How To Make A Recliner Chair Higher? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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Do you wish you could raise the height of your recliner? In this piece, we’ll talk about the various ways in which you can change the height of your recliner.

The degree of ease with which one can recline is the most important factor to consider while purchasing a reclining chair. When you find a recliner that allows you to relax in it, you know you’ve made a good purchase.

Depending on your height and preference, the floor may feel a little too close to your recliner. You can easily get the chair off the ground, so there’s no need to throw away a good one.

How Do Recliner Chairs Work?

An examination of the various models of recliners can shed light on this intriguing issue.

  • Reclining Chair – Hand-Operated You may adjust the angle of a manual recliner by pulling a lever on the side of the chair, as the name implies. These chairs are the least expensive option, but they do take some physical power and skill to operate.
  • Chair that reclines electrically Most popular because of its convenient electric motor and reclining back for maximum relaxation. When you push a button, the chair reclines almost effortlessly.
  • Chair that Raise and Recline Electrically To me, the pinnacle of chairs is the motorized variety that allows me to rise and recline at will. This is the perfect chair for me because it reclines and also tilts and rises to make getting up from the chair a breeze. These chairs may be the most helpful for those with mobility issues, but they also come at a higher price.
  • Powered Reclining Massage Chair Reclining massage chairs can be purchased either manually or electrically. When you recline in one of these chairs, you can also enjoy a relaxing massage.
  • A Massage-Capable Lift-Up Recliner The rise-and-recline chair with massage functionality is the pinnacle of comfort. Yes, there is a cost associated with these seats. But the upsides are much greater than the drawbacks. To relax in your preferred position, simply press a button. Put your feet up and relax with a full body massage. Next, you’ll be in a nearly upright position from which to rise.

Also, to my surprise, recliners no longer appear like they belong at a retirement home.

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These days, you can choose a chair to complement any decor because they are so fashionable and come in so many different colors and materials.

What are the Benefits of Using a Recliner Chair?

  1. Comfort Being cozy is a top priority for me. If I’m going to sit down, I want to be able to relax without having to fiddle with my body position. Moving the cushions every few minutes to stay comfortable is the worst. I’d like to kick back and relax without having to recline completely.
  2. Takes the Edge Off the Stress Relaxing in a recliner is great for relieving stress on your muscles and joints. Because the chair can be moved at the push of a button, you, not the chair’s designers, get to choose the ideal working position.
  3. Mobility Another perk, at least for me, is that it’s a lot more of an effort to start going again after sitting or lying down for a while. I get tight if I stay in one place for too long. It hurts to move around when my joints are sore. A recliner might help loosen you up and get you moving again.
  4. Independence I’m not proud to say that there are instances when I require assistance in getting out of my chair. Asking one of my sons to help me stand up would be the most humiliating thing I could do to myself. If nothing else, having a rise and recline chair would allow me to maintain my autonomy and not have to rely on others.

Things to Consider When Buying a Reclining Chair

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a new reclining chair. And last but not least:

#1 Try Before You Buy Try out a recliner before you buy it, since I have stressed the importance of comfort on multiple occasions. It is common practice for online stores to accept returns for a full refund. If you don’t like the chair, make sure to buy it from a store that will let you return it.

Measurements and Body Mass Index Consider the weight of the recliner before you buy it. Make sure you have the space to accommodate it and help should you need to move it.

Raising Recliner Chair Height

Size and Mass #4 You should know that some recliners are not only large in stature but also quite hefty while shopping for one. Make sure you have the space to accommodate it and help should you need to move it.

Weight and Size (No. 4) If you’re on the market for a recliner, you should know that certain models are not only large in stature but also quite hefty. Make sure there’s room for it, and that if you do need to relocate it, you can do so easily.

Third, fasten a furniture riser to the underside of each leg of the reclining chair. The technique relies on the risers. Some chair risers are designed to slide onto the legs of the chair, while others can be secured in place.

Fourth, ensure that each riser is set to the same height (if applicable). If you want your chair to be elevated 5 inches, for instance, you would extend each of the four risers to the “5-inch” mark on their bases.

There are some risers that can’t be extended at all. These are the rubber disks that you place under the legs of your chair to raise it to the desired height.

Fifth, put your chair back where it was, but this time on the four chair risers you just set up. Relax in your chair and adjust the recline to your preferred position.

By tipping the chair on its side, the height of the risers can be adjusted as needed (optional).

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Adjusting The Recliner Tension

Step #1. Check the tension of your recliner

Recliner tension refers to the degree to which the chair can be leaned backward without much effort. Relax with your back against the recliner’s back.

If you find it difficult to lean back in the chair, try releasing some of the tension. If you are on the slighter side, it may be best to reduce the tension so that you can recline the chair without exerting too much effort.

It may be necessary to tighten the recliner’s tension if the chair reclines too far or too quickly. This is highly recommended for persons who want additional back support due to their height or prominence.

Step #2. Forward-tilt the recliner

Holding the chair so that the back is upright and the footrest is closed, slowly tilt the entire chair forward.

Use the chair’s high back and front armrests to prop it up. It may be difficult to hold the chair steady while adjusting the tension, which may take both hands.

Step #3. Look for a mechanism that you can adjust

Recliners that allow you to adjust the tension when reclining typically have a series of thumbwheels or wing nuts located under the seat. If no mechanism exists to do so, changing the tension may be impossible.

Look for a thumbwheel or wing nut on the right and left sides of the chair’s undercarriage. Each tension spring needs to be fastened to a separate bolt at the very end of the bolt from the opposite side.

Step #4. You should rotate the mechanism

By turning the thumbwheels or wing nuts in a clockwise direction, you may adjust the tension of the recliner. Turning them counterclockwise will release some of the pressure.

The recliner’s tension can be adjusted with either the wing nuts or the thumbwheels, but in the same manner for both. Since this is the case, fundamental procedures should be unaltered.

Find out if the mechanism is functional by turning it with your fingers. If it seems too snug, heavy-duty pliers may be necessary.

The greatest approach to get things done is to break them down into manageable chunks. Each wheel or nut should be turned a quarter turn at a time, and each adjustment should be made on both sides of the chair to provide uniform tension.

Step #5. Adjustment is put to the test

The reclining chair should be returned to its upright position. You can test the recliner’s tension by leaning back and stretching the leg rest. If the recliner’s tension seems right, this is a good place to pause and take a break.

How to Maintain and Care For a Recliner Chair

1. Prevent damage to your chair

If you want to avoid any problems with your furniture, it’s essential to get out in front of them early on. To ensure that your reclining chair lasts as long as possible, it is essential that you keep it out of direct sunlight. Most of the seats are upholstered in leather, which can fade significantly when exposed to sunlight. Wear and use causes the leather to crack and fade, making it look aged and used.

Additionally, we can take steps to lessen the impact of certain pungent odors on the passenger experience. Cigarette smoke, for instance, can be transferred to upholstery and other fabrics and accelerate the aging process.

Last but not least, it is recommended that you frequently replace the saggy cushions. This will slow the deterioration process, which is normally brought on by prolonged use, to a more manageable pace.

2. Deep clean the leather

Keep in mind that leather swivel chairs might be a pain to maintain. The expense is often overlooked by those who would rather have the task done professionally. However, there is a method for individuals who would want to do the cleaning themselves. The most important piece of advise is to stay out of the water. The liquid creates massive stains on leather, which is the biggest drawback of using it.

A steam cleaner is a viable alternative. Maybe you’re not ready to take on yet another cost, but think about how much better off you’ll be in the long run. It eliminates any unpleasant odors that may have developed in addition to the normal dust. Saddle soap is an alternate choice. Cleaning the seat regularly can not only keep it clean but also prevent cracks from forming.

3. Look after the fabric

The upkeep of a fabric reclining chair is much simpler than that of a leather one. However, that is not an excuse to disregard it. Vacuuming should always be your top priority. Recliner chair upholstery may be fragile and requires special handling. You should use a gentle brush for this task.

Second, baby wipes are incredibly useful for sanitizing car seats. That’s the most effective method for cleaning up minor messes here and there.

The usage of microfiber cloths is another recommended household activity. When used in conjunction with a dedicated fabric cleaner, it becomes an extremely effective cleaning tool. Fabric may not be as water-sensitive as leather, but it still serves its owner best to keep it dry whenever possible.

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4. Take care of the mechanics

The mechanism that allows a recliner chair to recline is the main differentiating factor between it and a regular chair. The ability to move it and change its orientation is also crucial when it comes to servicing it. It’s especially important in older reclining chairs because those people often can’t take good care of their furnishings. You must remember to lubricate the moving parts on a regular basis.

Being proactive rather than reactive is encouraged once again. Do it now, before the chair starts making noises or the safety of the movement is abruptly compromised. If you oil it up front, it will last you a long time and work hard for you.


Recliners are designed to make the user as comfortable as possible when seated. Nonetheless, if your recliner isn’t adjustable in height, it won’t be comfortable and won’t serve its intended purpose.

However, learning how to elevate a recliner chair is a useful skill to have. In this piece, we’ll show you how simple it is.

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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