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How can I firm up my pillow top mattress? Do you know what a mattress with a pillow top looks like?

You could pass it by without realizing what it is.

It’s a layer of soft, stitched padding designed to increase the plushness and comfort of your mattress.

Some folks really can’t sleep without a pillow top on their mattress. The extra warmth and coziness will provide for a restful night’s sleep.

Main components are innerspring coils and cotton. As a result, air may flow freely through your mattresses.

List of the Pros of Pillow Top Mattresses

1. Most pillow top mattresses today use a high-density memory foam for comfort.

The pillow top mattresses that came off the manufacturing line in the 2000s were nothing like the ones made in the present day. Most modern manufacturers use high-density memory foam in the construction of these products now, which eliminates any chance of sagging or dipping. These products have eliminated the need for the problematic materials of the past. More tacking has been incorporated into the product as of late to prevent the comfort layer from sliding around or bunching.

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2. This mattress option is available in all standard sizes.

Depending on the dimensions of your bedroom, you can find a pillow top mattress in stock. Sizes range from twin to king, with everything in between. If you require a full-size mattress, for example, you might have trouble finding one because some manufacturers only produce them in a select few sizes. Bed sizes other than the standard king or queen might not always be a choice.

3. Pillow top mattresses are very affordable.

You may expect to spend several hundred dollars on a quality full, double, or queen memory gel or foam mattress. An entry-level king can cost as much as $1,500, while high-end models can cost more than $5,000. A pillowtop mattress will normally cost approximately half as much and provide the same level of comfort for at least the first two years. If you’re trying to save money, this product will do until you can afford something better.

4. The pillow top mattress makes it easier for most people to sleep.

In my experience, folks who upgrade to a pillow top mattress sleep better and for longer. This benefit decreases with continued use, but the same is true of just about every product in this market. If you sleep on your side, you probably have pressure points in your shoulders and hips that keep you awake at night. These problems are greatly alleviated by these pillows.

The extent to which you enjoy this benefit also relies on how thick your pillow top is. The results you get from a mattress with a 1-inch pillow top vs a 4-inch cushion top will be vastly different.

5. You will experience less off-gassing when using a pillow top mattress.

Of particular concern is the off-gassing that can occur with memory foam and comparable mattresses as you sleep. This is a common problem when attempting to inflate a new mattress shortly after it has been delivered. It may take up to 72 hours of airing out in a well-ventilated environment for the product to lose its odor sufficiently so that you can sleep on it. As a result of manufacturing mistakes, some of them may even release toxic compounds into the environment. Selecting a pillow top mattress instead will save you money and prevent many of these problems.

6. Pillow top mattresses don’t have a significant impact on your sleeping temperature.

Many people are unhappy with their memory foam mattresses because of how poorly they manage heat. The foam prevents heat from escaping as you sleep, making you a warm night’s rest no matter the season. This has its benefits in the colder months, but it can make sleeping in during the summer quite difficult. Fortunately, this problem disappears altogether when you upgrade to a mattress with a pillow top. The top layer aids in relieving discomfort, making it feel like any other mattress. Get the comfort of the support without losing touch with the layers below you.

7. Some pillow top mattresses offer a two-sided design.

Some mattress companies have begun including dual-sided cushioning to address concerns that sleepers may experience discomfort from the pillow top compressing over time. When one side of a mattress has been worn down to nothing, you can flip it over and start fresh on the other. Despite the fact that most modern mattresses don’t need to be flipped over, some families may find it useful to consider a two-sided model because of the extra support it provides on one side.

8. You can select designs that place the cushion within the upholstery.

A conventional pillow top mattress is designed to give the illusion of being supported by a distinct layer of padding. Some people may not like the way the design makes the mattress seem to protrude from the bed. If you’re a customer who fits this description, you might want to consider purchasing a Euro top instead. The cushion is integrated into the mattress cover in this design rather than sitting on top. It will have a sleek, streamlined look, and there will be fewer crevices in which the goods could become damaged.

9. It is easier to move than other mattresses.

A memory foam mattress is hefty, so it’s possible that a traditional bed frame won’t be able to adequately hold it. With a pillow top mattress, you won’t have that problem. As a result of its construction, innerspring mattresses are already relatively lightweight, so adding a thin layer of padding on top doesn’t significantly alter the feel of the bed. You won’t have any trouble transporting it to your bedroom or to a new residence.

List of the Cons of Pillow Top Mattresses

1. A pillow top mattress does not provide you with a firm bed.

Most buyers of pillow top mattresses are actually looking for something firmer than what is typically available in this style. In exchange for some stiffness, you get some extra padding at the top of the unit with this design. This design is not going to help you get good night’s sleep if you require a firm surface upon which to rest your head each night.

2. There are sagging and dipping problems over time.

A pillow top mattress will not lose its shape with the weight of an individual sleeping on it. Instead, that effect is achieved by the interplay of the innerspring structure and the padding fabric. In this case, the unit will simulate the sensation of rolling toward the middle of the bed while you sleep. There is a risk that you will have this issue within the first three years of ownership (3 out of 10 owners).

If you want to get more use out of your mattress and keep it looking its best, you should rotate it or flip it every three months. The cushion padding on most pillow top mattresses is only on one side, therefore turning the mattress over is not an option. This means that, unlike with a regular mattress, pillow tops cannot be flipped or otherwise adjusted to prevent sagging and dipping.

6 Tips On How To Make A Mattress Firmer

3. Some people may not experience pressure relief.

If a person is particularly large or heavy, the pillow top’s pressure relieving properties may not be fully realized. A conventional innerspring design can be achieved by adding a thin upper layer of support to your mattress. People who are taller than usual or who weigh more than average may have trouble finding a comfortable sleeping position. It sounds like you could benefit from looking into some other mattress options.

Also, the inverse is true with pillow top mattresses. Some buyers have complained that the design provides for a mattress that is overly plush. Some of the temperature-related benefits may also be lost if you sink deeper into the bed.

4. You will still pay more for a pillow top mattress than other designs.

Resting on a pillow top mattress is an improvement over sleeping on a traditional innerspring mattress. This option is more expensive than a standard mattress because of the deluxe features it offers. For those on a tight budget who are looking to get the most for their money, a high-end innerspring choice may cost roughly the same as a basic pillow top. Then, you would have to weigh the product’s longevity against your desire for a cozy home environment to decide which one would best suit your needs.

5. Most pillow top mattresses need specific sheets.

Fitted sheets with deeper pockets are recommended for modern pillow top mattresses. The product is larger than average because its design incorporates extra thickness. That means you’ll have to spend a little more on sheets and a new mattress to handle the added luxury at the top. If you try to force regular sheets onto your new bed, you may find that the seams begin to rip. Using sheets that are too small for the design can also cause the pillow top to bunch.

6. The coils in the mattress could release themselves from their bindings over time.

There’s a good possibility that you’ve felt the sharp prod of a spring in your back when trying to get some shut-eye on an old innerspring mattress. With a cushion top design, you will get the same thing over time. The possibility exists that one of the springs will become unbound and cause an injury to the sleeper. Although there are a variety of upholstery choices and thickness considerations that help to lessen this possibility, you should still exercise caution before getting into bed to ensure that you have a restful night’s sleep.

Steps To Make A Pillow Top Mattress Firmer

A common question is whether or not it’s possible to make a pillow top mattress firmer.

Firmness does have an effect on your mattress’s performance, so it’s crucial to check it.

While this may not seem like a big deal, it can have a significant impact on how relaxed you feel when you finally lay down for the night.

It’s a good idea to take steps to firm up your pillow top mattress.

For the most part, the goal is to improve the quality and duration of your sleep. You should always feel comfortable there.

It’s crucial to have a comfortable place to sleep and recharge after a busy day.

Here are the four directions I’ve prepared for you.

Step #1. Checking your bed frame

It is important to look for the source of the performance issues with your mattress.

Sometimes the problem isn’t with the top of the mattress at all, but with the structure, which is why it’s not as firm and pleasant as it should be.

The pillow top mattress needs to be taken out along with the box springs.

As a general rule, problems with your frame can be found if you don’t check it regularly. The loose screws are to blame for the sagging.

If you have a screwdriver, go ahead and tighten those screws.

If you discover any irregularities in your mattress, you can disassemble the frame and put it back together.

It’s important to keep in mind that the base of an object is the most important part of it, and that you need a solid, firm mattress to go on top of it.

Step #2. An option to make

Your bed frame and box spring can be taken out if you feel they are not serving their intended function.

The bed frame and box spring need to be in good working order to prevent the mattress and pillow top from sagging in the middle.

There could be an additional layer of flooring. Then, spread your mattress out in a flat, straightforward fashion.

The support might get better after a few nights of use, so give it a shot.

Thoughts of originality are always the ones we should be asking ourselves.

Constant mental exertion is crucial, as is doing so in accordance with circumstances.

Step #3. Add a mattress pad on top

It’s crucial that everyone has a pleasant experience. A mattress pad can be placed on top of your mattress.

If you’re looking for a softer bed, a narrow mattress topper will cover the entire surface area of your bed.

The pillow case should be positioned between the fitted sheet and the mattress. As a result, it wouldn’t float away.

In order to keep your pillow top mattress in place, you might use pins on its edges.

If the pad didn’t move around as much, it wouldn’t get lost. You need to be very certain that this is the most incredible choice available.

Step #4. Sort out the last option

Do away with the pillow top mattress immediately.

What’s the sense in keeping it if it’s not doing anything useful anymore?

Support-wise, it ought to be fine. If it doesn’t work, throw it away.

Consider upgrading to a new pillow top mattress with a high spring count and few gauges. The mattress would end up being quite firm.

When searching for a new mattress, be sure to keep these things in mind so you can get the best pillow top mattress for your needs.

You just need to do some digging into where to find a high-quality pillow top mattress, and you’ll be all set.

Is Pillow Top Mattress Essential?

That being said, it is, and you should definitely get yourself one.

If you give a pillow top mattress the care and attention it deserves, it will last for many years.

You’d receive a good night’s sleep thanks to the proper support, equilibrium, and comfort it provides.

This reading material may be just what you need to wake up that foggy brain of yours!

You read correctly; a pillow top mattress can improve your quality of sleep.

How to Care for Pillow Top Mattress Cover


  • Liquid detergent
  • Washing up liquid
  • Dryer


To “fluff” a cover in the dryer, simply toss a tennis ball in with it. If a cover needs to be refreshed but is not filthy, take it off and hang it outside.

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It is not recommended to machine wash a memory foam cover.

  1. Every two to three months, take the pad off the bed and wash it.
  2. Warm water is fine for washing a down or wool mattress cover with a pillow top. Wash the cover in a big capacity machine to avoid ripping it. If you don’t have access to a large enough machine at home, a laundromat is a good second option.
  3. A memory foam mattress protector can be taken outside and shaken to eliminate dust. Spread a sheet or other protective covering out on the floor, and then lay the cover down on top of it. To get into hard-to-reach places, try a handheld vacuum.
  4. A memory foam cover can be spot cleaned with a white towel and little liquid detergent. Put some clean water on the area. To remove a stain from a cleaning pad, pour some detergent onto a towel and massage vigorously. If necessary, use a stain remover as a preemptive measure. Soap residue can be removed by rinsing the cloth and blotting the affected area. Leave it to dry.
  5. To dry a clean cover, hang it outside or put it in a commercial dryer.
  6. Memory foam mattress protectors should be flipped over before being reapplied to the bed to ensure uniform wear.

The Drip Cap

  • A pillow top mattress has a quilted, plush fabric cover.
  • Every two to three months, take the pad off the bed and wash it.
  • A memory foam mattress protector can be taken outside and shaken to eliminate dust.
  • To remove a stain from a cleaning pad, pour some detergent onto a towel and massage vigorously.


In order to feel your best, you need to dress in the way that is most at ease for you.

Improve the quality of your mattress at any time to make sleeping on it a delight.

That way, you can rest assured that you’ll always have access to the ideal firmness and level of comfort in a pillow top mattress.

The issue of how to firm up a pillow top mattress has been resolved. I’m optimistic that you’ll be able to put them to use.

There is a lot of information here, so take your time reading everything through before making any decisions.