How To Make Air Conditioner Colder In Car? All You Need To Know

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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Because you probably want to stay nice and cool while driving, you may be wondering how to make car air conditioner colder. This is of paramount importance in places like India, where summer temperatures can reach dangerously high levels.

Here, we’ll go over several simple yet effective methods for keeping your car’s air conditioner running at peak efficiency.

When it comes to air conditioning, most people believe that servicing and maintaining the unit’s components is all that’s required to keep things cool. They didn’t realize it also relied on their regular behavior in the car.

Keep in mind that there are a number of variables that affect how effectively an automobile’s air conditioner performs. Where you generally leave it and how well you keep it maintained are both factors.

Let’s avoid the boring details and focus instead on how to get the most out of your car’s air conditioning.

Pros of Air Conditioner In Car

A Comfortable Drive

Using the air conditioner in your automobile provides you with the most noticeable benefit: increased comfort. If you turn on the air conditioner, you won’t have to suffer through the oppressive heat of driving in the summer. Instead of cranking up the volume by opening the windows, you may listen to your favorite tunes while staying cool with the air conditioner.

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Better Safety

Using the air conditioner in your car improves your safety. One benefit is that being too warm no longer causes you to feel sleepy. Turning on the air conditioning will provide you with cleaner air to help you stay awake.

Second, the windshield mist can be diminished with the help of the air conditioner. In order to drive safely with a damp windshield, turning on the air conditioner is a must.

Cons of Air Conditioner In Car

Worse Fuel Economy

The most well-known disadvantage of automotive air conditioning is the damage it does to gas mileage. Since running the air conditioner uses fuel and can raise your fuel consumption by as much as 20%, it is more fuel efficient to roll down the windows on short trips. In the long run, it can be quite cost-effective.

5 Things To Do To Make Air Conditioner Colder In Car

The purpose is to get the most efficiency out of your car’s air conditioner. This will make sure that you have a pleasant trip even if it’s hot outside. Altering your parking and driving routines can have a significant impact on how well your car’s air conditioner functions.

Here are some suggestions for chilling down your car’s air conditioner:

Tip #1. Shutting off other AC vents

An automobile’s air conditioning can be adjusted in a few different ways to increase the rate at which it produces chilly air. The passenger air vents can be closed as one option.

Each vent, on average, has its own individual control wheel or slider. Because of this, you may direct the airflow whichever you like.

In addition, this serves as a means of blocking off the ventilation system. In order to get more airflow in the driver’s seat, close the passenger side air vents.

In addition, this will multiply the amount of airflow you experience by two.

Tip #2. Not putting the pedal onto the metal

While accelerating rapidly, the air conditioner loses the power it needs to function properly.

Certain automobile models can respond to requests for rapid acceleration by unleashing their full power immediately. The air conditioner will keep blowing air anyway. The weather, though, won’t be quite as chilly as expected.

It’s smart to take it easy on the gas pedal when the temperature outside is high. Instead, pick up speed slowly so that the air conditioner can continue functioning normally.

Tip #3. Use a sun blocker on your window or park under the shade

A car’s interior can reach 145 degrees Fahrenheit if exposed to extreme heat or sunlight. This holds true even if the temperature outdoors is merely 90-100 F.

However, if you cover your car’s windows, you may significantly reduce the amount of heat inside. Therefore, once you get going, the car’s air conditioner won’t have to work quite as hard to keep you comfortable.

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Tip #4. Air Out Your Car

Once you have had enough time to soak up the rays, you can select the “outdoor air mode” and throw open all the windows. The warm air inside the automobile and the air conditioning unit will be expelled by the outside air.

Keep it cracked for a minute or two. There will be enough ventilation to close the windows at this point.

The air conditioner’s airflow can then be directed either downwards through the floor vents or upwards through the ceiling vents. Then, to get the most out of its cooling capabilities, switch it to recirculation mode.

Tip #5. Directly point the vents at you

If you want to be comfortable, you need to make sure that one of the vents is aimed at your head and the other is aimed at your body. If you do this, you’ll feel significantly more comfortable than when the vents are left open.

4 Things That Causes Your AC Not To Be Cold

Here are some things to look for that could be preventing your air conditioner from functioning at peak efficiency.

#1. Not sealing the heater dumper

Keep in mind that you must not combine the air conditioning and heating systems.

#2. Restricting the airflow

Nothing should be allowed to get sucked up under the dashboard, as this could obstruct the flow of return air.

It’s possible that a plastic bottle could get sucked down there. It reduces the amount of air that can be blown into the car’s interior.

#3. Clogged cabin air filter

You should get a new one if it gets clogged or unclean.

#4. Low in Freon

Cars with low R-134 levels have trouble maintaining a comfortable interior temperature. Despite the fact that the vents appear to be working, the air being pumped out is no longer chilly.

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10 Tips in Maintaining Your Car’s Air Conditioning System

1. Have it Cleaned by the Pros

2. Regular Professional Maintenance Is a Must

3. Don’t Always Rely on DIY Jobs

4. Have the Problems Addressed Quickly

5. Let the A/C Run for About 10 Minutes Every Week

6. Let the A/C’s Defrost Mode Run for About 5 to 10 Minutes

7. Remember to Recirculate the Air From Within

8. Keep the Car’s Interior Clean

9. Don’t Pre-Cool Your Car

10. Park Under the Shade

It’s A Wrap!

Now you can enjoy all of your rides, given that you already know how to make air conditioner colder in car.

Once you learn how to make the car air conditioner colder, you can relax and take in the scenery on every trip.

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