How To Make Rocking Chair Runners? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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It might be challenging to create the ideal runner for a rocking chair, so I’ve laid down a four-step process for you to follow at home.

7 Benefits of Rocking Chairs to Improve your Life

1 – Benefits for Nursing Mothers

There’s a good reason why suppliers like Babyletto and Delta Children stock a wide variety of rocking chairs for use in nurseries. After all, for a baby, nothing compares to the cozy, soft rocking action of a rocking chair as a substitute for the womb. That’s why it’s useful for making the baby feel at ease and ready to be nursed: it creates a warm, familiar environment.

The ideal piece of furniture for a nursing mother is a rocker. Rocking them on a rocker can help calm them down when infants get fussy or hungry, which is especially helpful after a C-section.

Would you be curious about purchasing a rocking chair for a baby’s room? Browse our finest collection of rocking chairs and gliders for nurseries. To read more thoughtful blogs like this one, please visit our nursery rocking chairs category.

2 – Soothing and sleeping your baby allows for better rest

The baby will feel calmed by the rocking action and fall asleep more easily. If your child is difficult to go to sleep at bedtime, try this strategy.

Build a Rocking Chair DIY - YouTube

Babies are calmed and soothed by the rhythmic motions because they remind them of their mother’s heartbeat. In addition, the rocking motion of the chair puts your baby at eye level, easing any strain on their neck or back while they learn to properly suckle and latch on.

You may be able to sleep through the night without waking up to tend to them many times because the chair’s vibrations will be so soothing. This helps working mothers maintain a healthier work-life balance.

Overall, a rocking chair allows for a better parenting experience, which tightens emotional bonding with your little one.

3 – Reducing Stress of everyday life

Overall, a rocking chair allows for a better parenting experience, which tightens emotional bonding with your little one.

When it’s been a long day at the office and you’re struggling to keep your nerves in check, a rocking chair may be an invaluable piece of furniture.

There are many ways of relaxing in a rocking chair for example: reading a good book, knitting, breathing fresh air in the porch or patio, hearing your favorite music while looking through the window or simply sharing nice times with loved ones. Spending more time with the people you care about has been shown to increase levels of the feel-good hormone endorphin, as well as promote feelings of well-being and emotional stability.

4 – Benefits of Rocking Chairs on Your Back and Knees

The health benefits of rocking chairs are particularly relevant if you experience back or knee pain as a result of aging, a medical condition like osteoarthritis, or are recovering from surgery.

In order to alleviate the pain from his back problems and chronic ailment, President John F. Kennedy frequently used rockers. His doctor prescribed them for him to take as a therapeutic measure to help him avoid and cope with back pain. That’s why you’ll find a rocking chair in every major room of the White House.

The gentle, regular rocking action is an effective way to stretch muscles that have been tight from prolonged sitting. When compared to a standard chair, a rocker’s lower profile makes it easier to rise from.

Our muscles get a better stretch than they would if we sat still since the movements are similar to those we do when walking.

5 – Rocking in a chair increases blood circulation in lower body parts

When you rock back and forth in a chair, blood flows more smoothly and swiftly between the legs and the heart. Those with low blood pressure can benefit from this since it keeps blood moving vigorously from the extremities into the body’s center. In fact, it is estimated that an hour of rocking in a chair burns around 150 calories.

Rocking in a chair has been shown to improve metabolic rate and circulation.

Many studies have shown that those who spend long periods of time seated have impaired blood flow to their lower extremities. A person with this illness is at a higher risk of developing blood clots and cardiovascular disease (Mayo Clinic).

By stimulating the body’s own mechanisms to increase circulation, rocking chairs can aid in the treatment of this all-too-common health issue. The combined effect of the gliding foot and leg pushing motion really increases blood flow to the legs.

If you’ve ever had a blood clot, rocking in a chair is a great technique to get the blood flowing again. It also reduces the likelihood of future blood clot development by maintaining a steady but vigorous blood flow throughout the body.

6 – Rocking is positive for mental health

While rocking chairs have been around for quite some time, few people realize the potential cognitive benefits they can offer. Those with mood disorders can benefit from rocking while doing other activities, such as reading a book or doing some light housework.

The rocking motion is great for generating equilibrium since it generates endorphins in the brain and reduces stress.

Research conducted recently suggests that rocking in a rocking chair may have significantly more beneficial effects on one’s physical and mental wellbeing. Rocking chairs are helpful for those with mental and physical health issues, including but not limited to arthritis, back pain, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia. One can get some light workout by rocking (Seniors Rocking to Good Health, March 1989 American Journal of Sports Medicine).

7 – effortless exercise for seniors strengthen joints and relieves arthritis

Arthritis, inflammation, or joint pain, especially in the knees, can make it difficult for seniors to exercise. In this way, instead of sitting in a static position or lying down, the elderly have the option of rocking, which allows them to increase their physical activity while still remaining in a comfortable position.

Bone density can be increased through this type of physical activity without the negative effects that high-impact vibrations can have on the spine and joints, as is the case while jogging or running.

While relaxing in a rocking chair, the elderly can easily engage their lower body in a range of motion. They may also like doing anything else while rocking, such knitting or reading.

Physical therapy performed in an appropriate chair may also hasten recovery for those who have undergone lower-body surgery operations.

The elderly who have difficulty sitting for extended periods of time due to conditions like arthritis, muscular dystrophy, or a specific disability might choose a rocker to meet their needs.

Making Your Own Rocking Chair Runners

Without runners, a rocking chair won’t do much rocking, so here’s how to create some:

Step #1. Preparation

In your line of employment, this step is crucial. Your time and mental energy will be better spent on the task at hand if you have already taken the effort to set up the tools, furniture, and supplies you’ll need.

Because we will be working with wood, make sure to select the best of the best quality. The durability of your project, as well as the method you use to complete it, are both dependent on the quality of the wood you use. Defects, however slight, will eventually have a major impact on your rocker’s performance.

As this project will include woodworking, it is imperative that only the finest materials be used. Both the amount of time it takes and the method you use to complete the project are directly related to the quality of the wood used. You should expect a big drop in performance from your rocker even if it only has a few small flaws.

Step #2. Fitting

Everything needs to be precisely measured and fitted for a rocking chair to be truly comfy. The balance, the length and shape of the backends, and the size of the arc are all factors to think about during fitting.

The magnitude of the arc is what sets the momentum, therefore the rocking chair would be rocking if the arc were large enough. A long curvature radius is ideal for a flat runner with good rock speed. Look for a runner with a short, deep curve if you need a motion that is slow and steady.

Following, we look at how the rear ends are shaped and how long they are. The rocking chair’s appreciability will depend on the size and form of the user’s posterior. Longer tails have less forward motion while rocking than shorter ones.

The form of the tails is another another distinguishing feature. You should aim for a modest recurvature downward when crafting the rear end.

Maintaining this equilibrium will prevent your rocking chair from toppling backwards. As a result of the recurving, the rocking chair can only lean back so far.

The last part is the balance. This is very important for it determines the overall comfortability of the rocking chair. The balance will determine the motion of the rocking chair, whether it halts abruptly or has a continuous rocking motion.

The final component is a check on the scales. It is crucial since it decides how cozy the rocking chair will be. Depending on how well it’s balanced, a rocking chair can either stop abruptly or continue rocking indefinitely.

How to Make a Replacement Rocking Chair Runner | HomeSteady

Step #3. Cutting process

After you have completed all of the necessary measurements and adjustments, you can begin building your rocker. In other words, cut the wood to the exact size you need.

It’s best to take your time and give yourself plenty of room when trimming and cutting. As you get closer to the end, double check that the runners are the right length for your chairs.

Sawing can be done manually or, if power saws are more convenient, with industrial machinery. Always take precautions and use adequate safety gear when doing any kind of construction.

Step #4. Finishing

It’s time to put the finishing touches on your runner creations. Sanding, then sealing with varnish or epoxy.

After you’ve finished sawing the parts, you can smooth and polish your new runner. Get out the sandpaper and give the runners a fine sanding to get rid of any debris or leftover material.

Sanding your runners can make them look finished and professional. Putting on a barrier coating is the next step.

Before you start coating, there are a few things to consider, like where you plan to put the rocking chair and what kind of surface it will be on. Apply the coating you’ve chosen to protect the material and give it a finish that suits your needs.

How to attach runners to a rocking chair

First, you’ll need the proper equipment to secure the runners to your rocking chair. You’ll need a hammer, preferably a rubber mallet to protect your runners from scratching, as well as some nails and glue.

To attach the runners to the legs of the chairs, align the hole in the runners with the legs of the chairs. The holes and the legs don’t always line up exactly.

If this occurs, simply tap the appropriate section of the chair with the mallet until it fits the opening. After attaching, nail the runner from the inside of the leg firmly. Proceed in the same manner with the remaining chair legs.

How to replace rocking chair runners

If this occurs, use your mallet and tap the offending piece of the chair until it fits the opening. After you’ve attached the runner, nail it to the inside of the leg. Repeat for all of the chair legs.

The next step is to drill the holes you marked, then secure them to your rocking chair with nails. And that concludes the process of replacing the runners on your chair.

What to Consider When Choosing the Best Rocking Chair

The most ideal rocking chairs have all three of these qualities. You should give some thought to the chair’s intended purpose, the style that would complement your existing furnishings, and your preferred level of comfort before making a final decision. Find out more about these and other factors that should not be overlooked while shopping.


Consider your intended uses for the rocker prior to making a purchase. You can use a rocking chair for anything from a quiet place to read and relax to an extra seat on the porch or at the camping (with portable versions). If you’re looking to spruce up your space with your new purchase, you probably won’t choose for the same soft, cushy option as if you were looking for a place to rock your baby to sleep.

You need to think about not just who will be sitting in the chair, but also where it will be stored. Porch rockers require greater attention to durability and upkeep, so interior versions provide you more leeway in terms of material.


Once you know how you’ll be using your chair, you can choose from the following options:

  • The classic rocking chair is the one that most people picture when they think of a rocking chair. Classic rocking chairs are often made of wood and have curving legs that support the rocking mechanism. Indoor and outdoor variations are offered, and cushions can be added for your comfort.
  • The rocking action of a glider rocking chair is distinct from that of a standard rocking chair. Levers and hinges allow it to rock along a flat plane rather than a curved arc. Because of its cozy feel, this design is a popular option for bedrooms and nurseries among buyers. Additionally, a footstool or ottoman may be added or offered as a separate accessory with this choice.
  • The rocking motion of a spring rocking chair is aided by springs that are mounted to the frame. Options in this fashion are quite typical for use in the great outdoors.
  • Like a desk chair, a swivel rocker can be swiveled in addition to rocking. This position is perfect for keeping an eye on older kids while also tending to a baby or chatting with friends.
  • The backrest of a reclining rocker can be adjusted to provide the user with a comfortable lounging position. Glider chairs typically have a safety catch that may be used to stop the rocker when the user reclines.


There are numerous variations in the design of a rocking chair. Make sure the one you pick goes well with the rest of your furniture and accessories. For instance, if you have a modern interior design, you probably don’t want to use classic rocking chairs but instead choose options with clean lines and modular cushions. If you’re a fan of the past, you might choose to furnish your home with a wicker or wooden rocking chair.

A soft cushioned rocker or glider can be a great addition to a nursery for soothing rocking and gliding. These are also available in a wide variety of forms and sizes to meet your needs. Pick outdoor furniture and decor that complements the architectural style of your house.


Wooden rocking chairs are typically what comes to mind when one imagines a classic rocking chair. While chairs made of wood are still often used today, the type of wood chosen depends on the room in which the chair will be placed. The choice of materials for indoor rockers is wider. Pine and cedar are good choices for indoor furniture, while teak and oak are ideal for outdoor furniture. Wicker made of wood is fine for indoor use, but if you want to use it outside, you should get plastic all-weather wicker.

It’s important to think about how comfortable and stain-proof a rocking chair’s upholstery is. Cotton variants are preferred for their comfort and durability but may stain more easily. Synthetic upholstery fabrics, often polyester, are durable and stain-resistant.

Comfort and Support

Anyone, from infants to their parents, can benefit from the calming effects of a rocking rocker. Most modern rockers, especially those with padding, offer a pleasant seating experience; however, the type you pick is ultimately a matter of personal opinion. Seating made of wood or with firm cushions is recommended if you want comfort and support. Upholstered options constructed with foam cushioning are the way to go if you like to sink into your chair.

Cushions and pillows can soften the seat of a classic wooden choice. An other source of back comfort is the lumbar pillow.

You should consider how much effort you’re willing to put in, as well as how much rocking you like. If you want a smoother, less strenuous ride, a glider may be the way to go.

Locking Mechanism

Consider getting a rocking chair for your baby that locks in place in case you need to move it. Some types of rocking chairs have locks that make it possible to stand up with a baby in your arms without worrying about catching their fingers. Those with limited mobility or who are elderly may find it easier and safer to rise from a chair if they can lock it in place.

The same technique is also useful in reclining chairs. If they want to recline their seat, they can simply press a button to halt the rocking motion.

Weight Capacity

It’s crucial to check weight limits before purchasing a rocking chair because not all of them are made equally. The typical weight capacity of a rocker is between 200 and 300 pounds, with the heaviest duty models supporting 500 pounds or more. Almost any size user can feel comfortable on these options because to the sturdy construction and well placed joints. The frames of these long-lasting chairs may be composed of metal, plastic, or reinforced wood. It’s possible that less sturdy rockers would make a creaking or bending sound when pushed.


Some rocking chairs are designed to remain in one place, while others are portable. John F. Kennedy was rumored to bring his own wooden rocking chair on board Air Force One, but lighter and more compact options are available now.

Portable rocking chairs are similar to rocking lawn chairs except that they have arched legs, making them ideal for camping and other outdoor activities. Look for models that have weatherproof synthetic coatings and steel frames. While the comfort level varies, padded and mesh choices should provide sufficient cushioning and support. These alternatives fold up simply for transfer to anywhere you need them. The inclusion of a convenient carrying case is appreciated.

The Best Rocking Chairs for the Home

Babyletto Kiwi Power Recliner and Swivel Glider

The chemical retardants have been left out of the upholstery’s linen and polyester blend construction. The rocker’s already plush comfort level is elevated with the addition of a lumbar support pillow. The staff suggests using a mild foam cleanser to eliminate stains. The maximum user weight for this chair is 300 pounds.

ComHoma Recliner Chair Massage Rocker

The chair may be reclined using only your body weight thanks to the push-back recliner mechanism, and it swivels a full 360 degrees. A built-in cup holder and a sleeve provide convenient storage for beverages and small items. It’s simple to keep the brown or black synthetic leather looking brand new. This rocker does a lot more than just rock, and the pricing is right.

Loon Peak Greenwood Rocking Chair

The classic curved legs make for a smooth rocking action. This chair can support up to 250 pounds of weight and will arrive partially assembled. It is suitable for indoor or covered outdoor use, rocking both adults and infants.

Angel Line Windsor Glider and Ottoman

The removable polyester cushions come in 18 different colors and are machine washable only if necessary. The 210-pound weight limit is safely supported by the sturdy wood construction. Never leave a child unsupervised with this choice, as there is no locking mechanism to protect it.

DaVinci Olive Upholstered Swivel Glider with Ottoman

The polyester fabric can be ordered with or without piping, and it comes in five different color options. The upholstery has earned the prestigious Greenguard Gold certification because it was created without the use of any potentially dangerous substances. It can support up to 300 pounds.

Turn a Chair into a Rocking Chair - She Holds Dearly

Mack & Milo Aisley Reclining Glider

The seat’s inner foam core is wrapped around a spring system, making for a very comfortable sit. The recliner’s footrest can be used to increase relaxation. The square form, offered in two neutral tones, is at home in either contemporary or classic settings. The 225-pound capacity of this rocking chair is impressive.

Andover Mills Emjay Rocking Chair

The maximum load for this strong structure is 250 pounds. Cushions are not included with the rocking chair, so please bring your own. Dust with a soft cloth, and then wipe down with a moist sponge or gentle brush.

GCI Outdoor Freestyle Rocker

The seat’s mesh back and padding make it comfortable, and it also has a cup holder built right in. Powder-coated steel construction allows for weight capacities of up to 250 pounds. There are two color options for this chair.


Maybe you’re still confused about the benefits of rocking chairs and how they work. Keep reading for explanations of these and other frequently asked topics.

Q. How does a rocking chair work?

There are a variety of rocking mechanisms available for various chairs. The rocking motion of a typical rocking chair is made possible by its arched legs, which touch the ground at two locations. Sliding back and forth in a straight line is how gliders work.

Q. What is a rocking chair used for?

The gentle rocking motion of a rocking chair makes it a popular choice for rest and relaxation in both indoor and outdoor settings. It’s also a great place to rock an infant to sleep or soothe a fussy newborn.

Q. What should I look for in a rocking chair?

What constitutes the ideal rocking chair for your house is subjective, but in general, it should look nice, be comfortable, and be made of sturdy materials.

Q. Is rocking in a rocking chair good for you?

Rocking chairs have been shown to have positive effects on people’s physical and mental wellbeing. They help with back pain, anxiety and depression, and getting back on your feet after an injury or surgery.

Q. Are rocking chairs dangerous?

Rocking chairs pose some risks, especially to young children and the elderly. When children try to climb up, they could bump their fingers or fall over. Getting up might be difficult for elderly or otherwise frail people. A strong frame and a secure locking mechanism can help prevent these types of injuries. It’s also important to protect kids’ fingers by covering gliders’ rocking mechanics.


If you have any interest in carpentry at all, learning how to create a runner for a rocking chair is a worthwhile endeavor. The runner of a rocking chair is essentially its calling card, so getting it right is crucial.

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