How To Put On A Sure Fit Sofa Cover? Comprehensive Guide

Helen Skeates
Helen Skeates
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This article explores the three most prevalent types of Sure Fit sofa covers, making it easy to understand how to put one on. They include a slipcover with an elasticized skirt, a wing chair slipcover, and a slipcover with a straight skirt and corner ties. You’ll pick them up quickly because of how easy it is to set them up.

A different kind of slipcover? Take a look at this guide on how to slipcover a couch. This supplementary data is applicable to several fashions.

Complete Instructions For Putting On A Sure Fit Sofa Cover

Sure Fit has many options for slipcovers. Find out what kind you have so you can put it in correctly. Each of these three options should work with your couch.

How to put on a Sure Fit slipcover with elasticized skirt

  1. To find the center front tag, turn the slipcover inside out.
  2. Use the tag as a guide to center the Sure Fit cover over the couch’s front cushions.
  3. To make the cover fit your couch, simply tighten the elastic straps.
  4. Drop the bottom hem to the floor and adjust the innermost row so the Sure Fit completely envelops the cushions.
  5. For ease in wrapping the elastic over the remaining cushion sides, tilt the cushions back.
  6. Undertuck the seam.
  7. Verify the sofa’s slipcover and make sure it’s taut.
  8. To conceal the surplus, stuff it into the cracks along the back and sides.
  9. Make sure the cover is tucked into the armpits and side seams.

How To Install 1pc Stretch Slipcovers - YouTube

How to put on a Sure Fit wing chair slipcover

  1. Wing chair sofas typically have a tag sewn into the front center, which should be used as a reference for draping the cover over the piece of furniture.
  2. Stretch the back and sides by pulling the lowest row of elastic down until the hem is floor-length.
  3. First, ensure that the upper seam tag and the back label are both centered.
  4. One at a time, cross the elastic over the front to cover the seat cushion.
  5. To fasten the back and sides of your seat, raise the cushion and slide the elastic beneath the padding.
  6. Tuck the extra fabric behind its back and cover the arm.
  7. Find the wing storage compartments on the cover.
  8. Tuck the extra fabric into the space between the wing and the back, and double-check the seam location.
  9. The front of the arms can be neatened up with a V-fold by tucking the seam’s end into the shirring at the top.
  10. Trim the slipcover’s edges where the wing meets the back of the chair, then tuck them under the chair.

How to put on a Sure Fit slipcover with straight skirt and corner ties

  1. Find the tag in the middle of the sofa and line it up with the back.
  2. To protect your seat and arms, simply pull the elastic seam over the front.
  3. To remove the covering, tilt the cushions back and slide the elastic straps under them.
  4. Place the cushions back where they were and stuff the extra fabric into the space between the back and the cushion.
  5. Corners should be tied in the front and the covering should be smoothed down.
  6. You can tuck any extra material into the crease that forms above your arms.
  7. Securing the back corners with a knot

How Do You Put A Slipcover On A Sure Fit Recliner?

  1. The Sure Fit slipcover should be slung over the back of the chair.
  2. Pull the cover’s back down until the shoulder tags are aligned.
  3. The elastic seam can be pulled over the chair’s back corners to keep the slipcover in place.
  4. Throw back the chair and lift the footrest.
  5. Wrap the Sure Fit Slipcover around the armrests and make sure they’re aligned correctly.
  6. Tuck the extra fabric into the cracks on the back and sides of the cover and smooth it up.
  7. Tuck the fabric under the footstool and cover it.
  8. To keep the cover in place over the footrest, use the provided elastic straps.
  9. Keep tightening the elastic loops under the chair, and tuck in the remaining fabric.

How Do You Put Loose Covers On A Couch?

Installing standard slipcovers on a sofa is similar to draping a bed. Sure Fit gives both a Relaxed Fit and a Form-Fit option, with the former providing a little more roomy feel. You may achieve the best results by reading some advice on how to properly fit the sofa cover and then securing it in place with tucks or ties.

How Do You Measure For Sure Fit Slipcovers?

The size of the Sure Fit slipcover you require can be determined by the type of sofa you have. Recliners, lift recliners, wing chair recliners, and wing chairs can all be covered by Sure Fit. Assuming you want to give the piece of furniture a bear hug, measure the length of its back.

Best Sofa Covers for Home Décor Changes

Whether it’s because we’ve grown bored of them or because our tastes have changed, we often find that the colors and patterns we once adored no longer suit our current aesthetic. If so, you may want to revisit these establishments in search of high-quality slipcovers for the sofa you purchased from them a year ago.

How to Install a 2-Piece Stretch Slipcover by Caber Sure Fit Inc. - YouTube

Ikea Slipcovers

If you’re lucky enough to buy an Ikea sofa, you can choose from a wide variety of covering designs. These removable and machine-washable covers are designed to fit select Ikea sofas and provide a stylish new look. Sofas with stained or worn upholstery, or those whose owners simply desire a change, might benefit greatly from this method. The covers can be found for anywhere between $50 and $300, and come in a vast array of patterns, colors, and designs, as well as solids.

Some more upscale furniture retailers, such as Restoration Hardware and Pottery Barn, offer custom slipcovers for their furniture as well, albeit on a much smaller scale than Ikea.

Pottery Barn

If you already own a sofa from Pottery Barn, you might be able to get a slipcover tailored to it. Slipcovers for sofas sold at Pottery Barn can cost as much as $1,900. However, if the couch underneath is in good shape and is a good fit for your family and living space, it may be worthwhile to make the investment rather than purchasing a new couch.

Ballard Designs

Slipcovered sofas from Ballard Designs come in a variety of unique fabrics for a hefty price tag. If you already have one of their sofas but want a fresh design, you can buy an additional slipcover for it.

Slipcovers can be manufactured specifically to fit your furniture. Cushion cover choices can be found by looking for a local upholsterer if you have an investment piece and want to change it up or protect it from usage. Because of the flexibility in fabric choice and the reduced need for skilled work, custom slipcovers are often a more cost-effective option than reupholstery.

Best Sofa Cover for Pet Owners

We’re pet people; we just can’t help ourselves. Despite the fact that our pets are likely to shed, drool, scratch, and possibly even have an accident on the couch, many people nevertheless want to cuddle up with them there. Covers that may be readily removed and washed are ideal for pet owners. You need a cover for the same reasons that you don’t want to put in extra effort to keep it clean again when you inevitably have to wash it.

Sure Fit Deep Pile Polyester Velvet Cover

Sure Fit Deep Pile Polyester Velvet cover, available in several colors at Macy’s, is a throw choice that works well for pets.

This cover is equipped with silicone pads for a firm, non-slip grip and is resistant to paw prints, hair, dust, and moisture. The armrests provide storage compartments for your remote controls, which is a nice touch (or a few pet treats).

Grip Tight Furniture Protector

Orvis’s Grip Tight Furniture Protector is another another choice in this vein. It comes in three sizes and three colors, and is a favorite among pet owners for its water-resistant protection.

Throw-style pet protector covers are particularly convenient because they can be removed quickly if you plan on hosting guests and don’t want your pet’s fur to get in the way.

Best Sofa Covers for Parents

Children are messy, and things often go wrong. It’s likely that you bought your couch before you had children, so it’s not exactly built to withstand spills and stains. Don’t panic or rush to find a resale shop just yet; instead, look online or in stores for a stretch cover made just for your sofa’s dimensions.

Red Barrel Studio® Cushion Sofa Slipcover

Red Barrel Studios’s stretch cover sold on Wayfair is customizable in terms of size, shape, and color. This cover is tailored to fit over each of your unique seat cushions, giving your furniture a more permanent and tailored appearance than a standard blanket. These slipcovers are a more affordable option to having bespoke slipcovers made, and they are also washable and simple to install.

Red Barrel Studio® Stretch Cover

This solution from Red Barrel Studio is best suited to sofas with a single long bench cushion rather than separate seat cushions.

Stretch coverings like this can help keep your sofa looking like new for a lot less than $100. When the time is right and the likelihood of an accident involving your children has decreased, you can remove the protective covering from your sofa and enjoy the sight of pristine, undamaged fabric.

Best Sofa Covers for Boho and Cottage Styles

Do you really think it’s impossible to find a slipcover with a more casual feel? Don’t be too sure!

Matelassé Relaxed Fit Cover

Using slipcovers is a great way to achieve a shabby chic effect. This matelassé cover has a casual look and feel, making it perfect for a casual beach house or rustic cabin.

Reversible Floral Patchwork Cover

This patchwork, gently quilted, microfiber scalloped cover is a fun alternative to traditional throw covers and can be found on Amazon. This could be just up your alley if you’re into quilts and other homey decor. It comes in several different configurations, including a loveseat and a reclining sofa.

This cover is reversible and available in a wide range of colors.

Best Sofa Covers for Sectional Owners—Subrtex Cover

There are so many different sofa arrangements out there that it might be difficult to locate coverings for your sectional couch. The Subrtex cover is ideal if your sectional consists of two individual pieces and a chaise. It is available in both left and right hand versions.

Best Sofa Cover for Keeping Cozy—Hudson Sherpa Sofa Cover

An alternative throw cover made from soft and toasty Sherpa by Hudson Sherpa. The reverse side is made from moisture-wicking microfiber. The cover’s water-resistance is an added bonus, especially for families with dogs and young children. It is held in place by elastic straps on both sides.

Best Sofa Cover for Outdoor Furniture—Vailge Stretch Cover

You would be wise to take precautions to preserve your outdoor furniture. There are various goods to choose from, and thankfully they come in different sizes. Vailge’s flexible cover is of top quality, with built-in protection from rain and sunlight. It’s perfect for your patio because it’s waterproof and has a PVC coating. It has convenient carry handles and tethering straps to keep it in place for removal or installation, regardless of how strong the wind may be.

Tips for Choosing your Cover

The most crucial step in finding the perfect covering for your living room set is taking accurate measurements. If you want to know if the measures are arm-to-arm or include the entire length of the sofa, you should read the product description. Although stretch fabrics are forgiving and many throw cover styles are made to accommodate a range of couch lengths, it is still a good idea to measure your sofa to ensure a good fit before placing an order.

Sure Fit Tuck Tight Two Piece Stretch Sofa - YouTube

The second thing you should think about is how seriously you take the issue of protecting your couch. Make sure the sofa protector you choose is waterproof or water-resistant if you want it to withstand accidental spills. If it’s meant to keep your pet safe, check that the cover is held in place securely so that your pet can’t use it as a makeshift bed. Sofas that can be readily machine washed are the best defense against the everyday use and abuse that children can dish out.


Sure Fit makes some of the most practical slipcovers available. The installation of a Sure Fit sofa cover has been covered in detail, including instructions for sofas with an elasticized skirt, for sofas with a straight skirt and corner ties, and for wing chairs. In most cases, you need do little more than align the cover with the labels and make sure the bottom edge is even with the floor.

After you’re done, make sure to smooth up the cover and tuck the edges inside the folds. Learn some tips and tactics for keeping your sofa coverings in place.

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