How To Paint A Wicker Chair? Complete Step-by-Step Guide

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Helen Skeates
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Has sitting in the same boring old wicker chair gotten old for you? After all, why not switch things up a bit? How to paint wicker furniture, including recommendations on suitable colors and maintenance strategies, is the focus of this article. Let’s define a wicker chair first, though.

What Is A Wicker Chair?

The term “wicker” actually refers to a certain method of construction rather than a specific material. Wicker furniture, in this sense, can be crafted from a wide range of both synthetic and organic materials. This material must be strong yet flexible.

Rattan is a common material used in the construction of wicker furniture. Because of this, many people wrongly assume that wicker and rattan furniture are interchangeable.

The craft of making wicker furniture requires a set of abilities that are refined over time. First and foremost, you’ll need to be proficient in weaving. Additionally, it will help to have a good sense of style.

How to Easily Paint Wicker - Front Porch Lifestyle

How Do You Paint A Wicker Chair?

The materials used to make wicker chairs make them exceptionally long-lasting. Though wicker chairs are sturdy and comfortable, not everyone loves their aesthetic. There are a number of methods in which the owner of wicker chairs can improve the look of their chairs.

A wicker chair can be painted to achieve this effect. You have the option of going with a bright and cheery color scheme or something more subdued and laid-back. What follows is a discussion of how to paint a wicker chair.

Step #1. Clean the chair

Cleaning the chair thoroughly before painting is essential. That’s how most painters do it, actually. It’s important to clean an item before painting it so that dust and dirt don’t become baked in.

To get a spotless chair, you must clean between the crevices as well. The use of a brush is recommended for this. If you have access to a blower or air compressor, you can perform a more thorough cleaning.

If the chair has already been painted, you can remove the old paint using a wire brush. An effective remedy for mildew is a solution of liquid detergent, water, and bleach.

Once you’re done using the chair, simply wash it in the washing machine. Apply the remedy with a sponge. Too much water on the sponge can be damaging to wood furniture, so use it sparingly.

Step #2. Dry the chair

It’s equally as crucial to dry the chair after cleaning it. Chairs are easily ruined by water. It’s possible to dry a chair by setting it in the sun.

Step #3. Paint

Painting your chair is the next step after cleaning and drying it. If you want the paint you use to last, it needs to be of high quality.

Paint can be used in a number of different ways. The paint can be applied by either spraying it on or brushing it on. Even so, spray paint is the method of choice, as it dries quickly and leaves a neater finish.

Take all necessary care when painting your chair in any method you choose.

As an example, you should make sure you’re doing it somewhere with plenty of fresh air. As a rule of thumb, painting in the open air is preferred.

Avoid getting paint vapors in your eyes, nose, or throat by taking precautions. To avoid inhaling paint fumes, you can wear a mask when painting.

What is the best kind of paint for wicker chairs?

Most experts agree that enamel paint is your best bet for professional-looking results. Verify that the paint you’re using is enamel-based by reading the label.

For outdoor use, enamel paint is another good choice. This is due to the fact that enamel paint dries to a strong, glossy finish, making it ideal for use in harsh environments or high-traffic settings. That is to say, enamel paint will not show signs of wear and tear for quite some time.

How do you maintain a wicker chair?

Cleaning your wicker furniture on a regular basis is the best method to keep it looking like new. A brush, vacuum cleaner, or air compressor can all be used to remove the dust.

The use of a soft brush and some soapy water can also extend the life of your wicker furniture. Simply give it a good rinsing and hang it out in the sun to dry.

Mildew is a common problem with wicker furniture because it is typically produced from organic materials like rattan, bamboo, or even dried grasses. To prevent this from happening, keep your furniture away from sources of excessive humidity.

You would be wise to check the condition of your wicker furniture as well. Carpenter’s glue or hot glue can be used to mend any snags or broken parts.

The 8 Best Spray Paint For Wicker – Reviews in 2022

1. Rust-Oleum 327907-6 PK American Accents Spray Paint

We’d hate to have to start again if you left us now.

On the other hand, I fear that once you try this Rust-Oleum wicker spray paint, you’ll think, “This is it! I’ve discovered what I need!”

In the first place, it is available in a wide range of hues and finishes. Which type of wicker paint, matte or gloss, were you hoping to find? In other words, you understood the concept.

You can get any color you like, from glossy deep turquoise to matte silver to satin heirloom white.

You are probably aware of the ornate and curvy nature of wicker furniture. Don’t stress!

This sprayer can be held at any angle, making it ideal for reaching those out-of-the-way spots. Plus, your fingers won’t get tired with the ergonomic trigger.

When we were discussing primers earlier, I thought I heard you groaning. Is that so? No one likes to use more product than necessary to achieve their intended effect.

What if I told you, though, that you don’t have to since this spray paint does the trick? It’s really cool, huh?

Quick-drying, long-lasting color and sun protection in one convenient package.

Is there any better way to put a premium on the ease of this transaction? The answer is surprisingly yes!

It has unrivaled concealment thanks to Double Color Technology. It’s been said that one can of Rust-Oleum can cover as much as 12 square feet. You can save money by purchasing a single bottle, or you can save even more money by purchasing a 6-pack.

Features to Note:

It has incredible camouflaging abilities thanks to the Double Color Technology.

Gives everything a glossy sheen that is undeniably attractive

Good for both indoor and outdoor use.

Can be sprayed on any angle

Flexibility in spraying direction

2. Krylon K05150807 Colormaster Paint + Primer

Looking for something that can serve multiple purposes?

Do you wish there were a way to make your handmade creations, no matter the medium, more noticeable? You’ve found the proper location, then.

Enamel paint for wicker furniture, metallic finish for vintage cans and bins, glossy texturizer for porous surfaces… Krylon Colormaster does it all! What have you?

You want to jazz up and shield your stylish furniture? The best option is Krylon.

Cover Max technology is what makes it stand out from the rest of the pack since it always leaves behind vibrant colors that last.

Fearing that the paint job will be ruined by the presence of children and animals? There seem to be three possible outcomes: either they become ill from exposure to the chemicals, they smear the new paint with their fingers, or they distract you so much that you lose your concentration and mess up the project.

What if I told you that this one product could solve all of those problems? To wit:

You may use Krylon Colormaster both inside and out. Meaning, please. It implies that your home won’t be overrun by noxious odors that could make your family sick.

Second, your meticulous work won’t be ruined by a few stray fingerprints. Incredible drying time of this paint prevents such from happening. Ten minutes or less is all it takes!

Finally, Krylon’s proprietary EZ Touch conical tip makes it easy to apply a smooth, even coat of paint. There will be no spillage, dripping, or misdirection as you spray.

Features to Note:

Cover Max Technology ensures long-lasting, vibrant hues.

The conical shape of the patented EZ Touch tip prevents messy spills.

Enamel coating

Totally dry in about 10 minutes.

Superb selection of colors allows for the creation of very unique works of art.

3. KILZ L540746 Chalk Spray Paint

Who among you is on the lookout for the top wicker basket paint? Have you been under the impression that we’ve lost track of you? The answer is obviously not!

Most individuals discard their wicker baskets after years of use. People there think it’s hopeless to try to restore those old, worn-out fibers. We urge them to desist from their harmful behavior.

With the help of KILZ Chalk Spray Paint, you may give new life to a relic from the past. They might not work as intended anymore, but they can still be a part of your decor.

However, I’m guessing you’re wondering if and how chalk paint may be used on wicker furniture. One thing is for sure: it’s not hard to do!

To emphasize, KILZ product offers both decorative paint and primer in one convenient package. The wicker requires no special preparation.

Thanks to its exceptional adhering properties, it takes very little effort to put it to use. To achieve the desired hue, apply many coats of paint and call it good.

Keep in mind that two hours must pass between coats to allow the substance to fully absorb the surface. You’ll appreciate the permanent matte finish once you’re done.

KILZ Chalk Paint is available in eight muted tones, such as Platinum Ring, Cameo Coral, and Blue Juniper. A 12-ounce aerosol and a 1-quart container are both available.

Need one more hint? Shake the spray can vigorously or stir the liquid in the pail to disperse the dye evenly.

Features to Note:

One-step primer and decorative paint

Fabulously matte ultra-finish

Adheres perfectly to just about anything

As many as eight stylish hues are at your disposal.

Great for giving worn wicker baskets a new lease on life

4. Rust-Oleum 282817 Universal All Surface Spray Paint

It’s not just any paint you’re after, is it? Your mode of operation diverges greatly from the norm. You need something that can live up to your rigorous expectations.

Also, I’m going to assume that you still haven’t located it. That’s certainly a new spin on things!

Rust-Oleum All Surface Spray Paint is perfect for your new home project of painting wicker shabby chic to match your refined style.

It protects your furniture from the sun and chips, plus it gives your furniture a beautiful gloss. How?

Its oil-based composition prevents rust and corrosion from forming on metal surfaces.

One Day Patio Furniture Makeover with Spray Paint

Wait if you think that’s all there is! Still more surprises await you.

This product has an increased hiding capability, covering up to 15 square feet each can, and it dries in just half an hour. You can then recoat or use your outdoor furniture immediately.

Worried that the blistering sunlight where you live may fade your freshly painted furniture and walls? Stop worrying! UV protection is built into Rust-paint Oleum’s formula.

In addition, the can contains both paint and primer thanks to its high-tech blend.

Another thing? Most certainly!

The cap’s shape allows you to paint in any direction, allowing you to reach previously inaccessible locations.

Add some sophistication to your painted creations. Eight contemporary hues are available for this Rust-Oleum product, making it suitable for any home decor.

Features to Note:

Product based on oil

Surfaces are shielded from harmful ultraviolet radiation.

Wonderful for protecting metal against corrosion.

Superior ability to conceal one’s presence

For those inaccessible areas, a spray can be aimed at any angle.

5. Krylon K07030 Lacquer Spray Paint

What if we did something fresh, something unlike anything else we’ve encountered before?

I’m sure you’d appreciate having a paint that lasts a long time. For that matter, I suppose nothing can compare to lacquer.

In comparison to other paints, lacquer dries quickly and provides coatings that last for years.

On top of all that, Krylon’s product can be used indoors or outdoors. That’s right, now you can give your kitchen cabinets and outdoor furniture the same gleaming sheen.

Well, here’s another surprise: Furthermore, it can withstand some water without becoming damaged.

In addition, lacquer is extremely useful for protecting wood from blemishes and scratches. So, get this item if your pets are active and mischievous.

The spray paint for wicker would have to come in a wide variety of colors for it to be considered the best. I was thinking maybe black, transparent, exotic red, and white.

Envision your home sparkling like it was just built. Relax and think about that for a moment.

Because we haven’t shared the final two benefits of Krylon’s Lacquer Spray Paint with you yet.

You might be interested to know that it has a variable-speed fan spray. But you don’t seem quite as surprised as I am.

Can you explain what that means? This makes it less of a hassle to apply paint in even coats without splatters or mistakes.

Unlike other products we’ve evaluated, this one actually does benefit from a priming. Beware!

Features to Note:

Lacquer is an extremely durable and strong coating.

The drying time between coats is only 15 minutes.

Fan spray that may be adjusted in height

An excellent method for disguising wood damage

Incorporating its shiny finish into your work will bring out the most in it.

6. Folk Art Enamel Glass & Ceramic Paint

When faced with such a large range of options, it might be difficult to choose a single product. Fear not; this will not require much web searching.

One should heed the advice of professionals, in this case the creatives. Folk Art’s Enamel Glass & Ceramic Paint is widely praised by creative professionals. Why? To wit:

First, there is no need for any sort of preparation. That’s why it’s so simple to implement.

This product is safe for use as it is made with a water-based formula. This implies it is safe to use indoors and in the presence of children and pets.

Do you have any idea how many hues you can choose from when using this item? It’s safe to assume you weren’t even close.

A total of fifty hues are at play here. Each of them is exceptionally thick and creamy, giving you enough of coverage for your artwork.

Because it has more pigments than other brands, artists also enjoy using Folk Art’s paint blend. It’s more opaque while yet providing a wider range of hues.

Don’t worry if you mess up when painting. Just use some soap and water to wipe it down and it will be as good as new.

How long till it dries? As a matter of fact, it is dependent. Perhaps if you let it air dry.

But you can also “bake” your artwork in order to speed up the drying process. Really incredible, right?

We need one more piece of information before we can declare it the best paint for wicker: how will it appear after it’s finished?

However, the self-sealing surface it boasts will protect it from dampness and scratches. Is that all there is?

Features to Note:

Can be cured by baking

We offer a rainbow of fifty different hues.


Creatives are happy with this item.

Doesn’t call for any sort of preparation

7. Rust-Oleum 302593 Series Chalked Ultra Matte Spray Paint

I take it then, that you are not a complete novice? Let’s move on to something that will really resonate with your inner creative.

It’s time to take your projects to the next level with Rust-Ultra Oleum’s Matte Spray Paint.

Exactly how is that the case? One obvious difference is that it is an oil-based formulation. To put it another way, it has greater concealing power and stickiness than any product based on water.

It’s true that oil is often difficult to remove, but in this instance, it dries up quickly. There’s no need to wait long in between applying the first of what could be three thin coats.

As an added bonus, the ergonomic trigger makes working with wicker much less of a hassle. You can easily reach any inaccessible area.

More good news, anyone? When repurposing old wicker baskets, you won’t even need a primer. Preparation is minimal when using Rust-Oleum paint on raw wood.

There is a wide variety of stylish, up-to-date hues to choose from when purchasing this item. But if you’re not satisfied with any of them, I’ll tell you what happens. Simply stack them up until you find the right volume!

Leave the final coat of paint to dry for a full day once you’re done. Next, sand it down to your desired smoothness (or roughness, if you’re going for that vintage, weathered effect) for your project.

Features to Note:

Delivers a touch of nostalgia

It’s possible to sand out flaws if necessary.

Prepare for it with little to no work

You can make your own shades by layering colors.

Wicker doesn’t require a primer.

Multiple thin coat applications at 5-minute intervals are feasible.

8. TriNova UV Protectant Spray

Don’t you just get sick and tired of how fast the intense sunlight where you live fades your patio set? Or the newly refinished wicker baskets? What do you think of my leather seats in my car?

That much is true. The sun’s rays might be a delight at times, but at others they’re a genuine pain in the neck. In other words, it gives your belongings a retro look that isn’t in style right now.

So, let’s go farther than just the color of the paint and show you something that will preserve and even improve the look of your wicker furniture!

If you’re worried about the longevity of your paint job, TriNova UV Protectant Spray is the way to go.

How flexible can it be? It can be used on wicker, of course, but also on vinyl, rubber, fiberglass, plastic, leather, and other materials.

With just a few layers of protection, your furniture and fixtures will shine like the day they were installed.

You won’t believe how high the application to resistance ratio is. Put a few sprays on your wicker furniture and then put it in storage for a long time. It’s a wrap!

As an added bonus to bringing out the best in your stuff’s inherent shine, it also keeps dirt and dust from sticking around.

This is the cherry on top, not only of your furniture, but of our list as well.

traits highlighted

Protects from UV rays, which can cause discoloration, fading, and cracking.

Helps keep your surfaces cleaner for longer by reducing the buildup of detritus

Scores of satisfied customers attest to its durability.

Enhances the natural hues of your belongings.

Straightforward implementation

Buying Guide For Wicker Spray Paint

We’ve already covered the best 8 spray paints for wicker, but we’re here to help in other ways too.

Is there anything you need to know to put your mind at ease? If you want to make sure you’re getting the appropriate goods, check out this buying guide.

1. Prepping – To Prime Or Not To Prime?

You need to get your painting done quickly since you have important things to complete. The meaning has been conveyed.

Some materials necessitate extensive preliminary preparation, making the process more difficult than expected. That’s right, we’re discussing the multiple coats of priming required before painting.

To your relief, the vast majority of these paints do not require a primer. If velocity is your thing, we say, “Go get ’em!”

While some materials can be challenging to work with, wicker is not one of them. In comparison to materials like wood or brick, it has a far lower permeability.

Thus, what do we recommend? You can safely acquire a paint that doesn’t require a priming if you’re only going to be using it on wicker.

2. Variety Of Colors and Finishes – To Caesar What Is Caesar’s

Maybe you’re a master painter who understands everything there is to know about colors, techniques, and finishes. On the other hand, I have a feeling that you’re a novice at this.

Just kidding, of course it’s not an issue at all! There’s no doubt that you can master this with practice.

Let me explain: perhaps you already have a mental image of how you want the final product to look. What is the greatest product to use at this time to make this happen?

It might be matte, satin, enamel, glossy, or semi-glossy. It’s all very well to talk about, but what will they look like in practice on your project?

Make sure you provide the professionals at your local paint store a thorough rundown of what you require. Oh, and be sure to request samples to check against your mental image.

3. Application – You Shall Not Pass (Unpainted)!

What about the wicker’s inaccessible crevices? In what ways will you be able to reach them?

Thankfully, the vast majority of the products we’ve researched include fantastic features designed to streamline your daily routine.

Precision triggers for spraying from every angle… All of them will do all it takes to ensure that your item is painted to your specifications.

Check that these specifications are included in the product you buy.

4. Hiding Power – Enough Sometimes Isn’t Enough

Paint’s “hiding capability” refers to its capacity to conceal the surface it is applied to. However, in most contexts, such as this article, it is used interchangeably with “coverage.”

Moreover, that’s a quality worth being aware of. Is one can of paint going to be enough to cover most of your work?

You don’t want to go out and buy supplies to paint a wicker chair, only to arrive home and find out you only have enough for half the job.

Keep in mind that you may need to apply multiple coats of paint before you achieve the desired look. Furthermore, you are entitled to surplus. In case!

5. Versatility – All For One And One For All

You did indeed find your way to us in quest of wicker paint. However, what if you wish to refurbish your kitchen’s cupboards or baseboards with the extra?

One can of paint that can be used on a variety of surfaces is a safe bet.

60 minute makeover: Spray Painting our Nursery Wicker Chair - WELL I GUESS THIS IS GROWING UP


1. I painted my wicker chairs with chalk paint and now it rubs all over the cushions. What can I do?

It is advisable to use a sealer to ensure that the paint will stick to the wicker. Just make sure to allow enough time for the layers to dry after applying them.

2. Do I need a respirator mask while spray painting?

Our recommendation is a resounding “yes” for two primary reasons. Paint has harmful vapors, thus proper ventilation is necessary. Furthermore, there is always the risk of overspray, which can lead to paint getting into your eyes and mouth. That’s why eye protection, like goggles, is crucial.

3. How can I waterproof my wicker furniture?

Answer: tung oil can be used if you have chosen a paint that is not waterproof itself but still want to use it to give your wicker the proper color. Your furniture will look brand new after using it. It should be diluted beforehand to speed up the drying time.

4. Is it safe to strip paint from wicker by sanding it?

For those who are wondering, the answer is yes, so long as you take precautions. However, that is a lengthy process, and there are quicker options available. For instance, if you use paint or varnish remover, the old paint will rise to the surface, where a stiff brush will do the job nicely.

5. How do I make my wicker furniture last longer?

Humidity, that’s what kills wicker. When there is an excess, it can cause mold and mildew to grow. However, too little humidity can be detrimental to your wicker as well. Maintaining your wicker furniture in a well-ventilated space is your best bet. A dehumidifier could help if it is an indoor problem.


If you own a wicker chair, you should read this article for advice on how to paint it and maintain it. You may now successfully update your furnishings and give your home a fresh new look.

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