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Fabric. We’ve all probably heard the term before, but how many of us can accurately estimate how much fabric we’ll need for a modest swivel chair? If you find yourself in this category, take heart. Find out in this post just how much fabric you’ll need to cover a compact swivel chair!

5 Reasons Why We Love A Chair That Swivels

Improve Productivity

A swivel chair will allow you to quickly and easily pivot around if you need to get in a new position. You can get documents from a nearby printer if you’re working from home or in an office with cabinets and drawers. It’s much easier to get the TV remote, a drink, or a snack when you’re sitting on a swivel chair in the living room.

Fabric Swivel Accent Chair with Skirt | Landis Collection


For convenience in transport, these seats are typically made from lightweight materials. You don’t have to be a powerlifter to carry your chair from room to room in your home or from one office to another. Given its adaptability, a swivel chair can be used by anyone in any given space.


Swivel chairs are preferable to other types of chairs because they allow for greater freedom of movement and eliminate the need to twist awkwardly when seated. Lower back pain sufferers will find this style of chair to be comfortable and supportive, especially while getting up and moving around. And if you’re a breastfeeding mom, you can do all this with minimal disruption as you move baby about.

Different Designs

Even though you would assume that there is just one design for swivel chairs, that is not the case. Our selection of gaming chairs at Furniture Online is second to none, and each one is equipped with a full 360 degrees of swivel movement.

To help you decide, we’ve compiled a list of our top three favorite options for a living room or study area:

  • This sleek fabric swivel recliner chair and matching footstool is the Berkeley. The Berkeley comes in a variety of neutral tones that will complement a wide variety of interior design styles. When you’ve had enough swiveling, prop your feet up on the convenient footstool.
  • This swivel recliner chair is the epitome of sophistication and style thanks to its sleek black leather upholstery and convenient footrest. The Tilbury chair provides excellent back support in addition to its in-built 8-point massage mechanism. It’s nice that this chair also has a footstool for added comfort.
  • It’s hard to even begin to list all the features of the Rockingham Leather Swivel Recliner Chair with Massage and Heat. The Rockingham not only swivels and reclines, but also includes a heated, 8-point massage function, making it ideal for those who suffer from back pain or sore muscles and joints. You may never want to get up from this chair, it’s that comfortable and convenient with its cup holder and side pockets…


Did you know that our cheapest swivel chair costs just £149.99?

All of our seats are made with the customer in mind, as we don’t think that quality should come at a hefty price. When manufacturing our seats, we never skimp on quality.

To that end, we wish you many years of comfort in your new swivel chair of choice.

Steps on Measuring Fabric for a Small Swivel Chair

First, you’ll want to gauge the breadth of your chair’s base. Find out how many inches there are by using a measuring tape to calculate the distance between two points. Take careful measurements in multiples of 12, or even 14.

Just keep in mind that the depth of your chair back is not included in this calculation. Taking these dimensions into account can give you a better notion of how to measure your chair if you are unclear of how to do so.

For my small swivel chair, whose seat is 13 inches broad, I would need as much as 14 yards of fabric.

Take a measurement of the depth of your chair back at its broadest position in Step 2. The height of the armrests is not included in this calculation.

To achieve this, measure the distance in inches from the point where it meets one side, and then repeat the same for the opposite side (for a total of two rows). Add half an inch per foot to this number in order to calculate how much cloth you will need. If my breadth is 44 inches, for instance, I will require 22 yards.

Third, find the length of the narrowest part of your chair’s back and measure that. However, the depth of your armrests is not included in this calculation. For my small swivel chair, which is 15 inches wide, I would need only 17 yards of fabric.

Since the width of my seat is 13 inches, I will need 14 yards of fabric to cover my tiny swivel chair.

Step four: Determine the height of the chair back at its broadest point. However, the depth of your armrests is not included in this calculation.

We may calculate the width by measuring the distance in inches from the point where it joins one side to the other and back again (for a total of two rows). Take this number and add half an inch per foot to it to get the total amount of fabric you’ll need. For my small swivel chair, which is 15 inches wide, I would need only 17 yards of fabric.

Fresco Swivel Chair | La-Z-Boy

Fifth, make sure you have enough cloth.

Do this after you’ve trimmed your cloth to see how much is left over. Calculate the length of the material by first determining its width in yards and then calculating the length it would reach if it hung straight down on both sides (if it is not that broad). Calculating the required additions or subtractions from the other measurements for your seat cover will become much clearer after viewing this.

If the back of my little swivel chair measures 17 inches across, I will need 18 yards in total, plus at least one more yard for alterations. Round up the result of any addition of inches in this computation.

The width of my cloth came out to be 34 inches when I did the math, but I can easily get it down to 33.

How Many Yards of Fabric do I Need to Cover a Club Chair?

Fabric is a common choice for club chairs, although more fabric is needed than usual because these chairs are typically larger. To ensure you have enough fabric to cover the chair, you should measure it twice.

You may simply need half a yard of cloth or 50 inches if your club chair is on the compact side.

If the OD of your swivel chair is 32 inches long and 18 inches wide, you will need at least two yards of material to ensure adequate covering from the top to the bottom.

What is the Best Fabric to Cover a Sofa?

What level of firmness you prefer and how frequently people will be sitting on the sofa are two factors to think about while selecting the right fabric.

If you have pets or youngsters who are always running around the house, heavy-duty upholstery fabric or outdoor carpeting would be a good choice, while lighter weight materials could be preferable if you don’t have as many people or pets living in your home.

There is a simple way to evaluate the cover’s durability if you’re not sure what kind of material is best for your needs.

How to Care for Chair Fabric

Cleaning procedures are a crucial aspect of maintaining chair upholstery. Even if you use a protective mat, you should still avoid spilling liquids on furniture upholstered in a robust fabric like outdoor carpeting or heavy-duty upholstery textiles. Instead of using anything that could potentially harm you or the environment, choose a stain remover that works quickly and doesn’t rely on chemicals.

When cleaning lighter fabrics, it’s best to use a mild soap diluted in water to scrub away any stains without damaging the fabric, then let the item dry in the sun without getting wet again. Tumble drying can shorten the life of this sort of cover and cause more damage over time.

Usage a lint roller on the surface of your furniture before each use to keep it looking like new, and periodically inspect the underneath for dust. Surfaces, cushions, and seams can all benefit from an occasional vacuuming to maintain their like-new appearance.

Swivel Chairs For The Living Room

Swivel Chairs as Accent Chairs

These accent chairs are extremely versatile since they may be used in almost any room of the house. Swivel chairs are versatile and may complement virtually any interior design scheme. Popular in the 1980s and once again in the 2020s are club chairs with sloping arms. As for fabric, the possibilities are essentially endless. You may dress up or dress down with velvet, leather, or ticking stripe pieces.

Why not just a standard, non-moving accent chair? Why consider swivel chairs for your living room?

When compared to standard armchairs, swivel chairs offer better value and convenience for the money. They serve a practical use as sitting while taking up minimal space. The requirement for swivel chairs is universal, whether the room is tiny or large, has traditional coverings or sleek modern lines and contemporary elegance when rendered in leather.

Swivel Chairs In The Living Room

Although swivel chairs are useful in any space where an accent chair or armchair would be welcome, including bedrooms, living rooms, home offices, and even basements, I find that they are at their most comfortable in the living room.

In most homes, the living room serves as a multipurpose space. You could be hosting a party and having in-depth chats with visitors, spending quiet time by the fire, or gathering with friends to watch the big game on television. Swivel chairs in the living room are convenient since they allow you to easily pivot and watch whatever is going on. The layout and functionality of a room are improved without any additional pieces of furniture.

Swivel Chair, Arm Chair or Slipper Chair?

Which type of chair is best for your living room’s seating arrangement: an armchair, a slipper chair, or a swivel chair? Slipper chairs, which have no arms and are therefore perfect for apartments with limited space, have a smaller footprint and make a lower visual impact than other types of chairs.

Add a comfortable arm chair to your living room or bedroom and you’ll instantly update the look of your space. Even a single chair can serve multiple purposes, whether it is to define a comfortable reading corner or serve as a showpiece in an otherwise open space. Arm chairs designed with a sturdy wood frame are guaranteed to last for many years.

I would recommend a swivel chair if you are searching for a contemporary accent chair. You may add a touch of class and originality to your living area with these rarer than average lounge chairs.

Which swivel chairs work best in a living room setting? Think of who might sit in the chair. How often do guests typically sit there? When furnishing a formal living room, ornamental chairs with a good design are a great option. Or, does your living room serve as a sanctuary where you may escape to read a good book in peace? Rather, consider a swivel accent chair for your living area, perhaps one with velvety cushions and specially upholstered to reflect your own sense of style.

Swivel Chair Design

A swivel chair’s aesthetic is comparable to that of an arm chair, but it also has the added convenience of being able to spin 360 degrees. The swivel mechanism is well integrated into the design of most contemporary swivel chairs, which typically have slipcovers, full bases, or perch on decorative legs to conceal it.

What should you look for in a swivel chair?

When shopping for a swivel accent chair, there are many additional factors to think about. Consider the following as some things to remember:

  • How well does the chair swivel, and is the base smooth? Is there any obvious creaking, bumping, or obstacles when turning?
  • Would you like a chair that swivels, rocks, and/or reclines? Do you prefer manual or electric levers? This swivel glider with recliner is perfect for a baby’s room.
  • Architectural and Artistic Influences: Can I ask if polyester upholstery is within your price range and aesthetic preferences? The use of synthetic leather? Cushions: down or foam? Do you want the rear to be as visually appealing as the front by having a floral pattern sewn into the upholstery?

Is it common for swivel chairs to become damaged? In my experience with contemporary swivel chairs, this is not the case. It’s important to keep the kids from jumping and spinning in your seats because that’s a surefire way to wear them out. Check to see if any of the mechanisms are misaligned if you hear any scraping or “metal on metal” sounds.

Swivel chairs are convenient since you can move around in them without having to completely rearrange the furniture in your room.

There are even gliding and swiveling chairs available (even in kid sizes!). The infant will enjoy the spinning and rocking action, and mom will appreciate the recliner function for nursing; these chairs can be used in the nursery and then moved to the living room when the child is older.

The possibilities are endless on where to use a swivel chair. Make use of them if you can:

  • The possibilities are endless on where to use a swivel chair. Make use of them if you can:
  • A swivel chair can be used in a wide variety of settings. Don’t discount their usefulness:
  • place(s) where you can take in a variety of vistas
  • To make a cozy reading spot in the bedroom
  • Within a spacious family room
  • Location: a relaxed recreation area
  • when placed in a baby’s room
  • In the sitting area of a bedroom
  • in a separate office or conference room for visitors
  • symmetrically, as a pair
  • cozy nook
  • in the company of a warm fire
  • both inside and outside of a window

In a swivel chair, which one is the best? A sharable one, at that! This swivel chair for two (also available in a single-person form) is the most comfortable chair I have ever sat on. The curved back and extra pillows make it feel like the chair is hugging you, and you may never want to leave it.

Tayla Fabric Swivel Chair

Where To Buy Swivel Chairs

Swivel chairs are widely available and may be found in almost any store that carries seating for the living room. Nonetheless, swivel chairs have more moving parts than other types of chairs, so it’s important to purchase them from a reputable store. Here are several stores where I would feel comfortable purchasing a couch or chair:

  • A Crate & Barrel
  • Brick and Mortar Store of Distinction, Inc.
  • West Elm>
  • Simplified Market Elte
  • CB2

Wayfair also offers a wide variety of swivel chairs in a wide range of prices and designs. Unfortunately, I have had varying degrees of satisfaction with their items. If you’re thinking about making a purchase, you should check the reviews first.


Is a swivel chair better?

A swivel chair can be more convenient than a fixed one when you need to maneuver around a tight space or make quick turns. A swivel chair provides mobility with a little footprint because it can be easily rotated to face either the left or the right.

What are swivel chairs called?

Revolving or swiveling chairs are referred to as swivel chairs. Thomas Jefferson is often credited as the inventor of the swivel chair as we know it today.

How do I choose a swivel chair?

The easiest way to determine whether or not a swivel chair is right for you is to sit on it in person. Find a swivel chair that fits your body well and provides a comfortable sitting experience. It needs to be comfortable to sit in and to rise from. While seated, a person should be able to reach any controls for making adjustments without getting out of their chair. The swivel, once assembled, should turn and move freely without any need for extra muscle power or prolonged bending or stretching.