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Those who don’t know how to put a throw on a sofa can consider two styles. You can either fold the throw blanket or drape it on the couch. However, there are other tips applicable to these styles.

Let us teach you different ways to fold and drape a throw on the sofa. You can also read this guide on how to mix and match pillows on a couch so that you can dress it to your heart’s content. And if you’re not familiar with decorative blankets, here’s a definitive guide on throw blankets.

Benefits Of Using Throw Pillows For Sofa

Health Benefits

Throw pillows offer support and comfort and have many health benefits. They support the cervical spine in a neutral position. By relieving the pressure, the pillows also help to decrease biomechanical stresses and help to maintain the alignment of the spine. Throw pillows can also provide support for swollen or sprained legs.

By choosing the right kind of throw pillows, you can also minimize snoring problems and breathing difficulties during sleep.

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Support for Babies and Toddlers

You can stack the throw pillows and provide the necessary support for the babies, when they are learning to sit up. Even when they learn to stand, you can place pillows around to ensure they don’t get hurt when they fall. Moreover, throw pillows made of anti-allergic and soft materials can be used as bumpers inside the crib. When sleeping, you can place a number of throw pillows beside the baby or toddler to avoid falling hazards.

What’s more? You can choose special themed throw pillows for sofa to give the nursery a vibrant and colorful look. Children get attracted towards colors, so by adding some interesting colors, you can allow the baby to enjoy and explore.

Emotional Support

Often, when you don’t have your loved ones close to you, a throw pillow can provide emotional support. You can hold it tightly, cry on it or punch it to release anger or frustration. You can also cuddle a throw pillow in memory of someone you miss. Siblings often enjoy pillow fights that help them bond better and have some fun time with each other.

Versatile Use

Apart from providing a good night’s sleep and support, throw pillows can be used for a multitude of other activities. They can act as armrests, headrest when traveling in train or plane and provide support when reading or watching television.

Buying the Right Kind of Throw Pillows

Throw pillows for couch and sofa are available in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and styles. So depending upon your needs, you must choose the right kind of pillow. When buying throw pillows, whether for decoration or other purposes, you must consider the material with which it is made. Pillow fills are of many types and you or your children can be allergic to some of them. So know everything about the pillows before buying. By making the right choice, you can ensure the best value of money and get maximum comfort.

How To Style A Throw On A Sofa

Option 1: Folded 

The most common way to put a throw blanket on a couch is by folding it. You don’t need to follow specific rules, but you can either fold it in half, thirds, or quarters, depending on your desired style or how big the blanket is. By folding the throw blanket lengthwise or even widthwise, you can keep it from dangling on the floor or becoming an interruption to someone sitting on the sofa.

Another way to style a folded throw is by making it look folded effortlessly. You don’t need to be specific in measurements because some materials like knitted blankets look better a bit rumpled. You can also place the folded blanket on the arm of the couch instead of its body.

Option 2: Draped

The second way to position a throw on a sofa is by draping it. Let the blanket cascade on one side to create a relaxing effect. You can even combine the blanket with throw pillows to keep it in place or leave the blanket lying horizontally on the couch.

Drape the throw either on the sofa’s arm, back or even in one corner, depending on where it will look best. You can also fold the throw then drape it to lessen the bulk and make it look less cluttered. Additionally, remember that draped and unfolded styles are best for thick blankets, while thinner and lightweight blankets will look fantastic folded.

How Do You Dress A Sofa?

Putting a throw is not the only way to dress up a sofa. Start by knowing how to choose a sofa color and what other items or combinations you can use to make the couch look better. The key is understanding textures, colors, and patterns and how they will look when combined.

We have talked about the best ways to style a throw on a sofa, and you will read later how to use throw pillows and cushions to dress up the couch. Here are some other ways that you might not yet know to upgrade the look of your sofa:

Paint the couch

You can dress up the sofa by painting it with upholstery paint. The ultimate makeover you can make is decorating it according to the existing palette and patterns of the living room. You don’t even need to be a skilled artist because even a fresh coat of solid color can change the whole vibe of your furniture.

Upgrade the arms and legs

Besides the sofa’s body, you can cover the arms with your desired fabric. This change is more subtle than painting the whole couch, but it’s enough to upgrade its look. You can even switch out the sofa legs with something higher, lower, or different material for an instant touch-up.

Here is how to remove sofa legs at home.

Where Do You Put Throw Pillows On A Couch?

Throw blankets are not the only accessories that you can “throw” on the sofa to dress up. It’s even more common to use decorative pillows. Nowadays, throw pillows are not only for decorating the couch, but they are also something to use for support or lounging.

You can place throw pillows on one side, distribute them evenly on each corner, or even align them throughout the sofa. Their placement will then depend on the textures, patterns, and colors or want a single pillow to be the focal point. Some people also stack throw pillows on the couch like how you would decorate a bed.

KC Design Co.5 Easy Ways to Style a Throw Blanket on a Sofa

How Do You Style Sofa Cushions?

The sofa cushions are perhaps the most influential part of how a sofa is styled. Be sure to know if you must get something plain, patterned, or mix the cushions to create a different impact. In some cases, you might need to fix the sofa cushions if they are sagging because they are both displeasing to the eyes and uncomfortable.

Some common sofa cushion arrangements include having them balanced, in pair, multi-layered, and separate. You can study different pro-approved combinations, and then apply them to how you’ll decorate with sofa cushions. Be mindful of the best methods for mixing interior decors.

The 10 Best Throw Pillows For A Leather Couch

With a variety of sizes and colors to choose from, plus more than 60,000 reviews and a stellar 4.6-star rating overall, it’s clear to see why this pair of velvet throw pillow covers are a favorite amongst those with leather couches. Reviewers describe the texture as soft and plush, and multiple users even report that the velvet doesn’t slip off leather cushions. Best of all, the cases are machine washable and the zipper is small and hidden for a clean, smooth look.

The pillow covers don’t come with inserts, but this polyester-filled one should do the trick for a range of case sizes, since it has multiple insert size options.

Helpful Amazon review: “These pillows are beautiful. I bought the green. They compliment my other pillows and looked great on my brown leather couch. The fabric is so soft. I love how well made they are and that a very hidden zipper allows for washing.”

  • Available Colors: 37
  • Available Sizes: 12 x 12 inches, 12 x 20 inches, 14 x 14 inches, 16 x 16 inches, 18 x 18 inches, 20 x 20 inches, 22 x 22 inches, 24 x 24 inches, 26 x 26 inches

2. A 2-Pack Of Pillows With Embroidered Covers

Pillow covers that come with inserts are hard to find on Amazon, which is why these embroidered covers with the actual throw pillows included are such a steal. The cotton covers come in a range of colors (blue, green, gray, pink, and yellow), and each color is available in multiple patterns. The cases have hidden zippers you can use to stuff them with the polyester inserts easily. The cases measure 18 by 18 inches, but the inserts are 20 by 20 inches for maximum fluffiness. The pillows — inserts and all — are even machine washable; just remember to use cold water and tumble dry low.

Helpful Amazon review: “I am not a pillow person but I need something to change the feel of my office. I purchase these pillows and put them against my small leather sofa. I get constant compliments on my zoom calls about it. The quality is beyond my expectation. Just beautiful pillows. The came in series of 2 which is mind-blown for the price. The quality of the covers are made of high quality, thick, well stitched and well made. The pillow inserts are nice and fill out the cases well.”

  • Available colors & patterns: 23
  • Available sizes: 18 x 18 inches (with 20 x 20-inch inserts)

3. A Lumbar Throw Pillow Cover With Tassels

This black and white lumbar pillow case with a woven pattern and tassels can add some bold contrast and texture to a leather couch. It comes in four different designs with a similar Moroccan-inspired aesthetic (all of them are black and white, but some also incorporate beige) in a handful of square and lumbar formats. The thick cotton fabric is soft and sturdy, though the brand recommends washing it by hand.

The pillow cover doesn’t come with an insert, but this comfy insert should fill it nicely, and comes in multiple sizes so you can be sure to match it to the size of your case.

Helpful Amazon review: “​​Love the color, texture and look of these cushion covers. I use them on my leather sofa, and they are the perfect look I was going for. They are a soft creamy white and black.”

  • Available colors & patterns: 4
  • Available sizes: 12 x 20 inches, 18 x 18 inches, 20 x 20 inches, 22 x 22 inches, 24 x 24 inches

4. A Set Of Faux Fur Throw Pillow Covers

Give your leather couch a warm, cozy feel with these faux fur throw pillow covers, which are available in packs of one or two. They come in a handful of solid and ombré colors, as well as a rainbow “unicorn” color, and in a few different sizes. According to reviewers, the polyester faux fur feels super soft, doesn’t shed, and stays fluffy even after it’s been washed (you can machine wash cold using the gentle cycle and hang to dry, by the way!).

The pillow covers don’t come with inserts, but you can pick up a good one right here.

Helpful Amazon review: “I bought these pillows to soften my leather couch. They are so beautiful and soft. I love them and would buy them again.”

  • Available colors: 9
  • Available sizes: 12 x 20 inches, 18 x 18 inches, 20 x 20 inches, 22 x 22 inches

5. A Pair Of Corduroy Throw Pillow Covers

For a dash of color, texture, and softness, consider these velvet corduroy throw pillow cases. Not only do the machine-washable covers come in more than 20 colors and a variety of sizes, they also have more than 24,000 reviews on Amazon and a stellar 4.7-star rating overall. Reading the user reviews makes it clear that these polyester pillow covers are thick, comfortable, and durable, with well-stitched invisible zippers that make adding pillow inserts in easy. If you need inserts, these polyester-filled pillows will do the trick.

Helpful Amazon review: “I purchased these pillow covers in navy and they look great on our leather couch! Easy fit on our pillows and add a richness to our couch!”

  • Available colors: 29
  • Available sizes: 12 x 20 inches, 16 x 16 inches, 18 x 18 inches, 20 x 20 inches, 22 x 22 inches, 24 x 24 inches, 26 x 26 inches

6. A Pair Of Embroidered Throw Pillow Covers With An Abstract Design

If you’re looking for a contemporary design with a pop of color, consider this pair of embroidered cotton canvas covers. Multiple reviewers described the fabric as “thick and sturdy,” with another reviewer raving that they were “impressed with the heaviness of the fabric, stitching and zipper.” The cases are machine washable, and if you don’t like the organically abstract print shown above, they also come in a bunch of other playful geometric prints. They only come in one size (18 by 18 inches), so this pair of 20-by20-inch pillow inserts should not only fit, but make the pillows feel firm and plush.

Helpful Amazon review: “These look amazing on my dark brown leather couch. Nice quality.”

  • Available colors & patterns: 10
  • Available sizes: 18 x 18 inches

7. A Pair Of Linen Throw Pillow Covers

The texture of your leather couch should pair nicely with this set of two linen throw pillow covers. They come in a variety of colors and sizes to accent any space, and they’re all machine washable. Like most linen items, these cases aren’t particularly soft, but multiple reviewers are quick to point out that they also aren’t rough or scratchy. Better yet, the textured fabric looks beautiful, keeps its shape well, and is sturdy enough to stand up to toddlers and pets.

The cases don’t come with inserts, but you can get these pillow inserts in your preferred size and stuff them inside.

Helpful Amazon review: “Love them. I have a dark grey leather duel recliner sofa and I have them paired with turquoise pillows […] Excellent quality and I would certainly give them as gifts.”

  • Available colors: 12
  • Available sizes: 12 x 20 inches, 16 x 16 inches, 18 x 18 inches, 20 x 20 inches, 22 x 22 inches, 24 x 24 inches

8. A 4-Pack Of Double-Sided Throw Pillow Covers

Feel free to switch up the look of your leather couch with these four throw pillow cases, which are double-sided with different colors on the front and back, as well as fun contrasting piping around the edges. The velvet material is soft and plush, and one reviewer sums up the vibe of the pillows as “modern and clean, but also warm and cozy.” They’re machine washable, and though they don’t include pillow inserts, you can get a set of polyester pillows to go with them.

Helpful Amazon review: “These pillow covers are soft. I put them over a 20” feather pillow. I ordered 4 and have them on my brown leather sofa and loveseat. I like that you can turn the pillows for a different color combo!”

  • Available color combinations: 4
  • Available sizes: 18 x 18 inches

9. These Throw Pillow Covers With A Carpet-Inspired Design

The deep tones and thick, velvety fabric of these four pillow covers are sure to complement the patina of a leather couch. Each cover has a red carpet-inspired print on both sides, and the design differs slightly between the different covers. The polyester material is machine washable and comes in two sizes, which should work well with one of these pillow inserts, since the inserts aren’t included.

Helpful Amazon review: “I was so impressed with the quality of these. Soft, and thick material and the colours are so rich. Very happy with them.”

  • Available colors & patterns: 1
  • Available sizes: 18 x 18 inches, 20 x 20 inches

10. A Flower-Shaped Throw Pillow

To add a touch of spring to your leather couch, take a look at this flower throw pillow. Available in a ton of colors and styles, as well as in two sizes, it should be easy to find the absolute perfect one for your space. The cotton pillow insert is included, too, so you won’t have to look for a round pillow that works with the cover. Depending on the style of flower you choose, the fabric used might differ. The multiple options include, polyester, wool, canvas, and suede. Everything is machine washable and reviewers love the pop of color this flower adds to a room. However, one fan complains: “​​I now have to buy a few more because they’re so cute and I like them so much!”

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Helpful Amazon review: “These pillows are so beautiful I was trying to soften up the look of this brown leather oversized chaise lounge and the pillows give it a softer look just what I needed.”

  • Available colors & styles: 41
  • Available sizes: 12-inch diameter, 14-inch diameter


Dressing up the sofa is not as hard as it seems. In this article, you have learned how to put a throw on a sofa like a pro! You can either fold or drape the blanket to achieve the impact you want. Furthermore, remember our tips for using pillows, cushions, and other ways to upgrade your sofa’s look.

You can always take inspiration from magazines or even the interior decor of your favorite celebrity! Just remember to keep your existing room in mind so the couch won’t look out of place.