How To Make A Santa Chair? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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Do you enjoy holiday celebrations such as Christmas? Have no fear, we’ve got your back! Here are some simple instructions for building a seat fit for Santa Claus.

Soon it will be the holiday season, and the shops will be stocked to the brim with decorations and gifts. If last year’s decorations gave the impression that you and your neighbor shared a roof, it would be best to try something new this time around.

It’s so sweet that you can’t stop decorating for Christmas. Everyone would love to take a picture in Santa’s chair for Instagram.

Making Your Own Santa Chair

Why not construct a Santa chair that stands out from the crowd when everyone else is busy with Christmas balls and garlands? In order to make your chairs for Christmas truly unique, follow these instructions.


  • Typical dining room chair
  • Plywood
  • Practical blade
  • a shelf supported by L-shaped brackets
  • Structures made of wood
  • Drill
  • Inserts made of wood
  • Corbels

Step #1. Remove the cushion

Get started by taking the seat out of the chair. For easier access, you can loosen the screws by flipping the chair over so that it’s back is facing you. We’ll need the seat cushion in a bit, so put it somewhere safe.

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The next step is to take off the seat back cushion. Use the utility knife to lift the pillow and separate it; the raw fabric edges won’t be seen once the cushion is done.

Step #2. Measure, mark, and cut

Mark the required height of the back support on the chair using a measuring tape and a permanent marker. For the back height of the chair, you can use three hand spans as a guide.

Once you’ve got your measurements figured out, you may start cutting. If you want to prevent having to cut the wood again, it’s important that you follow the guide marks exactly.

Step #3. Paint

Once all the wood has been cleaned and sanded, it should be painted gold to reflect Santa’s traditional red and gold color scheme. Wooden corbels and L-brackets require the same treatment. Once you’ve waited the recommended two hours, you can move on to the next step.

Step #4. Screw the plywood

Screw the plywood to the rear of the chair to create an enlarged back. Because properly positioning the back support might be difficult, you may wish to have assistance with this step.

The plywood needs to be positioned slightly higher than the seat so that the cushion can be reattached later.

Step #5. Add the post brackets

Install pre-drilled and glued post brackets along the edges. Remember, the side wood posts should next be attached to the chair’s side.

Step #6. Drill and stick

Wooden brackets should be attached to the chair’s sides using drills and wood glue. Shelf L brackets can be drilled along the side and used as a decorative accent in the space in front of the chair.

Step #7. Add wood corbels

The elegant bump on the chair legs is created by attaching wood corbels to the underside of the seat. The next step is to secure the wood appliqué to the top and sides of the chair using adhesive.

Step #8. Cover cushions

Stapling red velvet fabric to throw pillows is a great way to add a pop of color. Use industrial-strength Velcro to attach to the seat. You’ve put in the work, and now you may enjoy the fruits of your labor.

Show off your homemade Santa chair on Instagram. Put it away till the next time a celebration is in order.

How much will I save if I make my own santa chair?

To sit in a set of Santa chairs costs over $397, while a set of Santa seats costs over $224. Creating your own DIY Santa chair would only set you back around $20, and you’d get the added bonus of the satisfaction that comes from mastering a challenging DIY project.

Is it possible to do my DIY santa hat cover?

This Santa hat chair cover is a quick and easy way to brighten up your holiday gathering without breaking the bank. It’s safe to assume that if you can make a DIY chair, you can also make a Santa hat cover for your dining room chairs in time for the holidays.

Make it a mission to create a more elaborate Santa Claus for your living room chair. You may find Santa patterns online, and they work well to increase the holiday spirit in the kitchen.

How to Decorate for Christmas

Go nuts!

Wearing nutcrackers is a great way to achieve a throwback vibe. You may get these adorable collectibles in a wide range of sizes, styles, and colors, making them a versatile addition to your holiday display. The silver and gold of this soldier, for instance, complement the metallic lamps and iced tree.

Go for a rustic look

Wood, pine boughs, and holly sprigs are some examples of natural elements that work well as Christmas decorations. This twig and wood scrap deer family is so adorable, that it has won our hearts. Also, they are not particularly holiday-specific, so you can leave them up all winter. These are the best winter recipes from every state.

Santa chair Perfect example of building something from a pic I saw. No need to pay $50 for … | Diy santa, Christmas float ideas, Christmas decorations diy outdoor

Capture a quote

You can’t go wrong with a Christmas quote, whether it’s a lyric from a well-known song or a line from your all-time favorite holiday film. Put it up on a chalkboard ($50) for everyone to see. Don’t worry about the extra cash; you’re welcome to keep the dirty change. Next, look at some of the best ideas for holiday presents from some of your favorite films.

Have a theme in mind

Organizing a special feast for the holidays? Set a mood at the table with a theme. The concept of having a Santa brunch with red napkins, gold cutlery, and a large black belt buckle made of ribbon and glitter paper is fantastic. This list of 50 recipes is sure to please Santa Claus at your Christmas breakfast.

Make it merry

You don’t have to go into debt to decorate for the holidays. Beautiful works of art can be created with the right tools and some time spent creating them. Examples of DIY paper crafts include this patterned scrapbook paper wreath. ($7) These snacks, which are formed like a wreath, are equally amazing.

Overload on ornaments

One of the most enjoyable parts of the holiday season is decorating the tree with decorations (and here’s how to do it without damaging the branches). However, that’s not all you can do with them! Simply place them in bowls, vases, or any other decorative container to create a stunning display. Get shatterproof decorations for this job, since no one enjoys picking up shards of glass from the carpet. These food-themed ornaments are deliciously entertaining.

Get pretty in pink

Absolutely, the traditional Christmas colors are red and green. However, don’t be afraid to go out and use colors outside black while decorating your home. Pink is our favorite color, however blue, maroon, or purple would also look beautiful. Here are 45 recipes that are just as lovely in pink.

Whip up some jolly gingerbread

What? Decorations that can be eaten? Yep! Gingerbread homes add a touch of seasonal cheer to the spread. (And the host can enjoy one as a tasty treat after the party.) Everything you need to know to bake and decorate gingerbread is right here.

Keep it cozy

Make your home as delightful as possible, even if the weather outside isn’t terrible. What could be more soothing than a hot cup of cocoa and a cozy spot near to the tree? Gather as many cozy blankets, string lights, candles, and other hygge-inducing accessories as you can fit into your room.

Dress up your kitchen

We all know you’ll be spending a lot of time in the kitchen during the holidays, what with all the baking and cooking. Use festive tablecloths, napkins, placemats, and even a strand of garland to lift the mood of any room!

Bring the outdoors in

The wonderful aroma of pine needles can be experienced without the need for a real tree. Put together some pinecones, cranberry branches, and other natural elements, and you have instant, easy, and inexpensive decor. This effect can be achieved using artificial foliage purchased from a craft store, which is ideal for those who suffer from allergies. We love shopping at Michael’s because of the wide variety of items available. Mums from the fall can be used again for the holidays.

Make merry with metals

When it comes to home design, metals are a breeze to work with. You can go for a consistent theme (like this silver tablescape) or get creative with color and pattern. A cuisine that will leave your visitors speechless is also essential.

Consider minimal touches

You shouldn’t feel pressured to go all out with your holiday decorations. A simple string of lights, a greenery wreath ($15), and some typography wall art can do the trick.

Build an awesome advent calendar

A pretty thing and something fun for the kids to do? That’s right, we’re paying attention. Skip the chocolate and opt for a handmade advent calendar fashioned from paper bags, rope, and a long stick instead. Put it on the wall and use it as decoration. It’s not too late to get an advent calendar for the grownups in your family!

Create a winter wonderland

Select a color scheme you know you won’t mess up: winter whites, if you’re not good at matching colors. This tablescape, inspired by a winter wonderland, features the same colour (and with a few mixed metals) to create a lovely, snowy effect. Here are twenty tasty snowman-related snacks to enjoy while thinking about winter weather.

Look for vintage details

Make a decorative piece out of mom’s old greeting card stack. Coasters, coat racks, and everything else with a retro design are some of our favorites. The complete card can also be framed. If you’re looking for ways to recycle your old Christmas cards, we’ve got you covered.

Get glam

Singing Santas, we hardly knew ye. This year’s Christmas decorations are ultra-chic. You should search for embellishments that are sparkly, glittering, and dazzling. Have a look at the Christmas kitchen decorations our stylists have put together.

Add some pretty poinsettias

A few poinsettias can brighten up any space and bring in the holiday spirit. You can get one of these inexpensively lovely plants in a wide range of sizes and colors. (Allergies? Choose to pretend!)

String lots of lights

Intriguing, right? Strings of twinkling lights are the quickest and most cost-effective method to transform a bland area into a warm and inviting atmosphere. Avoid putting them away solely for the holiday tree. Tie up some of your favorites and drape them over the sills of your windows and doors, or weave them around the centerpieces on your tables. As an additional means of reducing your carbon footprint, battery-operated models can be purchased for $16. Wrap your cookie tree in lights, too!

How To - DIY Santa Chair

Have a blue Christmas

Imagine yourself as Elvis Presley and use this as your soundtrack. Swap out the typical reds and oranges for blues and silver. Experiment with the lights, garlands, and ornaments on your tree.


During the holiday season, we always find ourselves doing things with our loved ones that bring us closer together. We have a long list of things to do, including decorating, organizing, and preparing. When you put in the effort to do it all by yourself, you come to appreciate it all the more.

Let the little ones’ wishes come true and deliver them Santa’s chair. For added holiday cheer, everyone would want to know how to replicate your Santa chair.

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Helen Skeates

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