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If you’re feeling inventive and want to surprise someone with flowers in a different way, consider making some DIY dried flower candles. In the case of a home-made dried flower candle, your particular someone can enjoy an aromatic and long-lasting present from the floral world.

Various people are turned off by the perception that making candles is difficult and the many options available to purchase in stores and online, which discourages them from giving it as a present. It’s a lot easier than you may think to make your own DIY floral candles, which can be a lovely addition to your gift-giving. At addition to being simple and cost-effective, it just requires a few common components that can be found in most local grocery stores. DIY flower candles may be made with ease in just six simple steps.

What are wax melts?

As a ten-year-old, you may have missed out on some of the most important news in the recent decade. Wax melts are fragrant candles that don’t need a wick or container.

Pressed Flower Candle DIY

Some people refer to wax melts, wax bark, or candle wax as brittle. Candle wax is typically used to make bark or brittle, which is then chopped up like peanut brittle.

Wax melts are melted in one of two ways, no matter how you prepare them. Electric wax warmers are the most usual place to find it. You may enjoy the ambiance of a burning candle without the risk of a fire. A tealight burner can be used to melt wax. Either way, the wax is slowly melted and released its scent as it melts, which is a lovely outcome.

Contrary to popular belief, unlike burning candles, the wax in a room diffuser does not evaporate. When using a wax melt, there will always be the same amount of wax, but the aroma is going to fade over time.

I’ve found these to be a convenient and inexpensive method to experiment with different candle scents. Because they use so little fragrance and candle wax, they’re extremely cost effective.

What you will need to make your DIY dried flower candles:

  • If you don’t have soy wax on hand, any organic wax will work.
  • Measured to suit your container, but with a little extra length to allow for the candle arrangement.
  • Dried flowers can be purchased or homemade.
  • Old ceramic tea cups can also be used as an alternative to the standard glass jar or container.
  • In order to aid the setting of the wick, we’ll need this.
  • A Stick of Wood
  • Essential oils can be added as an option.

Step 1: Melt the wax

The wax should be melted on your stovetop for this initial phase. Using a shallow saucepan of water, a jug, or a bowl, or even the saucepan itself, you can melt the wax by placing it in the water. When melting wax, it’s best to do so slowly and at a low temperature so that it may cool rapidly and not damage the dried petals.

Step 2: Add the dried flowers to your glass container

Using a clear container, you may want to clean the container first before adding the flowers and wax to ensure that there are no smudges or markings on the container as the wax cools. If you want to see more of the flowers, you can adhere part of the petals to the glass. Before adding the wax, put in some of the flowers you’d like to seal. At this point, it’s unnecessary to be concerned about the flowers’ distribution, as more can be added gradually using the wax.

Step 3: Pour the wax

Pour the melted wax into the container, then turn off the stove and remove the pot from the burner. As you continue, add a few more flowers and use the wooden skewer to ensure that they sink into the wax.

Step 4: Add the wick and the oils

To make a candle, you need already have your wick ready to go in. After the wax has cooled for a few minutes, you can add the oils to prevent the oils from smoking due to the heat. It’s recommended to use more than one drop of eucalyptus essential oil for strong odors like eucalyptus but simply a handful of drops for more mild aromas (approximately 20 to 30 drops). The wick can then be inserted into the mixture after a quick swirl. To ensure that the candle burns evenly, keep it in the center of the room.

Step 5: Wrap the wick in place

The top of the container’s lid should be marked with a pencil once the wick is centered and measured all the way to the bottom. Finally, you can secure your pencil by wrapping some of its excess wick around its handle.

Step 6: Let the wax cool

The wax should now be able to solidify in a cold, dry location. Take your time and don’t rush it since the flowers or wick could fall out of their sockets.

Once the candles have fully melted, you may next add any other decorations that you may have planned. If it’s for a birthday celebration, consider including a label with the recipient’s name or a birthday greeting. You should be able to wow your loved ones with your homemade floral candle, no matter what the occasion.

What flowers can I use in wax melts?

The first thing to know is whether or not dried flowers can be properly used in wax melts. Yes, it is correct. Dried flowers can’t be burned in wax melts in candle wax warmers or tea light burns.

Anything goes when it comes to the flowers that can be used in wax melts.

Dried flowers from your garden, excursions, or woodland walks can be used to make a whimsical collection of dried flower wax melts. Learn how to dry flowers for pressing here, and how to gather lavender for drying here. Alternatively, you might start with a collection of dried flowers like these.

You can’t go wrong with orange slices or coffee beans, either. Because of their adaptability, I believe wax melts have become increasingly popular.

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How to Make Wax Melts with Dried Flowers

What could be simpler than making wax melts from dried flowers? Soy wax flakes and fragrance are all that’s needed to make a candle. After that, the wax is arranged with dried flowers.

Candle Supplies for Wax Melt Candles:

Silicone mold for 1 12 inch tiny muffins

wax flake weight: 34 pound

About nine to a dozen dried flowers

1 ounce of essential oils or fragrance oil

Floral Wax Melt Instructions:

1. Measuring

Measure 34 kg of soy wax flakes using a kitchen scale to generate 9 to 12 wax melts..

2. Melting

Soy wax flakes should be measured and placed in a candle-melting pitcher. Then, fill a big saucepan with 2 inches of water and put the pitcher in it. Use a heat-resistant silicone whisk or spatula to stir the mixture in a double boiler over medium to low heat with a gentle simmer.

3. Cooling

A candle thermometer can be clipped inside of the pitcher to keep an eye on the wax as it cools to the recommended temperature of your fragrance oil or 125 degrees Fahrenheit for essential oils.

4. Adding Fragrance

Stir in 1-ounce of fragrance oil or essential oils and continue to mix for up to a minute to ensure complete incorporation of the oils into the mixture.

5. Pouring

Once the aroma has been added, carefully pour the wax into 9 to 12 cavities of the silicone mold 34 of the way full.

6. Arranging Dried Flowers

Allow the wax to cool for a few minutes in the mold. Then, one dried flower at a time, begin to arrange them in each wax melt. To tweak the petals or leaves, use a toothpick or tweezers.

One huge Gomphrena Globosa Linn bloom from this box of dried flowers was all I needed to make these floral wax melts. I’m enamored with their brilliant hues and textured surfaces.

For Best Results:

  • For optimal results, cure homemade wax melts for at least 24 hours before using.
  • A variety of electric and tea light wax melt warmers can be used to enjoy the aroma of these floral soy wax melts. (For more information on how to pick a wax warmer, see the suggestions provided below.)
  • To use, place a floral wax melt on top of the warmer, dried flower side up. Start melting the wax by lighting a tea light candle or turning on a wax warmer.
  • Floating flowers, leaves, and even glitter aren’t a problem. Both will not be hot enough to start a fire. Nothing will change about their attractiveness.

Tips for Choosing a Wax Melt Warmer:

A wax melt warmer can be placed anywhere there is an outlet in your home! Don’t be scared to experiment with scented wax melts and decorative wax warmers that match your personal style.

In terms of wax warmers, what are the various options?

First of all, don’t confuse wax warmers with candles. There are several different types of candle warmers, but the most common type is a little electric plate that you can lay a container candle on top of to keep it from burning.

Ceramic paisley-pattern wax warmers like this one from Target come with a removable pan for melting wax. Plugging it in gently melts the wax, releasing the aroma and casting a pattern of light in your immediate surroundings. The warming bulb underneath. These wall plug-in warmers are also available in smaller sizes, such as for a powder room.

Tea light burners, which include an opening for a tea light under a reservoir for wax melts, are another option Some people prefer these because they don’t require an outlet or energy to operate.


Can you put dried flowers in candles?

In between the candle and the glass, place dried flowers and greenery. Pour a second layer of wax over the top of the candle, making sure that the flowers are completely covered in the wax. Before lighting, allow it to cool completely.

Can you put flowers in homemade candles?

To begin, add the wax flakes to an empty metal can. Using tongs (since the wax will be extremely hot), transfer the wax into the metal containers and top with fresh flower petals. The wax should have hardened by this point, so you can add more fresh flowers and just barely cover them with more wax.

Can you add rose petals to candles?

Dip your flower petals into the wax and glue them to the sides of your candle jar once the wax has been scented. Make sure to press each petal onto the glass for a few seconds before moving on to the next one.

How do you add dried flowers to wax melts?

To use, place a floral wax melt on top of the warmer, dried flower side up. Begin the melting process by lighting a tea light or turning on the wax warmer’s light. Floating flowers, leaves, and even glitter aren’t a problem. Both will not be hot enough to start a fire.

Can dried flowers be used in wax melts?

Goleh yas, or dried jasmine blossoms, are recognized for their rich, floral scent and are excellent for infusing candles. Symbolizing love and femininity, jasmine will be evident in your finished products.

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Can you add rose petals to wax melts?

Sprinkle pink rose petals and jasmine flowers on top of the wax while it is still molten. Each piece of wax melt should have petals sprinkled over it. Allow several hours for the wax to cool and firm completely.

Can I put dried lavender in wax melts?

Allow the tops to firm before sprinkling them with dried lavender and rosemary. The wax melts can be removed from the mold as soon as they have cooled and hardened to their desired consistency. Place 2 or 3 in a wax melt warmer when you’re ready to use them!


The process of making a candle from dried flowers is a simple one. Making the most of your spa day is as easy as following these simple instructions. If you’d prefer, we’ve also included candle melts scented with dried flowers.