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It’s difficult enough to fit a desk in a tiny place, much less a large desk with drawers and a lot of storage space. Fortunately, you don’t need a cabinet of drawers attached to your desk for all of your belongings—just use the space you already have to your advantage! Make the most of your desk, even if it doesn’t have drawers, by following these pointers and tactics.

Significance of a Desk

Workplaces aren’t complete without desks. A lot is determined by the size and type of your workplace when it comes to the number and size of desks you’ll need. One desk is more than plenty for a small office, while two or more desks are more common in larger ones. Desks at these workplaces are typically used for a variety of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Gives you a place to work that is convenient.
  • Allows for easy access to your belongings.
  • Can accommodate a desktop or a laptop computer.
  • Allows you to keep all of your working supplies in one location.

These are only a few of the desk’s primary duties. However, not all desks come with compartments.

5 Ways to Organize a Desk Without Drawers | Apartment Therapy

Learn How to Organize in a Snap

Drawers are great for storing little items that you want to keep close at hand but out of the way. No matter where you work or where you work from, this article will show you how to make the most of a desk that doesn’t have any drawers.

Owners of desks without drawers must be able to make use of all available space. Here are a few ideas to help you organize a desk that doesn’t have any drawers:

  • Use your wall space.
  • Make use of a tabletop exhibit.
  • Use trays and organizers to your advantage.
  • Use the side rails.
  • Check to see if anything should be kept or disposed of.
  • Sort your belongings according to their utility.
  • Keep a garbage can handy at all times.
  • Maintain a tidy workspace at all times.

Great! A desk without drawers can be organized in this way. Here, you’ll find even more organizing ideas and tricks!

Dealing with a Small Desk

Smaller desks with no drawers tend to be smaller, however this is not always the case. So, in the absence of drawers, how do you set up a compact desk?

  • Consider the layout of your work area.
  • Make the most of the space on the wall.
  • Sort items by their intended use.
  • Don’t overcrowd your small workstation with unnecessary clutter.
  • Make the appropriate arrangements.
  • Keep your workspace as spotless as possible by doing as many cleanings as you can.

A desk serves as the focal point of any work area. A desk is more than just a place to work on a computer or a piece of paper in most workplaces. Other office supplies and documents can also be stored in this area. These goods can be stored in the desk drawers to keep your workspace tidy and productive.

When it comes to working at a desk without drawers, many people ask if it’s possible to keep their workstation neat and tidy without them. You certainly can. Creatively utilizing the desk’s surface and surrounding area is the key. Organizing a desk without drawers isn’t as simple as you may think.

1.  Use a Desk Paper Tray

You may keep your documents in order by using a set of tiers of paper trays Additionally, it occupies less desk space, allowing you to work on other things without interruption. Each tray can be labeled to signify incoming and outgoing communication, as well as papers that demand your immediate attention (such as legal paperwork). When the paper tray is full, you’ll have to get rid of outdated documents you no longer require.

2.  Use a Desk Organizer

With a desk without drawers, a desk organizer is a must-have organizational tool. Small containers are commonly separated into sections in this tray-like utensil. Compact objects like markers, pens, pencils, paperclips, letter openers, and business cards can all be stored in this small holder. To make things easier to locate, each item is placed in its own designated container.

3.  Utilize the wall

Even without drawers, there is still hope. It’s still possible to maintain your desk in order by using the wall as a storage space. Your paperwork and office supplies can be stored on shelves. It’s possible that your landlord will forbid you from drilling into the wall if you rent the area. If this is the case, a multi-compartment vertical organizer will suffice. A whiteboard on the wall can be used to post reminders and schedules.

4.  Use a Monitor Stand/Riser

Most computer users use a monitor riser or stand to change the monitor’s height and reduce neck and shoulder discomfort. It’s also worth noting that the area beneath the stand can be used to neatly store stuff. Keep your laptop, a few office files, and a few office supplies if you have it already. They’ll fit quite fine here.

5.  Fit Your Desk with a Keyboard Tray

The more desk space you have, the more productive you’ll be. Instead of occupying valuable work space, you can place your keyboard on an adjustable keyboard tray. This tray is affixed to the desk by means of a little bracket. Desk space and excellent posture will benefit from this. Installing a keyboard tray yourself is possible with some keyboard trays because they come with installation instructions.

5 Ways to Organize a Desk Without Drawers | Apartment Therapy

6.  Avoid Multitasking

When you’re trying to get everything done at once, it’s easy to get overwhelmed and lose track of what’s going on at your desk. Trying to juggle too many things at once will result in a cluttered desk. Do one thing at a time to keep your desk tidy. Remove all documents from each task before moving on to the next one.

7.  Purge Frequently

Make it a habit to purge your desk on a regular basis. A few times a week should enough, but you can go much longer. If you don’t want to keep them on your desk, you can put these on a shelf somewhere else. Pick them up when you need them. Only keep things on your desk that you actually use on a regular basis.

8.  Wipe Your Desk Everyday

Make careful to wipe your desk everyday if you work in a crowded or dusty area. It’s impossible to clean a desk without first taking everything off and reassembling it. You’ll be forced to organize your desk as you wipe as a result of doing this regular practice.

9.  Position Your Desk Properly

In order to improve efficiency, a desk without drawers needs to be placed in the best possible position. A desk tray, for example, may not fit on a small desk. Wall shelves and organizers are likely to contain documents that you may need from time to time. You should fix your desk adjacent to the wall so that you can readily reach your documents while working and avoid piling your desk with papers to be worked on.

10. Add Tension Rods/Rails/Hooks

Tension rods/rails between the legs of your desk can be used to increase its storage capacity. A wire can be attached to the rim of your desk and containers can be inserted into it. Pencils, pencils, and other office supplies can be stored in these containers. Headphones and other accessories can be stored on the desk’s side-mounted hooks.

11. Get a Large Trash Can

Next to or under your workstation, keep a garbage can. This will allow you to quickly and easily dispose of any documents that you deem unnecessary. Unless you have a trash can nearby, you’ll end up with a mountain of unnecessary paperwork stacking up on your desk. The garbage can should be large enough so that it doesn’t fill up too quickly.

12. Develop a ‘Do it Now’ Attitude

Avoiding procrastination is one of the finest strategies to keep your workspace in order. It is imperative that you begin any new job or assignment as soon as possible. There is a direct correlation between how quickly a task is completed, and how many files and items must be destroyed to complete it. Putting off important duties just leads to a cluttered workstation and a never-ending mountain of paperwork.

24 Clever Storage Ideas For Your Desk

  1. Blocks made of bamboo that can be used to store office supplies such as paper clips, pens and binder clips. Stacking them on top of each other is an option if you don’t want them in the way.
  2. Accessories tray, file sorter, and grass organizer all in one convenient Poppin kit (ideal for pens). Stylish and contemporary, each piece is available for purchase separately.
  3. Organize your workspace with a wall-mounted organizer that sits primarily below your desk. Powder-coated steel ensures that it won’t scratch your desk, and a tightening screw ensures that it won’t fall out of the way of your keyboard.
  4. Add some color and storage to your workplace with these acrylic blue accessories. As a result, you won’t have to waste time searching for that one thing you’ve been looking for ever again.
  5. Acrylic blue desk accessories give a splash of color without sacrificing storage space. No more sifting through the clutter to find that one thing you’re looking for.
  6. An elevated keyboard and mouse stand with two sliding drawers, engraved pen and paper clip slots and under-shelf storage. Your monitor or laptop will fit, too, because it can support up to 150 pounds.
  7. A wall organizer that cascades down from the ceiling, giving you more counter space. For each colored folder, there is a bottom pocket that can store a monthly calendar.
  8. An iPhone, Apple Watch, AirPods, and chargers organizer. Convenient, lightweight, and with adjustable dividers, the little bento box is ideal for on-the-go meals.
  9. A 360-degree rotating clamp-on organizer! Swivel it out to grab a pen or energy bar when you need it, then tuck it away again when you’re done with it.
  10. A multi-compartment galvanized organizer, due of its eye-catching design and many compartments. Having a place to keep all of your mail, notebooks, pencils, and business cards can make it easier for you to stay organized.
  11. This cute pencil case folds flat for quick access. In addition to being self-standing, it comes with a clip for easy transportation and may be used to hold small cosmetics items.
  12. Hanging baskets if you need more storage space in your cubicle. Waterproof and sturdy, these baskets won’t appear shabby if you hang them on the wall.
  13. In addition to a USB connector for charging your phone, this desk lamp also features a pen and pencil tray. For those late night work sessions when the overhead office light goes out, the soft light is a great alternative.
  14. Keep a rose gold business card holder on hand at all times in case you need it. The worst thing is showing up to a meeting without any supplies because you haven’t had time to go through all of your desk drawers.
  15. To-do lists and crucial papers will be shown on a curved paper display so that you’ll always be reminded of the things you need to finish before EOD. You may also keep pictures and postcards of your pet at home in it, so you’ll never be without a reason to smile every time you see it.
  16. A magazine and file holder made of metal and faux-leather that will allow you to finally say goodbye to your mountain of paperwork.
  17. If you’ve been struggling to find a place to keep your printer’s paper, look no further than this printer stand. Having a stack of printer ink cartridges on hand will help you avoid printing troubles in the future.
  18. If you’ve had enough of those pesky little clips scurrying all over the place, consider a paper clip cup. There are times when it seems as though you can’t get your hands on the report you just finished.
  19. An adjustable desk shelf that can hold anything you currently have on your work surface. It makes use of vertical space and may be tailored to your own preferences.
  20. When you’re working, you don’t want your phone tucked away in your pocket, therefore a phone stand is the answer. Just in case a crucial text or phone call comes through, you’ll have a place to rest.
  21. The solution to the problem of shoving your shoes beneath your desk is a pop-up shoe bin. You’ll now have a convenient place to store your high heels and athletic shoes. The attached flap makes it easy to tuck them away.
  22. Overflow documents and file folders can be stored in a three-drawer file cabinet. Because the three drawers lock, it’s perfect for storing crucial documents (keys included).
  23. A pencil holder with structure that serves as both a decorative accent and a functional organizer. It’ll instantly spruce up your workstation.
  24. Alternatively, you may use a slotted organizer for different types of markers, paint brushes, scissors, rulers, and sticky notes. Three organizers and two glasses are included in your purchase.
  25. This is a set of interlocking bins to keep your desk (or filing cabinet) drawer organized so you don’t have to spend hours hunting for things you need right away! (like a Tide To Go pen).

5 Tips To Organize An Office Desk Without Drawers


How can I declutter my desk without a drawer?

Desks without drawers can be challenging to keep organized.

  1. Use a monitor stand.
  2. Make the most of the space on the wall.
  3. Include a side rail in your design (or hang tension rods)
  4. Make use of trays and organizers.
  5. A keyboard tray should be installed to make typing easier.

How do I keep my school desk clean?

Squirt some shaving cream on the tables of students and let them do anything they want with it! There is no trace of shaving cream left on the desks after around 30 minutes. Let the surface dry after wiping it down with a moist rag. Here’s a teacher’s account of how shaving cream worked for her.

How do I keep my desk clean and organized at school?

Everything is possible to declutter your desk by removing everything, sorting through it, and getting rid of what you no longer need or want. Use tape to create sections for different items, have a place where your textbooks belong, and containers to arrange all of your smaller materials. Then you’re ready to get organized!

Why is my desk always messy?

A dirty desk suggests that the person is occupied, which is why they haven’t gotten around to tidying up their work space. This may be seen in the images of the person’s workstation, which depict a cluttered desk as a sign that they are too busy to tidy it up. People who are messy are more likely to become bored and in need of stimulation.

Can you make drawers without slides?

It is not uncommon for contemporary cabinet manufacturers to employ them because they want to build everything by hand. Do it the old-fashioned way, if you’re making a duplicate or just want the experience of creating and installing an old-fashioned drawer without the use of slides.

How do you decorate an outdated office?

Roll out technological upgrades: This is the fastest approach to modernize a workplace space. The visual impact of televisions and wall-mounted video displays is considerable. A charging dock for a laptop or tablet can alter the atmosphere in a room. Digital navigation is both useful and eye-catching from a broader perspective.


The importance of workstations in the office cannot be overstated. You’ll feel better about your work environment if your workstations are neat and orderly. In fact, it will help you get more done in a shorter period of time. That’s all there is to it, then! You just acquired some useful tips on how to set up a desk without drawers, and now you’re ready to implement them. It’s now up to you to give your office a facelift. Enjoy yourselves!