How To Make A Sofa Bed More Comfortable? Step-By-Step Guide

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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It only takes two steps to master how to make a sofa bed more comfortable. Who said sofa beds will always get beaten by true mattresses for sleeping? You only need to improve the support and surface, and you’ll surprise yourself with the sofa bed.

Are you new to using a sofa bed? Here is also a quick tutorial on how to open a sofa bed. Please read the manufacturer’s instructions for using your bed and then follow these two steps to prepare it for sleep.

Why do people prefer sofa beds?

Below are the best reasons to buy a sofa bed:

  • It comes with clever, space-saving features
  • It can be easily converted into sleep surfaces and provides a comfortable sleeping space for friends and family staying overnight
  • You don’t need to store an extra guest bed in your house
  • It is not just guests either. You can occasionally fall asleep on your sofa-bed!
  • It performs brilliantly night and day!

Is that all there is to sofa beds? No. In this article, here is more you need to know about them.

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Advantages of Using a Sofa Bed

You know the answer to the question of what is a sofa bed. This article also has much more information you need to know before purchasing the perfect sofa bed for your apartment, house, or office.

1. Space Saving Features

If you’re living in a studio flat or small apartment; a sofa bed is a great option. You can easily convert it into a bed while it is as chic and svelte as a sofa. Besides, having a sofa bed in the living room makes perfect sense for families in larger homes, too, if you don’t want to sacrifice your space for guest bedroom.

2. As Comfortable As a Real Bed

Gone are the days when sofa beds were the pieces of furniture you felt you felt like sleeping on nails. Great news, the sofa beds have been upgraded since then! Thanks to larger focus on comfort, sofa beds worth the investment.

Doğtaş has plenty of comfortable sofa beds that provide you a good night’s sleep, you will have both a comfortable sofa and a bed. Besides, sofa beds are a good investment if you’re on a budget.

3. Great for Friends’ Sleepovers

Sofa beds can magically transform a guest room into a cool hangout space for your friends while providing them a comfortable sleepover experience. It is a good idea to change your regular sofa with a sofa bed in order your friends to stay over after a fun night at your place.

4. Create Extra Comfort at Home For Yourself

This subtitle actually can summarize “what is a sofa bed?” question. We have all had to sleep on a sofa at some point. However, a sofa doesn’t have the same proportions and comfort as a bed and experts say that sleeping on the sofa can cause a number of different health problems.

Besides, the sofa beds are now cleverly designed and comfortable. A sofa bed offers a comfortable and healthy bed in a matter of seconds.

5. Blends in Your Living Room

There is no need to worry about the design of the sofa beds. They come in various styles and fabrics that will fit perfectly with your living room decoration. The sofa beds look exactly like regular sofas, only with extra functions. Even the mighty Chesterfield is now available as a sofa bed!

6. Easy to Unfold and Move

The sofa beds do not have the unreliable mechanisms they once had, which either get you stuck in it or fail to unfold anymore. Sofa beds have come a long way as the technology around them has markedly improved. The sofa beds today are remarkably easy to use. They open and close effortlessly. Moreover, you can move them around the house with a slight effort.

7. More Storage? Yes Please

Who does not need extra storage space? Many sofa beds come with hidden storage. You can store the bedding and all that household clutter you’ve gathered and don’t have a place for inside your sofa bed.

This way, you will have a tidier living room with a stylish sofa bed. Above is an example of a sofa bed from Doğtaş with storage function.

8. Durable Structure

If you are looking for an investment in durable furniture, the sofa beds are just what you need. They last for years. As they are multi-functional furniture, they need to be sturdy which means you can enjoy the comfort of your sofa bed for years. Doğtaş has durable, comfortable sofa bed options which are designed to be used every day.

9. Wide Range of Style Options

Do you think regular sofas have more style options than sofa beds? Sofa beds have various style options, just like regular sofas. They will be no different from a regular sofa, except a storage space and bed inside.

10. Budget Friendly

Buying a sofa bed can save you money because you can use one single piece of furniture for two purposes: seating, and sleeping.

To sum up, sofa beds have leveled up in many ways. They are easily convertible to beds. Plus, most of the sofa beds provides storage. There is a wide range of sofa bed styles, and they come in various sizes and fabrics.

The durability and comfort of sofa beds make them a great investment and let you save money in the long run. They are perfect for especially smaller apartments and people with frequent stay-over guests.

In short, sofa beds are easy-to-use and practical. Be careful to consider the available space in your room to choose the right size and model of your sofa bed.

How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable

You may want to choose the best fitting fabric as well. Find the best fabric that will provide you comfort in your region’s climate. The perfect sofa bed for you is out there, we believe it!

How Can I Make My Sofa Bed More Comfortable?

Step 1. Improve the base and support

Much like with mattresses, a sofa bed will only be comfortable if it provides support. If it sinks and loses its shape when you lie on it, you won’t maintain the proper and comfortable sleeping position. The solution?

Cut a piece of plywood the same size as the sofa bed or combine two pieces to get the exact dimensions. This base will push back the sunken spots of the sofa bed and help it maintain good compression when you lie on it. Notice that this is the same technique for fixing a sunken mattress.

Step 2. Make the surface cozier

Your sofa bed doesn’t have to be bare. Adding a mattress topper will surely improve your sleeping experience and provide the firmness you personally like. Please select the right size of mattress topper to prevent slippage and then cover them with a comfortable bed sheet.

Cotton is one of the best materials for bed sheets because it is soft, breathable, and easy to wash. Then, choose something with a high thread count to get a luxurious texture on your bed. Finally, finish the cozy sofa bed with your comforter and plush pillows.

Hotels typically use down for their comforters and pillows because of the unparalleled soft texture. You can check out the pillows that Marriott hotels use to give you an idea.

Why Are Sofa Beds So Uncomfortable?

Sofa beds can get uncomfortable because of their overall construction. While their smaller size is beneficial for people who are cautious with space or want to utilize the small amount they have, sofa beds only have enough room for one person. The frame is also prominent because of the sofa bed’s thin cushioning.

This is why improving the support and adding more cushioning to a sofa bed will enhance your sleeping experience on it.

What Is The Best Mattress Topper For A Sofa Bed?

The best mattress topper you can add to a sofa bed is memory foam. Memory foam is a resilient material that will last you long with proper memory foam mattress topper cleaning and use. It will also make up for the lack of pressure relief in the thin sofa bed.

However, you can also consider a pillowtop mattress topper for the sofa bed. It typically combines polyester and cotton to provide a lush surface. But if you want to retain the pressure-relieving qualities of memory foam, latex toppers conform to the body similarly with the benefit of being a natural product.

What Is The Most Comfortable Sofa Bed To Sleep On?

It will be impossible to mention a single sofa bed and label it as the most comfortable. After all, comfort is subjective. However, Nordby Sofa Bed and Wayfair Sarah Sofa Bed have features that most sleepers will love.

Nordby uses high-density foam over a steel frame and oak legs to combine the best comfort and support that are guaranteed to last long. The Sarah sofa bed from Wayfair, on the other hand, uses a coil spring mattress and comes in a queen-size bed to provide enough space for different sleepers. Overall, the construction of the sofa bed and how it will benefit your specific needs play a more significant role than the brand.

Can You Permanently Sleep On A Sofa Bed?

You can sleep on a sofa bed long term as long as it helps you maintain the proper sleeping posture. This means that your spine should be neutral, and you have no deviations that can cause body pain. You also want to consider that the sofa bed doesn’t have any dents or sagging detrimental to your sleeping posture.

What Should I Look For When Buying A Sofa Bed?

The size and overall construction are the two factors you must consider when buying a sofa bed. The frame should be durable enough to withstand transitioning from a sofa to a bed and vice versa. The bed itself should also be comfortable when sitting or lying on it for a long time before it loses its shape.

Finally, consider the size of the furniture. It should fit your space well both as a sofa and as a bed.

How long does a sofa bed last?

With the right day-to-day care, your sofa bed will be easy to maintain and keep looking pristine. There’s no exact rule on how long a sofa should bed should last. That’s because it depends on how often they’re used and what their main purpose is – sofa or bed. Most important is to ensure you give yours the correct care – from vacuuming to cleaning stains. We’ll explore all of this right here.

But first, it’s important to note that sofa beds at Dreams come with a 1-year guarantee. However, for extra peace of mind you can purchase our Bedcover insurance plan which protects materials, construction and workmanship for 5 years. Accidental scuffs, spills and stains are also covered for the first 5 years. Find out more about Bedcover here.

How to clean a sofa bed

If you’ve purchased Bedcover on your sofa bed, cleaning is available by a professional when any accidental spillages occur. If you haven’t chosen to add on our Bedcover plan, regular cleaning of your sofa bed will keep it looking presentable in your home and for when guests come to stay. Follow these simple steps to clean your sofa bed:

  1. Remove any machine washable covers and follow the instructions on the care label.
  2. Vacuum surfaces but avoid vacuuming the mattress, if your sofa bed has one, as this could disturb the fillings.
  3. Soak up any spilt liquids immediately by blotting them with a clean, dry cloth. Remove any debris with a clean, soft brush. We don’t recommend using any cleaning products on your sofa bed’s upholstery.

How often should you clean sofa bed?

We’ve grouped our cleaning and maintenance care tips into daily and weekly instructions.


  • We recommend plumping your sofa bed’s cushions daily to help them keep their original shape
  • Try to keep your upholstered sofa bed away from direct sunlight as prolonged exposure could cause the colour to fade over time
  • Treat any spillages on the same day – preferably immediately


  • Vacuum once a week on and behind the cushions on a low setting
  • Use a soft brush to remove any dust or debris from the mattress, if your sofa bed has one

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How to protect your sofa bed

A soft throw is not only great for snuggling up with on your sofa bed, it also acts as an inexpensive shield from stains and odours, plus general wear and tear. Large scatter cushions are also another way of protecting your sofa bed, and they provide a pleasing aesthetic too – you can change them up as often as you like to give the sofa bed a new lease of life.

For sofa beds with a mattress, purchasing a mattress protector will help shield against stains and moisture.

More tips for keeping your sofa bed in great condition

  • Try to keep children from jumping on your sofa bed as it could damage the fillings and layers
  • Try to keep pets off your sofa bed. Fur and sharp nails are not a good mix with upholstery
  • Avoid sitting on the arms as this type of extra weight could damage the frame
  • Try not to place your sofa bed directly in front of a radiator, open fire, or air conditioning unit – allow some space for air to circulate freely
  • Don’t use your sofa bed as a substitute for a full-time bed frame – our sofa beds are designed for occasional use
  • Check if your sofa bed comes with a support leg underneath the sleeping area. This will need to be pulled down before the bed is slept on.

We hope you find this sofa bed care guide useful. Check out more of our handy guides below.


Sofa beds don’t always have to be labeled as uncomfortable. In this guide, we taught you how to make a sofa bed more comfortable at home. You only need to improve its support by adding plywood underneath, then cushion the surface with a mattress topper and quality bedding.

Did our two tips help you with your sofa bed? Let us know in the comments below!

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