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Towels are not safe to put out in the open if they are used frequently. Due to the risk of bugs and dirt if you do. Because of the invention of towel dispensers, we can always have a ready supply of paper towels. Also, if you run out of tissues, this article will come in handy! Because we’re going to show you how to get the paper towel dispenser open.

Good Choice for Paper Towel Brands

Different types of paper towel dispensers are available in the market and even online. When the paper towels run out, you can be frightened by the dispenser and wonder how to open it. Unless you put them to the test, they’re of no use. Nonetheless, let’s take a closer look at paper towels before moving on. It’s hard not to wonder what the greatest paper towel option is. For many of us, it is nearly impossible not to include them on our grocery list because we know how crucial they are to our personal cleanliness.

  • You can easily get rid of grease and debris thanks to Viva-V-weave Vantage’s technology and grooved texture on this paper towel.
  • As a result of its durability, Bounty has gained the hearts of many. Since its inception, it has been put to the test by a number of people. Pulling it apart is more difficult even if it has been soaked or stretched.
  • This paper towel is strong and absorbent, making it ideal for wiping down surfaces fast. Because of its long-lasting quality and plush feel, this company has gained a lot of loyal customers. For wiping and dying, this is the appropriate product to use.

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6 Easy Steps To Open A Paper Towel Dispenser

Each and every one of us relies heavily on paper towels in our daily lives. Our lives are also made easier by the dispensers, which provide an infinite supply of paper goods. However, they are prone to become jammed or stuck from time to time.

So you need to get your hands dirty and repair these issues. However, you’ll have to get inside to do anything with it. In addition, the process can be a bit of a challenge. Fortunately, this guide will show you the appropriate way to open a paper towel dispenser.

Get started right away, because there are just a few steps to take!

Things You’ll Need

  • Screwdrivers with Phillips or flat heads
  • Tweezers

This is a challenging technique, but with practice, you’ll be an expert in no time! So, let’s have a look at the next steps.

Step 1: Opening the Cover

Depending on the dispenser mechanism, this step may vary. Most of them, however, have a plastic cap over the top to prevent damage. You’ll have to move it out of the way to get your hands inside.

Turn the screw counter-clockwise using a screwdriver. When you remove the screw, the cover should come easily off.

Step 2: Check for Jams

Dispensers occasionally jam, which is one of the primary causes of poor performance. Rolling pins can become stuck with paper towels, causing the mechanism to malfunction.

Tweezers are great for getting rid of paper towel trapped in odd places. If the wad is larger, you may be able to get away without using the tweezers.

Step 3: Pull the Lever

When all the jams are removed, you’ll be ready to install a new roll. You should make the tear just above the dispenser’s rollers.

Pull the towel dispenser a couple times now. To remove the old paper tower roll’s remnants, perform this step.

Step 4: Put in a New Roll

Now it’s time to switch out the roll of paper towels with a new one. Here’s a little gimmick. So, as you can see, the roll’s end direction affects. In the proper direction, it should be coming at you from the top instead of the bottom.

However, if you want to avoid a future jam, you may just do it the other way around.

Step 5: Towel Through Roller

Sway the paper towel ends through the dispenser rollers now that you know where you’re going. Make sure the towel is all the way through.

Step 6: Closing the Dispenser

This is the time to replace the dispenser cap. Make sure all the screws are in the right place, then grab your trusty screwdriver again. Once the screw is tight, begin screwing it in clockwise to complete the installation.

What Makes a Good Paper Towel?

These particular paper towel manufacturers aren’t your run-of-the-mill fare. Specially tailored for our benefit, they will assist us achieve our goal of satisfaction. There are many factors that contribute to a high-quality paper towel. You may be interested in this question, and we’re sure you’ll use it as a basis when you’re making a purchase.

What you need to look out for

  • Determine how well it soaks up water. When it comes to paper towels, this is one of the most critical considerations. As part of our cleaning or drying routines, we used paper towels. If your paper towel doesn’t absorb well, neither of these things will happen.
  • See what it’s worth. Some of the more expensive options aren’t worth the money. As a result, you cannot use the cost of your tissue as a measure of how efficient your tissue is.
  • Make sure it’s going to last. Using it for swiping and having it come apart is a sure sign that it’s weak.

But how do you open the dispenser for paper towels? Below, find out how.

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Time to Open it!

So, how do you open a dispenser for paper towels? You simply need a Philips screwdriver to complete this procedure, therefore it should be simple for you. Here are a few more pointers to keep in mind.

What you should do is:

  • Locate the paper towel dispenser’s lock and pick it up.
  • It is usually found at the very top of the page.
  • Use your Philips head screwdriver if you don’t have a key.
  • Remove the screw holding it in place.
  • Take the case apart.
  • Remove the paper towel roll that is no longer full.
  • Your dispenser’s interior should be sanitized. It’s possible that vermin have made a home inside after penetrating the crack. Disinfecting it first before loading a new one is vastly superior.
  • Load the new roll of paper towels into the dispenser.
  • When the paper towel rolls back, no sheet is released. You can avoid this by pulling the end.
  • Put the lid back on.
  • Grab a Philips screw head and a screw lock.
  • Turn it counterclockwise to lock it in place.
  • Congratulations! It’s done!

Ways to Unlock Toilet Paper Dispenser

There are a number of ways to open the toilet paper dispenser if you don’t have the key. Consider the following options:

1. Paper Clip

You’ll need a metal paper clip for this approach. Remove the color coating off the paper clip in order to achieve a metallic component of the paper clip if you can’t get a pure metallic paper clip. Straighten out a portion of this video.

A straight section and a curled section are now separated. Small paper clips make this process more difficult; larger paper clips make it much easier to complete.

After that, enter the key’s straight portion into the dispenser’s lock. Take your time and avoid squeezing the key into the keyhole, and be patient.

In order to open the lock, move the paper clip in a right-to-left and up-to-down direction, repeating this motion until you hear the click.

2. Screwdriver

If your dispenser is attached to the toilet paper holder with screws, a screwdriver is a must-have tool. Remove the dispenser cover with a screwdriver and insert the toilet paper.

After refilling the toilet paper, reinstall the dispenser lid and secure the screws. However, this method is time-consuming and effective.

3. Using Nail

It is possible to unlock a toilet paper dispenser with nails and clips if the roll’s keyhole is at the end of it. The keyhole must be pried open by inserting a nail with the same diameter as the key.

To unlock the dispenser, try pushing the nail in various directions and keeping it in motion.

4. Copy Key

A fresh key is your only choice if none of these other options are successful. If you’ve lost the keys to your dispenser, don’t worry.

Obtain a key for the dispenser you are now using by contacting your local retailers and asking whether they have one. If they don’t, you can purchase the key directly from the manufacturer’s website.

Why Do Toilet Dispensers Have Locks?

Toiler dispenser locks may not seem like a convenient choice, but the number one factor in mandating companies to have locks on toiler dispensers is the theft of the restroom.

Astonishingly, a surprising number of people steal toilet paper from the bathrooms of large corporations and restaurants. Even though this may appear insignificant, it costs businesses a lot of money that they have to cover by raising the price of their products or items.

The cleanliness concern is also a major reason for installing locks on the toilet dispenser. Because only a small amount of the toilet paper is left visible when the dispenser is locked, fewer germs can get on the toilet paper. Keeps germs and bacteria away from the next person who will use it.


How do you open a paper towel dispenser without a key?

It is possible to unlock a toilet paper dispenser with nails and clips if the roll’s keyhole is at the end of it. The keyhole must be pried open by inserting a nail with the same diameter as the key. To unlock the dispenser, try pushing the nail in various directions and keeping it in motion.

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How do you remove one armed toilet paper holder?

Take a look at the underside of your toilet paper holder’s side posts. Each one should have a tiny screw in it. Screwdrivers or Allen wrenches can be used to loosen the screws. It will fall apart when the screws loosen up sufficiently.

How do you turn toilet paper into a tissue box?

Pull out the cardboard core from the middle of a roll of toilet paper. Pull the paper out of the middle and thread it through the top of the box. Fold back the flaps and secure the roll by taping it to the box. Take only what you require.

Where can I get my toilet paper holder fixed?

The NKBA recommends installing a wall-mounted toilet paper holder 26 inches above the floor, in the middle. This indicates the center of the holder is 26 inches above the ground, rather than the bottom or top of it.


If you leave your paper towels in a room by alone, you run the risk of them catching fire. Simply put, it’s unhygienic. That’s why having a paper towel dispenser in your home is a must. Even so, it’s important that you know how to open the paper towel dispenser so that you may refill it when necessary. And you don’t have to be afraid to open the paper towel dispenser now that you know how! Paper towel dispensers can be found at this link.