of the couch you wish to reduce down to size for a loveseat and make a pencil mark.

Cutting the Sofa

Remove the couch arm and use a reciprocating saw to shorten the sofa so that it fits the length of the love seat. To guarantee a snug fit, sand the cut edges of the sofa and arm.

Before assembling, drill smaller holes through the wood to prevent it from splitting. Join the sofa arm to the frame using the drill.

Final Measurements

Measuring the completed love seat can help you calculate how much foam, batting, and upholstery fabric you’ll need. You’ll need to recover the love seat, so stock up on the materials. You’ll need to take some measurements and cut the foam and fabric to size to ensure a good fit with the furniture.

Arranging the Foam

Form the foam so that it covers the love seat’s arms, back, and seats. Use batting and a staple gun to make a snug covering. Run the cloth through the sewing machine to join the pieces and then drape it over the foam and love seat.

Finalizing the Loveseat

Keep the love seat’s rear end hidden. After stapling along the upper edge of the fabric, turn the love seat upside down and staple along the lower concealed edge. Place the fabric piece over the back and staple it in place along the top edge over the previously stapled piece, as well as along the sides and bottom.

Attach the cloth to the armrests by first folding it over and then stapling it in place along the inside edges. The bench seat fabric should be stapled to the inside top edge of the love seat, then flipped over and stapled along the underside.

How to Maintain and Care For a Recliner Chair

1. Prevent damage to your chair

To avoid any problems with the furniture in the first place, it is best to take precautions in advance. Avoiding direct sunlight is the single most important thing you can do to extend the life of your recliner. Most of the seats are upholstered in leather, which can be severely damaged by exposure to sunlight. The leather ages quickly because of the way it fades and breaks.

The passage of very pungent odors to the passenger compartment can also be impeded. The odor of cigarettes, for instance, can linger on fabric and hasten its deterioration over time.

Last but not least, loose cushions should be replaced frequently. This will slow down the deterioration process, which is normally brought on by prolonged use.

2. Deep clean the leather

Leather sofas and chairs can be a pain to keep clean. A lot of people, despite the price, would rather have someone else do it for them. On the other hand, there is a method for individuals who would want to do the cleaning themselves. The most important piece of guidance is to stay away from water. The liquid produces large stains on the leather, which is a major drawback to using it.

You can also use a steam cleaner, which is recommended. It’s an added cost you might be unwilling to bear, but it pays off in the end. In addition to the typical benefits of dusting, this method also eliminates any unpleasant odors that may have built up over time. Saddle soap is an alternative that could be considered. It will keep the seat clean and prevent any fractures from appearing.

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3. Look after the fabric

Care for a leather chair might be tedious, but cleaning a fabric one is much simpler. However, that is not an excuse to disregard it. Vacuuming should always be the top priority. Recliner chair upholstery is often rather delicate and needs to be handled with care. The use of a gentle brush is strongly suggested.

Second, baby wipes are a great tool for disinfecting car seats. If you only have a few dirty places, then method will work the best.

Microfiber cleaning cloths are another useful item to have around the house. When used in conjunction with a dedicated fabric cleaner, it becomes a powerful tool for sanitization. Fabric may not be as water-sensitive as leather, but it still serves its owner best to keep it dry whenever possible.

4. Take care of the mechanics

The mechanism that allows a recliner chair to recline is the main differentiating factor between it and a regular chair. The ability to move it and adjust its position is also crucial for servicing it in the event of malfunction. This is especially important in geriatric reclining chairs, as the users may lack the dexterity to properly care for the chairs. It’s important to remember to oil the moving parts on a regular basis.

Repeatedly, preemptive action is preferable to reactive measures. It’s not worth it to wait until the chair starts making noises or the safety of the movement is suddenly at risk. If you oil it up front, it will last you forever and work hard for you.


How to convert a flexsteel reclining sofa into a loveseat is outlined in the following steps. It’s easy to convert a chair into a loveseat if you stick to the basic steps and techniques.