How To Make Candle Holder? Comprehensive Guide

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Helen Skeates
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Candle holders with a wax candle within provide the most romantic atmosphere. What if you instead made your own candle holder? There are many ways to make a candle holder in this post.

This time-honored domestic item is more appealing when it is adorned with a handcrafted candle holder. What if you could transform your home in only a few hours with a simple DIY project? When you’re in the mood for something new, consider making one of these easy-to-make candle holders.

14 Pretty DIY Candle Holders

Add Varying Heights to Taper Candles

If you frequently use candlesticks when entertaining, this DIY taper candle holder is an excellent option because it is both stylish and contemporary. Crafting a huge group of more than five candles with varying heights is the most important step in this endeavor. If you’re afraid of messing up an arrangement, just follow the directions and pattern supplied.

DIY Crafts - Making a Candle Holder in 1 Minute - YouTube

Use Plaster and Fresh Flowers to Make This Votive Holder

Because no two plaster-dipped flowers are exactly alike, they’re a fascinating sight to see. The results are ethereal and well worth the effort, despite the fact that the technique is untidy and flawed. Get a bouquet that includes a variety of flowers so that you can play around with the arrangements.

Wrap a Candle With Cork Ribbon

For safety concerns, many pillar candles should be maintained in glass hurricanes. When it comes to decorating with hurricanes, though, they might feel a little dull. Wrap a simple glass candle holder in cork ribbon for a unique look.

Update Thrift Store Candlesticks Using Spray Paint

There are instances when thrift store finds don’t appear lovely and retro. They’re simply a little shabby. Many brass candlesticks from the 1980s and 1990s have this problem. It’s easy to transform these low-cost items into something new and stylish by spray painting them in an on-trend color and finish.

Craft a Boho Candleholder Using Balsa Wood

Candles in glass jars work well in this candleholder. Don’t let the fact that this project requires some basic woodworking skills scare you away from it. Even if working with wood seems daunting, after you’ve mastered the art of panel cutting, this project is simple.

Upgrade a Candleholder Using Copper Accents

This copper-lined votive holder, which retails for roughly $70, was the inspiration for this candle holder. Using copper tape, glass, and some adhesive, you can construct this knock-off for about $20. People probably wouldn’t be able to tell.

Adhere Some Glitter to a Jar Candle

In addition to showing you how to use glitter to dress up the candle jar, this video also shows you how to make the candle itself from scratch. Make this project your own by coming up with your own palette of colors and scents.

Make Hurricane Lanterns From Dollar Store Frames

On the porch, on an outdoor table, or even in the dining room, large hurricane lantern candle holders are a wonderful home décor accent. Most lanterns, on the other hand, are prohibitively pricey. Five $1 frames are reimagined in this clever DIY project.

Transform Wood Blocks Into Taper Candleholders

If your dining room table is covered in melted wax, look for taper candle holders with a wide base. As a result, this wooden block candleholder is great, as it provides a large enough base for taper candles.

Create a Centerpiece Using Birch and Airplants

Looking for a unique dining room centerpiece? Because of their hardiness, airplants are an excellent choice for adding live greenery to a variety of craft projects. Use airplants and succulents to fill in the crevices between your taper candles and a piece of white birch.

Use Produce as a Candle Holder

Would you use fresh food to make a candle? It’s possible that this artist is on to something because this endeavor is both visually appealing and environmentally friendly. In the autumn, when pumpkins and gourds are in abundance, this easy-to-make candleholder project is ideal.

Paint Candle Holders in a Moroccan Style

You don’t need anything more than some cheap glass jars, some paint, and a little amount of patience to make this candle holder concept work. To become proficient in Moroccan design, begin by creating simple patterns and motifs on paper. Let loose with some puffy paint!

Repurpose a Vintage Teacup Into a Candleholder

There have been times when I’ve found myself unsure of whether or not to keep an unwanted teacup. If you have some vintage porcelain, you might use it as a little planter for your indoor herbs. The candle seen here was made by pouring wax into a teacup, which you may do too.

How to make a terrazzo candle holder

Marbleize the Inside of Candle Holders

If you need a lot of votive candles for a wedding or just want to add some pattern to your home, this is a great project. Make these candle holders for your wedding and they’ll be the perfect party favors, too!

The 8 Best Candle Holders of 2022

Best for Tapers: Nuptio Taper Candle Holders

From the mantle to the dining table, taper candles look fantastic. Candlesticks, on the other hand, are critical for both practical and aesthetic reasons.

There are many of attractive candle holders available, but some cannot support taper candles properly, causing them to lean dangerously. This elegant black and gold brushed metal set eliminates that issue. The base of most candles will fit snugly. You can also choose from two stands of differing heights, giving you lots of room for personalization.

Best for Votives: West Elm Angular Wood Lanterns

These wooden lanterns are perfect for a special occasion. Although they can be utilized both indoors and outdoors, their real appeal lies in their versatility. One-of-a-kind: These geometric candleholders In India, each is made from mango wood that has been hand-cut and mirrored glass is used to contain the votive of your choosing. Small pillar candles or tealights can be shown in this distinctive lantern, which is suitable for a beautiful side table decoration. Set of two in different sizes is the best way to create an artistic cluster.

Best for Tealights: Kate Aspen Vintage Blue Glass Tealight Holder

There is nothing appealing about the small ring of foil that surrounds the wax of a tealight, even if it adds a lovely warm glow to a room! By purchasing a few tealight holders, you can get around the issue. There’s a lovely vintage feel to these embossed blue glass jars (also available in soft pink), and they look well in the bathroom, living room, or dining room. They’ll also look wonderful on a buffet table if you’re hosting a dinner party for your friends and family.

Best Hurricane Lamps: Williams Sonoma Personalized Classic Glass Hurricanes

In terms of outdoor dining, the hurricane is a must-have. You can use the tall glass vase to cast a beautiful glow over your table while protecting the flame from wind that could extinguish it before it even gets started.

To avoid broken glass or a fire threat, you need a hurricane that is wide and strong enough to withstand wind gusts. Another benefit to using hurricane candle holders is that they may also be used to store tiny decorative items such as seashells or other beach finds. Personalize this one with your initials or monogram for a nice touch.

Best Gifts: Waterford Lismore Candle Holders

You can’t go wrong with crystal candlesticks as a wedding gift or for more formal occasions like a holiday meal. Candlelight glints off of the classic, making it both beautiful and elegant.

To maximize the shine of your Irish crystal, choose a well-known brand like Waterford, which has mastered the art of cutting their crystals to perfection. If you’re searching for a fancy but reasonably priced pair of shoes, the 6-inch version of this pattern is a great option.

Best Outdoor: Pottery Barn Caleb Handcrafted Metal Lantern

You may use these black aluminum lanterns on your front porch, backyard patio, or even in front of your fireplace for a classic effect. Even the top finial can be used to hang them. If that wasn’t enough, they’re also available in various heights and widths so that the grouping can be visually appealing.

Place pillar candles inside after they’ve been arranged to your satisfaction. It’s also not a problem if they’re outside. Using a microfiber towel to clean the lanterns is a breeze.

Best Candelabra: Southern Enterprises 9-Inch Freestanding Candelabra

Dinner party tables may be elevated to new heights with the right arrangement of candles, but it’s more difficult than you think. Consider how many you need, what heights look best together, and how far apart each piece should be before deciding where to place it all. However, there is some good news. This beautiful metal candelabra eliminates the guesswork. Choose the proper pillar candles and set one on each of the arms that stretch outwards. An quick centerpiece, beautiful mantle item, or a fun way to fill an empty fireplace are all possibilities.

Best for Ambiance: Anthropologie Concha Capiz Lantern

Candles are one of the most beautiful and romantic things in the world. When it comes to setting the tone, there’s nothing better than a scalloped lantern like this one. This capiz, brass, and iron lantern is a one-of-a-kind investment, but it certainly looks the part.

Because each one is meticulously made by hand, there will be subtle variations in appearance. Do what you can and get both sizes—they create an attractive cluster for coffee table displays. Make a statement with a single candle on a particular table, such as your mudroom table.

What to Look for in a Candle Holder


Choose a design that complements the rest of your home’s decor when purchasing a candle holder. Choosing a color that is more subdued may be the best option if you gravitate toward neutrals. Mix and combine different colored candle holders in your room for a strong, diverse look.


They come in all forms and sizes. It’s critical that the item you choose reflects the style you’re going for. A candelabra, for example, is a good way to bring a vintage feel to a room. Individual jars are a preferable option if you live in a more contemporary home. Wooden candle holders are perfect for a farmhouse-inspired decor scheme.


There are a variety of sizes and styles of candle holders to choose from. Taller choices may appear more professional, but they are also more prone to being knocked over by dogs while not in use. Minimalists may prefer shorter choices because they are easier to store in a cabinet.

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How do you get wax out of a candle holder?

Rather than throwing away your empty candle jars, simply put them in the freezer. To get the optimum benefits, you should leave them in overnight. Once your candles have been frozen, grab a knife and begin to cut into the wax.

How do you clean a candle holder?

The tarnish on brass and silver holders may only be removed by polishing them periodically.

How do you find the right size candle for a candle holder?

To achieve a tight fit, measure the opening of the candle holder and choose a candle with the same circumference.


Candles are essential for creating a calming, tranquil, and serene ambiance in your home or business. It is, without a doubt, an urgent necessity. When it comes to making a candleholder, we’ve got you covered with a variety of options.

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