How To Make A Swivel Vanity Chair? Step-By-Step Guide

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This tutorial will teach you all you need to know to construct your very own swiveling vanity chair. This is a simple task that can be finished in a day or less. You won’t need much in the way of supplies. The nicest aspect about this undertaking is that you just need $25-$30 worth of materials to finish it.

What is Swivel Vanity Chair?

You can utilize a swivel vanity chair in the bathroom. To prevent it from toppling over, it features two wheels or casters at the base and, in most cases, armrests as well.

One of the numerous advantages of these chairs is how simple it is to stand up from them. If you want to sit while you brush your teeth, the swivel design makes it easy to move around and reach all parts of your face.

Benefits of Swivel Vanity Chair

One of the numerous advantages of this kind of chair is how simple it is to get in and out of it. Because there is no back on most of these chairs, getting up from them is much simpler.

Vanity Swivel Chairs with Back - Ideas on Foter

The ease with which these chairs can navigate obstacles like corners and tile floors is another perk. Younger kids who aren’t as sure of their footing and could need an extra hand while brushing their teeth will also benefit greatly from these.

These chairs are also great for someone to sit in as they brush their teeth because of how comfortable they are. There’s no need to get up from the chair or struggle to get to different parts of their face.

Finally, these chairs are ideal for those who benefit from a toothbrush with more bristles, since they allow the user to easily reach the rear of their mouth and brush vigorously, successfully removing plaque.

Those who are less than four feet tall or who have trouble reaching their mouth and brushing their teeth independently will find this chair to be extremely helpful.

People who have trouble sitting up straight or who have a condition that prevents them from standing up comfortably would also benefit from this chair. The only drawbacks are their high price, the number of persons required for vanity chair assembly, and their cumbersome size.

This is not the chair for you if you are looking for a long-term investment; but, if you don’t mind shelling out the cash to have it assembled, or if you simply need something compact, this could be the chair for you!

Steps on Making a Swivel Vanity Chair

First, assemble your supplies. Chair, plywood sheets (the number needed will depend on the size you want the seat to be), wood strips, screws, and glue.

Decide how big you want your seat to be, and then draw it out on one of the plywood pieces.

Third, remove the excess material using a handsaw or jigsaw to reveal the chair’s outline.

Now, using a jigsaw or handsaw, cut out the shape of the seat you’ve designed by tracing it onto another piece of plywood. Use wood glue to attach each piece, and then secure it all with screws.

Conveniently place the screws close to where you intend to put the seat in Step 5. Sand down any additional lumps on the top layer of plywood before painting or varnishing, and fill any gaps between the two pieces of wood with more wood glue or sawdust.

Step 6: To make moving your chair simpler, install wheels under its base. See to it that they are securely fastened.

How are Vanity Swivel Chairs Characterized By?

  • Typically composed of wood, vanity swivel chairs are long-lasting and reliable.
  • They are not too high off the ground, so most people can get out of them easily.
  • One can paint them any color they like.

What are the Most Common Designs of Vanity Swivel Chairs?

Despite their diversity, all vanity swivel chairs may be categorized into one of three distinct styles. The first is a basic recliner with an attached seat that comes up to rest against your back.

The second category includes no-back chairs like benches, which feature two seats facing each other.

The third variety is a simple swivel chair that serves the same purpose as the others but has neither a back nor armrests, making it ideal for use when doing personal hygiene or applying cosmetics.

Vanity Swivel Chairs with Back - Ideas on Foter

How to Care for Swivel Vanity Chair

  • Select a material that won’t fade or show stains easily.
  • Fabricate your covers from vinyl or leather suitable for use on furniture.
  • If you have an area rug in your bathroom, use it to keep the base from getting scratched up over time.

The Best Vanity Chairs

Roundhill Furniture Contemporary Swivel Vanity Chair

This chair’s modern imitation leather looks great and goes with any decor. It may be adjusted in height from 32 to 36 inches and swivels a full 360 degrees for maximum comfort. White, lavender, and gray are all available, and each has its own sophisticated style.

Bonnlo Padded Vanity Chair

What we liked about this vanity stool is that it provides a stable, comfy option with its firm legs. There is a protective pad on the bottom of each leg to prevent scratching when you move the chair. The flowery pattern on the stool’s seat is an understated touch of elegance.

Hillsdale O’Malley Metal Vanity Chair

That Which We Enjoyed Featuring a unique knot design, the back of this dressing table seat is sure to capture your eye. You may sit in comfort at your vanity thanks to the polyester padding on the seat. It does require some assembling on your part, but doing so shouldn’t take more than about 15 minutes.

Duhome Elegant Lifestyle Round Velvet Vanity Chair

One of our favorite features of this stool is how quickly and effortlessly it can be converted into a bedside table by placing a tray on top. Yet, it also serves admirably as a chair at one’s dressing table. The velvet fabric upholstery is available in a rainbow of colors and is both comfy and beautiful.

Iwell Padded Rubberwood Leg Vanity Chair

The sturdy rubberwood legs of this stool earned high marks from us because they can accommodate weights up to 330 pounds. 1.6 inches of high-density sponge sit above a breathable linen cloth on the seat. If you’re looking for a bench to sit on that will provide your body with optimal support, go no further than this one.

Our Vanity Chair Buying Guide

Historically, vanity tables were only found in palaces and were reserved for the royal ladies. A vanity table consists of few basic pieces. Makeup and hairbrushes can be placed directly on the vanity table top. You can view your progress in the mirror. However, a comfy chair is also required to complete the aesthetic of shorter vanity tables.

While getting dressed in the morning may be done while standing in front of the mirror, vanities do have their uses. While perfecting your smoky eye or pouty lips, sitting down rather than standing will save you time. While vanities can now be seen in certain in-wall stalls, they were more commonly found in private spaces like bedrooms and living rooms.

To get the most out of a vanity table that requires you to sit at it, you’ll need a chair that’s just the correct height. You should measure the height of your vanity and the height of the chair you plan to use to make sure you get the perfect fit.

As crucial as it is to have a vanity chair that is both comfortable and easy to stow, many homeowners value the latter more. If you need to free up some floor space, you can tuck many of these away beneath the table.

Segmart Manager's Chair with Swivel, 250 lb. Capacity, Green -

The Vanity Chair Tips and Advice

  • Different types of vanity chairs are available. Some look like miniature piano benches and are padded for comfort. You can also buy vanity chairs with backs and swivel bases so you can turn your back on the vanity if you need to get some fresh air.
  • You can utilize some vanity chairs with tables that don’t have a mirror. Some can serve as impromptu end tables if a tray is placed on top.
  • There are several seats out there that claim to be comfortable, but you should weigh that against how convenient it would be to have a vanity seat that slides under the desk or counter. Maybe you’ll decide that making do with less space is preferable to being more snug.
  • The legs of the chair should be strong and stable. Because some of them wobble when you sit in them, you should look for ones with sturdy legs.
  • Some dressing tables have height adjustments, so you can play around with the measurements a little bit.
  • Make sure the chair’s legs are well cushioned. Some are designed to protect your floors from scratches as you move them around with non-scratch casters and rubber feet, respectively.


How to swivel chairs and other varieties of vanity chairs are discussed. Please read the article and comment on what you think.

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