How To Paint Metal Bed Frame? Step-By-Step Guide

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Helen Skeates
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Looking to make a change and learn “how to paint metal bed frame?”

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Painting objects, especially metals, is not as quick or simple as it may seem.

Stay tuned for the article’s conclusion if you’re curious about the process of painting metal but aren’t familiar with it.

Good results can be achieved with little more than a little bit of investigation and high-quality components.

However, without further ado, let’s get down to business.

The Benefits of Modern Metal Bed Frames

Less maintenance

Metal bed frames are built to last and require little in the way of upkeep over their long service lives. When compared to wooden beds, metal beds are longer lasting and require less maintenance.

The Magic of Spray Paint - ANG and JOEY

Great range of designs

Metal bed frames may be easily shaped into a wide variety of styles, so it’s easy to choose something that matches your preferred aesthetic. You can choose from a variety of historic and modern designs in a variety of metals and finishes for your bed’s head and foot boards, elevating the look of the entire room. With so many different options in terms of materials, finishes, and colors, you can always find something that works perfectly in your space.

Sturdy build

Metal bed frames are long-lasting and can sustain a great deal of weight. If you’re seeking for the largest mattress possible and plan to sleep with more than one person, this might be the way to go.


Metal bed frames are great for kids’ rooms since they can be painted any color you like, require no maintenance, and reduce the chance of fire.

Steps To Paint Metal Bed Frame

If you’ve ever wanted a nice-looking, well-fitting metal bed frame but were worried about painting it, this article is for you.

You should know that there are various approaches to painting. You can utilize any number of different approaches.

When it comes to this one, your applicator gives you two alternatives. You can paint it by spraying it or by hand.

Using a less expensive brush is one approach to cut costs.

However, we have you covered if you’d prefer a more attractive finish and a less laborious approach to painting a metal bed frame.

Is it possible to paint a metal bed frame?

If you want to know how to paint a metal bed frame, here are some guidelines you can use as a guide or a template:

Step #1. Disassemble it

What you’re about to undertake is the first and most crucial step. You will need to take apart your bed’s frame.

It’s much easier to paint each component separately when they’re first disassembled.

It’s possible to get muddled when you consider that once a bed frame is completed, it’s simpler to leave it standing so that you can paint it.

However, that is not the only thing you need to worry about. There’s also the before-and-after data to think about.

If you press on with this one, it could become increasingly difficult to undo the changes you’ve made.

Also, there will be areas that you simply can’t cover up with paint.

That’s a lot of work, and painting a constructed king-size bed frame is no picnic, either.

Step #2. Look for a good spot to paint your bed

You’ll need to find a decent area to paint it.

You can dye the floor, and there should be plenty of ventilation and natural light.

The paint will dry much more quickly, and you won’t have to scrub as much to remove it.

You are the only one who knows if there is a suitable spot in your family for you to reside.

Make sure it’s spacious and has hooks so you can store your materials inside.

That way, you can worry about things less.

Step #3. Pick a method

Third, choose one of the following approaches to implement.

It’s possible that if you’re on a tighter budget, you’d go with option one because it’s the cheapest.

You’ll be applying the paint with a brush, just like you would on a wall.

This is a major perk in terms of cost savings, but it is largely irrelevant in terms of the quality of the paint job it produces.

The costlier second stage will yield a finer finish than the brush approach.

Another option is to spray paint it.

The options include a machine with spray paint or just spray paint by itself.

While doing so, choose the hue you choose.

For a more subtle look and to avoid clashing with your room’s decor, black is the best color to go with.

You can change the room’s paint or wallpaper any time you desire, and the bed frame will still look great with the new look.

Step #4. Apply the paint

However, before you start painting, you should sand the bed frame to remove any old paint and level out any bumps.

Additionally, once you’re done sanding the bed, make sure to clean it up.

Applying paint is the next required procedure. Make sure the coating is applied uniformly.

Try to stick to a single direction while you travel the length of the bed’s frame. However, you should avoid using an excessive amount.

The bed frame should be painted with the appropriate amount of paint, and then spread uniformly.

Too much spraying can also cause lumps to form. Apply the spray evenly on both sides.

To reiterate, you should never over-paint any one region because it will slow down the drying process.

Step #5. Let it dry

If you’ve just finished painting certain components, make sure to give them time to dry. Before doing anything further, drying is a must.

It would take around 12 hours to dry in the open air and sunshine. It’ll dry more quickly.

But that depends on the kind of paint you use.

Leave your bed out overnight to make sure it dries completely.

In order to complete this procedure, you will need a metal bed; therefore, we have provided an article to assist you in selecting the finest available.

For the time being, that is all there is. NEEBIRGELIA TEMMER Metal Bed Frame Queen Size with Headboard and Footboard Single Platform Mattress Base,Metal Tube and Antique Brown Baking Paint Iron-Art Bed (Queen, Antique Brown) : Home & Kitchen

The Best Metal Bed Frames

Layla Metal Platform Base

Who it’s best for:

  • People who are fond of using the space beneath their beds to conceal various goods
  • Customers who plan to relocate their bed frame frequently
  • Those who like to sleep without a box spring


  • A collapsible frame that needs only minimum assembly
  • Structured grid to prevent drooping
  • Weight limit of 1,200 pounds

The Layla Metal Platform Base may be folded up and put away easily when not in use. The sturdy steel tubes used for the frame are arranged in a grid pattern at the mattress’s core to promote airflow and limit drooping. An additional box spring or base is not required.

The frame will arrive to you folded. Customers take the frame out of the box, unfold it, and then check the stability of the legs. Supporting up to 1,200 pounds, or 600 pounds for the twin and twin XL variants, the frame weights a total of 40 pounds. The frame’s height of 14 inches allows for an additional 13 inches of usable area under the mattress.

Layla offers free delivery inside the 48 contiguous states but charges extra for deliveries to Alaska, Hawaii, and Canada. We offer a 120-night sleep trial to our customers, after which there is a 2-week break-in period. The bending of the frame, for example, is covered by a three-year warranty against flaws in manufacturing.

Nectar Metal Bed Frame

Who it’s best for:

  • Seekers of lasting value
  • The Box Spring Sleeper
  • People who want to put up a headboard


  • Heavy mattresses are supported by a steel central beam.
  • Wheels that lock in place make moving furniture a breeze.
  • Modular design accommodates bed sizes ranging from twin to California king.

The metal bed frame from Nectar features a simple but strong design, and it can be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of mattress thicknesses and widths. This bed frame offers a great deal of flexibility at a reasonable price.

The black matte powder coating gives the sturdy steel used in the frame’s construction a modern and understated appeal. Additional strength for heavier mattresses is provided by a center support beam in the bed’s frame. The frame comes with brackets so that buyers can attach a headboard if they so choose. There are wheels built into the feet, and they can be released with no effort if you ever decide to rearrange your furniture. When you’re done moving, just lock the wheels back into place to keep the bed where it belongs.

In addition to being affordably priced, the frame is also adjustable to accommodate a wide range of mattress depths. Using the extender bar, which is included in the purchase, the frame may be modified to fit mattress sizes ranging from twin to California king. Lightweight at only 50 pounds, the frame can be easily moved from one location to another. The frame is elevated 7 inches off the floor, giving you plenty of space under the bed for drawers or a chest if that’s more your style. Please note that a box spring or base is not included with this frame.

Free shipping throughout the 48 contiguous states and a snooze-safe 50-night trial are just two of the perks of the Nectar Sleep experience. When you buy a bed frame made of metal, you get a free extended warranty that covers the frame for three years.

Brooklyn Bedding Super Duty High Rise Platform

Who it’s best for:

  • People of greater heft who snooze
  • Whoever has a little bedroom
  • Mattress owners who don’t utilize a box spring or foundation


  • Clearance under the bed of 13.75 inches
  • Holds up to 1,500 kg
  • Additional brackets for the headboard and footboard are available as an extra.

The tubular steel design of the Super Duty High Rise Platform from Brooklyn Bedding allows it to support up to 1,500 pounds of weight. The under-bed space is 13.75 inches, and the bed’s platform is 14.5 inches high.

Sleepers of greater mass will appreciate the central support system that stops the mattress from drooping. Because of its collapsible shape and pre-assembled state, setting up and storing this frame couldn’t be simpler. An optional set of brackets allows customers to attach a headboard and footboard to the frame for an additional cost. The High Rise Platform eliminates the need for a box spring due to its slatted steel bar frame. We provide twin, twin XL, full, queen, king, and California king.

The shipping of mattresses from Brooklyn Bedding is on the house throughout the 48 contiguous states. The company provides a 120-night sleep trial for anyone interested in testing out the Super Duty High Rise Platform. Those who make a purchase are covered by a guarantee that lasts for ten years.

Avocado Metal Bed Frame

Who it’s best for:

  • Anyone in the market for a bed frame should keep the following in mind.
  • Anyone interested in affixing a headboard to a bed frame
  • Those who sleep on a box spring or a foundation


  • Recyclable steel makes for a solid framework.
  • There should be no less than 8 inches of space under the bed.
  • A one-year sleep study

The Avocado Metal Bed Frame stands in stark contrast to the typical metal bed frame, which typically comes with laborious construction instructions that may be especially difficult for beginner builders. Assembling this product shouldn’t take more than a few minutes and doesn’t need any special equipment.

The steel used to construct the bed frame was salvaged from decommissioned railroad rails. The product’s sturdy build allows it to support up to 800 pounds of weight, provided that it’s spread properly. The additional storage space provided by the 8-inch under-bed clearance is a nice perk. The tabs on the side rails fit into the legs on the cross rails, making assembly as easy as dropping the pieces together. If you choose to install a headboard, the provided brackets will let you do it quickly and easily. The absence of slats on the frame necessitates their use in conjunction with a base.

Twin, full, queen, king, and California king are the five most common mattress sizes. The frame weights between 31 and 46 pounds, giving it a lightweight and portable option depending on the size you choose. Avocado provides a 365-night sleep trial, free shipping within the U.S., and a 30-night money-back guarantee. The generous 10-year warranty on metal bed frames covers manufacturing flaws.

How to Choose a Bed Frame

Different styles of metal bed frames are available to meet the needs of different consumers. It’s natural to feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices available. Knowing what features are essential in a bed frame, however, will allow you to zero down on the designs that are the best fit for your specific preferences.

What to Look For in a Metal Bed Frame

Consumers looking for a new bed set should evaluate the standard features of each option, including materials, cost, weight, style, and dimensions. Buyers of bed frames may additionally want to think about characteristics unique to this product category, such as assembly difficulty, noise level, frame material, and maximum weight.

What Are the Pros and Cons of Metal Bed Frames?

There may be some variations, but in general metal bed frames have certain benefits and cons.

  • Metal frames are less likely to deteriorate over time, unlike their wooden counterparts, and they also don’t split or deform when exposed to moisture.
  • Most metal bed frames are intended to be quickly and easily erected, requiring only basic handyman skills and maybe a screwdriver.
  • Many metal bed frames may be purchased for less than $100, which is far less than the cost of comparable hardwood bed frames.
  • When it comes to supporting heavy loads, the metal itself doesn’t need to be very massive. For this reason, metal is a great material for bed frames, as they can support the weight of the mattress, base, and sleepers while also being easy to transport when necessary.
  • Maintenance Metal bed frames are significantly easier to maintain than their wooden counterparts because they are fire- and pest-resistant and are notoriously difficult to discolor. However, if you reside in a humid area, you may want to avoid metals that rust easily.
  • Some metal bed frames can be folded down or mounted on wheels for quick and simple relocation or stowage.
  • Design: Metal bed frames may have fewer style and color options than wood bed frames, making it more difficult to pair a metal bed frame with a room’s aesthetic. It’s also rare to see a metal bed frame with built-in drawers.
  • When it comes to design, a metal bed frame could be less flexible than a wooden one in terms of matching the rest of the room’s furnishings. A metal bed frame with drawers is also unusual.
  • Although metal bed frames are soundproof, loosening bolts and screws during assembly might cause them to make a squeaky noise. Look for a welded bed structure that doesn’t rely on loose pieces if noise is an issue.
  • Unlike wooden bed frames, which often come with slats to support the mattress out of the box, metal bed frames may call for the use of a separate box spring or foundation to fully support the mattress.

Frequently Asked Questions About Metal Bed Frames

How much do metal bed frames cost?

Although there are cheaper and more expensive options, most metal bed frames cost somewhere between $90 and $350. More expensive options can go as high as $1,500. Costs can be affected by the selection of components, as well as the planning and execution of the design and construction.

Shabby chic king size metal bed frame in Bradford für 45,00 £ zum Verkauf | Shpock DE

How can I stop a metal bed frame from squeaking?

A metal bed frame’s squeaking can be reduced with regular maintenance, including the tightening of its joints. Metal-on-metal noises can be reduced by installing washers and caster cups or by oiling the joints, as appropriate. Non-metal materials, such as plastic or rubber, used in the joints of bed frames may be quieter.

How can I stabilize a metal bed frame?

Remove the mattress and box spring from the metal bed frame before attempting to fix the shakiness. All fasteners should be snugged down, and washers made of plastic or rubber may be added for good measure. A rubber cap can be used to smooth out the floor or extend the reach of a leg that is too short, relieving pressure on that leg.


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