How To Make Crib Mattress Softer? Comprehensive Guide

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There are two methods that can be used to soften a crib mattress. There is some consensus that a firmer crib mattress is better for a baby’s development, but parents shouldn’t sacrifice comfort for safety. With this article, we’ll help you get the right softness for your baby.

The Benefits of a Breathable Crib Mattress

Harmful Bacteria

Bacteria and germs are a close second in terms of parental concerns. New parents must have magnifying glasses for eyes since they can find problems wherever. A small number of crib mattresses on the market make this promise, but in reality, only the top and bottom are waterproof, leaving the exposed cloth or foam around the sides. It’s possible that your youngster may have numerous spills of all kinds while using their mattress. Stuff like that doesn’t just gather on the ground. In other words, it spreads everywhere. The mattress is a breeding ground for bacteria and other germs if there are any exposed, non-waterproof, or washable parts. You can easily clean a Breeze mattress by taking out the top layer, washing it, and replacing it with a new one after an accident.

How To Make Crib Mattresses Softer? | Baby Journey

If you’re like most people, you’re probably asking why there’s a waterproof core. If we really care about keeping everyone as safe as possible, then why not make the whole thing airy? A totally permeable mattress would be impractical for reusability since it would take too long to clean and dry before being put back into service. There would be no place to put the extra mattresses, so they would have to be stacked in the baby’s closet. There’s also a chance that mold will grow undetected in the mattress if it doesn’t dry completely in the middle.

Trapped Limbs

I’ve noticed that the corners of several mattresses on the market are kind of droopy. The middle of the mattress, where your infant will spend the most time sleeping, will be nice and firm. However, when your baby sits, lies, or stands in a corner, the edges sag, creating a hole where their arms or legs can become trapped between the rails and the mattress. This poses a critical risk. One of my twins experienced this while we were at Grandma’s house. For our stay, she had a strange mattress from a budget store stuffed into an antique crib. It was terrible when one of my infants got his hand caught between the bed’s mattress and the bed’s railings. Fortunately, we were in the adjacent room and were able to get him out of there right away. It was a terrifying experience for me, and I can only imagine how my mother must have felt. Even if your little one sleeps in a corner, the Breeze mattress will never lose its form or firmness there. You can forget about ever having “slouchy” corners again.


I’m not sure why, but boys always seem to sweat a lot more than girls do when they’re sleeping. In essence, they are miniature nuclear reactors. If there is no ventilation in the typical mattress, the baby’s body heat will concentrate in the area just under their torso, leading to excessive perspiration. It was a daily ritual for me to give my newborn twins a bath first thing in the morning because they always woke up drenched. If they had slept on an airy, permeable mattress, their body heat would have dissipated and they would have been more comfortable all night. I would have saved a lot of time in the shower if they were already clean.

Find a mattress that addresses all of your needs without settling. All of you will be able to get the restful night’s sleep you’ve been craving after this is done.

How To Make Crib Mattress Softer The Safest Way


The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends against using a particularly soft mattress in a baby’s crib. However, your baby may have trouble dozing off if the cot is excessively firm. Therefore, using bedding accessories is the most secure method of providing a firm bed that is still comfortable.

Soft sheet

Choose a high-quality fabric, like cotton jersey, for the crib sheet. It stands to reason that a mattress made from a material with a rough texture will feel firmer than it actually is. However, a snugly-fitting soft sheet will add a layer of plushness to the surface.

Additional padding

Suffocation can occur if a sheet is too loose, therefore it’s important to use one that fits tightly. Then, place a mattress pad underneath it to serve as an extra cushion to the mattress. It is recommended that you use a waterproof material in the crib to keep the baby safe from accidents.

Clothing and swaddling

It cannot be emphasized enough that the bedding you use must always fit tightly to prevent suffocating. After that, add a layer of padding to your mattress using a mattress pad. The best material for use in a crib is one that can withstand the effects of water.

Swaddling is also an option, especially for very young infants. Putting a baby’s favorite blanket or comfort item in the crib will help them feel more at ease there. Look at different swaddling blankets and get comfortable with the one you decide to use.

Why Are Crib Mattresses So Hard?

In order to provide a safe and healthy sleeping environment for infants, doctors and other medical professionals advise utilizing firm mattresses in cribs. Children can transition to softer beds as they get older. However, a firm mattress and a fitted sheet are what’s needed for infants in a crib.

In this way, there is no chance of asphyxia or becoming trapped on the surface. Your infant should always be able to sleep safely on his or her back or side, so the mattress firmness should be adjusted accordingly. For the sake of your baby’s delicate spine, choose a firm cot mattress.

To make sure the mattress is just right for your infant, you can always put it through a firmness test. After being pressed, the surface shouldn’t give in to the shape of your hand but rather spring back to its original shape. Also, make sure the surface is flat and the corners don’t give when pressed inward; this will prevent air pockets from forming.

What Can I Do To Make My Baby’s Crib More Comfortable?

The cot can be made more gentle to the touch without compromising babies’ optimal firmness by adding a cushion and a softer sheet. However, there are further steps you can take, such as modifying the nursery environment and instituting a regular bedtime routine, to help your baby get used to sleeping in a crib. Make sure your baby is well-fed by giving him or her a snack every two hours.

Then, establish a regular nighttime routine to ease your infant into the transition to the crib. Having your own aroma on the swaddling blanket or crib sheet will help your baby feel more at ease in their new sleeping space. Finally, make sure the room is cool, quiet, and dark to help calm your baby and reduce the chance of sudden infant death syndrome.

When Should I Change My Baby’s Mattress To Soften?

You should see your child’s pediatrician for advice on when to replace the crib mattress. Even while it’s OK to convert your kid to a softer bed between the ages of 12 and 18 months, it’s best to check with a doctor beforehand. Another option is to purchase a mattress with two sides, one of which is softer than the other for when your child is ready to transition.

What, though, if the crib mattress isn’t quite as firm as it once was? It’s understandable to wonder if it’s safe to continue using a mattress that has softened from its original firm state. But that suggests the bed has already lost its structure, much like ours do when they go saggy.

How To Make Crib Mattresses Softer? | Baby Journey

How to Store a Crib Mattress? Step by Step Guide with Q&A

Step 1. Clean The Crib Mattress Well

When putting away a crib mattress, cleanliness should be priority number one. It is important to keep in mind that mattresses are not designed to be washed and dried. Rather than using soap and water to clean your mattress, you can remove the mattress cover and wipe it down with a disinfectant wipe.

The wipe shouldn’t be dripping wet. It’s important that the wipe isn’t too wet, or else it will cause the foam to delaminate. If you’ve spilled anything on your mattress and want to get the stain out, try using a sofa or carpet cleaner.

Step 2. Air Out The Crib Mattress

Mattresses should be stored in rooms with a fan running or in the open air. The goal is to maximize ventilation of the sleeping surface. To be sure the mattress is dry, do this. Airing the foam out will remove any moisture that may have seeped in during manufacture.

Mattresses are less likely to harbor bacteria if excess moisture is removed. Wet mattresses are breeding grounds for bacteria, which can break down the mattress’s fabric. Mold can also grow on mattresses that are constantly wet.

We also recommend using a vacuum to clean and dry the mattress in addition to letting it air out.

Step 3. Use a Mattress Cover to Store a Crib Mattress Long Term

After a careful cleaning and drying, the mattress is ready to be covered. There are a variety of ways you can protect your baby’s crib mattress, each with their own set of advantages and disadvantages.

Plastic mattress coverings are the least expensive alternative, but they can’t let air circulate, which is crucial for maintaining the mattress’s health in a crib. Plastic mattress coverings, on the other hand, are excellent at preventing damage from dust and other environmental hazards.

Make sure air can go in and out of the mattress by poking tiny holes in the cover. Small holes made with a fine needle will prevent dust from entering the container.

Fabric can also be used to encase a mattress. Fabrics do not impede airflow, but they do require more attention to environmental factors like wetness and humidity. To give just one example, the fabric cover won’t keep the mattress dry if someone spills water on the floor near where you’ve set it up.

A mattress storage box is the third and best solution. A little more money, but your mattress will be protected better than with the other options.

Step 4. Find The Right Storage Space to Store The Crib Mattress

The subsequent action is to locate a suitable mattress storage area. Places where the mattress can be put flat are ideal for storing it. An air mattress loses its form and quality when folded and crumpled. Since most crib mattresses are relatively compact, finding a flat storage space in your home should not be too challenging. If you don’t have enough room in your house for the mattress to be stored elsewhere, you can always tuck it under your bed.

Step 5. Clean The Storage Space

Now that you have located an appropriate repository, you should clean it. This area can be cleaned with a vacuum cleaner or a mop and disinfectant. It is crucial that the area be spotless and completely devoid of moisture. Your mattress storage space must be free of any moisture sources that could encourage the growth of mold or fungus.

Step 6. Store The Crib Mattress

After making any necessary cleanups, carefully spread out the mattress cover in the room. Make sure the top of the mattress is not compressed in any way. That is to say, your mattress is not a storage space for anything else. When you keep objects on top of your mattress for an extended period of time, the weight of those things might distort the mattress’s original shape.


Why won’t my 7 month old sleep in his crib anymore?

If your baby is sick with a cold, ear infection, rash, or anything else, she may refuse to go to sleep in her cot. Developments that mark a turn in the road. Your baby may be trying out a number of new and exciting skills while sleeping in the crib, including rolling over, sitting up, and chattering. A regressive pattern of sleep.

Why does my baby scream when I put him in his crib?

Separation anxiety is common in children between the ages of seven or eight months and a little over a year. Don’t fret; it’s just a passing phase. Although it may sound upsetting, separation anxiety is a perfectly normal part of your baby’s physiological growth.

What do you do with a crib mattress?

  • The used crib mattress can be donated to a shelter.
  • Donate your old crib mattress to a local furniture bank so that those in need can get a new mattress at no cost.
  • Get in touch with a recycling center about buying the pieces of your old crib mattress.

Is memory foam OK for babies?

To prevent suffocation from soft mattresses or pillows, the American Academy of Pediatrics advises that infants sleep on their backs in a crib or other designated crib-free sleep space. Babies in cribs should not sleep on foam mattresses.

Can I put a blanket under my baby?

When should you put your infant down with a blanket? It is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) that for the first year, a baby’s bedroom be free of soft objects and loose bedding. Evidence from studies on baby fatalities in sleep and recommendations for preventing sudden infant death syndrome informed this advice.

Can my baby sleep on a fleece blanket?

In order to prevent infant overheating, fleece blankets and sheepskins should be avoided. There is no need to use a tucked-in blanket if you use a sleeping bag made for infants.

Can a mattress affect baby sleep?

Safe sleep for your infant

If they get hungry or need a hug, you’ll be right there to provide it to them. Your baby will receive the best and safest night’s sleep if you always place them on their back on a firm, flat mattress and put them back on their back if they roll over during the night.

What is the sleep shuffle method?

This practice, sometimes known as “the Sleep Lady Shuffle” or “Camping Out,” includes putting an awake infant to bed in a crib with a chair nearby. You can calm the youngster by talking to him, patting him on the arm every so often, telling him to be quiet, or even picking him up if he is very distressed.

How can I get my 8 month old to self soothe?

  • Learn to use timing to your advantage.
  • Establish a regular pattern of activities to perform before retiring.
  • To present a security object (if your child is old enough)
  • Prepare a quiet, dark, and cold space for sleeping.
  • Set a regular schedule for bedtime.
  • You may want to stop putting your kid to sleep with a bottle.
  • Be sure your baby’s needs are satisfied before he or she becomes overtired.

What firmness of mattress is best for a child?

The greatest mattress to buy for a child under the age of three is a medium-firm one. Since children’s bones are still developing, a mattress that is excessively rigid can cause pain.

What kind of bed should a 5 year old sleep in?

For kids, we suggest a good 5 inch low profile mattress. Using this logic, a mattress 5 inches in height would raise the sleeping platform 16 3/4 inches above the floor.

When should you replace a crib mattress?

It is estimated that the average lifespan is five years. The five-year rule is a good guideline to follow, with a reduction in price if the bed saw heavy use and an increase if you were conscientious about maintaining it.

Is Your Baby's Crib Mattress Too Hard? (What to Do) - Dad Fixes Everything

What can you make from a baby crib?


  • Dish rack. It is possible to hang plates on the vertical side of a crib.
  • Journal holder. Simply lean the vertical side of a crib against the wall and slip magazines over the rails to complete this idea.
  • Decoration for the wall.
  • Necklace holder.
  • A coordinating fabric holder.
  • Art and craft holder.
  • Shelves for books.

When can babies sleep on soft mattress?

The American Academy of Pediatrics advises against letting babies sleep with loose blankets or pillows because of the risk of asphyxia. Furthermore, SIDS, the biggest cause of death for infants aged 1 month to 1 year, has been linked to bedding.

Choose a high-quality fabric like cotton jersey for a crib sheet to start. It stands to reason that a mattress made from a material with a rough texture will feel firmer than it actually is. However, a snugly-fitting soft sheet will add a layer of plushness to the surface.


Your infant needs the support of a firm mattress as their bones develop. However, knowing how to soften a crib mattress will make a world of difference in the ease and comfort of your baby’s nightly slumber. Simply using thicker or softer sheets, or wearing the baby in loose, soft clothing or swaddling them, will help.

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