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Are you having guests staying overnight? I know you probably are thinking now about how you will provide them the maximum comfort at your home.

Well, it should always start with a comfy bed.

And who told you that an air mattress could not do better at this?

An air mattress can provide an inviting and relaxing to your basic guest room.

It can be a comfortable space to sleep the night.

However, if you want to continue using it night after night when your guest leaves, you would need to do something to make it comfortable, like a real bed.

In this post, we will be discussing several ways to how you can make an air mattress more luxurious and comfortable.

Why Should I Buy an Air Mattress?

Why not? You may as well ask yourself why you should buy a foam mattress or a spring mattress. The purpose of a mattress is twofold: to provide with a comfortable sleeping surface and to support your body correctly while you are sleeping. So how will an air mattress meet these two requirements, and how will it also meet all the other requirements you may have?

How To Make An Air Mattress Look Like A Real Bed? 3 Steps - Krostrade

Here are some air mattress pros and cons, which should answer most of your questions. I will follow these up with some of the frequently asked questions I have received that should answer several more. So – Should I buy an air mattress? Continue reading and the answer should come to you:

Air Mattress Pros: Positives of Buying an Air Mattress

1. Setting Firmness of the Bed

If you purchase a foam or innerspring mattress, you are stuck with the level of hardness you chose when you ordered. If you find your mattress is too firm or too soft you have only three options:

  • Change the mattress – this can be expensive, although the vendor will likely do so for a charge.
  • Buy a mattress topper – this option costs money and is usually more successful when using a soft topper on top of a hard mattress. A firm topper does not always cure too soft of a mattress.
  • Put up with it – Just accept the fact you have made a bad choice and live with it.

That last option is not a very good solution, particularly if you have a back condition, or suffer pain in your hips, shoulders or any other pressure point. Mattress toppers can solve the problem, but perhaps they may not – and it still costs you more than you may have budgeted for your mattress. Put up with it? Why take the chance when there is a better solution!

If you have an air mattress – or air bed they are often called – you can set the level of hardness that suits you best. You can make it harder by pumping more air in – or softer by releasing some. You can even change the firmness of your bed to suit single sleepers or two of you! Two people require more pressure than singles, and this is an issue that regular mattresses cannot handle.

2. Support Adjustment

People who suffer back pain, or have arthritis or painful joints for some other reason, sleep best on a mattress that is hard enough to support them, but not so hard that it fails to yield where their pressure points (hips, knees, buttocks, shoulders, etc.) are in contact with the mattress.

Many arthritis sufferers buy an air mattress because they can adjust its firmness any time they need to. This is a definite air mattress pro for those who need a firmer or softer adjustment made to their mattress while in bed. If you feel pain during the night then you can change the hardness or softness of your mattress as explained below.

If you need a softer mattress, then you have two options with an air mattress. This is one of the useful air mattress benefits that most people find very useful. You can:

  • Cut back on the air pressure within the mattress, or
  • Pump the mattress up to the good firm level that suits you.

You can do this while you are in bed, and are able to assess the benefit that the changes in air pressure are giving you. You could also use a soft topper for comfort. You will then get the benefit of an air mattress along with the comfort you need when lying on a hard mattress core.

3. No Sagging

Most foam and spring mattresses tend to lose support after a few years. Springs can lose their spring and foam can just sag under the continual pressure over the years. You don’t get this problem with an air mattress. When it starts to feel soft, simply pump more air into it! There are no springs to fail and no foam to break down and lose its support.

4. Heat Stability

Memory foam mattresses tend to heat you up while sleeping – unless it is a gel foam. Even latex foams can hold some of your body heat through the night. An air mattress does not have this problem, and if you prefer to sleep cool throughout the night, an air mattress allows you to do this.

5. Gassing and Biological Contamination

Mattresses manufactured using synthetic foams can emit a chemical odor, particularly when new. Most innerspring and pocketed spring mattresses also contain foam as a padding – same thing happens! Air mattresses are odor free. They are made using PVC which is odorless and does not outgas. They also do not offer a good home for bed bugs or dust mites.

6. Couples Sharing and Movement Separation

One of the advertised benefits of memory foam mattresses is that they provide a good separation of movement between partners. If one person moves in the bed, it has minimal effect on their partner – unlike spring beds! It is possible to purchase air mattresses with two separate chambers. If your partner moves about on the bed it has minimal effect on you, because his or her chamber is inflated to their preference, and any movement they make is constricted to their part of the bed.

7. Air Mattress Portability

Should I Buy an Air Mattress if I travel about a lot? Of course, you should – if you want to take your bed with you. One beauty of an air mattress or air bed is that you can lay it on a floor – or any base. You could even lay it on the water – though not recommended for sleeping through the night. You could inflate it on Palm Beach and wake up a day later in Sydney!

The point here is that you can take your mattress with you wherever you go. Simply inflate it with an electric or hand pump when its bedtime! You will get a comfortable sleep anywhere you lay your bed. Among air mattress pros and cons, it should be mentioned that this is a very convenient solution when unexpected guests have to stay overnight.

8. Great for Your Kids

Air mattresses are healthy for adults and children. There are no chemical emissions and PVC beds do not harbor bedbugs or dust kites and other allergens. I will make note of this issue again later –air mattresses are not bouncy castles! But your kids are sure to think they are!

Air Mattress Cons: Negative Aspects of Air Mattresses

Not everything in air bed garden is rosy! Air mattresses have some issues that those that use them sometimes ignore – largely because they love the concept of air mattresses and a bit of inconvenience is worth paying. Saying that, the inconvenience is

1. Air Mattress Punctures and Leaks

Just like any pneumatically controlled item, air mattresses are subject to punctures and leaks. Although a puncture of the vinyl surface itself is possible, it is relatively rare. You have to have a needle or other sharp object forced into the cover to create a puncture.

Most leaks occur at the seams, whether these are round the perimeter or in the body of the mattress. It is possible to repair such punctures, and they do not usually signify the end of the life of your air mattress. So punctures and leaks are not necessarily a game changer in whether or not you choose an air mattress for your bed – but you should be aware of them.

2. Mattress Surface

This is not a genuine issue with air mattresses, but it can help improve your comfort. Air mattresses come with either one side flocked or both sides flocked. If you have the option, then it is worth it to go for both sides. This provides a more comfortable surface each side of the mattress – so it is truly ‘flippable’ rather than just ‘rotatable.’

Miscellaneous Issues

  1. Pump Noise: Some pumps are quite noisy, and you may not to want to use them during the night. This is particularly true if there are sleeping children in the room. But is this a real problem for most people?
  2. Warranties: The warranty period for air mattresses can be short. Most offer only a one-year warranty for air mattresses. But what’s involved in a repair? You can repair a puncture in an air mattress with a cycle repair kit!

3 Steps To Make An Air Mattress Look Like A Real Bed

Follow the easy steps below on how to make an air mattress look like a real bed:

Step #1. Put beddings on the air mattress

To make an air mattress look like a real bed, you need good quality bed sheets, bedcover, and pillows to complete the bed’s look.

Moreover, you need to position it where the mattress touches the wall, just like typical beds.

Step #2. Arranging the bedding 

When arranging the beddings, make sure that any hint of an air mattress underneath will be completely hidden.

In case you are having difficulties finding a fitted sheet that will cover the entire mattress, you may use a flat and large fabric.

Then, secure the cover by using some sheet suspenders.

But in doing this, you have to make sure that those suspenders will not cut the plastic bed.

After that, put on a comforter or a comfortable quilt. Then, add at least four pillows and an extra blanket.

Since air mattresses can get very cold at times, it is essential to put some additional blankets.

How to Stage Your Empty Room with Air Mattress on a budget? - YouTube

Step #3. Choosing the linens

Now when it comes to selecting then linens for your bed, you have to opt for something that can blend well into the room.

It should match up the color scheme too.

Moreover, it would be good to choose solid layers designed with some patterns because they can provide a decorative effect to your bedroom.

Plus, such patterned linens will not overpower the knickknacks and artwork in your room. Instead, it would simply compliment them.

Additional Tips To Make Your Mattress More Comfortable

If you want to achieve a comfier and plushier air bed mattress, you can apply the following tips:

Tip #1. Place the mattress on a softer surface

Doing this procedure is very easy and straightforward.

Other than that, it is also a fast way of improving your inflatable mattress overall quality.

You need to place it on a softer surface because the bottom layer of an air mattress is usually made of vinyl.

Such material is not going to work best on rigid surfaces such as a hardwood floor.

With that being said, you need to place a rug or a mat underneath it.

For sure, your sleeping quality will improve.

It is also a good remedy if you are often disturbed by the noise of your air mattress.

Tip #2. Adding a mattress topper

One of the most economical methods that can improve the bed’s overall quality is placing a mattress topper over the bed.

This tip is helpful, especially when you won’t like to sleep on an inflatable mattress’s rubber surface.

Perhaps what you have are those low-quality solutions, then you must have felt that it is somewhat uncomfortable to sleep on its surface.

Luckily, you can solve all those issues by acquiring a mattress topper, for it can maximize the bed’s coziness.

Even regular beds would feel better if placed with a mattress topper.

You want to check this article to learn more about mattress toppers.

Tip #3. Pillows are important

Using proper pillows when sleeping is proven beneficial, so getting the appropriate and good-quality pads for the bed is essential.

This one is also true for traditional beds.

No matter how expensive your mattress may be, you will still face some sleeping issues if you have inappropriate and uncomfortable pillows.

Tip #4. Placing it on a box spring

Placing the inflatable mattress onto the box spring can substantially improve the comfort of the bed.

Applying this tip will also help get in or out of bed quickly and easily without much effort needed.

The reason behind this is that the bed’s overall height will increase.

With that being said, using a box spring is not only for comfort, but it will also offer convenience.

All of that can contribute to getting a night of quality sleep.

The 8 Best Air Mattresses, Tested by The Spruce

Best Overall: King Koil Queen Air Mattress with Built-in Pump

What We Like

  • Extra-tall mattress height
  • Available in Twin, Queen, and California King sizes
  • 600 pound weight capacity

What We Don’t Like

  • Lacks dual-pump design
  • Flocked sides aren’t as noticeable as we’d like
  • No adjustable firmness settings

After testing it among 10 models in our Lab, the popular King Koil Air Mattress is our best overall air mattress. If you are looking for a comfortable mattress that is simple to set up and easy to carry, this is the choice for you. Equipped with a built-in pump, this mattress offers fast inflation and deflation using two separate knobs to control these functions. In fact, the whole set-up process took only 7 minutes and the deflation process was just as easy.

The King Koil has a fully-flocked top layer, so we found it soft and comfortable to lay on. Plus, the suede-like surface helped keep bed sheets in place. Our testing team did note that the sides of the mattress weren’t as plush-to-the-touch as expected, so the sheets were as snug around the mattress as they could have been.

Like other mattresses we tried, it did move an inch or two when we jumped on it during stability testing. We suspect that a grippier bottom or more flocking would help the mattress hold its position better. But even with the slight movement, it felt stable to use. And with its weight capacity of 600 pounds, this is also a great option for couples. It’s also available in a California King-size if you’re looking for more room to spread out.

Overnight, we challenged this mattress with 100 pounds of distributed weight. It did deflate from 21 inches to 19 inches, but this isn’t overly surprising for a mattress that lacks a secondary pump for overnight inflation. We also think it’s an excellent value—it’s not the most expensive or the cheapest air mattress on the market, but it’s priced right for its features and just one of the many reasons it’s our top pick.

Inflated Dimensions: 80 x 60 x 20 inches (Queen) | Inflation Method: Built-in electric pump | Weight Capacity: 600 pounds | Pump Included: Yes

Best Queen: SoundAsleep Products Dream Series Air Mattress with ComfortCoil Technology & Internal High Capacity Pump

What We Like

  • Pump is quieter than other models
  • Holds shape and firmness
  • Compact storage

What We Don’t Like

  • Cord for the pump is short
  • Can feel a bit too firm
  • Took longer than expected to set up

If you are specifically looking for a queen-sized option, this was our top choice in that category. The Dream Series from SoundAsleep was one of several queen air mattresses we tested and stood out for its comfort, durability, and design. When fully inflated, its dimensions are just shy of a queen mattress; it’s 78 inches long and 58 inches wide, rather than 80 inches long and 60 inches wide. But the small difference in dimensions wasn’t noticeable in our testing and this mattress has a substantial 500-pound weight limit.

This queen air mattress has 40 internal air coils to evenly support the weight. A flocked top adds to the comfortable feel of laying on this mattress. In fact, our product testers noted that “the mattress has a nice appearance (the colors are really pretty) and it felt comfortable.” It’s also equipped with a built-in pump that assists with inflation and deflation functions, but it should be noted that our testers wished that the pump worked more quickly. It took 7 minutes to fully inflate this queen air mattress which is longer than others with a built-in pump. While deflating the mattress was also slow, we did find it to be very easy with the deflate function on the pump. Once packed into the included carry bag, we found it to be very convenient to carry and store.

Inflated Dimensions: 78 x 58 x 19 inches (Queen) | Inflation Method: Built-in electric pump | Weight Capacity: 500 pounds | Pump Included: Yes

Best Dual-Pump: Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress with Never Flat Pump

What We Like

  • Secondary pump to maintain air pressure
  • Easy to transport and store
  • Features edge support

What We Don’t Like

  • Flocking could be plusher
  • Strong odor out of the box
  • Pump is noisier than expected while inflating

A dual-pump air mattress eliminates the worries of waking up on a saggy, deflated bed. And if you’ve ever gone to sleep on an air mattress, only to wake up with it flat on the floor, you’ll especially appreciate a dual-pump option. While not all air mattresses are equipped with this feature, we tested several and the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress is our top recommendation. In our overnight evaluation, this option lost less than an inch of height while holding 100 pounds of weight. One tester even noted, “If sleeping on a deflated mattress is a concern, this has a great feature meant to prevent that. It’s also comfortable and high enough to make it easier to get in and out of.”

Setting up the Insta-Bed Raised Air Mattress is easy enough, taking less than 5 minutes to reach full inflation and giving you the option of plush, medium, or firm settings. However, the motor was surprisingly noisy while filling the mattress, especially compared to others we tested. Also, keep in mind that you’ll hear some light noise from the motor while the mattress is set-up, thanks to the Never-Flat secondary pump that monitors and maintains air pressure. Our testing team didn’t find it to be a nuisance but pointed out that very light sleepers may want to reconsider whether a dual-pump air mattress is the best choice for them.

In terms of comfort, this mattress has a flocked surface but it wasn’t as plush as other options we tested. The mattress also had the strongest odor out of the box. In terms of durability and portability, we have no complaints. In fact, the mattress was in pristine condition after our testing, and we liked the fact that the storage bag includes handles to make it easier to tote the mattress from one location to another.

Inflated Dimensions: 77 x 58 x 18 inches| Inflation Method: Built-in pump | Weight Capacity: 500 pounds | Pump Included: Yes

Best with Frame: Ivation EZ-Bed Air Mattress with Frame & Rolling Case

What We Like

  • Height of a standard bed
  • Rolling storage case
  • Adjustable firmness settings

What We Don’t Like

  • Expensive
  • Heavy to carry up or down stairs
  • Deflated more than other air mattresses tested

An air mattress with a frame elevates the sleeping area, making it easier to get in and out of bed. It also gives any spare room the feeling of a proper guest room when you need it. Our top pick in this category, the Ivation EZ-Bed Air Mattress, offers a unique design with a self-deploying frame that gives the bed a standard height of 24 inches. Of the 10 air mattresses we tested in the Lab, this option was one of the easiest to set up, even with a frame! The process was largely hands-off and it took only 6 minutes and 32 seconds to complete. According to our product tester, the setup for this bed couldn’t be any simpler, as “you just unzip the case, select the firmness level, and move the dial to inflate. In just a few minutes, you’ll have a comfortable bed for guests.”

The queen-sized Ivation EZ-Bed features 48 support coils and adjustable firmness levels, including plush, medium, and firm. A flocked top gives the bed a softer feel and keeps sheets from sliding. When inflated, the frame gives the bed a substantial look that is worthy of temporary set-up in a small guest room. It should be noted that this mattress may move a little bit under shifting weight and has the potential to lose some air overnight. In our testing, it did fold in on itself under the weight of 100 pounds during our overnight test.

Take note that the testers had no concerns about durability. Deflating the mattress was fast and easy and it collapses to fit inside of a zippered duffel bag with wheels. It would be easy to roll this air mattress out of a closet, but it’s worth mentioning that our testers found the case to be a little heavy and bulky. It may be challenging for one person to carry it up a flight of stairs and would probably best be stored on the same floor where you plan to use it.

Inflated Dimensions: 79 x 61 x 24 inches (with frame) | Inflation Method: Built-in electric pump | Weight Capacity: 450 pounds | Pump Included: Yes

Best Budget: Coleman GuestRest Double High Air Mattress with Built-In-Pump Queen

What We Like

  • 120-volt pump for quick set-up
  • Plush top
  • Reinforced construction

What We Don’t Like

  • Only supports up to 300 pounds

For a basic but comfortable sleeping solution, look no further than the Coleman GuestRest Double-High Air Mattress. It costs less than many other options we tested but impressed us in the Lab with its comfort, stability, and support. Plus, it is durable enough for indoor and outdoor use and includes a built-in pump and carrying case. Whether you plan to take this budget air mattress camping or set it up in your home for overnight guests, it inflates quickly and was ready for use in about 5 minutes.

A flocked surface and generous 18-inches of height made this bed feel extra comfortable while testing. There are no extra features like a built-in pillow or adjustable firmness (you must manually turn the pump off when inflating the mattress). But as our tester described it, it is “a great, budget-friendly option that is comfortable and easy to get in and out of. It doesn’t have extra bells and whistles, but it is easy to inflate with the built-in pump and will keep you or your guests comfortable.”

This mattress didn’t budge when our tester jumped onto it, and it didn’t lose any height when we tested it overnight with 100 pounds of weight. We do wish that the carrying case included a handle to make it easier to transport around the house or in and out of the car while camping.

Inflated Dimensions: 78 x 60 x 18 inches (Queen) | Inflation Method: Built-in electric pump | Weight Capacity: 600 pounds | Pump Included: Yes

Best Splurge: AeroBed Air Mattress with Built-in Pump & Headboard

What We Like

  • Built-in headboard with USB port
  • Dual-pump design maintains preferred firmness
  • Roomy dimensions

What We Don’t Like

  • Flocked surface holds static
  • May slide with heavy movement

Elevate the air mattress experience with premium features, like those found on the AeroBed Air Mattress with Built-in Pump. This high-end air mattress stood out in our testing for being “super comfortable…like sleeping in a real bed,” according to one product tester. It’s no surprise that it simulated the feeling of a standard mattress since stands 19.5 inches tall and has dimensions that mirror a similar-size bed. We tested the full-size version of this air mattress and it measures 78 inches long and 54 inches wide.

This splurge-worthy air mattress is definitely more expensive than other air mattresses we tested—at the same time, we found that the extra features justify the higher price tag. These features include a headboard to keep your pillow from sliding off the bed during the night, a secondary Comfort Lock pump to maintain mattress firmness, and a USB port to charge your devices. Setting up the mattress was quick and easy, and only took 7 minutes and 30 seconds to complete. The dial on the side of the mattress controls the pump’s operation and you can choose soft, medium, or firm settings. When you’re ready to pack up this air mattress, turn the dial to deflate and open the valve.

Even with all of the great features, we wanted to make sure that this mattress serves its main purpose: providing a comfortable place to sleep. Like other high-end air mattresses, this version has air coils for added support and comfort which were noticeable and added to the coziness. The flocked surface is designed to be soft and hold sheets in place, but it should be noted that our tester found the material creates static if you lay on it with no sheet. Also note that during durability testing, it did move an inch or two when we leaped onto it, but it wasn’t enough movement to raise serious concern.

Inflated Dimensions: 74 x 54 x 19.5 inches (Full) | Inflation Method: Built-in electric pump | Weight Capacity: 600 pounds | Pump Included: Yes

This Is Better Than My Bed!” People Rave About This Air Mattress, and Now You Can

Best for Kids: AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids, Twin

What We Like

  • Raised edge
  • Inflates and deflates quickly
  • Includes fitted mattress cover

What We Don’t Like

  • Shorter than a standard twin-size mattress
  • External pump

If you host sleepovers or have frequent visitors with small children, the AeroBed Air Mattress for Kids is a must-have. Intended for children 4 years old and up, it has a raised bumper around the edges which can help keep young ones from rolling off onto the floor. It also has a boat-like shape and cozy cover that kids (or kids at heart, like our testers!) will appreciate.

While it wobbled a little when we lightly jumped onto it, it didn’t move across the floor and felt stable. Keep in mind that this air mattress is shorter than a twin-sized air mattress; it measures 60 inches long when inflated, in comparison with the 75 inches that is standard for twin beds. So if you have taller kids coming over, you may need a twin option.

When testing the features of this mattress, we found that it was easy to set up—taking 4 minutes to go from the box to ready for sleeping. And although it lacks a built-in pump, our tester found the external pump to be almost as easy to use (just remember where you store it!). Deflating the bed was easy, too. Open the valve and the air escapes quickly so you can fold up the mattress and store it away in its drawstring bag, ready for your next sleepover. The mattress and pump would fit on a shelf or in a corner of your closet and are light enough to transport to a friend’s house or camping.

Inflated Dimensions: 50 x 25 x 10 inches | Inflation Method: External electric pump | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Pump Included: Yes

Best Twin: Intex Dura-Beam Standard Series Deluxe Pillow Rest Raised Airbed

What We Like

  • Built-in pump
  • Easy inflation and deflation
  • Convenient to store and transport

What We Don’t Like

  • May shift with excessive movement
  • No firmness settings

For a supportive and durable twin-size air mattress, the Intex Dura-Beam is a great option. This version is as long as a standard twin mattress (75 inches) and also provides an inch of extra width. Standing 16.5 inches tall, we appreciated the mattress’s lofty feel during our testing process.

Ideal as an extra bed for one overnight guest or a child, the Intex Dura-Beam twin air mattress uses a built-in electric pump for easy set-up. It took 6 minutes to assemble the bed and we gave the process 5 stars for its simplicity. We also found that the pump made it faster and easier to deflate the air mattress, too. This air mattress is designed to be comfortable for a single sleeper and features a flocked surface, built-in pillow, and raised edge. We found it well-designed, comfortable, and durable, so it earns 5 stars for each of these attributes. We did note that this air mattress wasn’t as stable during our testing process, moving an inch or two when we jumped onto it. However, given the fact that the twin-size mattress has less surface area in contact with the floor, we weren’t surprised to see it shift a little.

Convenient enough to store or transport it for camping, this air mattress folds into a bag with handles when deflated. Our product testers rated it 5 stars for portability. There was nothing that our testing team would change about the Intex Dura-Beam, giving it a 5-star rating for overall value.

Inflated Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 16.5 inches (twin) | Inflation Method: Built-in pump | Weight Capacity: 300 pounds | Pump Included: Yes

Best Adjustable: Beautyrest Skyrise Full Raised Express Air Mattress with Electric Pump

What We Like

  • Offers good support
  • 700-pound weight capacity
  • One-touch comfort button to adjust firmness

What We Don’t Like

  • External pump
  • Takes more time to inflate and deflate than other models

When shopping for a mattress, you choose the firmness level based on your sleeping style and preferences. With an adjustable air mattress, you can select from plush, medium, and firm settings to fill the mattress to your comfort level. We tested several air mattresses with this feature but recommend the Skyrise Raised Express Air Mattress from Beautyrest. In our Lab testing, this mattress was described as a “very comfortable” and “almost like a regular bed…my back felt supported.” Not surprisingly, it earns 5 stars for design and 4.5 stars for comfort. The only thing standing between this air mattress and a 5-star rating for comfort is the fact that its inflated dimensions were shorter (by 1 inch) and more narrow (by 2 inches) than a standard full-size mattress.

Instead of using a dial that fills the air mattress to pre-set firm, medium, or plush settings, the Skyrise Raised Express Air Mattress uses an electric pump to fill the bed to capacity. Then, you control the firmness with the one-touch adjustable comfort button on the mattress. This gives you the ability to adjust the air mattress to suit your needs, rather than relying on fixed settings or manually letting air out from the valve. Once filled, this mattress is durable, stable and supportive, earning 5 stars for each attribute. It didn’t move when we lightly jumped onto the bed and it lost less than 1 inch of air in our overnight weight test.

Take note that this adjustable air mattress uses an external electric pump, rather a built-in pump. In our testing, it took longer to inflate this air mattress than other models—9 minutes and 18 seconds. According to our testing team, “the external pump made it take longer to inflate and wasn’t that intuitive.” Once we figured out that the pump featured separate inflate and deflate functions, the process became more efficient—but deflating is a job best accomplished by two people according to test reports. This mattress receives 4 stars for set-up.

What to Look for in an Air Mattress


Before you browse through a handful of models and brands, you should decide how high you want your air mattress to be. Generally, shoppers have two options — low-profile and double-height — both of which have their own set of pros and cons. While low-profile mattresses are lightweight and portable enough to bring on a camping trip, they might require extra legwork as they may deflate quickly. Plus, some models may still come with a manual pump. A taller, double-height mattress may not be ideal for every situation, but they typically come with an electric pump to make inflation a little easier. Plus, guests will appreciate their soft, sturdy, and slump-resistant construction.


Fortunately, air mattresses are available in a wide array of prices; it’s up to you to figure out how much you want to spend. Make no mistake, air mattresses of all prices can run the risk of deflating or puncturing over the years. But often, pricier models are designed to hold up well for a while. Before you set a budget, think about how you will use this air mattress. Is your mattress going to be used for just a few nights, or is someone planning to sleep on it for an extended time? This way, you can decide how to get the best bang for your buck.


You’ll want to think carefully about the size of your mattress in terms of its dimensions and height. If you’re buying for kids, a twin will probably suffice. However, adults and couples will likely prefer a full or queen-size mattress.

Inflation method

Most of today’s air mattresses have pumps to inflate them, which saves you the trouble of blowing them up manually. However, check whether the mattress you’re considering needs to be plugged into an outlet or if it has a battery-powered pump; the latter is an essential feature if you plan to take it out into the wilderness.


How much are air mattresses?

The good news is that it’s easy to find an air mattress that fits comfortably within your budget. That said, you’ll likely see a difference in quality as the price goes up or down. Before you add to your cart, take a close look at an option’s materials and reviews.

How long do air mattresses last?

Believe it or not, air mattresses can hold up nicely for a few years. On average, an air mattress can last at least eight years. Of course, your air mattress might have a shorter lifespan if it gets punctured or used a lot over the years.

Why do air mattresses deflate?

Chances are, you’ve woken up to a saggy, slightly deflated air mattress—even when there’s no puncture hole in sight. So, what gives? More times than not, it all boils down to the temperature. Since nights are typically cooler than daylight hours, the air in your mattress is bound to condense, making your setup feel a little deflated. It’s also worth noting that while many models are good at holding in air, they’re not airtight. A small gap or opening your mattress’ closure can slowly let out air over time.

Can you sleep on an air mattress every night?

While air mattresses are ideal for camping getaways and last-minute trips, high-quality models can hold up nicely for longer periods. However, you don’t want to sleep on an air mattress every single night. Since this inflatable style doesn’t have as much support as your typical mattress, it might not be comfortable enough to sleep on for prolonged periods.

It’s A Wrap!

Sleeping on an air mattress alone can cause different comfort issues.

One example is the lack of temperature regulation that often results in air leakages or back pain.

You might also feel too cold or too warm into it.

Luckily, there are several ways on how to make an air mattress look like a real bed.

Applying those tips and following the steps above, your mattress will not only feel like a real bed, but it will also look like it.