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In just four simple stages, you’ll find out exactly how to build chair sashes for your home. We also have a list of different ways on how to tie your chair sash.

The Many Benefits of Using Chair Sashes

This post will teach you how to make chair sashes in four simple steps. There are a variety of ways to tie the sash around your chair, and we’ve listed them all for you.

1). Chair Sashes Elevate the Event Design

The event’s decorations are the first thing guests notice, and they have a significant impact on the atmosphere. Chair sashes are an easy and chic way to add a touch of elegance to your event, whether you’re going for a more formal look or just want to brighten things up a bit. Use our high-quality chair coverings and sashes to implement your creative chair sash ideas and give your event decor that extra something special it needs to wow your visitors. Make your ceremony and reception chairs stand out with gorgeous wedding chair sashes, for instance. Chair bands or spandex chair sashes are a great way to add a touch of elegance to the décor at your upcoming corporate event.

Why Use Chair Sashes: Wedding Sash Tie Ideas

2). Chair Sashes Accentuate the Thematic Decorations

Want to add to your event’s thematic decor but not sure how? Decorated chairs are sometimes disregarded when planning themed party decorations because of the importance of the venue’s decorations. However, if you choose the correct chair sashes and other embellishments, you may create an alluringly dramatic effect. For instance, if you’re throwing your daughter a princess-themed birthday party, you may add to the party’s enchanted atmosphere by draping a curly willow chair sash over each chair. Burlap chair sashes are a fantastic way to add a touch of rustic elegance to your event by dressing up plain wooden chairs. And our sequin chair sashes will do the same for your disco-themed party!

3). Chair Sashes Transform Dull and Dreary Chairs

Fancy chair sashes’ primary function is to transform a standard chair into a focus of attention and a design focal point. Chair coverings and sashes can be used to effectively enhance the visual appeal of otherwise plain or worn out party chairs, turning them into beautiful centerpieces. Using merely chair sashes to embellish them would exude loads of stylish panache and elegance if the venue provides gorgeous chairs and you do not need to hide any flaws or imperfections. Example: chivari chairs already look great, but you can take them to the next level of gorgeousness by draping them with chiffon or organza chair sashes. Folding chairs that are already attractive can be made to look even more elegant by adding polyester or satin chair sashes.

4). Add a Pop of Color with Chair Sashes

Given the significance of the event, it is essential that the decorations reflect that by using a vibrant color scheme. Our chair sashes, available in a wide variety of colors and patterns, are a great way to liven up the look of your party. If you choose chair coverings and sashes in contrasting hues, you may match your color scheme and give off an image of sophisticated flamboyance. You can jazz up your chairs with colorful sashes or add a touch of understated elegance by using more muted shades. Gold or silver chair sashes, for instance, will provide a dazzling shimmer to the overall aesthetic of your event. Accenting white chair coverings with a rose gold chair sash or red chair sashes can add a delightful and dramatic allure to your chair decorations, perfect if you’re striving for a romantic theme. Choose a satin chair sash or polyester chair sash to clothe your chairs in the color scheme you desire instead of a rich or dusky-colored chair cover that will make things dreary.

5). Chair Sashes Give a Finishing Touch

Decorating and organizing for a special occasion are not simple tasks. It might be intimidating to pull together a great event due to the seemingly endless number of things that need to be done. Nonetheless, it’s in the particulars that your party will truly stand out and become legendary. By draping sashes over your chairs, you may give them a more elegant appearance and soften the hard lines of the seats. Chair sashes are the perfect decorative linens to add the finishing touch of glitz and elegance to your special chair décor, regardless of the chair type and chair covers you choose. Chair sash buckles allow you to tie a bow on your chair for inviting flare, or you can wrap a chair band over the back of your chair for an appearance of refined appeal.

6). Great for Adding Personalized Touches

Chair sashes are available in a plethora of hues, fabrics, patterns, and styles, so you can find the perfect match for your event’s theme and aesthetic needs. Add a bit of individuality to your tablescape by experimenting with different ways to tie the sashes on the chair covers. Exotic flowers, leaves, sea shells, crystals, LED lights, elegant chair sash buckles, and chair sash pins are just some of the beautiful chair sash accessories you may use to spruce up your chair cover sashes. Intricate floral rings, frames, signage, and chair wreaths can be attached to the back of your seats using your colorful satin chair sashes, giving your event décor a fascinatingly personal touch.

7). Chair Sashes are Inexpensive and Budget-Friendly

Want to elegantly decorate your chairs without breaking the bank? Nothing can beat cheap chair sashes to give an exclusive charming allure to your old and drab venue chairs. Inexpensive and easy to fit into your budget plan, chair cover sashes will impart a trendy and updated appeal without being a hefty burden on your pocket. Got a tight budget but don’t want to compromise on your wedding decorations? Opt for our cheap chair sashes to make your dream wedding come true! Wedding chair sashes available at efavormart will grant elegance to your event while still staying in budget.

Looking for a cost-effective way to add a touch of class to your dining room chairs? Cheap chair sashes are the best way to breathe new life into tired old chairs at your venue. Chair cover sashes are a great way to update the look of your event without breaking the bank. Want to make your wedding look beautiful but are limited financially? If you want to have the wedding of your dreams without breaking the bank, choose our sashes for the chairs. Wedding chair sashes from efavormart may add class to your event without breaking the bank.

8). Harmonizes your Table and Chair Decorations

Chair sashes are available in a wide variety of colors, patterns, fabrics, and other design elements from our online shop, making it simple to find a look that complements your table setting. You can create a beautiful, unified look for your party by covering the tables with designer tablecloths or runners and then draping them over the chairs with matching chair sashes. Decorate your party tables with white linens and add a touch of elegance with beautiful organza table runners and organza chair sashes.

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9). Chair Sashes Add Texture and Design

Want to take the look and feel of your event design to the next level? Embroidered chair sashes with elaborate designs are a terrific way to spice up your party with a touch of eye-catching texture. Simply by tying them on the backs of your chairs, you can transform your ordinary chair covers or bare chairs into elegant ornamental pieces. If you can’t find the right chair band or sash, try combining two to create a one-of-a-kind design. Combining a curly willow sash with, say, a designer chiffon sash or a shimmering pintuck sash will give the chairs an impression of magical opulence.

10). Ravishing Aisle Décor

Decorating the aisle for the bride’s entrance and the leave of the newlyweds is an important component of every wedding. You can make your wedding aisle appear very stunning by draping gorgeous wedding chair sashes over the stanchions lining it or by tying them over the seats on either side of the aisle. Chair cover sashes are also a great way to add a touch of elegance to your wedding aisle without breaking the bank.

11). Chair Sashes are Multi-purpose and Versatile

For those who aren’t sold on the conventional method of exhibiting chair sashes or who worry that they won’t be of any use once the event is done, here’s some food for thought: Sashes for chair covers have far more uses than only as chair ornaments. They are a creative alternative to traditional forms of decoration and can be utilized for a variety of purposes.

Most people think twice about buying chair sashes for weddings because they have no idea what to do with them when the reception is done. Since they don’t think it will make much of a difference, they don’t bother using chair sashes at all. Chair sashes are not only a necessary part of your chair décor, but also a creative addition to your event’s aesthetic, so don’t discount their importance. To add a splash of color and festivity to your gifts, try repurposing the bands from your chair sashes. Curtains and drapes can have an even more regal appearance when tied with a sash from an elegant chair. In addition, satin chair sashes can be used to give your lavish floral arrangements a rich look by wrapping your bouquets and centerpieces in them. Have any cocktail tables on hand? Tie bows made from chair sashes around the legs of your cocktail tables for an instant facelift and a stunning visual impact at your party.

DIY Chair Sash

Step #1. Cut material to the length that you need

Sashes for typical dining chairs require three yards of fabric, with a width of 17 inches across the back.

Step #2. Wrap the sash around the middle of the chair

Tuck the sash behind the chair’s back so it touches when you sit down.

Step #3. Bring the end around to the back

Wrap the sash around your waist and then around the back of the chair, tying the ends together.

Step #4. Tie a knot

Bows can be tied at the back in the same way that shoelaces are. You can simply leave the fabric dangling on your chair if you choose.

Alternative ways to tie a chair sash

The bow

The end of the sash that goes around the chair in question must be held. The sash should be wrapped around the front of the chair back and then around the front of the sash. After that, loop one end of the sash over the opposite end and cross the two ends.

The bow sash is a staple of chair decoration and is therefore universally applicable. Don’t stress over any intricate procedures; it’s as simple as tying your shoelaces.

Note: Tie a bow and tighten if you prefer to have a tight grip if you need to. It depends on you.

Side bow

Note: If you want a firmer hold, tie a bow and tighten. This is totally up to you.

The knot

If you want to make sure you have a firm grasp on something, remember to tie a bow and tighten it. The fate of the world is in your hands.

Then, loop one end of the sash through the opposite loop. Finally, tie a knot on the ends so that they hang loosely over the back of the chair.

Side knot

It’s identical to the standard side bow in every respect. Rather than tying the knot in the middle of the chair’s back, a side knot is tied on the side.

Before you tie the side knot, make the standard knot. Then, choose whichever side you like more and slide there.

Flip over

It’s mandatory that you tie a proper knot. The longer dangling end is dealt with first; it must be flipped under and over the top of the knot. If you want the sash around your chair to be shorter, you’ll need to flip it over a second time.

For a more conventional appearance, you can iron the sash’s flaps flat.

The obi

To tie a bow with the sash, you must wrap it around the chair. In order to pull, you must first invert one end over the other.

Hold one end in your left hand instead of bowing with it. Wrap the free end around your left hand’s piece in a clockwise fashion, starting at the back. At last, use your right hand to bring the piece beneath itself and tie it.


Wrap the ends of the chair sash around the chair as if making a traditional bow. Next, pull the end over the other to make a secure place.

Double loop flower

Tie a bow with the ends of the sash and secure it around the chair’s back. Next, pull the end over the other to establish a firm spot.

Four loops and two short tails are required. Before doing anything else, fluff the loops and tuck each one into the one next to it. Then tuck the two ends under one another.

Double wrap side knot

To secure the sash to the seat, take the ends and wrap them around the back and the side of the chair. Then, loop around to the first side from the opposite side. Finish off your chosen style by tying a knot or bow.

Double wrap knot

It’s best to begin in the seat’s center. Using one end at a time, wrap them around the chairs in front of you.

Wrap the ends around in front, then cross them behind. Putting a bow on it is the final step (bow or knot).

How to Choose Chair Sashes For Your Event Chairs

1). Consider your Chair Type

Before deciding on chair coverings and sashes, it’s important to consider the venue’s chair options. Whether or not the chair sashes will allow you to create the desired effect. Choose spandex chair sashes or distinctively tie around embroidered chair sashes if the wedding venue has foldable or banquet seats, for example. Cover the back of your chivari chairs in style by looping chiffon sashes in a variety of ways.

2). Pick an Appropriate Color

If you want to impress your guests with your party decorations, think about the color scheme you’ve chosen and the color combinations you’ve used. Chair sashes and drapes can be found in a wide variety of colors, from bold and bright to subtle and elegant. Chair sashes can be coordinated with the rest of your event decor if you choose them to match the color scheme. Picking chair sashes that match the color of the table runners or chair covers is a simple way to amp up the elegance of your event’s decor. Alternatively, you can go for a more daring look by mixing and matching chair covers and sashes in an array of bold colors. Cover the seats in a neutral color and tie on ribbons in deep hues, such burgundy or navy blue, to give the impression of royal opulence.

Chair sashes are an excellent alternative to chair covers for adding a splash of color to otherwise plain chairs. Dress your chairs with shimmering sheen and sparkling brightness by draping them in gold chair sashes or silver chair sashes. Choose from our wide selection of vibrantly colored chair cover sashes like red chair sashes and royal blue chair sashes to add a dash of vivacious charm to your event, or go for the understated elegance of our white chair sashes to give your wooden chairs an air of absolute dominance.

3). Keep your Theme in Mind

It is crucial that all of the details of your event’s design adhere to your chosen theme when you’re throwing a themed party or gathering. Chair sashes are the same way. Select sashes for your chair covers that coordinate with the rest of your theme’s dcor. For instance, our burlap chair sashes will work great for a rustic-themed event. Chair sashes adorned with sequins add to the regal splendor of a Great Gatsby-themed party. Planning a fairy-tale princess themed birthday bash? To create a wonderful and whimsical atmosphere, tie tulle or curly willow around each chair’s back. If you’re having a black-and-white themed wedding reception, our black-and-white striped chair sashes are a great way to make a bold fashion statement without breaking the theme.

4). Choose a Suitable Design and Pattern

If you have an eye for the finer things, you can add a special touch to your theme party decorations by selecting chair sashes from the extensive collection offered by Efavormart. Some of our chair sashes, like those with damask flocking, will give your event a whole new spin on a French rural theme, while others, like those with elaborate embroidery, will add a touch of glitz and glamour. We have a stunning vintage floral chair sash that will add a touch of elegance to any flower theme. Are you trying to find the latest in fashion trends? If you want to give your event decorations a more contemporary feel, go with striped chair sashes or pintuck chair sashes.

5). Choose According To the Chair Sash Cover Tie Styles

The nicest part about sashes for chair covers is the variety of creative knots you may use to adorn your chairs. There is unquestionably a theme to every significant occasion, and the chair sashes are a great way to show off your personal flair. You need to know if your chair sashes can perform the job if you have narrowed down some gorgeous ideas for tying chair sashes to emphasize the aesthetics of your event. Select chair sashes that aid in projecting the faultless look you desire, whether you intend to tie them vertically, horizontally, or diagonally on the chair back, or whether you intend to tie bows and knots. To make a show-stopping bow on your chair covers, polyester or organza sashes are your best bet.

6). Select Charming Chair Sash Accessories

Chair sashes can be used in a wide variety of creative ways to add an extra special touch to your chair decorations. When deciding on chair back sashes, it’s important to think about whether or not you’ll be using elaborate decorative embellishments. Elegant chair sash buckles serve two purposes: they keep your chair sashes in place and they add a bit of sparkle to your festivities. To complete your elaborate chair sash plans, use chair sash pins to fasten the sashes to the chair backs. Chair sash accessories can also be used to further develop a motif. One easy way to incorporate seashells into your beach wedding theme is to use blue sashes to decorate the backs of chairs. For a similar effect during an anniversary dinner, tie a beautiful bouquet of flowers to each chair with a rose gold chair sash.

7). Determine the Purpose of the Chair Sashes

Chair cover sashes are not just for the backs of chairs; they’re a handy way to add color and pattern everywhere you need it. Therefore, knowing why sashes are used can help you make the finest choice. For instance, long chair cover sashes can be wrapped attractively around your floral bouquet or cocktail table legs, giving off an image of sophistication and modernity. But your large floor vases, acrylic boxes, and other decor will benefit greatly from the addition of color provided by the spandex sashes you’ve draped over the chairs.

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8). Consider your Budget

Even though chair sashes are inexpensive decorations, they may be difficult to incorporate into your spending plan. Choose inexpensive chair sashes if that’s in your budget, or just buy fewer of them to achieve the sense of imperial splendor. Efavormart has a wide variety of low-cost chair sashes that may be used to spruce up your event’s decor without breaking the bank. For instance, if you buy sashes for only half the chairs at the event, you can minimize your costs in half by tying them on alternate chairs. To save money on wedding chair sash ideas without sacrificing style, consider merely draping the chairs along the aisle with fabric.

We hope that these helpful hints will make it simpler for you to select the perfect chair sashes for your event. Consider these guidelines when you shop for chair back sashes to help you zero in on the perfect accent for your event’s aesthetic. If you’re looking for the finest value for your money, make sure to peruse our amazing selection of low-priced chair sashes.


The instructions for making chair sashes are now complete. When doing this method, keep in mind that organza, satin, or tulle can all be used for the chair sash. As long as you stick to the basic instructions, you can customize your chair as you choose.