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The simple act of sitting on a swivel chair can be one of the most relaxing things you do all day, but how often do you have to put up with an uncomfortable or crinkled cover instead?

Changing the cover on your PB Kids Swivel Chair may seem like a hassle, but it’s actually fairly simple if you know how. In just 5 minutes, you may have a new, clean-looking cover according to the steps outlined in this article.

5 Reasons Why We Love A Chair That Swivels

Improve Productivity

A swivel chair is convenient since it allows you to easily spin around and go back to work. File cabinets, cupboards, and drawers are all readily available, as are printers, whether you’re at the office or at home. A swivel chair in the living room makes it easy to get up and get something to eat or drink or change the channel on the TV.


These chairs are often made of lightweight materials so that they may be moved around with ease. If you need to move your chair from room to room in your home or from room to room in an office, you won’t need to be a powerlifter. Anyone in the room can take advantage of the swivel chair’s many uses thanks to its adaptable design.

Update Your Nursery with this Comfortable Swivel Glider | Pottery Barn Kids - YouTube


Because of the freedom of movement they provide, swivel chairs are a popular alternative to fixed chairs. If you experience pain in your lower back when sitting, this chair can help alleviate some of the discomfort. If you’re a breastfeeding mom, you can do all this with minimal disruption.

Different Designs

You could be under the impression that there is only one design for swivel chairs, but that is not the case. You may find a wide variety of alternatives at Furniture Online, including gaming chairs, all of which offer a full 360-degree swivel.

Here are our best picks for a living room or home office to help you narrow down your options:

  • The Berkeley Fabric Swivel Recliner Chair with Foot Stool is a stylish, functional, and comfortable addition to any modern home or office. The Berkeley comes in a variety of neutral tones that will complement a wide variety of interior design styles. You can swivel around all you want, but when you’re ready to rest your weary legs, grab the matching footstool.
  • This sophisticated and chic Tilbury Leather Swivel Recliner Chair with Foot Stool is upholstered in plush black leather and conceals a hidden… The Tilbury chair provides excellent back support and includes an integrated 8-point massage system. For added comfort, there is a footstool available for use with this chair.
  • The Rockingham Leather Swivel Recliner Chair includes massage and heat, and it has so many features that it might be overwhelming. The Rockingham not only swivels and reclines, but also includes a heated, 8-point massage function, making it ideal for those who suffer from back pain or sore muscles and joints. You may never want to get up from this chair, what with the convenient cup holder and side pockets.


Did you know that our cheapest swivel chair costs just £149.99?

Since the inception of our company, we have worked hard to ensure that all of our chairs are both comfortable and reasonably priced. When manufacturing our seats, we never skimp on quality.

We wish you many happy years of sitting in your brand-new swivel chair of choice.

Steps on Putting Cover on a PB Kids Swivel Chair

To begin, I recommend scouting out some fresh cover art. To begin, you should seek out a replacement chair cover for your PB Kids Swivel Chair that is suitable in size and color. Take your time browsing the various options available on Amazon and other online bookstores to pick the perfect cover for your book. When you find anything you want, just click “add to basket” and then “checkout.”

Step 2: Take off the old upholstery. You should then use a pair of scissors to cut away any old coverings or textiles that are still fastened to the frame of your PB Kids Swivel Chair.

If you try to remove them by ripping them, you risk creating uneven edges along the seams, which will look terrible to clients sitting in your waiting area. Before proceeding on to Step 3, be sure every last bit has been removed.

Third, reupholster the chair in the new fabric. Cover your PB Kids Swivel Chair with the new cover you just purchased by placing it precisely over the top of the frame and tucking up any excess fabric beneath the seat or back support.

Fourth, join the fabric’s raw edges by pinning them together with safety pins. A couple of safety pins along each edge where the fabric meets will keep everything in place and the overlap on the front will hide the attachment method. This will also reduce the number of uncomfortable ripping noises made during the day as individuals get up from their seats.

How to Care for PB Kids Swivel Chair

In order to keep your PB Kids Swivel Chair looking and functioning like new, please consider the following advice.

First of All, Dust It Off! A quick dust with a duster or dry cloth will keep your room fresh-smelling while also preventing scratches in wood finishes like oak and mahogany. If you want to keep goods without worrying about static electricity, use anti-static matting under any furniture that doesn’t have a cloth surface.

Second Piece of Advice: Vacuum All of Our Chairs Using an Attachment to Make Sure You Get Every Last Crumb and Speck of Dust.

Care for Fabric #3: What to Do if Fur or Hair Causes Problems? Fabrics that attract hair, like the upholstery of chairs with animal print patterns, can be easily maintained with a lint roller.

To get rid of stains, use liquid soap and cold water first, and then scrub gently with warm water. The best way to avoid mold growth in damp environments is to rinse everything well and then dry it out completely.

Don’t rub too hard, as this can cause extra wear and tear, but do rinse any spills while they’re still wet and use a stain remover spray on any lingering stains.

Upkeep is crucial if you want your upholstery to last and look its best. More frequently using a lint roller will result in less hair, fur, or other material particles settling into upholstery.

PB Kids® Comfort Swivel Nursery Glider & Ottoman | Pottery Barn Kids

Are Pottery Barn chair covers washable?

The PB Kids chair coverings may be washed in the washing machine. It’s easy to clean the chair’s cover by taking it off the back and washing it in the machine with some mild detergent. The best outcomes will come from air drying or a low heat cycle in the dryer.

How to Prevent Damages on PB Kids Swivel Chair

A lint roller can help keep your chair looking brand new. This will prevent it from accumulating dust, dirt, pet hair, fur, or any other debris that may find its way in.

These coverings are perfect for protecting your floors in between washings if you have children who are prone to spilling everything they touch onto the floor (or worse). There is always the option of our low-maintenance slipcovers.

How do you Clean a Pottery Barn Kids chair?

Start by using a damp cloth to clean the finish of your PB Kids swivel chair.

Then, in a bucket, combine some warm water and dish soap (a little goes a long way). Scrub away any obvious dirt or filth by dipping an all-purpose cleanup cloth into this solution to create suds on one side.

Get the cloth wet and wring it out before it becomes too dirty. It’s astonishing that you can use baking soda or vinegar mixed with cold water to remove any remaining stubborn spots.

After washing, be sure to thoroughly dry your items by blotting them with paper towels or similar absorbent fabric.

At last, you should fold the cover in half with the clean side facing out. Fasten the Velcro tabs and wrap it around your chair’s legs.

The 8 Best Nursery Gliders of 2022

Best Overall: Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Swivel Glider and Ottoman

The Pottery Barn Kids Comfort Swivel Glider and Ottoman is the best option because to its sturdy build and long lifespan. The cloth is eco-friendly and comes in more than 40 different styles, so you can choose something that works in both the nursery and the rest of your home.

Choose the chair alone, or add the matching ottoman for maximum relaxation. The luxurious chair may be discreetly swiveled around in a full circle and glided back and forth; however, there is no lock feature available.

Weighing in at 55 pounds, the product has dimensions of 36 by 37.5 by 41.5 inches and a weight capacity of… (not specified).

Best Budget: Ikea Poang Chair Armchair with Cushion

This IKEA staple is a great alternative if you’re decorating on a tight budget or just aren’t sure if a nursery glider is the appropriate fit for your space. The high back and armrests of this birch wood chair are designed to keep you comfortable.

The weight of a person sitting in one of these stylish and accommodating seats causes the chair to gently rock back and forth. There is a wide range of customization available for this seat thanks to the fabric selections available.

Weight: 24.2 oz. Dimensions: 28.74 x 26.38 x 5.51 inches Capacity: 375 lb. Material: Wood

Best Classic: Viv + Rae Griffin Glider and Ottoman

The glider and ottoman together make for a great value. The glider is an attractive and functional example of traditional design. The seats, arms, and back are all upholstered in a solid fabric, and button tufting adds visual interest. Full assembly is necessary, but users report little difficulty doing so.

Please keep in mind that this chair does not have a locking mechanism if that is an essential feature for you. There are fifteen color and pattern options for this chair, allowing it to match any nursery motif.

Weight: 48 lbs. | Dimensions: 24.75 x 25 x 39.5 in. | Capacity: 250 lbs. | Rattan/wicker construction

Best Upholstered: Babyletto Madison Swivel Glider

This chic seat, upholstered by hand in a luxuriously soft fabric, is the perfect addition to any nursery and is sure to help you relax while you rock and soothe your little one to sleep. It’s a terrific space saver and doesn’t skimp on comfort or design.

Parents love that it doesn’t require any assembly and can be used right away. To relax, just swivel around in a full circle and rock back and forth a little bit. You can pick from five different colored fabrics, including velvet and microsuede.

The product has a weight capacity of 300 pounds and measures 29 by 31 by 31.5 inches. It is made of wood and weighs 62 pounds.

Best Rocker: Nursery Works Sleepytime Rocker

This leather rocker is an excellent addition to any contemporary home decor. It’s more of a traditional rocking chair than a glider because it’s hand-built and upholstered, and it has rocking legs made of ash hardwood.

The leather can be either taupe or tan, and there is a lumbar support pillow you can remove if you want it.

Weight: 50 pounds | Size: 34 by 30.5 by 34.75 inches | Max. User Weight: 300 pounds | Components: Wood and Leather

Best Reclining: DaVinci Piper Upholstered Recliner

This multipurpose seat was created with your comfort in mind. The padded seat may be rotated in a full circle, glided back and forth, and reclined completely. When the parents need a rest, they can recline the seat and stretch out on the padded leg rest that automatically extends.

Toddlers won’t be tempted to play with the reclining mechanism because it’s out of their grasp, but it’s strategically placed within easy reach for adults. The lumbar support pillow is optional and can be removed if not needed. You can choose from four different color options for the polyester fabric to ensure a perfect fit in your baby’s room.

Dimensions (30.5 x 39.5 x 34 inches) and weight (300 lbs.) for the product are as follows: (Not Listed)

Best Oversized: Babyletto Tuba Swivel Glider

Those with larger bodies, those with many children, or those who simply like more legroom will appreciate this distinctively designed, spacious seat. This chair can be rotated through 360 degrees and glided back and forth on its base, which is made of brushed stainless steel.

The seat, which comes in only one color and features a detachable lumbar support pillow, is ideal for those with back problems. Put it under your arm while you feed, prop your head up on it, or use it as an extra lumbar pillow. The chair can be paired with a complementary ottoman (available for purchase separately) for further comfort and support.

Dimensions (L x W x H): 39.8 x 35 x 38 in. Weight (Max): Not Provided Material: Polyester-polyfiber weave and stainless steel

Best for Twins: Baby Relax Dorel Asia Double Rocker

This “chair and a half” seat is ideal for parents of multiples since it provides enough space for you and your children to comfortably feed, cuddle, or read. This seat comes in two color variations and features two-toned welting for a sophisticated look that is perfect for a baby’s nursery. This chair features sturdy wood rockers that may be used to gently sway back and forth.

Dimensions (LxWxH): 40.5″ x 36.5″ x 36.5″ Weight Capacity (LxWxH): 225 lbs.

What to Look for in a Nursery Glider


Make sure the glider’s dimensions will work in the space you have available. You should check the dimensions to see how much the chair glides, as a gliding chair will take up more room than a stationary one.


Buying a glider is a long-term commitment because it is a functional piece of furniture. It can be worthwhile to splurge if you anticipate using it frequently in the baby’s nursery or elsewhere in the house. You may choose to go for a less expensive model if the chair will just be used for feeding and will be moved out of the baby’s room once he or she is weaned.


Do you need a larger size chair because of your size, the number of people in your family, or the decor of your home? How about a low-profile design? Considering your intended use for the chair and the current state of your living quarters is essential prior to making a purchase. While gliders are convenient for feeding infants, parents who grow fond of their chairs often use them for other purposes, such as reading and cuddling before bed.


How do you clean a nursery glider?

Begin by vacuuming the cushions, preferably using a nozzle attachment that can get into tight crevices. Then, use baby wipes to thoroughly clean the glider (yep, baby wipes). They wash it with water and light soap, which dries up rapidly. A solution of one part dish soap to two parts hydrogen peroxide can be used to spot cure any particularly difficult stains. Pouring it into a spray bottle will let you apply it precisely where you need it. Five to ten minutes later, wipe away any remaining solution with a clean, moist cloth. The glider can be sanitized and further cleaned with a steam cleaning to get rid of any dust or particles you missed.

Chairs For the Nursery

How much space do I need for a glider?

Depending on the size of your glider, you’ll want to give yourself at least two to three feet of clearance from the nearest wall or piece of furniture to glide without bumping into anything.

What nursery gliders are the most comfortable?

When it comes to feeding your baby, the most comfortable gliders are the ergonomic ones that allow you to sit in a more natural position. You should also seek for a breathable material and a lot of padding.

How long do gliders last?

A glider with high ratings for longevity will serve your family well well beyond the newborn years if it is cared for properly.