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In essence, making curtains for a car window is the same as making curtains for a home window.

Is there a trip in your future? Wants greater secrecy than window tints can provide?

If that’s the case, you might wish to hang some drapes in the car.

Curtains can be mounted in an automobile in a variety of ways.

It’s the same with making them. Reading this post will make you an expert at hanging curtains.

When I initially attempted to hang curtains in my dad’s campervan, I struggled just as much as you are now.

In any case, they did their job effectively. I am happy to tell you that now.

Car Window Curtains

Car window curtains have been a trend when it comes to covering the car windows from the inside.

Curtains designed specifically for use as inside car window coverings are currently on style.

You’ve come to the right place if you want to find out how to make one.

We’ve broken everything down into these easy to follow steps for you.

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Things You Must Know About Curtains for Car Windows

It is crucial to spend money on things that are worth the cost. It’s not uncommon for customers to feel let down when using these products. Today’s automotive window curtains are typically made in this style. Even if it may be difficult, we expect to have some degree of privacy while driving. A car’s window covering options are hampered by both legal and privacy concerns.

Benefits of Curtains for Car Windows

It’s possible that the usefulness of automobile curtains has never occurred to you. You can protect your food, water, medicine, and other supplies against radiation that could be dangerous. Curtains can block out UV rays and keep the house cool, both of which contribute to better health. Curtains could be used on car windows for aesthetic or privacy reasons. In addition, because they can’t see what’s inside, burglars won’t even bother trying to break in. In the end, it would provide a pleasant sensation and never fail to impress with its visual beauty.

Your customers naturally have this concern, as they obviously can’t make a purchase from you without knowing this information. Vehicles are less transparent than homes, and authorities can legally search them if they suspect criminal activity. Curtains are permitted in most nations on public transportation vehicles such buses, school buses, and tour buses. Legally, this must be done to ensure that passengers’ safety, privacy, and comfort are not compromised in any way. However, having curtains drawn all the time is against the law. One may make the case that this is the best approach to safeguard one’s privacy and safety on the road. However, the issue at hand is of the utmost importance since it affects public safety.

There is no exception for temporary automobile curtains in this regulation. That’s why it’s still not safe to use temporary automobile curtains. This may be like being accused of having dark car windows. There is the possibility of jail time or a hefty fine. Being a first-time offender does not absolve you of responsibility.

Laws regarding the use of privacy car curtains vary widely between jurisdictions. However, while window curtains for privacy may be illegal in certain places, they are not in others. That’s why it’s simple for you to gain advantage from this. However, if you want to avoid any visual obstruction or legal trouble, you should open the curtains. To be on the safe side, though, it’s still important to check with the relevant authorities and read any relevant state laws on the use of car curtains before making a final decision.

Know the Material of the Window Curtains

The legality of curtains in private automobiles is not explicitly addressed by the vast majority of nations. So, it’s no surprise that soft curtains are a popular choice.

People often choose curtains because they enhance a room’s aesthetics. Truth be said, we’d all like to live someplace more aesthetically pleasing. On the other hand, some people may find that certain textures are too unpleasant to use. Because of this, it is crucial to understand the ingredients before making a purchase. For a more in-depth understanding of the curtains, let’s break down their constituent parts.

Decorator Fabrics

If your curtain will be opened and closed frequently, this is the best fabric to use. With such a high thread count, you can rest assured that your investment will last for years. Silk, imitation silk, velvet, cotton, sateen, and warp are just few of the materials that fall into this category.

Garment and Quilting Fabrics

This might be having an even better thread count than decorator fabric. This might be the perfect fabric that you would prefer your curtains to be made out of. These are best for short-term use and have an elegant and classy fashion. This would be ideal for people who randomly change their tastes and go for great products easily.

Sheer Fabrics

This may have a higher thread count than specialty upholstery cloth. Perhaps this is the kind of material you’d like to see used for your window coverings. These are stylish and sophisticated, but they are only meant for temporary use. Individuals whose preferences shift frequently and who readily purchase high-quality items would benefit greatly from this.

Linings and Interlining

This is functionally analogous to sheer fabric but more polished thanks to its lining. They maintain their vibrancy and newness for an extended period of time and resist fading. It may be worn in any climate and is incredibly cozy. The high thread count ensures that the curtain will last for a long time and perform as intended.

What to Consider When Choosing?

There are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for a car window curtain. Factors such as thread density, weave quality, durability, fabric finish, and size are all taken into account. More threads per inch would result in a stronger fabric. how much fading occurs when exposed to sunshine is a major factor in how long something lasts. Using this data, you may confidently make a decision about the material for your car’s window curtains.

Check the Size Before Buying

Curtains for car windows can come in a variety of sizes; some people like them long enough to reach the floor, while others prefer something more compact. You can get a better notion of what you want by measuring the openings in your car. Determine the length of the rod by taking this measurement. To facilitate the movement of the curtain, the width of the window should be increased by three or four inches.

The length of the curtain you choose to hang will rely heavily on the material you’ve settled on. The interior’s layout would change depending on the fabric’s length and pattern. In terms of height, you have several options, including above the sill, at the sill, or even lower than the sill down to the floor. This is something that is entirely up to individual preference.

Curtain sizes would vary depending on who made them. As a result, you shouldn’t take the size of the curtains at face value; instead, you should measure them. The ideal width of a curtain is between 1.5 and 3 times the width of a window. Generally speaking, longer curtains give off a more luxurious vibe, while shorter curtains give off a more fitted vibe.

What is a Frame Curtain for a Car?

You can install these unique curtains, which have a frame design, into the front or back windows. The light-blocking properties of these materials make them a viable alternative to traditional window tinting. A metal framework holds a textile or nylon mesh. The metal structure is protected from material wear by the sturdy fabric covering.

This was custom-made to fit the dimensions of the opening perfectly. The nylon mesh can survive extreme weather conditions and is resistant to dirt and UV rays. There is a wide range of mesh sizes and hues to choose from.

Types of Mounts for Frame Curtains

There are three different types of clips used to connect frame curtains to car windows.

  • The curtain is firmly fastened to the metal frames that surround the window. This fixture, however, is obvious after the curtain is drawn and lacks aesthetic appeal.
  • Curtains are attached to the window frame with the help of little metal clips called latches. These may not be as obvious as before.
  • Magnets are securely attached to the framework and may even be covered with a tough fabric. The magnetic attachments would hold the drapery securely to the window casing.

The Cost of Frame Blinds for Cars

Auto dealerships make curtains to both industry standards and individual customer requests. They also take custom orders for things like one-of-a-kind vehicles. The product’s cost would be determined by elements such as the brand’s notoriety, the set’s size and quantity, and the product’s build quality. It is not uncommon to find deals wherein purchasing two sets of curtains costs the same as purchasing one.

Weak mesh wouldn’t be able to withstand the wind or radiation, therefore material quality is also crucial. They may even wear out quickly and tear easily.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Frame Curtains


  • It’s an authentic-looking addition that won’t detract from the car’s interior design, and it’s of great quality.
  • Adds to your ease during cloudless days.
  • The curtain mesh can be removed or replaced to adjust the level of dimming.
  • Screens used for protection when parking are permitted by law and can be fashioned of a concealing material.
  • The curtain rod frame won’t get in the way of opening and closing the window.
  • Useful for blocking out the sun and keeping out bugs at the same time.


  • You can get hurt by stepping on a piece of broken mesh wire.
  • Unfortunately, you can’t bring anything in through the window without also opening the door.
  • It’s possible that the driver’s peripheral vision will be obstructed.
  • Condensation forming between the screen mesh and window in wet weather.

Steps To Make Car Window Curtains

In humid conditions, condensation can collect between the screen and the window.

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Well, basic tasks need to be completed and decisions made before the real job can begin.

Step #1. Prepare and decide

Do something, anything, and get ready for it.

#1. Hanging method

The choice of curtain style is yours to make.

What kind of curtain hardware you intend to use, such as a rod or a track.

It’s also possible to utilize hooks or a magnet on the curtain’s hem.

The technique of hanging is crucial.

#2. Fabric choice

Choose a fabric that will work for your curtains.

In no circumstance should quality be sacrificed for cost.

Blackout curtains that are sold by the yard can be difficult to come by, but blackout liners can be an option.

You should also think about the weight.

If you insist on using Velcro, keep in mind that the strips themselves could be too heavy for the product.

#3. Hardware

How you hang it makes a difference.

Rods are necessary for hanging curtains on rods, Velcro, hooks, or tracks.

A sewing machine, a sewing kit, and possibly some power tools like hand drills could be required.

Hardware requirements are highly variable and dependent on the chosen hanging method.

Step #2. Measure

Check the size of your window opening.

This comprises both the height and width of the window.

After you have the measurements, you will have to calculate them and apply them to the fabric.

Your next step, once you have the measurements, will be to do some math and then use those numbers to determine how much fabric you need.

Multiply the curtain’s width by two or three times depending on your fullness preference.

If you want your curtains to be very full, multiply the width by two or three.

Alternate hanging methods are also available.

Step #3. Make

The curtain can be made by simply spreading the fabric out on a level, clean surface.

To make hems, indicate the folds on the fabric.

Hems should have a space of one inch on either side.

It is recommended that a double-folded hem be made.

Two inches of space at the top is required for the rod to fit.

There is a lot of room for creativity with this rod curtain that you may make yourself.

One end features a drawstring that may be used to hang them straight or secure them in place.

Rod curtains can be easily opened in the middle to let in light, and they can be taken down quickly and easily as well.

Using a rod to hang a curtain in a campervan is more simpler than the other options.

As a bonus, you won’t have to go shopping for anything because you already have everything you need lying around the house.

The one drawback of this technology is that it is not ideal for use with tilting windows.

Embroidery skills may also be required. Iron-on tape can be used in place of stitches if necessary.

Some improvised curtain rods may restrict the motion of the curtains when they open.

You may want to add some Velcro strips for the sides.

If you want to make it easier to put on and take off, consider using Velcro on the sides.

A rod pocket allows you to hang your curtains from a rod with hooks or clips.

This set of hooks and clips will allow you to get more usage out of your curtains.

Curtain movement due to friction will be eliminated with these.

Curtains for windows are preferable to curtain rods in most cases.

I apply similar techniques, modifying them by attaching Velcro straps to the sides.

There are two Velcro straps, one at each end, and I used one to secure the bottom.

Furthermore, I was equipped with cords that would allow me to maintain the curtains in place even while driving.

The Best Car Window Shades On The Market Of 2022

1. Magnelex Windshield Sunshade With Bonus Steering Wheel Sun Shade (Our Top Pick)

This front windshield sunshade may be worth considering if you’re looking for an easy and cheap way to protect your car’s interior from the sun’s rays.

It comes in a variety of sizes, so you can pick the one that works best with your vehicle. When you’re ready to use it, simply remove it from its carrying case. The sun visors then assist in securing it in the windscreen.

When you are done using it, simply fold it up and put it back in the bag until you need it again.

In addition to the shade for the window, it also has a cover for the steering wheel, which is great for keeping your hands from getting too hot.

Unfortunately, this lamp shade isn’t really robust. However, given its modest price, you wouldn’t expect much more. As an additional point, the steering wheel cover may be too small for some drivers.

Nonetheless, these are rather minor gripes, and the product as a whole is excellent, especially considering the price.

2. PEYOU Car Side Rear Window Sun Shade

For those in need of a sunshade for their vehicle’s back windows, here’s a creative option. This one connects over the door frame, allowing you to open the windows even when it’s in place, unlike many others that use suction cups to adhere to the glass.

It takes only a few minutes to set up and is very user-friendly. The netting will therefore shield your passengers from the sun while yet enabling fresh air to circulate around them. It is a standard size that should work with 95% of vehicles.

The shade’s ability to fit over the door does raise the question of whether or not certain drivers will find the added coverage to be aesthetically pleasing. However, this sunshade will not work with your vehicle’s frameless windows.

In sum, this may be a good choice if you want to shield your children, pets, or furniture from the sun’s harmful rays. It’s cheap, simple, and effective. This has our enthusiastic approval.

3. Kinder Fluff Car Window Shade

These window coverings eliminate the need for messy suction cups by clinging to your glass with static electricity. The film may be applied to a clean, moist window in a matter of minutes.

This not only makes them a breeze to install, but it also ensures that they won’t damage your windows in any way if you decide to remove them. Fold them up and put them aside until you need them again.

Additionally, they effectively block harmful ultraviolet radiation, obstructing 99.79 percent of UVA and 99.95 percent of UVB. This means that you and your loved ones will be shielded from the sun’s potentially dangerous rays.

One drawback is that they might not fit perfectly in every window. Additionally, it can be tricky to avoid some bubbles when installing them; nevertheless, this is not a major issue because they are not permanent.

In sum, a fantastic choice if you need to hide the sun but don’t want to spend a fortune doing so. If that’s what you’re looking for, then they might be something you want to look into.

4. Enovoe Car Window Shade

If the idea of a sunshade that connects with static rather than suction cups appeals to you and you’d like to compare a few different choices, this is another product worth considering.

Each package contains four static sunshades that adhere to the window without the need for suction cups or other adhesives. Once installed, they may effectively block up to 97 percent of UV radiation, allowing you to rest easy knowing that your little passengers are shielded from potentially dangerous sunshine.

The pack comes with a handy pouch for storing them while not in use, and their dual-layer design makes them durable and excellent at keeping out the sun.

It’s important to remember that these shades are quite dark, so they will naturally decrease your field of view through any windows you install them in. They may also look a touch “wrinkly” on the outside.

Despite these minor issues, the product serves its intended purpose well and is recommended. An additional suggestion if you want to protect your eyes from the sun without breaking the bank.

5. CAR Side Window Sun Shade

The sunshades in this set are made to fit over the car’s doors and block out nearly all of the sunlight for the kids in the back seat. In contrast to their outwardly dark appearance, they are decorated on the inside with a fun jungle theme that children are sure to adore.

There are two different hues in this set. Putting them in is as easy as stretching them over the top of each door, so you can be done in no time. They work with nearly all vehicle models.

Even while these sunglasses do a great job of keeping the sun off your eyes, they may make it difficult to see out of them. You’ll have to exercise caution when switching lanes, and it could take some time to get used to.

This is the sort of product that will appeal to parents who are looking for a cheap way to shield their children from the sun and who also want to give their children something fun. If that describes you, then this product may be ideal for you.

6. EcoNour Car Windshield Sun Shade

This windshield sunshade may be exactly what you need if you frequently leave your car parked in the hot sun.

When you need to park your car in the shade but can’t find anywhere to do so, simply open this shade and attach it to the front of your car.

By reflecting the sun’s rays, your car’s interior will be cooler and more bearable when you get back in, and by blocking the sun’s UV rays, your upholstery will be protected from fading and sun damage.

When not in use, just fold it up and put it away in its carrying case.

This sunshade is reasonably priced, and considering its low price, it performs admirably. We would like to stress the importance of paying close attention to the dimensions to ensure you get the proper size.

This is one of those few cases where you can’t really go wrong, especially considering how cheap it is and how well it works. One more item we think you’ll like.

7. COZY GREENS Car Window Shade For Baby

The Cozy Greens window shade is a fuss-free alternative to conventional window tint for your car’s interior windows.

If you or your passengers are concerned about the effects of the sun on your skin, this product is a wonderful option thanks to its high-quality 80 GSM mesh, which blocks out more UV rays than other products. You may put them on practically any vehicle.

When you’ve attached these shades, they stay put until you need to take them down, at which point they peel off easily.

Beyond only providing protection from the sun, this pack also includes a towel for washing car windows, a carrying case for the sunshades, and a seatbelt cutter for added security.

The biggest problem is that these shades aren’t made to cover the entire window, so there will always be visible space around the borders.

Aside from that, though, it’s a fantastic product that can be had for a steal of a price, so keep it in mind.

DIY Campervan Curtains vs. Insulated Window Covers | Two Wandering Soles

8. GgomaART Car Side Window Sun Shade

If you don’t want a sunshade that fits over the frame but aren’t sold on the suction-cup or static-cling options, this brilliant concept could be the solution.

This sunshade is a curtain held in place on the inside of the automobile by five strong magnets at the door’s peak. It’s easy to set up and offers greater versatility than other sunshades once it’s in place.

The curtain can be drawn closed to shield a youngster from the sun’s rays, while it can be opened to bring in natural light or provide a view outside. The adorable star design is another plus, and it’s likely to be a hit with the younger set.

The only potential drawback is that the magnets are powerful enough to keep it in place, but if a youngster pushes on it, it could fall down.

We find this to be a novel approach to shading an area from the sun, and we like it. It’s one of our faves since it’s adorable, novel, and effective.

9. IZoeL Car Sun Shade For Baby Kids

Another static cling option, the iZoeL sunshade features an adorable elephant pattern that is likely to be a hit with smaller kids. It is simple to install and effectively shields from the sun’s rays.

However, it also features suction cups to ensure a secure hold on the window in addition to the static electricity used to attach it.

There isn’t much to complain about here, however visibility is impaired to some extent. If you have young children in the rear seat of your car, these shades are a great method to keep them safe from the sun. Another viable alternative.

10. Munchkin Brica Sun Safety Car Window Shade With Heat Alert

If you want to be able to let some light in without totally removing the shades, they are a perfect solution. The shades themselves pull down from the top of the window and are attached with suction cups.

Nonetheless, it can be rolled up out of the way so that you can see through the window when it’s not in use.

A color-changing heat meter that warns you when your car is getting too hot is another handy feature.

The only drawback is that they are attached using suction cups, which means they are occasionally dislodge and fall off. However, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue if you wet them down and attach them properly.

Overall, this is a fantastic item that we are really fond of, and it deserves the attention of anyone who values portability and versatility enough to seek for retractable sunshades.


If you know how to make car window curtains, you won’t have to worry about fitting the cost into your monthly budget.

You may make these curtains truly one-of-a-kind by adding your favorite characters and customizing them to suit your taste.

Making them on your own already gives them a special touch.

You should still get a simple curtain in a color scheme that works with your van.