How To Move A Foam Mattress? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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Helen Skeates
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How can I transport a foam mattress? There are significant differences between a standard bed and a foam mattress. To what extent, then, do we possess the expertise required to successfully relocate a foam mattress?

Although this is not your typical mattress, it may be easier to move than you think. Properly dealing with one is crucial.

Mattresses made from foam are constructed otherwise than conventional mattresses.

It requires so much time and security to ensure the moving of it without any problem.

To ensure a smooth relocation, a lot of time and security measures are needed.

Therefore, improper handling could cause the layers to separate, potentially injuring the foam inside.

It’s as delicate as glass but unbreakable. The luxuriousness and advanced technology that go into making a foam mattress make it quite pricey. Spending money on another would be really painful.

Some foam mattresses are shipped compressed into a smaller box for delivery, and then they expand once you open it.

However, repacking everything for a relocation is a very different animal.

Steps To Move A Foam Mattress

If you’re wondering why a foam mattress can’t be returned to its original shape after unfolding it, I’ll fill you in.

It’s common knowledge that once something is opened, it swells to a much larger size and cannot be stored in the original container, and your foam mattress is no exception.

During the process of growth, it takes on the form and size that the designer had in mind. Unless it stays in that frame, it will deform and be ruined.

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You should therefore not fold or crease it. Not even rolling it would be a smart idea in this situation.

Be careful not to compel it into leaving.

How can I transport a foam mattress?

Here are some suggestions for protecting your foam mattress during transport.

Step #1. Find materials needed

Finding the tools and supplies you’ll need to roll up your mattress is the first order of business.

If done so, transportation would be guaranteed to be risk-free.

Besides the shipment box, all of these items are commonplace in most homes. If you need one, just ask the truck moving business you’re working with.

In that case, select the one that would work best with your foam mattress. Always keep in mind that extremes of tightness and looseness are undesirable. It needs to be slender and convenient.

Until they actually acquire it, your worries are unfounded. Snag as many bare cartons as you can.

Put together it with a roll of duct tape, some scissors or a cutter, and a plastic mattress bag.

Step #2. Pack it up

Take the foam mattress and place it in the plastic mattress bag you have.

Make sure it fits snugly all the way around the bed.

If there isn’t a zipper, you can always use duct tape. Don’t forget to check that it’s not too snug.

As a result, the mattress will stay clean throughout the relocation process.

Step #3. Slide it in

Following plastic bag packaging, place the item into the shipment container. Also, it needs to have a nice, snug fit. Pick the right size with care.

If your mattress is compressed in a too-small package, it could burst when you open it.

When placed inside the box, the bed must be flat.

Being resourceful is essential when you’re short a shipping carton, so make the most of the situation you’re in. Cut the duct tape and get out the scissors.

As an alternative, you can use cardboard boxes to store it safely.

The cardboard boxes you already have at home can be used as a cutting guide.

Obviously, the best boxes are the largest and widest ones possible.

Make an opening on one end and begin affixing it to your bed immediately.

Not everything needs to cover the entire bed. From end to end, duct tape will do the trick.

How? You can tie it on your plastic bed cover to hold when you have filled it up in front, and you can do the same at the back, making sure it overlaps on the side.

Step #4. Tape it

Finally, duct tape should be used to secure the contents inside the box and to seal any gaps.

Never allow it to sit idly in the truck. Put it on the floor and make sure it’s flat.

There is a risk that the mattress inside will be damaged by the compression if the box is moved around too much.

You can also click here for a different relocation option.

8 Benefits of a Memory Foam Mattress

#1 Body hugging comfort

Memory foam, which responds to your body’s heat and weight, is a highly resilient, temperature-sensitive substance. Lying on the visco elastic, the foam conforms immediately to your body shape. In comparison to other mattress materials, memory foam’s ability to conform to your body’s shape is what makes it stand out as the superior option.

#2 Ideal for all sleeping positions

Because of their adaptable nature, memory foam mattresses are suitable for a wide range of sleeping positions. The spine is kept in a neutral position regardless of how you sleep on the mattress, whether on your back, side, or stomach.

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#3 Superior motion absorption

Another major benefit of modern memory foam mattresses is that they transfer very little motion. Memory foam is a great choice for couples because of its capacity to absorb energy and reduce the impact of movement. Both partners are completely numb to each other’s movements, such as when one rolls over or flops around.

#4 Less back and neck pain

You can find a supporting and comfortable sleeping position on a mattress made of visco elastic foam since it encourages a neutral spinal alignment. As time goes on, this aids in the prevention of issues associated with persistent back and neck pain.

#5 Hypo-allergenic

An allergy sufferer’s best friend is a memory foam mattress. Polyurethane foam is not only hypoallergenic, but also resistant to dust mites and pet dander.

#6 Good pressure relief

Extremely firm mattresses can cause discomfort in the hips, shoulders, knees, and elsewhere. This is not an issue with memory foam mattresses because weight is distributed evenly throughout the entire sleeping surface.

#7 Customized support

In the past, memory foam was thought to have the same “quicksand” feel and runaway heat as other forms of foam have. Newer types allow for more ventilation, keep you cooler at night, and let you choose your own firmness level, among other benefits. There are currently low density, medium density, and high density memory foam mattresses available.

#8 Sag free and no sinkage

Modern memory foam mattresses use adaptable high-quality ingredients to strike a balance between being too soft and too stiff. Thanks to its open cell construction, this mattress will never lose its shape, no matter how long you keep it.

How To Care For A Memory Foam Mattress | Do’s And Don’ts

1. Do Rotate It Regularly

Unlike many other multilayer foam mattresses, our memory foam mattresses are not meant to be rolled over. Rotating it from head to foot every three months or so will help keep it from wearing down in high-traffic spots.

2. Don’t Get it Wet

Avoid getting any liquids on the mattress’s surface if at all possible, as this will speed up the foam’s breakdown. If you tend to be a spiller, a mattress protector is a must-have for your bed!

3. Do Use a Suitable Bed Base

The bed’s base should be solid, level, and free of large gaps. Slats on the base should be between 10 and 15 centimeters broad, with gaps of no more than 5 centimeters. Greater separation causes uneven wear on the mattress. Discover which bed frame will work best with your mattress.

4. Don’t Keep it Near Strong Heat Sources

In order to conform to your unique body shape, Memory Foam is heat sensitive. This means you should keep your memory foam mattresses away from any sources of intense heat.

Memory foam mattresses should not be used with any other type of powerful heat source, including electric blankets and hot water bottles, which can harm the foam’s structure and significantly reduce its lifespan.

5. Do Protect it With a Washable Mattress Cover

Most of our mattresses have a cover that can be removed and washed in the event of a spill or stain. You may extend the life of a clean mattress by washing it at 40 degrees.

6. Don’t Make Your Bed!

Finally, we recommend breaching a cardinal rule by not making your bed as soon as you get up. If you do this, the night’s perspiration won’t be trapped in your mattress or bedding but rather allowed to dissipate.


Over the course of our many years in the memory foam industry, we’ve heard all sorts of inquiries from our valued clients. Let’s put a few on the record;

How Long Will a Memory Foam Mattress Last?

A high-quality memory foam mattress, with proper care, has a lifespan of up to 15 years.

Because of its resilience, memory foam can be found in a wide range of densities, with the higher densities lasting far longer. Spending a little more now will save you a lot of money in the long run by preventing you from having to buy a new mattress every few years.

How Often Should a Memory Foam Mattress be Turned?

Never! Turning a heavy mattress can be a hassle, but with our memory foam mattress, you won’t have to worry about that. If you want to avoid this, flip your memory foam mattress every three months.

How Do You Maintain A Memory Foam Mattress?

Simply by adhering to our list of what to do and what not to do with your memory foam mattress! Memory foam, thankfully, is one of the lowest-maintenance mattress options available, so it’s easy to keep it in pristine shape.

How do you Deep Clean a Memory Foam Mattress?

Accidental spills and stains are inevitable. If you ever need to give your mattress a thorough cleaning, try these methods:

  • Cleaning your mattress of dust requires nothing more than taking off your sheets and giving it a good vacuuming with the brush attachment to get rid of any accumulated dead skin and dust mites.
  • First, clean the mattress, and then sprinkle baking soda over it and leave it alone for 24 hours to absorb any lingering odors. Once the time is up, simply vacuum the baking soda out of the mattress.
  • For a greener cleaning option, fill a spray bottle with a mixture of dish soap and water, or white vinegar and water, and use it to eliminate stains. It is recommended to spray the affected area and then use a clean sponge to gently remove the stain in a circular motion. Once the mattress has been spot cleaned, baking soda can be used to remove any remaining stains.

Does a Memory Foam Mattress Need to Breathe?

Yes. Mold may be avoided and a comfortable temperature can be maintained all night long with proper ventilation. A bed frame with a low profile or no footboard is ideal for maintaining airflow and a healthy sleeping environment.

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How Do You Fix A Dip in a Memory Foam Mattress?

Your present memory foam mattress may begin to dip or droop if it is manufactured from low quality foam and if you haven’t been rotating the mattress as regularly as is recommended.

After a mattress has begun to sag, your only options are to replace it or add a memory foam topper for increased comfort. If you take good care of your mattress, you can prevent this problem altogether.


As it is fragile and easily broken, a foam mattress requires special attention when being moved. The form must be preserved at all costs.

Earlier, we addressed the question, “How can I transport a foam mattress?” I really hope you were able to get the most useful information from what you read and learnt.

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