Updated at: 16-11-2022 - By: Helen Skeates

Most high chairs are designed for infants between four and six months old. These chairs have extra-long legs that bring the baby up to the same level as the table, allowing you to keep an eye on him or her while you dine. They also feature a convenient feeding tray.

But when you’re holding a party at your house, whether it’s a baby shower or not, the appearance of a plain high chair may look weird and entirely out of place. Making a high chair banner is a great way to incorporate the chair into any setting.

Don’t worry if you have no idea how to build a high chair banner; we’ll show you some easy and quick ways to construct one. Find out what happens in the next paragraphs!

Stuff You Will Need

It will go more smoothly if you have these on hand before you begin constructing your banner. What you need for a high chair banner is:

A Fabric of Your Choice

The fabric you select will be the focal point of the ensemble, as it will be the only thing that audience members can see. You can choose any fabric that appeals to you, or you can buy multiple items made from the same fabric and wear them together.


If you want to use a wide range of garments, though, it’s important to make sure they all have the same base hue. If you don’t have access to cloth, using ribbons from the store is a perfectly acceptable substitute.

It’s usually a good idea to have some extra ribbons or fabrics on hand, so we recommend purchasing about 2 yards of each.

If you are not comfortable with the idea of cutting fabric into different shapes and sizes, you could always use burlap pennants instead.

Cutting Tools

Making a high chair banner requires the use of cutting tools throughout, so it’s important to use ones with which you are most confident. Scissors and rotary cutters are the go-to tools for most individuals when cutting.


This part is discretionary and is recommended for a burlap pennant, but you can omit it if you like.

Be careful to get paint that stands out well against the burlap pennant and the rest of the decorations for your high chair banner. It makes sense to organize your paint and ribbons by color because it simplifies your selection process.

A Flat Brush

Painting over the burlap pennant requires a flat brush, and choosing one that leans more toward the flat side is ideal because it will give your banner a cuter appearance.


Ropes or cords are essential for keeping your banner’s various parts in place. If you want a rope that won’t stand out too much, but is still sturdy, look for one in a muted hue.

Always have a stapler on hand to make sure the ropes stay put. Hot glue guns are not recommended since they create a huge mess.

Steps to Make a High Chair Banner

Now that we have a list of materials, let’s see how to put up a high chair banner.

Cut the Fabric

Reduce the fabric to narrow strips using scissors or another instrument. To adequately cover the high chair, we suggest strips no less than 4 inches wide and no more than 12 inches in length.

Though precision is of the essence, it’s okay if some strips are longer than others; you can always trim them down afterwards.

If ribbons are being used, they should have their ends trimmed to the same length as the fabric (in case if they are not already). Burlap pennants can be decorated with ribbons as well; if you do so, the ribbons should be slightly longer than the pennant.

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Secure the Ropes to the Fabric

The circumference of the high chair’s tray will determine the length of rope or string needed to fasten it to the chair (since this is where you will be hanging the banner from).

After that, use a glue gun to permanently attach the rope to the chair, taking care that the string isn’t pulled too tightly. Next, fold the pennant’s top edge over the rope and staple it in place.

Placing the ribbons on the rope is as easy as tying a knot in the middle. Ribbons can be added in any order you desire, so long as it looks nice.

Do not attach any of the contents onto the rope; doing so will create a cluttered mess, and the glue may leak, ruining your work.

Add Some Finishing Touches

Just a few tweaks here and there will get your high chair banner right up to par. Your new paint will come in handy now.

If there are still spaces between the fabric/pennant and the ribbons, you can hide the rope by painting over it with an ordinary brush. However, you can paint over the rope by keeping a sheet of paper behind it, or you can paint over the rope before you begin.

You can make a burlap pennant stand out more by painting text on it. This will improve the overall appearance of your banner. Use a flat brush and take your time when writing on the burlap pennant with paint.

Given the limited space, a simple painting of a flower or your child’s age would look great on the pennant.

As an analogy, if you wait until after the painting is done to hang the components, you’ll be able to hang them with one hand.

How long is a highchair banner?

Depending on your needs, you can make the garland shorter or longer. Since you will be folding the fabric in half, you will need to cut your strips to be around 25–26 inches in length to get a 12 inch drop; however, part of the fabric will bunch up in the middle, so make sure to allow for that. Remember that the fabric can be trimmed after you’re finished.

How big should a high chair banner be?

Once you’ve decided on a theme for your baby’s high chair banner, you can start searching online to see if you can find any printable silhouettes to use as templates. Printing your image as a “3×5” or “4×6” seems to work best, but you should experiment with several sizes to find the optimal solution for your banner.

How much fabric/ribbon does a high-chair banner need?

You’ll need at least half a yard of fabric, so select scraps accordingly. There should be two or three rolls of tulle and ribbons.

What kind of fabric/ribbon is ideal for a high chair banner?

The colors of the tulle or ribbon will depend on the overall design scheme. One solid color and two or three different ornamental fabrics would be plenty.

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Choose a wide variety of tulle and ribbon. Both can have different textures and finishes, with one being matte and the other sparkly or otherwise stylized.


So, that wraps up our daily theme. Our goal in writing this post was to simplify the process of creating a high chair banner and related decorations in the hopes that it would be of value to you. Until then, take care!