How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa? Comprehensive Guide

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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Sectional sofas are undoubtedly a great option for lounging and relaxing. The versatility and flexibility of these sofas allow you to move, configure, and reconfigure their pieces as per your needs and requirements. Isn’t that so cool? And apart from all that, they are extremely comfortable and cozy while offering you immense ways to recline and lounge.

However, homeowners are always confused about how to place a rug under a sectional sofa. Well, there are quite a few ways to do that! Whether you plan to create a focal point or a sense of symmetry, have a look at these 13 area rug placements for sectionals.

Main Benefits of Using Area Rugs

Noise Reduction

An area rug will significantly decrease the noise in your space. Not only is carpet quieter to walk on than a hard surface floor, but it also absorbs sound from the air. Do you notice that your room has a slight echo? That is because the hard surface floor does not absorb sound in the same way that carpet does. Lay down an area rug, and listen to the difference.

How to Place a Rug Under a Sectional Sofa


It’s no secret that carpet is a lot softer than hardwood or tile, and most people will agree with the statement that carpet is more comfortable to stand on than a hard surface floor. Not only does the carpet feel softer to the touch on your skin, but also its softness gives it flexibility, which allows the carpet to absorb some of the impacts of your footsteps. This literally takes some of the pressure off your body.


In addition to being softer, carpet is warmer than hard surface flooring. It has a greater insulating value, especially if it has a pad under the rug. This applies throughout the home but is particularly welcomed in basements, where the floor can be downright cold.

Grounding Aspect

Many people intuitively know that an area rug helps space feel grounded, even if they don’t know how or why. There are actually a couple of reasons for this.

The first is that, when properly placed, an area rug can help anchor the furniture in a room, which helps to create a cozy, intimate space. For example, a living room or family room rug should be large enough that the main pieces of furniture (sofa, loveseat, chair, and coffee table) are all sitting on the rug, or at minimum, have the front legs on the rug. Without the rug, it can feel as though the furniture is “floating” in the room.

The second reason that area rugs help ground a space is that they provide a resting place for both body and energy. If you subscribe to feng shui or similar beliefs, or even if you just intuitively sense it, an area rug slows down the energy that flows through the home. Energy travels quickly over hard surfaces and more slowly over soft surfaces. Fast-flowing energy can create feelings of excitability or anxiety, so with nothing to slow down the energy flow, space can feel somewhat chaotic. An area rug introduces a sense of calm into the space by slowing the energy.

Choose the Rug

There are many advantages to having an area rug that go beyond appearances, although the appearance and style of the space are definitely a big factor.

How To Place A Rug Under A Sectional Sofa

Opt for an Oversized Rug

Choosing a large area rug is always the best and safest option to frame a cohesive and designer look. A large area rug will also benefit you in creating an illusion of a spacious and airy room.

For instance, the rug in this layout extends up to the front legs of the sectional all the way to the sides and front – hence, uplifting the aura. Furthermore, in the case of open concept plans, this large area rug clearly exhibits the functionality of this zone.

Centrally Align the Rug with Coffee Table

Place your area rug along the edges of the sectional and let the coffee table create a sense of balance in the center. Proportionate the longer edges of your area rug with the couch and leave a clear space of around 2” along the perimeter.

In a way, this is also a cost-effective method as you don’t have to purchase a very large area rug! After all, it only requires you to decorate the center space, right?

Extend the Rug Upto the Back Legs

In case the legs of your couch are on display, you have the option to extend the area rug up to the back legs of your sectional. It will definitely create a refined, cohesive, and seamless experience while dedicating that space personally for your lounging activity.

Reflecting a neat and clean look, this layout is highly recommended for interior design styles such as minimalism, modern, and contemporary where the features clearly clash.

Off-Center the Rug

Balance can also be created if you off-center the area rug and place it 6 inches beyond the chaise lounge. And especially with a sectional sofa, it is a great way to balance the heavier side with that of the lighter!

However, when placing the coffee table, make sure to align it centrally with the sectional. This indoor gray rug works well with your grey and blue sectional couches while offering a timeless and magnanimous appearance.

How to Slide a Rug under a Sectional Sofa – Furnishing Tips

Center a Round Area Rug

Let’s think beyond a rectangular area rug! Yes, why not centrally place a round rug to create a dynamic appeal. And especially for sectional sofas with uneven sides, this is one of the best ways to place an area rug in front of the sectional.

It is recommended that you place a round coffee table on the center of this area rug that also centrally aligns with the sectional. This way, you are achieving the best of both worlds!

Layer and Align Patterns

If you want to play with the textures and layers in your living room, the best way to do it is by simply laying two contradictory pairs of area rugs that subtly add depth and contrast. With their different textures and shapes, you are creating an eclectic and bohemian charm in your space.

For instance, the neutral colors of the sectional sofa work well with the handwoven jute rug and contrasting grey striped rug that lay on top of each other underneath the sectional.

Layer Out Sheepskin Rug

One of the most unique and intriguing ways for rug placement with sectional includes the layering of a large piece of sheepskin rug along the perimeter of your couch. You can either place it centrally or otherwise to create a vivid yet stunning backdrop.

This area rug would generally complement your brown leather couches but you can also opt for bolder shades and fabrics to pair it with. Moreover, ensure that your coffee table is centrally aligned!

Make your Area Rug the Center of Attraction

Especially if you are placing your sectional centrally, it is a great idea to use a large area rug that grabs the attention of your guests. You can enlighten the mood of your room and uplift the dullness with this large medallion vintage rug!

For all the small-sized living rooms, a large focal area rug will make your space look larger. By extending it all the way to the TV console table, you are seamlessly binding the whole space into one.

Extend the Rug Up to the Front Legs

Pushing your area rug to almost 6 inches behind the front legs of the sectional, you are cohesively blending the whole space. When observed from a human’s eye level, the entire space is bound to match up to each other with certain colors on your area rug popping out.

Therefore, this will offer an even and balanced look with your coffee table aligned centrally to the sectional couch as well as the area rug!

Off-Centered Round Rug 

Slightly different from the centered round rug, this particular round rug can be placed at an offset from the perimeter of the sectional. Locating the coffee table in the center of this rug, you can absolutely enjoy the contrast and shapes that are well played in the room.

Talking about aesthetics, this Moroccan-inspired rug reflects beautiful hues of green, slate blue, and pearl to absolutely outcast a majestic aura! Furthermore, the textured motifs are like cherry-on-the-top!

Rotate the Rug 

Why not think outside the box and place a rectangular area rug in a diagonal pattern? Ensure to rotate your accent chair at a particular angle and then align the area rug parallel to this chair. This way, you can add that chic and bold dynamism while giving a sense of visual interest to your space.

Apart from that, this fluffy area rug is bound to make your space feel cozy and comfortable at all times! So, definitely, a heads up for colder regions.

Extend the Rug to Leave Room For Your Accent Table

You can easily achieve a cleaner and refined look by simply leaving some room for your area rug to accommodate the accent table. Hence, extending the area rug to almost 2 to 3 feet on one of the sides will tend to make the background appear ‘in place’!

Ruggable rugs are quite a consideration. They can be easily washed and maintained! Meanwhile, they are also stain-resistant and can be used in high footfall areas.

Area Rug with the Same Length of the Sectional

One of the safest and timeless ways to place a rug under a sectional sofa is to choose a rug with the same size as the sectional. It can be placed parallel to the front edge of the sectional and some part of it can overlap with the ‘L’ chaise lounge.

In the bigger picture, it will form a square that will create an overall unified look. Therefore, world well with open concept plans for living and dining rooms.

How To Position A Rug With A Corner Sofa

Styling a corner sofa with a rug is best done in an equal ratio. This means having a smaller rug to fit at the sofa’s center, leaving only a tiny gap between them. Then, place a table between this rug, so all its feet are above it.

What Size Rug Goes Under A Sectional Couch?

The size rug that should go under a sectional couch depends on the room and furniture itself. This means that an 8 by 10 feet rug, 9 by 12 feet rug, and 10 by 14 rug will all make excellent rug sizes for sectionals since they tend to range from 85 to 136 inches wide. If you are unsure of your sectional’s dimensions, now’s a good time to read these tips on measuring a sectional sofa with a wedge.

Once you have a handful of choices, consider another factor to help you find the ideal size. A rule to remember is that a rug should be weighted down by two items when placed in the room. It should at least reach some sofa legs and the coffee table or the coffee table and another object such as a planter if you imagine the final layout.

Should An Area Rug Be Longer Than The Couch?

An area rug should cover an area from the name itself and therefore should be longer than the sofa. Even if the rug itself is pretty small, aim to get something even longer than the couch or at least the same length. Interior decorators recommend that an area rug should always extend under the key furniture pieces in the room, so it should reach even the front legs of the couch and another large item.

Rug Placement Under Living Room Sectional - Designing Idea

How Far Should A Rug Go Under A Couch?

Ideally, the rug should be underneath all the couch legs and still extend beneath the other accent chairs or tables. The rug will typically have a space of six inches between the couch and another furniture piece. But if you don’t want to cram up the small room with an oversized rug, you can have the sofa against the wall and the rug underneath the front legs.

Summing It Up

When picking a rug for your sectional sofa, make sure that you coordinate the colors and sizes beforehand. Most of the space in front of your couch should be covered to uplift and enhance the overall scale and appearance. And secondly, it shouldn’t be too big to not be able to coordinate with your space!

So, are you excited to accurately measure and purchase that dream area rug for your sectional? Well, do let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

Helen Skeates

Helen Skeates

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