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The prices are very high, There is a wide range of wool press mats. Finding the right equipment to complete a great ironing job shouldn’t take you an arm leg. The good thing is that DIY projects can give you the results you require for a much lower cost.

How to create the wool press mat’s not difficult to create your own wool pressing mat. First, locate and make use of 3 different fabrics. Press them to create three distinct layers. Choose a board that has plenty of ironing space. Then, put the layers on the top. You are now ready to go.

For making your wool pressing mat, or to get suggestions on how to make it, simply read our post. It’s full of ideas and ideas on how you can make the wool press you want to make and also save money.

What is a Wool Pressing Mat?


The wool mat is essentially exactly what it sounds like. It is made from wool and is utilized to press your quilts, clothing as well as different sewing items. They typically measure around 3/4 inch thick and are designed to make the time you iron be a bit quicker.

What makes these mats well-known is that they are intended to keep the heat while you press and iron the opposite side of the fabric while working. This means that you can work on both sides at once and reduce the amount of work.

The great aspect of the mats mentioned above is they’re not difficult to use and aren’t too difficult to put into the proper place. The challenge is to decide whether which steam to use and when not. Steam is usually able to pass through mats, and then soaks things beneath the mat.

If you are not averse to the situation, you can simply you can steam off. Wool pressing mats are most effective when steam is not present in the process of ironing.

Why Make Your Own Wool Pressing Mat?

The answer is economics. If you shop around for your wool pressing mat you can spend anywhere from $50-$75 for one mat. It’s a fairly high cost to reduce the amount of ironing.

You can also tailor the wool mat according to your needs. The mat that you customize to suit the needs of your pressing or ironing is a huge benefit to you, and it will ease the process of ironing for your body.

The size you could buy is 17 by 17 inches. You can also get it in thicknesses of 1/2 inch. This is another reason why you should make your own press mat from wool. It is possible to achieve a thickness that can hold heat and not harm the material underneath it.

The final reason you should design your own is that after finishing the project, you will be confident and feel that you’re very skilled. This confidence builds a solid base that can carry on to sewing projects.

The added confidence can help you to do better in sewing or ironing. You’re able and prepared to deal with any sewing challenge that may come your way.

Making a Wool Pressing Mat

Sometimes, making your own products is more of a labor of love than a cost-effective move. The cost can go up when you’re only creating one thing with the items you buy. This can include the creation of wool pressing mats.

Typically, savings come into the equation when you produce several. Making only one mat will result in purchasing a ready-to-apply wool press mat appealing when compared to.

These are guidelines to follow in case you decide to create yourself:

  • Step 1. you can buy wool to create your press mat, or make a piece of wool yarn. The dimensions of your crocheted piece of wool maybe around 40 by 30 inches.
  • Step 2. If you choose to do the second the next step is to pass it through the washer at least a couple of times with hot water until it can appear the way you would like. Don’t make use of it to spin it.
  • Step 3. Shave the wool piece, making sure to remove all loose threads and rough fibers from the wool.
  • Step 4. trim the wool piece to the desired size and the wool pressing mat is ready to use.

It is important to ensure that your account for plenty of shrinkages before cutting or creating an item of wool. The only downside to this DIY method is that the final product may not be as dense as the items you purchase from a store.

DIY Wool Pressing Mat Tips

If you are preparing to build your own wool pressing mat, it’s an excellent idea to gather some guidelines to help you aid your work. There is no specific sequence to these suggestions:

  • 1. Practice. By this, we mean practicing cutting out the shape you’d like and making sure the size of the wool is exactly right. This will keep you from having to do the entire process over again when it shrinks down to a size too small.
  • 2. Wool shrinks. It’s not a material that protects itself well against water. Always cut more fabric than you’ll need.
  • 3. Make use of a hinge. It is possible to install an edging in the wool mat. This feature allows you to fold it up or unfold it and folded, especially if it isn’t too heavy. The hinge allows you to transport the mat when you have to carry it along to a class or any other sewing-related activity.
  • 4. Wool blankets are a good option when you’re budget-conscious and do not wish to spend lots of money on equipment You can opt for wool blankets instead. Fold it up until it’s thick enough to require. The weight of the item should maintain it in a very steady position.
  • 5. The search for wool blanket garage sales, thrift stores estate sales, and garage sales are great places to look for cheap wool blankets.

Why Use a Wool Pressing Mat?


One of the primary advantages of using the wool mat for pressing is that it can be used virtually anyplace. A table, an ironing board an unreliable cutting board, or an old piece of wood found in your home.

This flexibility lets you work on any surface you’re able to find. Another reason to consider is that it allows you to do better at pressing. It is quicker to press making use of a top wool pressing mat. Another reason is that wool construction materials will keep your blocks in place.

The wool catches the fabric you’re ironing and holds it in place, making your ironing time much less stressful for you. It’s a huge benefit, especially if you are working on a schedule to manage.

The last reason to choose wool presser mats is the fact that it is constructed out of natural building materials. If you enjoy wool’s scent the premium wool mats provide that scent.

These products can be expensive however, in the long run, you can save time and cost by purchasing one. They’re a robust and durable product that will last for many years under normal usage.

Is Wool Pressing Mats Worth It?


After examining the arguments to use wool pressing mats, you’ll be able to think that they’re worth the time and effort to include in your ironing tools. One of the most frustrating issues with ironing is that your fabric could move around you at the wrong moment.

These wool pressing mats can eliminate this frustration and make ironing more enjoyable and easier on you. The wool will grab your fabric and help keep it stable and smooth to allow you to complete your ironing task quickly. In addition, using the heating aid it is only necessary to press only just one side of the fabric.

These benefits could have you looking forward to ironing again. The fact that you can reduce your workload by a small amount also saves you more time and enthusiasm for family members when they return home.

This alone is enough to make using wool pressing mats worth it.

How to Store Wool Pressing Mat

If not in use the storage of your mat should not be difficult. In accordance with their dimensions, they will be able to fit into a cabinet easily. In the event that they don’t, you could simply leave them in your sewing machine resting against the wall.

Because wool absorbs moisture, you definitely should not store wool in an area where there is a lot of moisture. Because they’re very thin and flat they should have an easy space to store them until you are ready to utilize them again.

What to Look for When Buying a Wool Pressing Mat

If you’re not looking to build your own press mat, you can buy one. They are easily available and you ought to be able to find them anyplace.

Following a few basic guidelines to follow can help you locate the top wool pressing mats available on market today: marketplace in the present:

  • 1. Flexibility: ensure that the wool is able to be pressed down easily. This will help keep your fabric in place and makes your blocks more streamlined.
  • 2. Texture – because it’s wool it’s bound to be a texture. You need to ensure the texture is sufficiently rough to grip the fabric and keep it securely. The mats you buy at a lower price may not function particularly well in this regard because they’re not made from premium wool materials.
  • 3. Thickness: the thicker the better for the products that you iron on. In general, 1/2 inch is as thin as you can be. The mats with a higher density will work best with larger fabrics such as quilts.
  • 4. Make sure you have more than one Here you need to have several mats available. This is because you might require ironing when you’re away from your home. Smaller versions are easier to move around. Additionally, different sizes work with different materials better than other sizes. Always be prepared and not have a single wool pressing mat in your home.
  • 5. Odor-free: If you’re an irritable nose, this option is the most suitable for you. A wool pressing mat with no odor isn’t going to hinder the work you’re doing.

Where to Buy a Wool Pressing Mat?


If you weren’t already aware, Amazon is a great location to purchase a quality wool press mat. They are available in a variety of sizes and shapes. You will find them much cheaper than the $50 – $75 price range that was mentioned in the past. Just click this link for them to be reached.

Joann offers wool press mats on sale however, be aware that they’re not affordable when you pay with their payment method. Click here to go hereYou will be taken to the site. You will then be taken to the web of choices to get a pressing mat to purchase.

It is possible to look up your local fabric or sewing shops, as well as department stores as well as small boutiques.

It shouldn’t be an issue in choosing an appropriate wool press mat that meets your budget and requirements.

Some Final Words

The creation of your own press mat could be the best way to save money and ease the ironing task. They’re not difficult to create and don’t require a lot of effort. Additionally, you could save some money if you make them yourself.

The benefit of making your own is that you can design them in any manner you like and make them appear however you like. The freedom you have is priceless.