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A paper towel dispenser is a must-have for any home or workplace since it makes it easy to have paper towels on hand anytime you need them. Most of the time, you’ll need paper towels in the bathroom or kitchen, and a towel dispenser will keep them clean, dry, and organized. What’s even better is… Creating one is a cinch. A paper towel dispenser can be made by following these instructions.

How to Make Your Own Paper Towel Dispenser

Materials Needed

  • It’s in here (preferably plastic)
  • Scissor
  • Pen
  • Ruler
  • Two Pieces of Equipment
  • Fabric
  • Ribbon with a Satin Finish (optional)

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  1. The first step in how to create a paper towel dispenser is to draw some lines with a pen and a ruler after gathering all of the necessary components.
  2. Dots should be connected at 10.5 cm vertically and 1.5 cm horizontally.
  3. Your plastic container needs to be cut out with a scissor.
  4. Use the needle and thread to sew the prepared fabric to the container.
  5. Before inverting the container, make sure the fabric is completely wrapped around it.
  6. Using the scissor, cut the cloth along the line where the container was cut out of it.
  7. Using a satin ribbon, make a bow to accentuate the design.
  8. Then it’s time to insert the roll of paper towels inside the container and seal it shut.
  9. In the end, make a draw out of the paper towel so that you can easily make a simple pull each time.

Importance of Using a Paper Towel Dispenser

Paper towel dispensers may be the last thing you think you need have in your home, but they come in handy when you need a paper towel quickly in the kitchen or bathroom. When you need to quickly wipe up a spill, a readily available paper towel will come in handy. As a result, understanding how to construct a paper towel dispenser is critical.

With no dispenser, you may accidentally drop the roll of paper towels on the floor or in the sink, which is both inconvenient and unclean. Your home will be more organized, look nice and clutter-free if you have one.

As a result, a dispenser will help you save even more paper because it provides a safe place to store your paper towels, preventing them from being damaged by water leaks and spills. They also make one-handed maneuvering much easier.

Paper towel dispensers make it easy to dry your hands after a shower or bath. Electric hand dryers use a lot of electricity, and they’re noisy, whereas these dryers don’t use any at all. They can also be placed in a location that is most convenient for you.

Using a paper towel dispenser saves money on paper and reduces paper waste. Because of the way the dispenser works, you’ll need less paper. You’ll only get one at a time, based on your current needs.

Tips to Make the Most of Your Paper Towel Dispenser

You can buy paper towel dispensers, but why pay for one when you can create your own? In addition to learning how to create a paper towel dispenser, keep reading for some pointers on how to get the most out of your home furnishings. Make use of the following pointers:

  • A good paper towel is essential. Even if you’ve got the most tailored paper towel dispenser, a low-quality paper towel may not be a good match. Quality paper towels also help you save a lot of paper.
  • Store your paper towel dispenser away from the sink or hand dryer to extend its life.
  • Fill the dispenser at the same time each week so that you don’t have to open and refill it every time you need a paper towel.
  • Consider the environmental advantages of waste segregation when using paper towels. Use a paper towel waste bin for this purpose.
  • Use the correct container size for your paper towel when creating a paper towel dispenser to ensure easy use. Your container should be the right size, neither too large nor too little.

Why You Need a Paper Towel Holder

It’s easy for your paper towel roll to get wet and destroyed if you just leave it on the counter. It can also become filthy, making it useless. It can also take up space, and that’s where a wall-mounted option can come in.

How to Choose the Best Paper Towel Holder

The paper towel roll might get wet and destroyed if it’s left on the counter for an extended period of time. It can also become a complete waste of time if it gets too filthy. If you don’t have a lot of floor space, a wall-mounted option can help.


It’s possible to find paper towel holders made from a wide range of materials. Materials that are resistant to water and corrosion are among those included in this category. Stainless steel is the most durable, rust-resistant, and easy-to-clean type of metal. Stainless steel Plastic may be more budget-friendly, but it’s not the most durable option.


Holders for paper towels can be found in a wide range of materials. This contains materials that are resistant to water, such as stainless steel, plastic, and nickel. Stainless steel is the most robust, rust-resistant, and easy to clean material. Though less expensive, plastic is not the most durable material.


Many families place a high value on the appearance of their homes. The majority of toilet roll holders look the same, however there are a few that are more fashionable.

You should also take into account the design’s practicality. For example, an important feature to look for is an arm that holds down the paper towel while it is not in use so that it does not unravel.


A good paper towel holder does not have to be expensive. Regardless of your budget, you’ll be able to locate one that’s within your price range with these options.

The Best Paper Towel Holders of 2022

These seven finest paper towel holders are based on a combination of consumer feedback, product descriptions and our own experience.

1. Kamenstein Perfect Tear Wall Mounted Holder

Best Under the Cabinet Paper Towel Holder

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There is a limit to how much counter space each person has. Paper towel holders aren’t everyone’s cup of tea, therefore some people don’t want to waste counter space on them. Under-cabinet wall-mounted holders, such as this one from Kamenstein, come into play here.

It’s ideal for mounting beneath a kitchen cabinet. There is no need to keep it in the same place, as long as you don’t mind having it. Make sure you buy a few so that you may utilize them in different rooms of the house!

Perfect Tear Technology is one of our favorite features. You can effortlessly take off one sheet at a time thanks to a ratchet system that prevents the roll from unraveling. In addition to that, it can accommodate any paper towel roll size!

Finally, this may be installed either horizontally or vertically!


  • Wall-mounted.
  • You can use it anywhere.
  • Tear technology that’s second to none.
  • It can be mounted either vertically or horizontally.


  • The ratchet does get stuck from time to time.
  • One-handed operation is ineffective.

2. OXO Good Grips SimplyTear Holder

Best Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder

For most goods, stainless steel is an excellent choice! In addition to being rustproof and corrosionproof, it is also quite easy to clean. We know it’s a little more expensive, but we believe it’s worth the extra money.

For busy parents, especially those with young children, this Oxo SimplyTear holder is a godsend because you can tear a sheet off with one hand! A sophisticated spring-loaded arm on the holder makes it easy to do so each and every time. The spring-loaded arm also ensures that you can fit any size of paper towel into the dispenser.

It’s easy to refill the holder with new paper towels because the arm may be locked in position. The weighted base is another feature we appreciate, as it helps to keep the holder firmly in place. With an anti-slip pad, it’ll stay put on damp counters.


  • Single-handed sheet tearing made possible thanks to a spring-loaded arm.
  • The bottom is weighted and non-slip.
  • Any size of paper towel can be used.
  • Refilling is a cinch.


  • More than half-way through the roll doesn’t help.
  • It may take some time to determine the ideal amount of tension for the arm.

3. Simple Houseware Chrome Paper Towel Holder

Best Standing Paper Towel Holder

Basic Houseware has a great and simple paper towel holder for you to check out. A chrome metal base makes it ideal for use on countertops. In order to keep the roll from unraveling, it incorporates an additional arm that aids with one-handed tear-offs.

If you’re not a lover of chrome, you can get it in bronze! It’s a simple but elegant design that will go well with a wide range of interiors.

Standard and jumbo paper towel rolls can be stored in this unit. Because of this, this is the ideal container for either of these items in your home. This holder is an excellent choice. It’s not a high-tech device by any means. It does what it’s supposed to, it’s affordable, and it looks excellent.

So if the counters get wet, there will be no harm done to our paper towels thanks to its small feet.

SofPull® Mechanical Towel Dispenser- Loading Instructions - YouTube


  • Budget-friendly.
  • Additional support to keep the roll from unraveling.
  • Options in two colors.
  • Feet to prevent the roll from getting wet.


  • Keep the roll dry by putting your feet on it.
  • Scratching noises might be heard on some countertops when using it.

4. Greenco Chrome Paper Towel Holder

Best Budget Paper Towel Holder

This Greenco chrome paper towel holder is available for a low price. It’s still a popular choice for many clients, despite the lower price tag. It does the job without putting a dent in your wallet!

Due to the fact that it is constructed of extremely robust metal, we expect it to last for quite some time to come. It has a single pillar that can store any size of paper towels. When not in use, it features an arm to keep the roll from unraveling. The sleek and stylish style will go perfectly with any kitchen decor imaginable!

The cute feet on this paper towel holder are a big hit with customers. The paper towel itself will not be harmed if your counter is drenched. It’s a very useful feature for this product.

Keep this in mind if you’re planning on using the holder for a long period of time: Customers have reported that it can fall over if you pull it too hard.


  • It’s made of a sturdy metal.
  • Add another hand to keep the paper from falling apart.
  • Feet to keep the paper towel from getting wet.
  • Budget-friendly, if that makes any sense.


  • If you pull it too hard, it could topple over.
  • Rust is a problem.

5. mDesign Multi-Purpose Paper Towel Holder

Best Wall-Mounted Paper Towel Holder

Wall-mounted paper towel holders are plentiful, but we don’t want to propose a standard model. That is not what we are looking for!

This paper towel holder doubles as a shelf for other goods in addition to holding paper towels. This is a great place to keep cleaning supplies, fruits and vegetables, or even spices! There will be less clutter on your kitchen or bathroom counters, as well as an added layer of storage.

Laundry items can also be stored in this way, with detergents and stain removers on the shelf. Crafting is another common use for the product. Instead of paper towels, you can use gift wrap in their place. There are many uses for it.

When it arrives, you’ll be delighted with how simple it is to put together. It comes with everything you need to get it up and running right out of the box.


  • Installing it is a breeze.
  • Extra storage on a shelf.
  • Suitable for usage in a variety of settings.
  • Space is saved.


  • Flimsy.
  • The paper towel gets squished against the wall if it’s too big.

6. Oasis Creations Touchless Paper Towel Dispenser

Best Paper Towel Holder for Bathrooms

The paper towel gets squished against the wall if it’s too big.

The paper towel is crushed against the wall if it’s too big.

If the paper towel is too large, it gets crushed against the wall.

The fact that only one sheet is produced at a time implies that you have more control over waste. Additionally, it’s wonderful for cleaning the restroom and ensuring proper hygiene and preventing cross-contamination.

There are 500 multifold paper towels in this dispenser, so you won’t have to replenish it for a while. Easy to refill, even for non-technical users! We’re confident that you’ll adore this space-saving and hygienic addition to your bathroom.


Install this in an area where everyone can get to it. Maybe put one high and one low so that shorter folks can reach.


  • Exceptional quality, as always.
  • Locking mechanism with a key.
  • Refilling is a cinch.
  • Paper towels are stored in this container, which has a capacity of 500.


  • Isn’t compatible with all paper towels.
  • Pulling out a roll of paper towels can cause rips in the material.

7. Cuisinart Stainless Steel Paper Towel Holder

Best Stylish Paper Towel Holder

The majority of paper towel holders are somewhat plain in appearance. If you want something cute, stylish and that stands out in the kitchen, this is one of our favorites!

These simple paper towel holders are common. For a kitchen accessory that’s both beautiful and eye-catching, this is one of our faves!

Towels of all shapes and sizes can be stored in this convenient container. Because of its small size, it won’t take up much counter space.

This holder is quite simple to use. The roll does not unravel on its own thanks to the basket base. When you’re done, it’s a breeze to switch out the roll. Simply remove the old one and replace it with the new one.

We particularly like the feet on the base that keep the towel dry in the event of a kitchen spill.


  • There are a total of three different color schemes to choose from.
  • Final touch: geometric
  • Compact.
  • The roll is simple to replace.


  • It’s not a one-handed device.
  • As a result, it may easily topple over.

Other Uses for Your Paper Towel Holder

Using cloth or dish towels instead of paper towels because they’re better for the environment? The following are some alternative possibilities for using your paper towel holder:

  • Store your handicraft or gift-wrap supplies in the paper towel holder.
  • Accessorize with your favorite necklaces and bracelets on this hook.
  • Desserts: Give it a good clean and stack some desserts, like donuts, onto the holder.
  • Give it a thorough cleaning, then stack some donuts on top of the holder.
  • Put some treats, like donuts, on the holder after you’ve scrubbed it thoroughly.
  • Hangers: Keep the holder in the laundry room and hang your hangers on it. Makes it easy to hang up clothes when they’re fresh out of the drier.
  • Organize your hangers by putting the holder in the washing room and hanging them there. Easy to use when garments have just come out of the dryer.

Hold It Together

When using paper towels, a paper towel rack is essential. The paper towel should not be left laying about where it could be ruined.

All kinds of options are available to you, whether you’re looking for something stainless steel, fashionable or wall-mounted. There are several uses for paper towel holders even if they aren’t used, such as holding belts or jewelry.

How To Store Paper Towels

Got any paper towels? These bulk paper towel storage and organization tips are sure to come in handy!

Paper towels are all around us, and we all use them on a regular basis, whether we realize it or not. We can use them to dry our hands, clear up a little spill, or wipe down a surface quickly.

Paper towel rolls can be purchased individually, but it is far more cost-effective to buy a large number of them at once. That’s fantastic, but where do you keep so many extra rolls of paper towels?

There are a few ways that we can think of to keep your paper towels organized. Look at that!

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Paper Towel Storage

Bins and Baskets

The extra paper towel holders that may be tucked into bins and baskets are very useful. It’s easy to store paper towel rolls neatly in a bucket or toss them into a basket.

The bins and baskets can then be tucked under anything, put in anything, or on top of anything! It’s also a great idea to store paper towel rolls inside an airtight container in the garage.

The bins and baskets can then be tucked under anything, put in anything, or on top of anything! It’s also a great idea to store paper towel rolls inside an airtight container in the garage.

Over the Door Rack

When the bins and baskets are empty, they may be tucked away under, inside, or on top of anything! Paper towel rolls can also be stored in an airtight container in the garage, making it an ideal storage solution.

They are also available in a wide variety of styles and can be used on any type of door. In addition, they make use of the previously ignored and underutilized vertical area behind the entrance.

Hanging Shoe Shelves

You may be skeptical, but give us a chance. Paper towel rolls fit wonderfully in a hanging shoe shelf organizer. Also, it’s a terrific method to keep your towels handy while keeping them hidden from view.

In the pantry or the closet, this repurposed shoe organizer is an excellent option for storing paper towels!

Shelves and Cabinets

Paper towels are typically stored in a kitchen cabinet or on a kitchen shelf. If you have enough room in that room, this is a great idea.

If you don’t, think outside of the kitchen, and take advantage of shelves and cabinets in other rooms of the house. Maybe store paper towels in the pantry, in the basement, or in the hall closet.

In the event that you don’t have a lot of storage space in your kitchen, consider using shelves and cabinets in other rooms of your home. Store paper towels in the pantry, the basement, or the hallway closet, if you have those options.

Storing Paper Towels

Hopefully this has made it easy for you to locate a location to put your spare paper towel rolls. Do you think you’d utilize one of these suggestions if you didn’t already have a designated place to keep your towels? What are your plans for the extra paper towels that you’ll be buying? We want to hear from you!


You’ll save money by making your own paper towel dispenser, and you’ll also gain a newfound sense of independence and resourcefulness. Your home’s interior design will be boosted by the addition of a personalized paper towel dispenser. Aside from ensuring that your paper towels are always fresh and readily available, a paper towel dispenser offers numerous other advantages. It’s a sign of how much you value order and cleanliness around the house. Here are some more time-saving tips for keeping your home tidy.