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Is your Maytag washer locked and you want to know how to open the door lock on your washing machine? If so, then you’ll want to read this. This article will teach you how to open a Maytag washer door lock, so don’t be alarmed.

For numerous causes, the door may get stuck from time to time.

One or the other could be to blame for this. This could be because of the water remaining in the machine or because of an issue with the door lock; we’ll have to investigate more. So let’s get down to the nitty-gritty of unlocking your Maytag washer’s door..

How to unlock Maytag washer door?

To see if the washer is malfunctioning, press and hold the CYCLE END or CANCEL button for a few minutes while waiting for the door to unlock on its own if there are no mistakes. If you are able to manually cancel the wash cycle, this method will work with any washing machine.

How to replace a door lock on a Whirlpool / Maytag washer - YouTube

If the door still won’t open, the water level in the washer’s tub may be too high for the washer to safely unlock the door.

What if the washer is full of water?

It is preferable to drain the washer’s tub of water before unlocking the door, if the washer is full of water. After draining the water from the tub, you will be able to unlock the door.

It is safe to drain the washing machine by lowering the washer drain hose below the drum and allowing gravity to do its work. Let the water drain into a bucket or a drain. Continuing troubleshooting if the washer is not full of water.

In order to manually unlock the door, there should be a safety lever (tear shaped tab) on the bottom of the door lock that can be lifted until a click is heard. Only the washer’s interior provides access to this safety lever.

How to take off the top washer panel?

  1. Remove the washer’s power supply.
  2. Remove two screws from the washer’s lower front corners by loosening the two screws on each side.
  3. To remove the front panel from the two plastic clips at the top of the front panel, pull it down from the bottom.
  4. To open the door, just pull the tear-shaped tab on the top of the washer by lifting upwards on the washer’s top panel.

It is possible to unlock the door by reaching down into the washer, where you will find the tear-shaped tab at the base of the door lock, and pulling it out.

The door of some Maytag washing machines can be unlocked by pulling a green plastic rope/string placed near the detergent area. To see the green plastic string, you may need to remove the dispenser’s lid or a portion of it. Pull the green string to open the door once you’ve located it.

How to reset override Maytag washer?

  1. Find the OFF button to the right of the washer’s START/PAUSE button and press it to turn the machine off.
  2. In the first 20 to 30 seconds of the wash cycle, push the OFF button to cancel the wash cycle.
  3. If there is still water in the wash tub, push the OFF button to allow the machine to drain.
  4. Draining the washer and resetting the washer are now complete.

Getting a Stuck Washer Door Open

It is possible that an obstruction or faulty part is keeping the Maytag washer door from opening on model numbers Mvw7232HW, Mv6200KW, Mh5500BWW, and Mh6700AWW, and you need to contact a service technician.

Leave a comment below and with your model number if you still have problems with your washer, and someone will help you.

Easy Way To Open A Maytag Washer Door Lock

If your Maytag washing machine door is locked, attempt the following to open it up. It is possible to unlock your washer’s lock using these methods. So, how do you get past the lock on a Maytag washing machine door?

Lift the green rope at the washing powder area, press the button on the bottom of the door switch, or disconnect the washer for 30 minutes to restart.

Washer Door Locked and Won't Open. How to Fix the Problem?

The CYCLE END button can be long-pressed instead of the CANCEL button when there are no serious issues with the washer and no damaged components. The door should then automatically open after that. From the inside, identify the door control system or doorknob. The bottom of the door lock has a tab that is open. It’s best to elevate the push-button a quarter of an inch before pressing it. The door is now operational. Take a look at our guide on how to disassemble a Maytag washer as well.

What If The Door Still Not Opened?

If the door still won’t open, you’ll need to find a solution quickly. If you decide to put wet garments in the washing machine, both your clothes and the machine will smell. You can see your new garments through the door, but you can’t get your hands on them.

You’ll be even more distraught by this! Keep reading to learn how to unlock your washer’s door, which may be locked for one of three reasons. However, before you begin any repairs, please make certain that your device is turned off and disconnected. To learn how to reset my Maytag washing machine, go here.

Causes For Door Locked And Their Solutions

Malfunctioning door switch

This button is used to lock the washer’s lid and initiate a washing cycle once the washer has been powered on and its door switch has been triggered. To start the cycle, the Maytag washer door may not open if the circuit has been broken or has failed to function. Read up on the function of your washer’s lid switch and potential hazards if you’re curious.

As soon as you notice this happening, your washing machine will either not move at all, not drain, or both. An expert must replace the switch if it appears damaged or stops working owing to a lack of stability.

The washer has not been thoroughly drained

Your washing machine won’t be able to empty itself because of an obstruction in the drainage system. You may have a problem with drainage if you can see that your machine is still full of water. In order to avoid overflowing, drain the machine if possible before starting it up.

There is a good chance that a clog will be found in the filtering system. At the completion of the cycle, the fuses may take some time to start releasing their charge. The fact that there is still water in the washer is the most likely culprit. Try out a sluggish method. It is possible to drain the gadget if this does not work, by raising the washer drain nozzle below the barrel. Read up on how to properly install a washing machine drain plumbing system.

The handle might be broken

Even if your washing machine drains without a hitch, the handle may be flimsy or weak. In this case, the holder is likely to be destroyed. It’s a good thing that there are two ways to open your washing machine’s door by hand. The door’s edge can be threaded with some garden wire or chain trimmer line if your machine’s handle is facing outward.

Unscrew the doorknob, grip it, and unlock the gate by slowly yet firmly pulling on the cord.

How to Disable the Lid Lock on a Maytag Washer

Your Maytag front-loading and top-loading washer comes standard with a lid lock to prevent the appliance from being opened while the cleaning cycle is in progress. The only way to disable it is to pause the wash cycle. Depending on the model of your Maytag washer, a lock icon appears on the front of the control panel to signify that the lid is locked and to show the current progress of the cleaning cycle. When the cleaning cycle is paused, the control lock on front-loading washers prevents the user from accessing the control panel until the lock is released. When the load is interrupted, the lid automatically unlocks to allow adjustments to be made to the current configuration.

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Step 1

To deactivate the washer’s lock controls, press “Cycle Signal” on the LCD control panel of the front-loading washer. When the lock control is turned off, the lock icon disappears from the LCD control panel.

Step 2

Wait for the indicator light below “Pause” to light up before pressing “Start/Pause” again.

Step 3

You can get your wet clothes out of your washing machine by lifting its lid or opening its door on a front-loading model.

Step 4

The cycle can be resumed by pressing “Start/Pause” after the lid or door of the washer has been closed securely.

Step 5

To reactivate the lock control, press “Cycle Signal” until the lock image displays on the LCD control panel of the front-loading washer.

It’s A Wrap!

Even though a locked washing machine can be quite aggravating, the methods listed above will allow you to rapidly learn how to open a Maytag washer door lock and unlock your washing machine’s door with ease. If your washer’s door is locked for any reason, as described above, we must be aware of all the circumstances because anything might cause a door to be closed.

It is, nevertheless, possible to open it by following the instructions provided here. To prevent your washer from locking up, follow all the recommendations in the washer’s manual. If the door on your washing machine is still stuck, you can open it manually. You can also hire a professional to mend your washing machine.